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Rocketman's '73 Road Runner Restoration

Phase 1

From Beater to Badass in Two Months Flat?

1973 Plymouth Road Runner

On September 17, 2004 I started a pretty major restoration of my '73 Road Runner. I took it to Randy Russell of R. Creations, Inc., Howell, MI for bodywork and paint. I spent 2 - 4 nights per week there helping with grunt work, chasing parts, sanding, cleaning, and anything else he felt I was capable of doing. I also did the restoration of everything except the bodywork and paint, as well as reassembling the car after he was done. This all was especially interesting because I had very little experience working on cars and the most involved automotive thing I ever did before this was installing a replacement door on my 88 Toyota pickup.

The bodywork and paint took five weeks. Randy did a superb job! All the rusted sheet metal was replaced and the car was painted in Chrysler Inferno Red. The body work and paint was literally flawless. It took another three weeks after that for me to finish all the interior work and put it all back together. My goal was a pretty much complete restoration in two months! I basically made it. I took the day off work on November 17 and completed the last major thing which was putting the graphics on. Of course, your car is never REALLY done now is it?

The first set of pictures below is of the car before any restoration so you can get an idea of the magnitude of this project. The second set begins on the day I took it over to Randy's shop. The third set is putting it all back together after the bodywork and paint was completed and I got the car back home. I added pictures to the second and third sets every few days so you could see how the project went. It was a lot of work but it all turned out pretty good and I am very pleased with the result.

Before Restoration - A True Beater Car!

Finally in the shop - The clock is ticking now!

The Home Stretch - Reassembly

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