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typical average size terminator lures musky I used to have a lure picture here but I think I like this muskie picture better (a good close-up lure picture is still there - just click the muskie). Anyways, we caught this muskie on a Terminator. Sometimes we catch bigger ones and sometimes we get smaller ones. Sometimes we catch a lot of them and sometimes we only get a few.

I can't guarantee you that you'll catch muskies like this if you buy my lures (but you probably will).

I can't even guarantee you that you will catch any muskies if you buy my lures (you need to take them fishing first).

However I can guarantee you that Terminators™ are the best muskie lures made and they will be the meanest damn lures in your boat and will kick butt on any muskie that tries to eat 'em!!

The Real Guarantee

Terminators are the finest, highest quality muskie lures available and they are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. If anything goes wrong with the lure return it and your purchase price will be refunded immediatly.

Brochures and Credit Cards?

There are no printed brochures or catalogues. Why not? Because I make lures and I make web sites but I need to pay somebody else to make brochures and it costs a lot. That cost would have to be added to the price of the lures. I don't take credit cards because that would also increase the cost of the lures. When you fork over your hard earned cash for Terminators you are paying for muskie lures, not a bunch of advertising and interest charges.

Color Selection

Virtually any paint pattern is available. I have a library of nearly 100 different ones I've done so far. I can also make copies of your favorite paint jobs either based on your description or from a picture in a catalog like Bass Pro Shops. Go to the Lure Colors Page and check out a complete list of available patterns, many with pictures.

Pricing and Ordering

  1. The price for T2, T3, and ST3 models is $29.95 each. Buy 10 and get 1 free.
  2. The price for TXs is $49.95 each. Sorry, no quantity discount on these.
  3. Orders shipped to Michigan addresses are subject to 6% MI Sales Tax.
  4. Shipping charge is $10.00 per order for US and Canada. Shipments are by UPS (insured) for US and USPO Air Mail (not insured) for Canada.
  5. To order, please fill in your name, address, phone number and e-mail, and what you want using the handy form below. You must give me a real street address because UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes.
  6. After you place an order, within a few days at I will e-mail you back with a confirmation number, total price, and the expected delivery date.
  7. When your order is finished I will notify you by e-mail and you can send your payment by check or money order at that time. Your order will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Terminator™ Muskie Lures Order Form

The world's best muskie lures are all sold out

As of January 12, 2009, the Terminator™ Muskie Lure Company spring production capacity is completely sold out and the order form that goes here has been removed.

If you have a confirmed order it should be completed as indicated in your confirmation email.

Thanks, have a great season and Get a Big One!
the Rocketman

Terminator Musky Lures
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