Terminator™ Muskie Lures Features

terminator lures featured in infisherman magazine

                 "...that hypnotic swing...
                         InFisherman Magazine July/August 98

"...a seductive wiggle...
   ...a strong set of hardware..."
        Lake 'n Trail Magazine Spring 97

TERMINATOR lures are made to run on the ragged edge of stability
they vibrate with a hard throbbing action
they do not track straight - they wander and dart
they run like a j-plug on steroids

and they do catch MUSKIES

musky lures that kick ass
  • Silver Birch hardwood construction (not softwood like balsa, cedar or pine)
  • CNC machined precision for consistent size and action
  • Critical dimensions held to +/- .005"
  • Polymer resin pressure sealed for additional waterproofing
  • Type 300 stainless steel extra long screweyes
  • Oversize Mustad 3X Strong cadium plated saltwater hooks
  • Unbreakabale Lexan polycarbonate diving lip
  • "Lazereyes" for incredible underwater flash
  • Magnificent colors (90+), individually hand air-brushed
  • Multistage ultra-high gloss aircraft topcoat
  • My Quality Policy: "If I'm not proud of it I don't ship it!"
  • Unconditional 1 year money-back guarantee

Proudly made
in the USA


Terminator Musky Lure Models

T2   Jointed 6" long medium/shallow diver. Good early in the year and/or in very clear water. Dives to 3-4 feet, speeds to 8 mph. $29.95 each

T3   The original Terminator, a jointed 7.5" long medium diving crankbait. Excellant all year. Dives about 6 feet deep with 30 feet of line out. Will run at speeds up to 10 mph. $29.95 each

ST3   Straight, medium/deep diver, especially designed for dirtier water and/or later in the year. 7" long straight version of the jointed T3. Dives to about 8 feet and will run up to 8 mph. Also great for casting. $29.95 each

TX/J   Jointed version of the TX. These have been my own secret weapons for years. Now you can have them too! All that spastic Terminator™ action like the T2s and T3s but also the big thump and profile of a 10" class lure. $49.95 each

TX   10" straight that runs deep and thumps hard. I have at least one of these in the water 100% of the time. Yeah, they are that good. Go here to find out more. $49.95 each




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