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You know what lures to run in Lake St. Clair.....

....but did you ever wonder about
Loch Ness?


   Size does matter

Terminator TX - handcrafted, bitchin' mean lures for muskies and other seamonsters

Terminator TX™ Specifications:

  • Classification - Bad-ass big game trolling lure
  • Structural Configuration - Straight deep diver
  • Overall Length (including hooks) - 10.50"    (click here for size comparison)
  • Primary Material - Pressure sealed silver birch
  • Weight - .27 lbs
  • Hooks - Mustad 5/0 3x strong saltwater treble (3)
  • Hardware - 300 series stainless steel .093" dia. screweyes, Lexan lip, LazerEyes
  • Depth Range - Dives 20'+ on 60' of line.
  • Caution - These pull HARD and catch BIG FISH. Heavy tackle recommended.


Terminator™ TXs are limited production lures. Availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis and by special order only. They always sell out real fast so if you want any you should order early. Unit cost is $49.95 each plus applicable taxes and shipping. To order TXs please use the regular Terminator Order Form and be sure to select TX in models box.

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