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Fill in the blanks below to add to my Guest Page. You can add any comments you have, news about your muskie club, try to sell or buy fishing stuff, ask questions, try to find a MuskieBabe, bitch about my web site, or pretty much do anything else except:

  • No obscenity, pornography, or hatemail (only Rocketman gets to do that ha ha!).
  • No commercial advertising, links to other sites, or similar bad behavior.

Fill out all the spaces or the Fishing God(ess) will make you fix it. Please do not type in ALL CAPS because that is poor web manners and all guests of Muskie Madness are required to exhibit good manners at all times. When you type your email address, substitute $ for @ (like this: joeblow$ because that prevents slimeball spammers from stealing it.

After you push the "submit query" button your entry will go into the livewell. You will not see your entry right away. If it's a legitimate entry I will upload it manually as soon as I can and then you will see it online, usually within a few days.

Thanks, Have Fun, and Get a Big One!!!!!

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(Hey Spammers - Post all you want but you're wasting your time; your bullshit NEVER gets uploaded)

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