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Rocketman; Thanks for a great summer, din't catch all I wanted but also did not "suck" as you put it all the time either. Have a great suggestion for you. I want some of your lures. Since you and I and most of the audience is familiar with a six pack (great concept) how about you coming up with the "Rockerman" six pack of lures for guys like me. Give me two for spring fishing, two for summer and two for the fall. You pick the size and color and I will fish em. Sold right now if you will do it. I saw the waiting time and I figure if I order right now, I'll be good to go by opening day. The site just keeps getting better and better. Really enjoy it.
Chris Thomasson <ice-t$>
Clinton Township, MI USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2000 at 15:11:04 (CST)
You sound like you know what you are talking about;Merry Christmas by the way;having been raised on Lake St. Clair and fishing a lot then,you seem to have grasped the concept of Muskey Fishing.I will be contacting you in the future regarding my purchasing some of your hot lures.Your Muskey Babes embarass me though when the other members of my family view your pages.It turns them off.Too bad because they would be more willing to purchase more baits en masse,if you get my drift. I might see you out there on anchor bay as we have a scow harbored at South Channel Yaht Club.
hopalong20002001 <bjlujack$>
mosherville, mi USA - Monday, December 25, 2000 at 19:25:08 (CST)

Hey Hopalong, I know what you mean about those MuskieBabes. They embarass me too. You should have seen them on Christmas Eve shaking and squeezing the boxes trying to guess what their presents were. I swear they have no manners at all!
the Rocketman

Just reviewed this site,...outstanding resource. Catch and Release appears to be a constant theme, I did,nt see much info exchange regarding C&R techniques. Because a fish swims away does not mean a successful release! We spend hours catching that 50"plus fish and 2-3 minutes attempting a successful release. Maybe some dialogue regarding the pros and cons of the different techniques/equipment employed during Release..... Dip Net, Cradle, Tail Release, god forbid gaff, etc. There has been a little research on mortality out of Humboldt U. I think this site would be an appropriate arena for such a discussion. bobs$
Bob Stidham <bobs$>
Princeton , Mn USA - Wednesday, November 22, 2000 at 08:49:01 (CST)

Bob, there is a great release technique on my Tips page. There is also some new stuff in the works that I might get around to once the season closes.
the Rocketman

Hey rocketman, this is tthe best site i have found on the net.hoping to add some of your terminators to my box when you start taking orders again. If you ever in western wi. Give me a call i will put you on some badger state monsters.keep up the killer website!!!thanks riverwolf guide service
riverwolf guide service <rvrwolfjohnson$>
grantsburg, WI USA - Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 21:08:50 (CST)
Rocketman, Your's is the best "how to" fishing related site on the WWW. Thanks.
Park Ridge, Il. USA - Tuesday, November 07, 2000 at 13:12:59 (CST)
Does anyone out there know where I can get some old creek chubbs and pikie minnows refurbished and painted? I need to get them restrung and painted. jt
john tomlin <tomlinjohn$>
Ann Arbor, Mi USA - Monday, November 06, 2000 at 13:22:54 (CST)
you can't fish for muskies you stink I took your advice and it got me skunked and you guys actually call yourself fisherman u suck!!!!!!
joe blow
USA - Sunday, November 05, 2000 at 11:07:05 (CST)

Joe, What are you talking about??? Everyone (but you apparently) knows all this fishing crap is just an excuse to drink beer and party with MuskieBabes out in the boat. You weren't actually trying to CATCH the damn things were you???
the Rocketman

Kurt, I was just reading some of the entries and noticed the comments on that so called 60 pounder. I'm glad somebody else feels the same way I do. I saw the same article in another paper and I couldn't resist, I had to write back. Just to add to the out of season comment. Bass fishing is closed that time of year as well. If you could have seen the picture, the fish was dripping blood from it's tail fin. Not a good sign of a healthy fish. I really liked the part where it swam back down to it's mate. YEAH RIGHT!!!.. What the article didn't tell was "after a few minutes, the giant fish turned over on it's back where it became food for the other fish". The guide was more than likely a glory hound. Have a good one. PS, the little boat is running strong.....all the pleasure boaters have gone.....HOORAY!!!!.
Greg G <redrigger$>
Davisburg, MI USA - Tuesday, October 31, 2000 at 19:02:25 (CST)
We're visiting in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area this week and must go fishing for muskie. Where to go? Is there a guide in this general neck of the woods? Urgent!
Janet Allen <jka731$>
Kalamazoo, MI USA - Friday, October 20, 2000 at 21:08:32 (CDT)
I visited the freshwater fishing hall of fame site and couldnt find a listing for their world records without paying for it. whats up with that?!!! any suggestions? I broke a tiger musky record 9 years ago and wanted to see if it still stands.
dave <booga$>
durand, mi USA - Monday, October 09, 2000 at 00:13:29 (CDT)
This entry is regarding the Free Press article and the out-of-season muskie catch. I was almost going to write about this but then I figured I just blow it off because of the amount of BS involved. But since you guys brought it up here goes: First, if you want to read it a copy is on the Free Press web site at
According to a call I made Friday to the DNR Fisheries Division, closed season means "closed to fishing for the particular species". In some special cases, Michigan does allow some catch-and-release fishing before the regular season opens. It's explained in the regulations book and on the DNR web site at
Except for these special regulations fishing for closed season fish is flat out illegal, and muskie was closed at the time. However, ccording to the Free Press article they were fishing for bass and pike (but using a fly designed for tarpon...Uh huh).
A few weeks ago a guy at work showed me a picure in a newspaper of a guy holding a muskie and asked me how big I thought that the fish was. "30lbs or a lttle more" I told him. When he told me what the article claimed we both cracked up. Uh huh again. I don't have a copy of the picture or I would post it right here. If anyone has one please snailmail or email it to me and I will post it. In my opinion, the only way that fish that fish would measure "61-62 inches" is if the tape was wrapped around it a few times and the only way it would weigh "well over 50 pounds and perhaps over 60" was if it just finished dining on a couple downrigger cannonballs. The bottom line is the whole thing sounds like something you would hear from a couple guys who have had very little experience with big muskies...and a lot to drink!!!

the Rocketman
Saline, MI USA - Saturday, October 07, 2000 at 18:00:08 (CDT)
I'm just kind of curious what the majority of hard core muskie anglers think about the below metioned fish being poached out of season. If this illegal practice continues, we will certainly see the effects in the future. According to the author of this article (Eric Sharp), the DNR has no problem with people targeting out of season species, as long as they are releasing thier catch. I would love to hear an "official" answer as to why some lakes have a special early catch and release season. Whats the point? I fear that due to the irresponsible nature of this article, everyone and their brother will assume they can legally target these fragile fish in 2 to 3 feet of gin clear water next spring. This is not good for the fishery we all enjoy so much.
scale <wb$>
macomb, mi USA - Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 14:53:53 (CDT)
Rocketman; I'm from Chatham Ontario and am a avid angler. Just want to now if you saw the muskie caught by Craig Fitzpatrickin Detriot free press in june or july. It was over 60 inches long and weighed over 50lbs. He caught it on a fly rod after bringing in a 54" muskie. It was caught out of season in Big Muscamoot Bay. What is your jist on this? Is there a potentional record out there on St.clair either live release or line class. I have a clip of that fish and it's a truly magnificant beast. I look forward to your resonse.
Dan Mason
USA - Thursday, October 05, 2000 at 12:33:10 (CDT)
Nice website but it would be even nicer if you had that picture of LYNN on every page.....
tuffyjohn <hssobs$>
Lake Tomahawk, Wi USA -
Hey Rocketman forgot to give u my email address well here it is and bring on those terminators!
Ross <Cassidy$>
Rocketman hows fishin been? Good here ever since that first cold front a few weeks ago. Rocketman when r u going to have some more terminators!? I need some I gotta buy a lot of them at once I gotta be the first to know when u get some more im dieing for some more the fishin hasent been good to me lately but i know for sure a few terminators will fix that nicely! Get some more!
Hey I need to buy a marine radio for my boat and I need some advice. I would like to buy the right one the first time around. I will be using the radio on St. Clair. I am considering a waterproof hand held unit but they are about as expensive as a permanent mounted version. The hand held units only have 5 watts of power while the regular radios have 25 watts. Questions: 1) Will 5 watts give me enough range on St Clair? 2) Should I stick with a 25 watt permanent mount radio? 3) What brand name is good quality? 4) Which features should I insist on getting? Thanks! Sean
Sean <seant$>
urbana, oh USA -
Excellent site! my friend and I just got our first muskies 7-27-00. Mine was a 50" er over 30#'s(not bad for first try!) and friends was 48" er. We went 4 for 5 that day. All c and r. thanks for the great site and info. we'll be scanning our photos soon. Scott and Tom. p.s. recommend any good taxidermist for some replicas?
Scott Kovacs <fishheads10$>
Riverview, MI USA -
Great Website! I am with the Hoosier Muskie Hunters and fished out of Belle River last year and we we were one for four on our last day out. The weather made the trip tough with 2-3 footers the day before. Will be up on 7-20,21,22,&23 this week. Staying in Algonac at the state park. Any recommendations for camping accomodations at or near any of the marinas in the St.Claire shores area? Looking forward to a great trip. Keep up the great work on your website. I will give you a full report when we get back. I love running your baits on boards! Chuckster fishing out of the "Red Rover".
Chuck Skopelja <chuck.skopelja$>
westfield, IN USA -
SALES <salesamc$>
blm fld hills, MI USA -

Bummer that all you guys got was those small fish. Oh well, better luck next time!!!
the Rocketman

Great site! Great lures! Great pictures of naked women if you look around a bit!
Bigmouth Billy Bass <Billy_Billy$>
Gaithersburg,, MD USA -
OUTDAMN STANDING ROCKETMAN!!! Kick Ass site. I'm a first year Muskie enthusiast. Yeah I'm wet behind the ears yet. My buddy and I have been all over the web looking for tips and etc..This site done it all except catch the BAD BOYZ. The ROCKETMAN tips go into action this weekend. "It's 'SLIMETIME'"
Bill Lane <B21Lane$>
Rootstown, Oh USA -
St. Clair Buds, I spoke with the OMNR today. They are in the proccess of changing all the MUSKIE regulations in Ontarion for the better. As of 2001 there is going to be five categories that a muskie fishery will fall into. St. Clair will most likely fall into a 44" or 48" category. They are taking information from the public right now. The person to contact is Al Murray at (519)873-4612, give him a call. If you know about or are involved in the Lk St. Clair watershed council they are going to have a big say. I believe we all want to catch bigger fish and more of them, so what is wrong with pushing a 48" size limit. There are way to many people out there keeping every 42-45 inch fish they catch. The guys that want a true trophy realize that one day they will get that 50"+ fish. Come on guys lets keep this fishery world class. Fight for that increased size limit. PLEASE use catch and RELEASE!!!!!
John Seitz <gauge618$>
Toledo, OH USA -
Great site, am I fired up!!. Couple of comments, questions. I have never fished St. Clair and would like to. This spring I just bought a LUND Mr. Pike 17'(very similar to a Pro V) Will St. Clair spit and roll me to an early death or will this size boat do? Also I'm trying Hudson Lake in Lenawee county this weekend, sappose to be a good inland lake for big jaws. Finally, my wife's family lives on Torch lake so I have a way of getting on Skegamogg and Elk lakes this summer. Hope to report in about Hudson and Skegamog. Thanks and good big jaws hunting!!!!!
Christo <chrisaikmn$>
Battle Creek, Mi USA -
Hey Rocketman All i got to say is that I spent my 35 bucks on a terminator tx bluefrog and ran it for about 18 minutes anf got this 54 incher!!!! What the hell are you going to do for an encore and when can I order a t6???? Jim Glynn here it is
Jim Glynn <esox35lbs$>
Redford, MI USA -
Rex Davidson <rexd711$>
medina, oh USA -
Great site Rocketman! Been trolling for walleyes in L.Erie for years but didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground about musky fishing until I logged onto your page and absorbed all your wisdom and advice as well as the others. Then I knew only slightly more than that. I finally got a chance to pull the tub up there and try it and holy buckets what a hoot we had! Hooked up 2 and danced with them only briefly (or they danced on me) before they kicked my ass, but now I am hooked. Gotta get rid of the 22' Grady and get a more towable, Slimetime wannabe boat and make a habit of this. Now I understand why you guys and gals are so fired up all the time. Sometime I'd like to hook up with a guru and get an afternoon of 1st hand knowlege. Thanks a bunch for all the great info and if our paths ever cross, I owe you a few cold barley pops. Keep up the great work.
Eric Hirzel <erichir$>
Genoa, Ohio USA -
Great site. Best site I've seen on setting up a boat for trolling. If you would like to link me to your site: Rocketman's site has been added to the Toothy Critters Webring
Tom "MuskieKid" Pinckney <MuskieKid$>
Gaithersburg, MD USA -
LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!! YES THE OPENER IS HERE. Thanks to the Rocketman for gettin' us all thru a long off season. Also thanks for puttin my pic on the front page. That's a 30# from last June on St.Clair. Wonder what I caught it on. Terminator of course!!!! Hey hope everyone gets a hawg on the opener. Good Luck all and remember sharpen those hooks.
SEITZ <gauge618$>
toledo, OH USA -
Hi all,
I got this in my email today and thought it was worth sending along.Maybe someone in the Michigan DNR will follow there example......

This information is of vital interest to those who fish the storied muskiewaters of NW Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has completed its review ofmuskellunge size limits in northwest Ontario and is proposing significantchanges as part of the new Ontario Muskellunge Management Strategy. Publicconsultation ends July 17, 2000, with implementation planned for the 2001season. Because of the great interest in these fisheries by non-residentanglers, the OMNR and Muskies Canada have made all of the informationavailable on the WWW and are encouraging comments via email as part of thedecision making process.
Highlights of the proposed changes include:
The designation of the following water bodies as World Record Class (sizelimit of 54"):
Cliff Lake (Hwy 105)
Lake of the Woods
Perrault Lake
Dinorwic Lake
Eagle Lake
Wabigoon Lake
Longlegged Lake
Lac Seul to remain C & R only pending further review
All lakes in the region have been reviewed with the result that many have beenproposed as "Enhanced Size Fisheries" (limit 44" or 48"). Remaining lakes havebeen designated "High Density Fisheries" (limit 36" or 40") replacing the 34" limit.
Proposed changes are tabled by OMNR District and these provide detailedinformation on the status of every lake and river in NW Ontario known tocontain muskellunge - a great resource in itself!
I encourage every stakeholder to consider these proposals, and mostimportantly, submit your comments (agree, disagree...why) to the OMNR via theemail links provided. Lastly, please pass this e-mail on to others who have an interest in thefuture of Ontario's muskie fisheries. Muskies Inc members, please make thisinformation available at your next meeting.Details of the proposals and e-mail links to submit comments are at:


kurt did you notice in the 2000 michigan fishing guide they list the current state record for great lakes musky at 47 lbs 12 oz. gives me something realistic to shot for! think i'll be fishing skegemog memorial weekend.
mike o
Great site, being an old saltwater dog it's good to read "how to" on the lake I will be fishing on until I can get back to Florida. Just got to figure out how to get some of those lures without waiting all those months. Got a typical southern off shore rig with a green canvas T-top. Boat name is "HOOKER". Always got a cold one for a fellow fisherman who can give me some fresh water fishing advice. Good fishing and thanks again for a great site.
Chris Thomasson <ice-t$>
Clinton Township, MI USA -

Bribery will get you everywhere!
the Rocketman

Hello all!! I have joined the Slimetime cult and I need some advice on which rods to buy. The super special 8.5' Diawas dipsey diver and 9'Uglystick downrigger rods that the Rocketman talks about are no longer in production. (BOO HISS!!) I am clear on which downrods to buy but I need advice on which long rods (board rods)to buy. I do not want to have to experiment to find which rods will work. I am sure some of you have recently bought rods and can point me in the right direction. Thanks! Sean Tullis Urbana, OH
Sean Tullis <seant$>
Urbana, OH USA -
Hey guys couple of things to think about since winter has returned for a short stint. Firtst, if you haven't been over to St. Clair or Erie yet this spring get ready for NO WATER, yes NO WATER!!!! In my many years of being on the great lakes both fishin' and huntin' I have NEVER seen anything like this. Don't just assume the ramp you've used in the past has water, also don't assume that because it has water when you put in your boat that it will be there when you get back. Yes, the water moves drastically with the wind in a matter of hours it can be bye-bye and there is a small tide on the great lakes. This is worse than the drought of "88". I'm convinced were sellin' the water to the Russians or something like that. By the way here are some water conservation tactics: 1. Only shower once a month. Either before that big meetin' or on the day you plan to smooze the wifey. 2. Drink only Coors beer. That way we're using water west of the Mississippi. 3. Only flush the toilet once a day. Although it is reccommended you keep the exhaust fan on high. 4. Finally, NEVER water the lawn. Hey you'll never have to cut grass = more muskie time!!! But seriously folks be careful out there. Secondly, take a few minutes to read the Muskie article in In-Fisherman this month. It describes the effect length limits have on our fisheries. If you are a St. Clair junky like me it sure made me want a 45" or 50" size limit. Hey, we all want bigger fish and more of them. None of us are out meat huntin', so who cares if we gotta keep releasing 48" fish. What a problem to have. If you are out keepin all your legal size fish, you are not going to make to many friends in the muskie world. We have all kept a fish or two, but there is no reason to keep a fish every time you get one a little bigger. Cameras, cam-corders and graphites can give you all the memory you need. Hey guys happy huntin' this year let's all get a hawg on a Terminator!!!!
John Seitz
Toledo, OH USA -
clicked on to get a reverse crackle + something but must wait..... getting a musky crew started (wife + mom so far). soon to be warm here in va + hope to break 45lb record this yr. will be happy for any. good fishing to each! laissez les bon temps rouler!
rik peery <rikcade$>
salem, va USA -
Been comin to this site since the start...never had a boat 'til last was cruel I tell ya! Thanx to Rocketman and everyone else's reports, I sorta knew what to do when I finally hit the water. Got a hit on my 3rd trip but the b$#ch spit the hook out. Didn't land her but what a thrill! Hearing that line scream out, the clueless panic (couldn'ta been a fish!), seeing that beautiful monster launch from the water...then phtooey! I'm hooked! I figured out what went wrong...I wasn't using Terminators! I gots 2 comin in May and I can't wait to hit the water again. Thanx again and good luck out there!--Smegger
John Megdan <megdan$>
Plymouth, MI USA -
Best Muskie site on net! I'm Looking for old (pre-1960) fishing tackle. Will pay top $$.
Tom <peabody3$>
mi USA -
Hey people, just found this, think it's great. Avid mooskie fisherman here. Never have fished Lake St. Clair, plan on fixing that this year. Done alot on the North Shore of Georgian Bay. If it swims, flys or runs I'll chase it. Always like meeting fellow sportsmen and women.Keep it safe
Gary Garvey <garveyg$>
Tipp City, Oh. USA -
Just wanted to thank the Rocketman for the great site, great advice, great lures, and great fishing. All of which led me to my first muskie this past season (on my first Terminator). Not a legal, but still an incredible experience. Can't wait to hit the water this year! Bring on the toothy critters!
Andrew Schafer
Westland , MI USA -
Best trolling site I have seen. Nice to see a sense of humor thrown in with it. After all, fishing is supposed to be fun.
Tom "MuskieKid" Pinckney <MuskieKid$>
Gaithersburg, MD USA -
The rockman has the most complete and informative fishing webb site I have found. The others should take some lessons. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to open water and spring fishing. Stinger
Foster E. Findlay <findlay3$>
Freeland, MI USA -
Hey Rocketman fans. Just a note to get u guys and "Mooskie" babes through the winter. This image has been plaugeing me almost as much as last years "Muskie Babe". Recently, I asked a fishing legend and friend of Rocketman's named Spike of "Spikes Premium Lures" a simple question. I said "Spike, How Big do u think the biggest "Mooskie" is in Lake St. Clair?". Now Spike, is around 80 years old, so he knows his stuff. In fact he's as sharp as my Terminator hooks. He said, "60-70 pounds, maybe more". I said "Your kidding, why hasn't anyone caught such a beast?". He said in so many words "Because a beast like that usually eats a fish around half its size and after cutting in half a 30 pound northern, he doesn't eat for a few days. So u have to be in the right place at the right time with the right lure". Needless to say, this spring I'm going to run a T-10 Fire Bass or Blue Wormy Terminator and see what happens....."Catch a BIG one" Later,JM.
John majer <Adocia$>
Rochester Hills, MI USA -
Just wanted to get this book of to a start. I hope everyone had a great winter, now let's bring on the freaken spring. I say if the groundhog saw his shadow lets kill 'em and make bucktails out of his fur. By the way if you don't currently own some rocket baits, sucks to be you. Should have asked for a Blue wormy or Helin Frog for X-Mas not tube socks and a neck tie. But on a serious note this guy has a great site and sweet lures, so patronize him and thanks Kurt. Also I hope everyones New Years resolution was "Catch, CARE & Gentle RELEASE". There were way to many dead Muskie floating around St. Clair last season, it is only going to be the best Muskie water in the world as long as we take CARE of the fish we catch. This is especially true in hot weather. Good Luck, I hope everyone gets a 50" fish this year.
john seitz <gauge618$>
toledo, oh USA -
I got to go first. Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah!
the Rocketman
Ann Arbor, MI USA -

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