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Terminator™ Repair Procedures

Terminators™ are extensively warrantied so if something goes wrong chances are that I will exchange the lure for you (especially if it got beat up by a bunch of fish or a particularly huge one ha ha) so you won't need to worry about fixing anything. However, in the event that you want to do some minor repairs yourself I have some tried and true procedures. These procedures also work on other similar wood lures but you need to pay me $10 if you want to use them to fix anything except Terminators™.

A few drips of regular (not gel) superglue will fix a loose lip. Put the lip back in the slot central and square and then put a single drip of glue on each side of the slot right at the edge of the lip. It will wick into the slot and secure the lip just fine. If you want even more adhesion you can also very carefully run a small bead of superglue around the entire edge of the slot. In either case, do this outside or in front of a fan or else the superglue will leave a funky looking white haze in the general area.

Regular (not gel) superglue will fix this too. Remove the screw and use a toothpick or other small implement to carefully apply some superglue down into the hole. The object is to coat the thread with glue, not to fill the hole completely. The superglue will soak into the wood so you might need to put it in a couple times to be sure you have coated all the threads all the way to the bottom. Do this in a breeze to prevent hazing. Let it dry at least 10 minutes before you put the screw back in or you will never get the screw out again. If you do this carefully it will make the threads both harder and tighter and the screwhole will be restored as good as new again.

I have never ever heard of a screw pulling out of a Terminator™. If it happens to you I want to know about it and if possible to see the lure as well. I have seen screws pull out of both Rapalas and Wileys. If you have one of these, or another lure made from soft wood like balsa or cedar and a screw has completely pulled out, sometimes you can fix the hole with superglue and a toothpick. Coat the toothpick liberally with superglue and poke it all the way down into the hole and then break it off. Same as before, do it in a breeze and let it dry before putting another screw back in.

Terminators™ are painted with a hardened urethane paint. Most other types of paint will not stick to it. If you have just a small area that you want to seal up then you can use clear epoxy spray paint. It's kind of hard to find. Try your friendly neighborhood Lowe's or Home Depot. Spray some in a paper cup and then use a little brush to apply it to the damaged area only. It will soak in a bit so you might want to give it a couple coats. If you want to do minor paint touch-up then use the little brush-on bottles of automotive touch-up paint available at autoparts stores and seal it with the clear epoxy.

Genuine Terminator™ parts are available at a nominal price to customers who have ordered their lures directly from me. The parts that are available include lips, eyes, screws, and hooks. If you need some parts be sure to tell me exactly what model (T2, T3, ST3, or TX) lure you need the parts for and exactly what parts you need.


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