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February 15, 2011

MuskieBabe Lynn

Muskie - Who cares how big
Lake St. Clair - Who cares where
Caught on some kind of Terminator™ - Who cares which one
(Click to see full size pic)
The cool muskie fishing site is muskie madness with muskie fishing information about muskie lures, muskies, pike, muskys, and musky lures and muskie lures. Musky fishing including more fishing reports, musky fishing is catching muskellunge in lake saint clair using terminator muskie lures catch muskys while sportfishing with muskie lures and bait and tackle for giant muskys. Pike and muskies caught on crankbaits and bucktails when fishing make fishing reports about terminator musky lures. Muskie fishing, muskies, musky fishing, muskys, muskie lures, musky lures, fishing lures, lake st. clair, lake saint clair, tiger muskies, tiger muskys, tackle, pike, trolling, terminator muskie lures, michigan ontario muskie club, momc, muskies inc., fishing reports, musky tackle, muskie tackle, fishing bait and tackle.
Motor City Muskie Madness

      Welcome to Rocketman's Motor City Muskie Madness, your headquarters for information about the spectacular Lake St. Clair musky fishery and the rest of muskiedom in general. This site specializes in teaching open-water trolling and other advanced techniques so you can get out there to your favorite big mooskie water and look like you know what you're doing. Visit here regularly and you will get so good at it that you will impress your buddies and/or your favorite MuskieBabe and who knows; you might even catch a fish or two!
      If you want to see your fellow Rocketguests with their big muskies go to the Guest Photos pages. Don't know how to catch muskies? Well, you better be checking out the Setup and Tips and Structure Trolling pages then. Thinking about calling in sick to go fishing? Use the Lunar Calender to be sure you pick the right day. You might want to ask the Musky God for a little help while you're at it. After you get done fishing you can file a Fishing Report and tell us if you kicked ass or sucked. If you need to find more good muskie-related sites then go to the Links page and there they are for your convenience. Finally, if you have something to say then you are welcome to use the Guest Page - but watch out 'cause I might have something to say about what you have to say!
Thank you,
the Rocketman

PS, when you catch a hog musky on a Terminator™, send me a picture and maybe I'll put you on this page for a while. If you also happen to be a MuskieBabe then your chances of getting on here are substantially improved.

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The Terminator™ Lures Factory


Well, the shop that lathed my bodies went out of business. The guy that made my lips went out of business. My paints have mostly dried up. And my accountant went off the deep end and moved to Guatemala or some such place. WTF!?!?! I sincerely apologize to all my friends with unfilled orders but unfortunately it's time to face reality. Rocketman is not going to re-open the Terminator Muskie Lures Factory any time soon.

Last spring, the first time out, Slimetime's engine totally self-destructed. I am ashamed to admit that I never even made it out to Lake St. Clair or Skegemog. Not even once. And the worse part is that it didn't really bother me that much.

Rocketman needs a big DOPESLAP!!!!

Well at least I did manage to get my engine fixed. Yep, it's got a brand new powerhead now. I also put new tires and springs on the trailer too. And I bought some new carpet and some new upholstery for it too. You know, with all that stuff maybe I should try some fishin....

Get a Big One!

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