Rocketman presents:
Miss MuskieBabe 2000

Is This Miss MuskieBabe 2000 ?
Miss MuskieBabe?
She's Lynn, Miss MuskieBabe 1999 (and rightly so!). The entries for this year are further down the page. One of those lovely ladies just might be crowned Miss MuskieBabe 2000 and win this awesome prize package.....


These fine sponsors have donated prizes for the Miss MuskieBabe Contest. Click their logos to visit their sites and see what great stuff you can win!
   A full day muskie charter for two in 2001 donated by Captain Larry Jones of Mostly Muskies Charters Mostly Muskies Charters
   10 Terminator T3 crankbaits donated by ESOX Design, Inc. Terminator Musky Lures
   5 various bucktails/jerkbaits donated by Widowmaker Lures WidowMaker Lures
   3 Hooker crankbaits donated by Hooker Tackle Hooker Tackle Logo

and now the...

These are the entries submitted so far. Click the thumbnail to go to original color picture. The sponsors of Miss MuskieBabe 2000 extend our appreciation to these ladies for entering and wish them the best of luck fishing and in the contest!

  1. Best MuskieBabe picture wins the contest including all prizes and the title of Miss MuskieBabe 2000.
  2. Picture must feature some muskie-related theme such as holding or releasing a muskie, with some muskie tackle, in a muskie boat, holding a mounted musky, fishing for muskies, etc. and of course it must feature a MuskieBabe!
  3. The more muskie-related the theme and/or the hotter the muskie babe the better the chances of winning so be creative.
  4. Pictures must be submitted in some PC compatible format including .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .tif. Sorry, no Mac formats and I will not scan your picture for you.
  5. Pictures must be real. No Adobe Photoshop magic please.
  6. To enter the contest send an e-mail to the Rocketman and include your picture as an attached file. Please do not embed the picture within the message because AOL's e-mail can't deal with that.
  7. All entries will become the property of ESOX Design, Inc. and will be featured on this web site.
  8. Sorry Lynn, you can't win again...but your sister could ha ha!
  9. Entries must be sent by midnight September 30, 2000. Winner will be announced by October 10, 2000.
  10. Winner is responsible for paying any taxes and duties applicable to the prizes.

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