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(just kidding)

What's in the Rocketman's Tackle Box?

Plano No. 7915Well, actually the Rocketman has about ten tackle boxes. We have lures for any conceivable fishing condition, plus spares, extras, and some new experimental ones too (you never know when a 'White Belly Pearl Patty Sweetthighs' is going to come in handy!) Too bad there's no place left in the boat to sit down.

Anyways, we don't need to sit down because we're bad and we're usually fighting a Muskie or two and you need to stand up for that...

What's in the Damn Boxes???

Okay, Okay, Here's what all the boxes are full of. Lots and lots of Terminators in small, medium, and unavailable sizes, and about six hundred different colors:

Terminator Carp

Want to know where to get 'em? Click the picture.
Want to know how to fish 'em? Go to SETUP.
Want to know what color to use? Go to TIPS.

You're Welcome!

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