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These Big Ones are kind of hard to get in!

Big Ones

First 30 lb Muskie No. 1
Lake St. Clair isn't the only place with big muskies. This one came from Skegemog back in 1988. This was my first 30 pound muskie and the only one I ever mounted. She hit under classic cold front conditions; brilliant blue sky and a strong north wind. The only reason I went fishing right then was because it was a new moon and a major feeding period from 2:00pm until 4:00pm. At 3:08 the rod went off on this 30 lb 1 1/2 oz muskie. I've been hooked ever since.
Another Big Muskie for Mike O'Hara Worms for Bait?
Mike O'Hara and one of his friends got this beautiful muskie one blustery October day in '97. Mike has caught many muskies over 30 pounds but his friend never had. His friend's grandmother told him she would pay for a mount for him if he ever got a 30. His Terminator T3 "Blue Wormy" took off screaming just as they were pulling in lines to quit for the day. She went nearly 35 pounds but he passed on the free mount and let her go anyways. Whoa!
Mike's Hog  Muskellunge WWF wannabes
Yours Truly and my friend Mike (a different Mike) managed to wrestle this 51.5" muskie in front of the camera for a photo opportunity. I told Mike that I should hold the head end so he wouldn't get bit. Actually, I didn't want to get muskie crap on my elbow. Mike didn't care because he was all covered with slime by then anyways. A small price to pay for a fish like this! A T3 "Pikescale" put this fish in the boat. Mike put it back in the lake.
Miller's Motor City Muskies Say cheese
Don Miller of Miller's Sportfishing Charters is a very successful charter captain, a frequent guest on TV shows and a writer for fishing magazines. Don learned the trade from the legendary Homer LeBlanc. He is one of the best muskie fishermen I know, a good friend of mine and an all around good guy. Well, this isn't him. This is one of his clients, Dr. John Wycoff. In typical Don fashion he was on the other end of the camera when this photo was taken. If any of you ever go fishing with Don please do me a favor and also take a picture of him holding your fish. By the way this big girl was 56", she went for a T3 "$9 Bass", and was the Number 1 largest released muskie in Michigan in 1998. Terminator Rules!!
52 5/8 inch muskie released 10/02/99 Slow Day
October 2, 1999 started out overcast, breezy and chilly with a cold front forecast to move through. At about noon the wind began swinging around to the north, it got darker, and it started to drizzle...and a T3 "Litwin $9 Bass" on a slider took off like it was snagged on a submarine. After about 15 minutes we managed to hand-over-hand the slider in and then we finally saw what was attached to the other end.
52 5/8 inches and nearly 35 lbs of really bad attitude. This was the biggest MOMC Released Muskie registered in 1999. We never had another hit for the rest of the day.

One for one, slow day huh?

Terry's First 30 lb Muskie Pikebait
This is another "First 30", for Terry this time. She measured 51.25" and weighed 33.5 lbs and was released. She hit a T2 "Carp" running on a board. About thirty minutes before we got her the same lure caught a dinky northern about 20" long. [Someone, I won't mention names] in the boat said I should change the lure because all it was going to catch was pike...
KA's Musky It must be tough
It took me about 8 years to catch my first 30 lb muskie. After a grueling 2 whole hours of muskie fishing my boss Kevin caught this 49.5" beauty. It was his first muskie ever. Was it a 30? I'm not positive but consider this: Kevin is about 6'1, 220 lbs, and he is not holding the fish toward the camera. This fish inhaled a T3 "Blue Mackerel" on a long line. We finished up 5 for 8 in about four hours on the water and also boated another big girl over four feet long. All were released.
'96 Biggest Muskie in MI This must be the spot
Vic Cretu, Jr. had spent an entire afternoon fishing his honeyhole with no action to speak of. His whole crew wanted him to go to another area where guys on the radio were getting them. Vic-I-ain't-leavin-Cretu stayed put. About 6:30pm a T3 "Bluefrog" took off screaming. This is the result:
37 lbs of muscle, teeth, and attitude.
It was the largest muskie taken in Michigan in '96 and he got a bigger one in '98.

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