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Here are some muskie oriented links you might enjoy. These are all good sites and have earned the coveted "Rocketman Did Not Send to the Recycle Bin" seal of approval.

Muskies, Inc.   - The first link on my list because they are Number 1.

Michigan Muskie Alliance   - Muskies, Inc. Chapter 47, right here in Michigan.

Terminator Muskie Lures   - No doubt Terminators are the best muskie lures made. Limited availability so get them when you can.

Lake St. Clair Map (229KB)    - Here is a rudimentary hydrographic map of LSC. It shows the depth contours (in meters ha ha) and also some noteworthy shoreline landmarks. Pretty handy for the LSC newbies and those of you with metric graphs.

Public Access Sites   - From the State of Michigan web site. Describes the ramps and gives you maps. Also pretty handy for the LSC newbies.

Deerbrook Marina   - conveniently located on the Ruscom River on the Canadian side, right in the middle of the best big fish spots on the lake. Rocketman's home port and highly recommended!

Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer    - A tackle box especially made to handle BIG BAITS like Terminator TXs. I have one in my boat and it's awesome and totally indestructible too.

Little Munuscong River Resort   - In my opinion the St. Mary's River is one of only a few places actually capable of producing a world record muskellunge. Bert Rimer owns the Little Munuscong River Resort and he is charter fishing guide specializing in muskies. He has very competitively priced package deals including cabin rental and guided fishing. He's a good guy and experienced guide, practices C&R, and I recommend him to anyone looking for a chance at a truly huge muskie!

Muskie Hunter Magazine   - I like their whole site but my favorite is the message board. Check it out and see what's happening.

Musky America   - a comprehensive muskie site.

Miller's Sport Fishing    - Captain Don Miller specializes in muskie fishing. Sometimes he even catches more muskies than the Rocketman! Only sometimes.

Neptune Charters   - run by Captain Roger Doyle. Catch muskies or your next trip free! Guess he must have some good baits....

Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council   - helpful links to all kind of local sites.

Water Levels - in Lake St. Clair, updated daily courtesy of NOAA. Your tax dollars finally spent on something useful! Thanks Jim.

Muskie Central   - from the owners of the Muskie Webring, this is a real nicely laid out site with comprehensive muskie-oriented links.

Michigan DNR Fisheries Homepage   - Statewide fishing reports updated each Thursday, Master Angler Award records, and District news, etc., cool.

Michigan Fishing Report   - at Fish and Game Finder Magazine.

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