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Rocketman's Muskie God

The Muskie God dressed for fishin'

Q Is there really a Muskie God?
A No, she's really more like a spirit or guardian angel type entity, kind of like Mother Nature. I probably should call her the Muskie Spirit Guide, or Muskie Godess (after all she IS a female) or something more accurate but old habits die hard. Incidently the Muskie God is a version of the Fishin' God that manifests herself as the spirit of whatever type of fish you are fishing for, e.g. when you are salmon fishing she is the Salmon God.

Q What does she do?
A The Muskie God handles the luck aspect of muskie fishing. She apparently really likes beginners and kids and tends to help them catch big fish. She also likes Rocketman - as long as I appreciate her and her fish. She does not like assholes who abuse her fish or don't appreciate them. It's not a good thing to Piss Off the Muskie God. If you're not an asshole and if you're out fishing and you need a little help it's OK with me to ask her. If she helps you be sure to say thanks!

Q Is this really her?
A No. This is your computer displaying a JPEG image depicting the actress Cassandra Peterson in her character role of Elvira, best known from Coors beer advertising. It just looks like the Muskie God.

Q Then why do you have this picture on your web site?
A She wanted to be on the internet.

Q Hey Rocketman, how about a different Muskie God?
A Well, I did consider a change. I was kind of thinking Monica Lewinsky could make a good Muskie God except some people might think she sucks. Then there is Tonya Harding who would have been my first choice except she never answers my emails. But to tell the truth, I am seriously leaning toward Martha Stewart. She could teach you guys some class, spiff up that boat with some color-coordinated slime towels, and I bet she looks awesome in her black Victoria's Secret lingerie and fishnet nylons! As soon as she sends me a picture of that I'll put her on here!!!

Q How do I get some divine help so I can catch lots of fish like you Rocketman?
A You need to use the Fishin' God Prayer and Song

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