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Archive 3

These are photos sent in by YOU, the viewing public and guests of the Rocketman.
Thank you and Congratulations for a Great Catch!
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15lb king
15lb King
on a bass rod
1st muskie
First Muskie
Lake St. Clair
45 incher
45 inch Muskie
Lake St. Clair
42 incher
42 inch Muskie
Pidgeon Lake, ON
50 inch muskie
50" Release
Lake St. Clair
45 inch Pike
45" Pike
Cree Lake, CA
4 foot Muskie
Lake St. Clair
First 30
First 30 lb Muskie
Webster Lake, IN
48 inch muskie
48" Release
Lake of the Woods
30lb x 47"
Minnesota lake
Kathy's first hog
First Big Muskie
Lake St. Clair
Big Yukon pike
Big Northern Pike
Yukon, Canada
Greg's nice big release
About 45 inches
Lake St. Clair
Dan's 47
47 inch released
Lake St. Clair
Justins's muskie
46 inch released
Pidgeon Lake, ON
Jared's muskie
46 inch released
Pidgeon Lake, ON

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Guest Photos Welcome
If you have a picture of a noteworthy musky, tiger musky, or pike and you want it published here, on the world wide web, available for viewing by the millions of people who visit the Rocketman's site every day, send it in! You will be immortalized in cyberspace. You can show your buddies and impress women. You might even become as cool as the Rocketman (not!). Read the FINE PRINT first before sending anything.

  1. To send a picture just scan it and e-mail it to me as an attached file. The format must be .jpg, .bmp, .tif, or .gif. If you don't have a scanner try a copy shop (i.e. Kinko's) or photography shop. I don't know how to open Mac files so if you have a have a Mac then you either need to convert the file or quit fishing altogether.
  2. Please include where you caught the fish and it's size. Don't lie!
  3. Only trophy-size or otherwise noteworthy musky, tiger musky, and pike pictures please.
  4. On the other hand.... pics of your HOT nude girlfriend/wife/mistress etc. holding a K-Mart goldfish in a bag might be considered if the bag isn't blocking the view....
  5. All pictures become the property of the Rocketman. I will add your first name, where caught, and the size. I may need to trim or resize the picture to fit the browser window and conserve disk-space.

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