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Archived 02/27/00
Guest Comments and Suggestions

I've received a lot of comments and ideas from you Rocketguests out there (and I do appreciate it). One of the better ones was:
"How about a page where we can post ads for used fishin' equipment, try to hook up with fishing partners, bitch about how long it takes to get lures, and that kind of stuff?"
We'll give a Guestbook a try but you better follow the rules or it's history. After all, this is a respectable site...

My buddy John wanted to know if I put a magical bend on my hooks to improve hooking effect. Of course I do. Ain't going to show ya though. Well, maybe just a small pic.

Some of you MuskieBabes wanted to know if there was any chance of becoming a member of the Rocketman's crew. You're in luck ladies! It just so happens I have an opening for an experienced MuskieBabe, but you need to prove yourself first. Send me an e-mail explaining the correct presentation for late-June when it's calm and overcast, water clarity is 6 feet, water temp is 62, and we're marking fish at 11 feet in 18 feet of water.
If that's too hard of a question then just send your phone number and a pic of you in your bikini. That's just as good.

Get a Big One!

Archived 02/04/00

Interestingly enough I heard from a friend that there still might be some hope about the Canadian rod limit situation. Seems there is a committee meeting in April and the topic of rods is high on the agenda. Who knows, maybe something will be done before the season opener. Come on all you Rocketguests, write to the Ontario MNR and tell them that if they let us run the same rods as Michigan we promise to come over and spend every Saturday evening (and lots of money) at the Windsor Ballet!

Also, I finally got around to updating the Lure Colors page on the Terminator site. I added a whole bunch of full size pics so now you can check out lots of the bizarre colors that kick muskie butt here on LSC. Watch out not to drool on your keyboard though 'cause it tends to make the little buttons stick.....

Get a Big One!

Archived 01/25/00
Welcome to the 2000 Muskie Season

Well Rocketguests, I'm sorry to report the news from the Canadian MNR is not too good. The 2000 regulations are out and the Canadian side of Lake St. Clair is still one rod per angler. On top of that the non-resident lisence now is going to set you back $55! I think they must be pissed at us about those pacific ocean salmon or the Detroit casinos or something. Come on guys - lighten up! (The good news is the $55 is in loonies, not good ole USA greenbacks.)

As soon as the weather permits, team Slimetime is going to try out Plan B. Plan B consists of the waters of the Detroit River south of Boblo Island which is considered to be Lake Erie. No closed season and two rods per angler applies. If there are mooskies there we'll be in FAT CITY! On top of that how about a Canadian side boycott! Hell yes, if all you Rocketguests and assorted MuskieBabes joined in we would probably crash their economy and they would have to beg us to come back with free lisences and 10 rods per angler. Boycott starts today and goes until they give in or the first Saturday in June, whichever comes first.

Get a Big One!

Archived 01/04/00
Muskie Madness 2K

Yo Rocketguests,

You all got your win98y2k.exe patches installed so your 'puters are gonna work in 2000? Cool, because there's going to be some good stuff happening at Muskie Madness.

  • How about a Miss MuskieBabe2000 Contest?
    You want it - you got it.
  • How about 2 legal rods in Canada?
    That's the rumors so check here for an update shortly.
  • How about some better mooskie fishing?
    Check this La Nina forecast site.
  • How about some BFT's?
    Go here (but only if you're already a customer).
I got a lot of work coming up but before I get to it I need to do some fishing first. The water's a little hard here right now so I'm going to take a few days off to go to sunny Florida where I hear the lobster fishing is really hot!

Good luck to all Muskie Hunters!

Archived 12/27/99
It's been real...

Strange. As far as I am concerned the 1999 muskie season was one for the record books. It seems like the number of muskies we boated this year was exceeded only by my shoe size!
What was it? Super low water levels? Warmer water temperatures? Y2K? Pissed-off Muskie God(ess)? Who knows but I will say this; Come the first Saturday in June 2000 I'll hit the water secure in the knowledge that my dues have been PAID IN FULL and it's time for some payback!!!

Good luck to all Muskie Hunters!

(PS the Terminator Lure Company is back in business big time. Click here to see a live lure company cam shot of the workforce in action wrapping up the last of the Christmas present orders. Click here to see what's in the boxes.)

Archived 11/05/99
Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday of the whole year. Why you ask? It's my favorite holiday because it's BIG fish time. When a rod goes this time of year it just might be
really, really good.
It's like somebody grabs your adrenelin gland and gives that sucker a big squeeze. In fact, I'm going to put on my muskie fishing costume and go see what I can get.
And the Muskie God(ess) has her costume on too!!


Good luck to all Muskie Hunters!

PS The Terminator factory is open again....

Archived 10/21/99
We Have a Winner!
(actually 2 winners)

Congratulations to Lynn, the official Miss MuskieBabe 1999.
Miss Muskiebabe 1999

Congratulations also go to Kdog for biggest catch ever caught on a Terminator Muskie Lure so far. A T3 Green Wormy did the dirty deed. Kdog sent in a great e-mail describing the whole thing, and all I can say is DAMN!!! Click the link below for all the gruesome details...
Kdog's Big One

Good luck to all Muskie Hunters!

Archived 10/11/99
Fishing Reports

Some of you have complained you couldn't access the Fishing Reports page. The reason was that they were still on AOL and AOL's server crashed and lots of people lost everything. Not the Rocketman! I had everything backed up and moved it to my real server. Click the link and it will work now. You just might want to check my report dated Oct 3......

The Miss MuskieBabe contest closed Sept 30. There are some great entries including a couple that came in at the last minute. Thanks to all the MuskieBabes that entered the contest and conratulations on some excellent catches! All guests of this website are encouraged to vote for your favorite MuskieBabe by sending an e-mail to the special e-mail address on the Miss MuskieBabe web site. Please don't use my regular esoxbiz e-mail address because votes sent there won't count. Let's everyone vote and show these MuskieBabes how much we appreciated their entries!

Get a Big One!

Archived 10/1/99
My Poor Bass

I just got this e-mail. Anyone willing to help out a fellow fisherman?


it's that time of year again. The muskies have shown up again on the flats (off Mitchell's towards St Lukes) and are stealing some of my favourite jerk baits(bass sized) and putting the chomp on hooked smallies. There seams to be a large number out off the flats that run parrallel to the Indian stake lines running west from the corner stake. Have had several large fish attack my baits off the shallow (3') sand/weed edge, as well as seeing lots of 'em out on the flat in 11 -13' of water. They are getting to be a pain in the ass!! How about sending someone over and ridding us of these nuisance fish?
Good fishing.
Al Patton"

Hey all you Miss MuskieBabes out there. This is it. The contest ends Sept 30 at midnight so it's now or never. Grin and bare 'em!

Get a Big One!

Archived 9/23/99
Muskie Season Over

It's been great but all good things must come to an end. The muskies have quit biting for the year so all you other muskie-folks out there might as well hang up the baits and shrinkwrap the boat until next season. Yep, not much chance of geeting anything else and if you do it'll probably be a skinny one anyhow. Might as well just start getting ready for hunting season. I might give it one more try but then I'm done for the year. Honest.

Hey all you Miss MuskieBabes out there. You're starting to cut it pretty close. The contest ends Sept 30 at midnight and there's some tough competition already. It's going to start getting a little chilly for the bikini so you best hurry up or you'll be freezing your pittuties.

Get a Big One!

Archived 09/14/99

Here it is September 1 - the start of the best muskie fishing of the year. The brutally hot dog days of July and August are just a fond memory and the water temperatures are going to start to drop. Next weekend is Labor Day which traditionally is the last blast for a lot of the non-muskie-fishing boaters. See ya later! Now is the time to get serious. The fish activity has been kind of slow and out pretty deep lately but that's going to change in a hurry when the big sows figure out they better start packing it on for the winter. The Dumps and Peche Island always seem to begin to turn on this time of the year and some big fish are going to get caught there. There might be a few other good places too.....

A special note to all you Miss MuskieBabes out there. Hello. You only have a month left. $1000 + worth of prizes. Go ahead and hold it for a picture. It won't slime you. Honest.

Get a Big One!

Archived 09/01/99
A Taste of Y2K?

Promptly at 8:00pm (midnight GMT) last Saturday as Andrew and I were approaching our waypoint for another bombing run we were magically and instantly transported 779 miles away. What's this you say - Rocketman abducted by aliens whilst mooskie fishing? I wish that was all it was. Instead it was the GPS satellites being reset which caused my Micrologic Sportsman GPS to become slightly "confused" and erroneously tell me I was somewhere in a potato field in Newfoundland. No problem I say, I'll just re-initialize this baby and be back in business in a flash. Easier said than done. A quick call to the Micrologic factory resulted in the depressing news that they were bought by some Singapore company that went belly-up in the asian recession and sorry but no factory support available there sport. Well, does the word FUBAR mean anything to you? I would just go buy another better GPS with mapping capabilities but what's to say that one is going to work? Anyone out there still got a Micrologic GPS that works I sure would like to hear about it.

Get a Big One!

Archived 08/28/99
Another 48" First Muskie!

I don't know what it is about having muskie virgins in the boat but it sure does work (after paying the prerequisite dues first of course). Details on the Fishing Reports page.

There are some new materials being added to the SetUps page. Rigging details and pics of the some of the awesome mooskie equipment on the Good Ship Slimetime.

Only 6 more weeks left to win that massive prize package in the Miss MuskieBabe contest. Come on you MuskieBabes - show us your Big Ones!

Sorry about the Terminator Order Page being off-line for so long. I'm finally getting caught up so I expect to be open for business again later in the week.

Potential GPS issues on midnight 8/21 when the satellites reset their calenders. Click here for info to check your receiver so all your waypoints don't suddenly move to Alabama.

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Archived 08/08/99
Les Cheneaux Islands Muskie Report

I just returned from a week in the UP (eh) where I diligently attemped to catch the muskie of a lifetime. The conditions were terrible. Every day it was partly cloudy, 70s, winds 5-10, no floating weeds, no rain, no sailboats, no muddy water, etc. It was brutal!!! To make matters worse, my crew forgot to bring their lucky fishing shirts.

It was a grim job but we bucked up and gave 'em hell! We were marking suspended muskies pretty good at about 40-50 feet down over 100 feet of water but every time one was ready to strike along came some other kind of wierd silvery fish with a black mouth that would bite the green/chrome NK Mag instead. The damn things sure did fight though, especially the big fat ones that ran about 18-20lbs. I don't know what we were doing wrong but we didn't catch a single mooskie. I guess next time I go there I should hope for some better conditions and a more prepared crew huh?
P.S. Thanks to John for the crew photo.

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Archived 07/26/99

Lake Ain't Fair sure kicked our butts last Sat, July 10. I had the pleasure to attempt to fish in the Central Ohio Muskies Inc. tournament with Lee Powell and Ken. We gave it hell but never did get to hear the screaming drags (except when I hooked the mother of all weedbags - that one sure screamed). Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes it gets you. Got to meet a bunch of great folks and gave the hull rivets a good workout at least.

Apparently we overloaded the AOL script and the Fishing Reports didn't work for a few days. It's all fixed now. There might not be updates or e-mail replies from July 19 through 25 due to an upcoming work project which will limit my computer access. You can still file Reports and I'll upload them on the 26th at the latest. In the meanwhile check out this pic of what happens when you try to put on a lure the Muskie God doesn't like (it was not a Terminator). Thanks to Chris for sending that one in and to all muskie hunters.....

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Archived 07/13/99

Did you ever try to describe a sound in writing? As you can see from the headline above it's pretty hard to do. Just in case you can't figure it out that's the sound a Penn 309 makes when a big fish is screaming out line. There is nothing like it. I hear it in my sleep. The whole time out in the boat it's what you're waiting for. As far as I am concerned it's the best sound in the world.

Got an earful last night.

(Where's a MuskieBabe when you need one?!?)

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Archived 07/01/99

When I fly in the company airplane the pilot, my buddy Joe Hicks, uses a checklist so he doesn't forget anything (like fuel) before we take off. I used to have a checklist in the Rocketjeep but I took it out last winter and lost it. Last weekend I was going over the Ambassador Bridge when it occurred to me I might have forgot to bring a few things (like graph, GPS, radio).
Rocketmomma didn't born no 'tard. First chance I get I'm stealing Joe's checklist.

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Archived 06/22/99
Gettin' Any?

Now that the muskie season is in full swing you should have at least a couple dozen boated already just like Rocketman huh? Not. Check out the Fishing Reports page and see how it's been going. There have been quite a few entries lately.

Also, lots of folks send e-mail about where to fish, where to launch, what equipment to use, etc. I will pass along one little hint, it's called Deerbrook.

Get a Big One!

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Archived 06/16/99
Thank You Muskie God!!!

On Saturday, June 5 the 1999 mooskie season on Lake St. Clair opened with a bang...or shall we say a rip...or shall we say a lot of rips. We hit the lake at the crack of afternoon and as usual the Muskie Goddess hugged us to her (ample) boosoms, the mooskies cooperated and we proceeded to get appropriately slimed. Sure is nice to hear those rods go again. The details are posted on the Fishing Reports page and all you muskieguests out there in 'puterland are invited to tell us how it went in your boat.

Get a Big One!

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Archived 06/07/99
Got Muskyslime?

On Saturday, June 5 the 1999 muskellunge season opens up here on Lake St. Clair. It's about time to get some slime. The water levels are a little low so watch it at the boat ramps and in the channels. The water temps are about normal and it's a late opener so I expect this will be post spawn conditions in general but I wouldn't be surprised if Anchor Bay produces a big fish or two like usual. All guests of this site are invited to use the Fishing Reports page to let us know how it's going, and if you're interested in doing some networking out on the water send me an e-mail and I'll send you back the details. Good Luck and...
Get a Big One!!!

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Archived 05/27/99
AOL Users Please Read

Over the last couple weeks I have been having all kinds of trouble with this web site. The load time is terrible and sometimes it will not even load at all (just like when it was on AOL). Well, the problem is AOL once again. It seems that AOL has a cache server that is truly a piece of shit! AOL uses this cache server to reduce internet throughput because they have oversold their network beyond it's capacity. As a result you may get old pages or pitifully slow performance. Once again you can beat the system with a little help from the Rocketman. Just sign on to AOL as usual (provided the line isn't busy) then launch Internet Explorer or Netscape and use one of those for surfing instead of AOL. You bypass AOL's cache server and you will not believe the difference in speed!

What about fishing? Unfortunately my wife has been out of town for the last three weeks and I've had to be Mr. RocketMOM. Well, that's all over now so maybe some good info in the near future. Finally, check out the Miss MuskieBabe page. Some entries have been added and the prize package is getting damn serious!

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Archived 04/30/99
Mooskie Range Expanding?

Spring has sprung and muskie action has begun for those lucky folks who live in places where the season is open. A few Fishing Reports are coming in including a pleasant surprise from Lake Erie. A guest reported a decent muskie coming from the NW corner of Lake Erie, where the Detroit River dumps in. We all know the western basin of Lake Erie is chock full of 13" walleyes that just happen to resemble muskie lures. Hmmmmm, seems like maybe Rocketman needs to do some in-depth investigating....
Some nice big fish from Leesville (Ohio) reported too. Thanks Guys.

The Miss MuskieBabe prize package is now up to about $800 thanks to the generous contributions of the sponsors. So, all you MuskieBabes out there it's time to sharpen up those hooks and rub on that bikini wax. There's some muskie fishin' to be done and a contest to be won.

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Miss MuskieBabe Contest   Casting - Lake St. Clair Style

Archived 04/12/99
Good News from the Bruce Post

At the latest MOMC meeting on Wednesday, March 31, several rule changes were adopted that should please just about everyone. The Quick Release Division Tournaments held monthly have increased the number of places from 1 to 3 in each category (Open, Women's and Junior's). The monthly Weigh-In Division Tournaments have decreased the number of places from 5 to 3 and increased the payout. At the end of the year the Top 5 fish in both Divisions are recognized. Members (like yours truly) with puny boats who cannot keep a fish alive to bring in for weighing can now participate in the monthly Tournaments on a more equal basis with the weigh-in folks. The Michigan Special Olympics Charity Muskie Derby remains Catch and Release only. I applaud the Board of Directors and General Membership for adopting the new and progressive rules!

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Miss MuskieBabe Contest   Casting - Lake St. Clair Style

Archived 04/03/99
It's not just for trolling anymore...

I would like to welcome a new contributing author, Mike Seitz, who has successfully mastered casting for muskies on Lake St. Clair. Mike shares his techniques and other useful information on his own page;
Casting - Lake St. Clair Style

Attention MOMC members. How about the latest newsletter huh? Please show up next Wednesday, March 31, and put your 2 cents in. Better yet bring your whole damn piggy bank!

Are you a muskie babe? Enter the
Miss MuskieBabe Contest
and maybe win a BUNCH of muskie tackle!

Archived 03/25/99
Welcome to the '99 Muskie Season

A couple of the more hardcore guests of the Rocketman sent me an e-mail about their muskie fishing trip last weekend to their hot muskie lake in Ohio. Seems a T3 in the color of Bagleys' Baby Muskie caught them a 14 lb carp. The hot set-up was casting along the edge of the ice. We catch a lot of muskies on carp colored lures but I never thought of using muskie colored lures to catch carp. Learn something new every day......

Are you a muskie babe? Enter the
Miss MuskieBabe Contest
and maybe win a BUNCH of muskie tackle!

Archived 02/19/99

Socially Acceptable Holding of Muskies

Lately there has been some rather spirited discussion about the "proper" way to hold a muskie, such as horizontal, diagonal, vertical or whatever. Personally, I like a well supported diagonal hold because it makes a nice picture and I think it's not likely you will drop the fish.
Hovever, sometimes you have no choice....

Rocketman's Secrets Dept - Properly tuned baits are essential to catching muskies. Go to my Terminator Tuning Tips page and see how it's done.

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