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Archived 12/20/01
The Opera Ain't Over....

Finally we had a some decent weather coinciding with a weekend. Sure was nice to get the lines wet and hear the reels go again. No real big fish reported lately though. Maybe the weather was just too nice - nah, maybe the Muskie God(ess) was in that teasing mood. OK, Muskie God(ess) we have been teased. Now it's time to put out!

Seriously folks, the water temp is still real good and the lake has settled down enough to be seriously fishable. No waiting at the boat ramp and the brewskis stay cold all by themselves. So bundle up the MuskieBabes, pour some fuel line antifreeze in the boat tank, throw a bag of rock salt in the back of the El Camino, and....

Get a Big One!

Archived 10/28/01

There are some seriously big fish getting caught lately. A 38lb 10oz and a 36lb 8oz were reported caught last week by highly credible sources. Well, let me re-phrase credible as possible for muskie fishermen. Both of these magnificent muskies were released to fight another day. Congratulations to Grandpa Reaper and Jim Glenn for your great catches and thanks for throwing them back.

This cold weather is sure to put the fall feeding frenzy in high gear. So sharpen up the hooks on those big straights, spring for some thermal underwears for the MuskieBabes, put some drygas in the tank and some rum in the coffee and give it a try. It's still a long time before the opera is over!

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Archived 10/07/01
Rocketman's Release Tips

  1. Catch a muskie.
  2. Boat that sucker ASAP. Hand land if possible.
  3. Take pics and thank Muskie God as necessary.
  4. Hold muskie in water next to boat. Hold head forward by hooking a finger or two in the little soft spot just behind the pectoral (front belly) fin. Hold peduncle (base of tail) with other hand.
  5. Drive boat slowly forward holding muskie until you feel it starting to try to get away.
  6. Torpedo muskie down to cooler water by aiming head downward and pushing tail.
  7. Verify fish stayed down. If comes back up, repeat previous steps.
  8. High-fives as necessary.
  9. Make crew put Terminator™ back out, get captain a fresh brewski, clean up boat, and bandage up their cuts, chews, and puncture wounds (in this order).

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Archived 08/26/01
No More Mr. Niceguy!!!

It used to be that I was bummed when we had 3 footers but lately I was actually starting to like them because that meant it must be windy and that meant the black flies wouldn't be attacking as bad. Of course the muskie boat Slimetime is equipped with the latest in flyswatter technology, and it is fun buttering up the MuskieBabes with Cutters', but the situation was starting to get out of hand. I mean you just can't be cool with 643 blackflies buzzing around the boat.

No more Mr. Niceguy; it's time to kick some blackfly ass! Go get a can of Deep Six House and Garden Insect Killer. In a few seconds they'll all be history and the residual smell keeps reinforcements away (or kills 'em) for at least a couple hours. No more problems with those little shitheads - Guaranteed!!!!

Get a Big One!
(they're out deep)

Archived 08/07/01
Help Wanted!

A couple weeks ago one of the Rocketman's favorite rods kind of...well...fell in the lake over by the Belle Hump. It's one of a matched set so now the other one is lonely and the muskieboat Slimetime is looking decidedly unbalanced. The rod has a couple of T3 WBS Bluefrogs on it and it's painted flourescent colors fading to black and says "Slimetime" down by the reel. The GPS coordinates where it fell in are:

42 20 839
82 39 884

If you happen to snag it you can keep the lures (they are both big time getters) and I'll make you a couple more of your choice. Plus, if that hog muskie is still on it you can have her too!!!

Get a Big One!
(or at least my lost rod)

Archived 07/14/01

Paying Dues

For the last two years my bud John has diligently paid dues. He cleans weeds, he gets brewskis for the Rocketman....and without fail whenever a big fish hits it's either somebody else's turn or the muskie prematurely self-releases. Saturday it was business as usual. We get a big rip, John grabs the rod, fish gets off. Finally he gets a 42". But then Bruce gets a 44". We get a double header. John gets the rod with the dink and Bruce gets a 43". Another rod goes and John grabs it. It's a catfish!!!

It's getting late and we're not even marking bait anymore. But then the Muskie God must have finally decided enough was enough (or for some bizarre reason took a likin' to him) and she just reached down and hugged Johnny to her ample bosoms and asked him if he felt like gettin' lucky. Rod goes, John grabs it, and about 15 minutes later he's grinning for the camera holding a nice fat 48 1/2".

And then the muskie crapped on his foot.....

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Archived 06/11/01

Opening Day, 2001

Well Muskieheads, it's finally here. Saturday, June 2 is opening day of mooskie season on Lake St. Clair. Is the Rocketman going to brave the 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms to get out there and try for a muskellunge? You never know; stranger things have happened. If you're going to give it a shot then remember that it is been a cold, wet spring and the water temperature is unseasonably low. The relentless forces of biology are dictating the muskies' actions and they still think it's time for making baby muskies. Nothing like a roll in the cabbage in good old Anchor Bay huh? If you pull a big straight (like a Carp flavored Terminator TX hint hint) about 4 mph in about 9' of water near the deeper stuff you have a fair chance of latching onto one of those big girls. Take a pic, give her a kiss for the Rocketman, and put her back.
I guarantee she will weigh even more in December!!!!

Get a Big One!

Archived 06/01/01

MI Muskies Inc, Chapter 47

I am pleased to report that Michigan Muskie Alliance is the latest chapter of Muskies, Inc. This club is based in Lansing area and many of the members enjoy their piscatorial pursuits in the various inland lakes in Michigan as well as Ohio and Indiana. Lake St. Clair isn't the only place where you can get a huge mooskielunge and if you check out the

Michigan Muskie Alliance web site

you will see what I am talking about! Thanks for all your hard work guys and for finally getting us a Muskies, Inc. chapter here in Michigan!

Get a Big One!

Archived 04/01/01

Muskie Fishing Practice

That giant snowpile that had the Muskieboat Slimetime blocked in is now just a little dirty puddle of meltwater. The six of Bud that has been sitting in the boat all winter has thawed out enough to drink too. You know what that means don't you? Yepper - time to start practicing up for the 2001 muskie season. June 2 may seem like a long ways off but it will be here before you know it! So how does the Rocketman practice muskie fishing? Go to Benton Harbor, drive your boat down the St. Joe river until you come a big lighthouse. Turn left and go about six miles and you will see.

radioactive steelies

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Archived 03/14/01

MI Muskies Inc. Meeting
(A public service announcement)

"There will be a meeting for those people interested in forming a Michigan chapter of Muskies Inc. The time and place is Thursday, March 8, 7:00pm. This will be a preliminary meeting, we will not be signing up members. This is open to the public, you are all invited to attend, bring a friend, or two!

Lansing Gander Mountain is located at 430 North Marketplace Boulevard, at the Southwest corner of I-96 and Saginaw Highway (M 43). From I-96 take exit 93 West. Gander Mountain is located directly behind the Cracker Barrel restaurant."

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Archived 02/01/01

Happy Holidays!

Not much Muskie Fishing News to report right now. As you can see from the picture above (that I just took today) the venerable Muskieboat Slimetime is slightly buried in snow. That's OK because so is Lake St. Clair and about every other bit of muskie water this side of Hawaii.

Since I don't have anything better to do right now I might as well make a few Terminators™. If you want to pick up a few of those little beauties this is your big chance - because as soon as the water softens up a little......

One last thing; I had to change my email address because I was getting way too much spam. If you want to send me an email the new address is:

NoSpam email address

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Archived 12/26/00

Merry Christmas
ho ho ho
from the crew of the Slimetime

As of today it's only 159 Days
(or 3816 Hours or 228960 Minutes or 13737600 Seconds)
until 6/02/2001 when muskie season opens again...
...but who's counting huh?

Have a Great Holiday!!!

Archived 12/24/00

An Email to my Fishing Buds

Dec 9, 2000
Hey Guys,
I just got done talking to my buddy Mike who lives in St. Clair Shores. I asked him if the ramp at Blossom Heath was still open because I was thinking of going tomorrow. He told me it was iced up. Then I asked him if I could get out at the DNR ramp on South River Rd at the Clinton River. He said no problem with that one, people are out fishing on the Clinton right now. Then he told me to be sure to bring my auger because the hot presentation is jigging.
The lake was ice as far out as he could see. I am afraid to say that the opera is over. She has sung. There is always next year and all that blah, blah, blah. Well, I guess I better go out and unplug the battery charger from the boat. I don't think that I'll be needing to run the graph and GPS tomorrow....
PS - Now I am going to log off and drown my sorrows

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Archived 12/09/00

My Hero!!!

HE doesn't give up!

Let this be a lesson to you.
Muskie Season is still open until December 15.
HE hasn't given up yet.

Archived 11/29/00

Girls Goin' Crazy!

I'm not talking about the Rocketman's crewmates either (well they have been pretty crazy too bless their hearts ha ha). I am talking about the BIG GIRL HAWGS that have all those teeth. And they have been doing some chewing!!!!

Over the last couple weeks there have been a crapload of 30+ pounders being caught. It's like all of a sudden they figured out it's time to fatten up their big ole' hawg bellies and they've been goin' crazy. Along comes a nice yummy piece of painted wood wiggling spastically at about 4.5 mph and it's pig-out time! Among one of these recent cases of piggin' was the awesome 37+ pound mooskie that pigged on some wood being pulled by Jerry Felster and Tom Jeanette. Mr. Felster and Mr. Jeanette are true sportsmen and they let that big girl go to pig-out again. Congratulations gentlemen - you ARE the mans!

That 37+ is still out there and so are a bunch of other big girl hawgs so Good Luck and...

Get a Big One!
Happy Halloween too

Archived 10/19/00

When the gales of November come early...

The last couple weekends we sure have had the gales, and the ones that blew through on Saturday, September 23rd sure did feel like November ones. When that front came through a cold rain started pouring, the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in an hour, and the wind started howling from the North. Perfect muskie conditions!

This has been a pretty good year for big fish and hopefully some really big ones are going to be caught this fall. Now that we have had a couple major cold fronts come through the big hog mooskies should figure out that it's time to start fattening up for winter. So all you Rocketguests, now would be a good time to spool up some fresh 60lb test and break out the big wood. Your forty pounder is out there, and she's getting hungry!

Get a Big One!

Archived 9/24/00

another hog for joe

12 pack of Budweiser - $8.99

Terminator T3 $9 Perch - $19.95

replacement landing net - $39.95

Getting the one that got away - PRICELESS

That's the one that was hand landed from my last Fishing Report. The action in the deep water is GREAT right now and $9 Bass-type patterns are hot! The Set-up and Tips pages have new stuff added. No Miss MuskieBabe entries yet....

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Archived 8/6/00

I get a lot of strange emails. Usually I just delete them, or maybe add them to the Recycle Bin if they are weird enough. But in this case I'm going to make an exception. William P., the whole world gets to see yours (mistakes and all)....

"Dear Sir, I am writing about the poor quality of your product. Your lures look great on your website but when I just bought some of your new X model Terminators at Lakeside they were not what advertized. They are made of plastic not wood. The lazer eyes are painted on and the pain does not look anywares as good on the lures as it does on my cumputer. The hooks are not heavyduty like you advertize and that doesnt matter because they will never catch anythingbecause they do not even run. You say they are garanteed so I want my money back for the 5 I bought. My address is [mercifully deleted by Rocketman]. If I dont get a full refund in 2 weeks I will report you to the general attrony for fraud and false advertizing. William P[again]"

Well William, I know you're kind of stoopid because you think those imitation "X-Terminators" are real Terminators™, and I know you're kind of cheap because you bought them instead of the real ones, but gee whiz, reporting Rocketman to the general attrony...that's just plain COLD!!!

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Archived 7/11/00
Excuses Excuses...

Another weekend goes by without Slimetime getting slimed! What's my excuse for this incompetance? Well, this morning I took the MuskieJeep to get some new oil put in. The transfusion process was going well until the guy in the pit tried to loosen the filter with the wrench handle lodged against the pressure sending unit. I heard him say something like "Damn this filter is tight!" - then he really put his back into it. The next thing I know there is the Victory Lane workforce all standing around looking under the hood with a flashlight. This was not good. Neither was finding out all the local and not-so-local Jeep dealers either were closed or didn't have one in stock. Right now the only thing between 60 psi of oil pressure and the pavement is about 3 feet of wire that they wrapped around the sending unit in order to keep it from breaking the rest of the way off. I would have been totally bummed out except for the 15 - 20 WSW winds we had today and the fact that Budweiser tastes almost as good in the Terminator Lure Factory as it does in the boat!

Get a Big One!

Archived 6/10/00
Are You Ready?

I sure am and so is my loyal crew, Team Slimetime. They have been practicing all the essentials of muskellunge fishing and they are LOOKING GOOD!!! First, we have mastered driving the boat while Rocketman is getting set-up (or having a brewski). Then, when we get one on it's important to keep that rod up. Since it just slammed that Terminator T6 it will no doubt be a big one and teamwork is critical to succesfully subduing the bad dog. Once we boat it and take a couple of quick pics, back in the water it goes and watch it until it swims back down. Finally, all that muskie catching made me damn thirsty again so it's time for a brewski. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect" so right after the MOMC meeting tonight I'm going to grab the crew and help them practice some more....

Speaking of crews, I hope yours is as ready as mine is. The only problem with my crew is that they are not eligible to enter the Miss MuskieBabe 2000 contest. Yours can though. We are starting to accumulate a decent prize package to help inspire a bunch of entries like last year. If you are in the business and have something worthwile to donate just send an E-mail to the Rocketman and we'll get you aboard as an official sponsor.

Get a Big One!

Archived 5/13/00
What's Going On???

I apologize to all loyal Rocketguests for not updating this site lately. And thank you for reminding me that "Muskie Madness is getting rather dusty" (good one JS). What's my excuse? Doing too much fishing? Messing around with the MuskieBabes? Partying? I wish that was the case but NOOOOOO, gotta make Terminators instead.
What's up with you people? Are you trying to keep the Rocketman in the Terminator World Headquarters so I'm not out there practicing for opening day?!? Well - it ain't going to work; I don't need practice! Seriously, I am sort of almost getting kind of caught up so I even put the order page back on-line once in a while. Also, I uploaded a bunch of more lure pictures so even if you can't get them at least you can look at them.

Now I have a request for you. Anybody who is fishing please let us know the launch ramp status. The lake levels are really, really low so it would be good to know where you can still get out. Any Marina owners are most welcome to let us know if you are open too. Please use the Guestbook or if you've been fishing use the Fishing Reports page and let us know the ramp conditions along with the fishing conditions. Thanks and.....

Get a Big One!

Archived 04/06/00
Oh Come On

Thanks to both John and Ken for writing to the Ontario MNR about the one rod limit on the Canadian side. The MNR must have picked last Thursday to answer their mail because both John and Ken forwarded essentially the same answer on the same day. Here's what the MNR had to say....
"There aren't any current plans to increase the rod limit on Lake St. Clair. Currently only Lake Erie and Lake Ontario allow two rods. If the experiment on these two lakes proves successful the regulations might change on other lakes but currently I have not heard any talk about going to two rods anywhere else."
Oh come on you MNR people, this is the 21st century.
Catch-and-Release. The number of rods doesn't affect the number of fish when they are all released. Duh.

Don't forget that the Rocketman (bless his heart) has provided you Rocketguests with a Guestbook where you can write whatever you want, well almost whatever, and make yourself famous on the Internet for all to see! Pick up MuskieBabes. Impress your friends. Share your secrets for stealth fishing in Canada. All this and more courtesy of your pal, the Rocketman!

Get a Big One!

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