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archived 08/21/03

I just received an interesting post on my Guestbook. Here it is:

"Rocketman, still loving the website but I'm quite confused over the picture of the old man on the Fishing Reports page. Not that anyone else has complained but I really miss the picture of the lovely young lady wondering where the big ones are. I understand all things must change but you could have found a picture of something a little more pleasing to the eye. I would even suggest a picture of a TX that is producing the best right now. Just a thought. Dt Dewman"

Dewman could have a point. The lovely young lady is still there, hiding behind the old man. Click him and there she is. Now the question is; Should she be returned to once again grace the Fishing Reports page or do you prefer the old man? Should I put a pic of an ugly chewed WBS Bluefrog TX there instead? This is your big chance to make a meaningful contribution to Muskie Madness so email me and cast your vote.

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PS Jim Smith - I accidently lost your email. Please resend so I can post his first muskie pic.

archived 08/08/03
Rocketman's Fishin' God Prayer Song
(best sung after a few adult beverages - works almost every time)

Oh Fishin' God, won't you buy me a seven pound bass?
Catching these bluegills just don't have no class.
And at every weigh-in I feel like an ass,
So Fishin' God, won't you buy me a seven pound bass?

Oh Fishin' God, won't you buy me a walleye to stuff?
A fourteen pounder would be good enough.
I've been jigging for hours, you know it's been tough,
So Fishin' God, won't you buy me a walleye to stuff?

Oh Fishin' God, won't you buy me a twenty pound pike?
I've done lot's of thinking, that the size that I'd like.
I've worn out my bucktails without even a strike,
So Fishin' God, won't you buy me a twenty pound pike?

Oh Fishin' God, won't you buy me a king for the wall?
There's a twenty-five pounder down there by the ball.
Make him eat up my j-plug, bead chain and all
So Fishin' God, won't you buy me a king for the wall?

Oh Fishin' God, won't you buy me a Great Lakes Muskie?
A thirty-five pounder would be fine with me.
It would look pretty awesome right over my TV,
So Fishin' God, won't you buy me a Great Lakes Muskie?

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archived 07/10/03
Official DNR Muskie Catcher

How would you like to be an Official DNR Muskie Catcher for a day (or four) and catch and keep some muskies with no minimum size or limit? Sounds too good to be true? Is the Rocketman on drugs? NO! Well, maybe a few drugs ha ha, but this is for real! The Michigan DNR needs some help collecting muskie specimens for muskiepox disease research. Registered volunteers (Official DNR Muskie Catchers) will be provided with a permit to allow retention of sublegal muskellunge and exceedence of the daily limit. Click here to find out how to become one of these registered volunteers. Be sure to tell the DNR that you found out about this program from your bud the Rocketman and....

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(or a bunch of small ones)

archived 06/11/03

Effective Saturday, June 7, muskie season on Lake St. Clair is finally here! I have a lot to tell you about so read fast. First, a public service announcement. The Michigan DNR will be doing survey netting in Anchor Bay through June 20th, and they are using some BIG nets. Click here for information and a map so you can avoid the area.

Now there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that our muskies have been affected by a new disease, and there have also been some significant numbers of dead muskies reported. The deaths may or may not be related to the disease. The good news is that the DNR is working on the problem and you can help. Click here for additional information. There is more good news too. The Michigan Ontario Muskie Club has increased the minimum size limits for tournament entries to either 28lbs or 49" and has streamlined the procedures for Release Division entries as well.

Best of luck to everyone, have a great season, and...

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archived 06/04/03
Huh? What?

"Hey Rocketman,
Wakey wakey - it's time to get going. Muskie season is on the way and us musky hounds need some entertainment.

Huh? What? Oh man, what time is it? Is it June yet? Anybody know what I did with the keys to the boat? Damn, my head hurts and my mouth tastes like muskie slime. I need a beer. Ok, that's better now. I'm awake again. All you guys with lure orders - I'm working on them. If your order number is 01040301 (that's you Mike) or lower it's in the batch I am making now and should be done in the next couple weeks. If it's a higher number (e.g. 01040302) it will be done before Opening Day with any luck. Don't use that esoxbiz at comcast email address anymore 'cause it sucks. Please send any future correspondence, brewskis, and wake-up calls to my nifty new Yahoo email:

spam-proof email address
Thank you for your cooperation....
the Rocketman

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archived 04/28/03
Terminator™ Lures Orders

Sorry folks but that's all the orders I can take for now. My AOL account expires on January 14 and I had to lock and save everything offline. The order page has been removed. Right now I need to concentrate on fixing all the links that will become non-functional once my AOL account is no more.

The majority of this web site is hosted on my own domain so it's not affected by my AOL account expiration. For a little while the Guestbook and Fishing Reports submittal forms will not work. I'll get them working as soon as possible. My old email will not work any longer either. Effective January 15 my new email address will be:

spam-proof email address

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archived 01/08/03
Terminator™ Lures Orders

It's getting to be time to make some lures again. If you are one of the people who still have an open order from last fall I'll send you an email confirming your order. Just let me know if you still want them and your lures will be done before I work on any new orders.

For everyone else this is your chance to get some Terminator™ Lures. The Order Page is on line as of now and it will stay on line until I sell out for the season or until my AOL account finally runs out, which will be sometime around January 15.

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archived 12/29/02
A Public Confession

Well, I am sorry to say that for yours truly at least the fat lady has indeed sung. I could use the excuse that the MuskieBoat Slimetime has a terminal case of fuelline freeze, and no amount of drygas has fixed it. I could blame it on my favorite ramp(s) being frozen solid, my E-99 being expired, all my vacation days being used up, and too many overdue orders that need to be finished. But no, the sad truth is that the Rocketman has thrown in the towel. Wimped out. Gave up.

Please forgive me Muskie God.

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archived 12/09/02
A Public Service Announcement

My buddies at the Michigan Muskie Alliance, our own Michigan chapter of Muskies, Inc. have asked me to put up a notice extolling the awesomeness of the annual banquet that they have annually. The aforementioned banquet is being held on Saturday, December 7 at Tony M's located at 3420 S. Creyts Rd, Lansing. It starts at 5:00pm. Additionally I was asked to mention that "We have many great trips and lures (including some kick-ass Terminators™) and all kinds of other good stuff to auction off. Please come. We have Don Miller and the Michigan DNR as guest speakers."

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archived 11/21/02
When the Goin' Gets Tough...

...I load up the boat and go to Indiana! Just kidding (and nothing against Indiana either, it's a fine state) but it sure has been tough in the general area of Lake St. Clair lately. All I can say is that when this cold and windy weather finally breaks long enough for the lake to settle down I bet those muskies are going to go on a major feeding frenzy. With any luck that will happen before December 15!

Well, if this lousy weather is getting you down I have something that might inspire you again. A long time ago I had an introductory page before you get to this main one. It's been offline for a while but I just found it and put it back on. If you have never seen it before you might get a kick out of it. Click the link below. Strangely enough, the original graphic file on my hard drive is dated November 9, 1997. Obviously I wasn't out fishing that day either....

Original Intro Page

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archived 11/08/02
Monster Rips Reported!

I have been hearing about some astounding action over the last few weeks. Doubles, triples, and even quadruples have been frequent occurances. People have been getting spooled regularly. My buddy Mike told me that he had rods going nearly nonstop from 4:00pm until dark last weekend. The action was exclusively on top and it didn't matter what color, or even type of lure, he was running. Another guy confirmed this and on top of that he had such a huge one on that it actually pulled his planer board under!

Usually I like to advocate catch and release but I am going to make an exception in this case. In fact, screw the size and daily limits too. If you can boat it ... keep it! There are plenty enough weeds for everyone!!!

PS Many thanks to all you diligent guests who have been taking the time to submit your Fishing Reports and share your tales of woe. It WILL get better.

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archived 10/02/02
$500 Reward

Click to see full size

Have you seen this lure? It's a Terminator™ T2 Superman and it's stolen property. I have made a lot of T3 Supermans (Supermen?), but only this one single T2 Superman, and damned if I didn't take this picture of it before I shipped it!

It was stolen along with a bunch of other lures and equipment from a boat at Jefferson Beach Marina on August 24. There is a $500 reward for the safe return of the lures and hopefully other equipment. Contact Jared Frank at 586-775-6916 or email raymondfrank at or contact the St. Clair Shores Police Department.

PS Stealing a man's muskie lures is about as low as it gets!

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archived 08/30/02
You know you are pitiful...

...when you can't even get your OWN picture on your OWN web site. You guys out there have been kicking my butt lately!

Don sent the new picture that's shown above and wrote this:
"Attached are two fish caught on your lures...Both were on a T2 YB Light Frog. The 1st is a 50 1/2 inch Monster! Captain John on the left and Allen was the lucky one who reeled it in! It was on a slider so I brought this monster in hand-over-hand for the last 30 feet! Too Cool!

The 2nd pic is me (Don) with my very first muskie (43") caught earlier in the day. Both came on Lake Saint Clair in Canadian Waters..."

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archived 08/11/02
Ken's huge fish

A New Lake Record!

The picture above comes from Ken, a.k.a. "g_reaper", frequent contributor to the Fishing Reports . He sent along the following description...

"Attached are pictures of a 51.25", 38.25lbs musky caught on 7/4/02 at Sparrow Lake. Biggest one ever in Grandview Lodge history. Fish was released. Caught trolling on a WBS Bluefrog Terminator™ TX. Enjoy!"

Ken's fish was weighed on a good calibrated scale and properly measured and now it qualifies as the biggest confirmed Terminator™ muskie that I am aware of. Since he has decided to retire (?) the aforementioned TX, the Terminator™ Lure Company will replace it under warranty.

Congratulations on a real nice fish Ken! Now what are you going to do for an encore???

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archived 07/09/02

I finally got around to something that I have been promising to do for about a year. I added a new page to this web site with information about structure trolling for muskies. You might find it interesting, especially considering that it's applicable to Lake St. Clair and other muskie waters too - including inland lakes. Not only that, it's got an absolutely awesome trick that will help you catch mooskies as good as the Rocketman! Well, almost as good. Just click that handy new icon on the top of this page and you can be the first on your block to read all about it. If that's too far for your mouse pointer to go then click here instead.

The muskie season finally opened on Lake St. Clair. There are already a lot of Fishing Reports submitted so thanks to all of you who have been sharing your information. Hopefully, Team Slimetime will be out there pulling wood in the near future.

I finally got all the orders done that were promised through June. If you haven't got an email yet saying that your lures are done that's because AOL mail didn't work or you changed your email address. Better send your check or get hold of me fast before I take your lures out for a test drive or auction them off to the highest bidder on eBay!!! (just kidding about eBay)

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Archived 06/05/02
Security Measures

I have had some emails about the I-68 Form and boating over to Canada. Here is all I know. I spoke with a US Customs guy and he told me that the form was only necessary if you launch in the US and then land in Canada before returning to the US. I spoke with a US Coast Guard guy and he said that was true but "the burden of proof lies with you to prove that you didn't land in Canada if you don't have the form". Hmmmmm. Since proving where one has NOT been is challenging, and being arrested by the Coast Guard would interfere with mooskie catching, I guess I'll just fork over my money and get the thing. Here are some links that pertain to the whole situation:

INS News Release about I-68 Form
Some discussion board with more stuff about it
You can obtain the handy form at the US Customs at the Ambassador or Blue Water bridges or at the Windsor Tunnel. Don't forget your pics. If you have any more relevent information then please post it on the Guestbook. If you get arrested anyhow then please tell us all about what they did to you. If you are Oshithead Bin Laden then please send me your address 'cause I could use the $25 Million. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Archived 05/28/02

The effects of insufficient fishing

You will note the lushness of the grass growing under the Muskieboat Slimetime. This pitiful sight is evidence of severe slacking on behalf of the Rocketman. I should have had it all tilled and planted with shade-loving veggies under there already. It looks like I waited too long and have missed my chances for a decent crop this year.

Oh well, just have to figure out something else to do with the boat....

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Archived 05/08/02
Problem Reports

Rumor has it that lately there have been a few problems with the walleye catch in a popular local early-season walleye area. Seems that a few anglers were suprised to bring in walleyes that were below the minimum length. Normally, this would not be unusual but in these reported cases the walleyes in question were somewhat "shortened" and missing a few parts - like everything behind the gills. Apparently this shortening happened between the time of hooking and boating. In one case, this even happened to some walleyes that were being kept in the water on a stringer. Anyone experiencing similar problems should immediatly report them to me and please be sure to include the precise location (GPS numbers would be fine) where the problem(s) occured. Thank you for your cooperation.
the Rocketman

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Archived 03/28/02
Remember Fishing?

Yep, it's pretty cool...

December Musky Fishing

...sure wish I was out in the boat today!!!

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Archived 01/16/02
....Until the Fat Lady Sings

December 15 at about 7:00pm, in the dark, in the cold, in 17 feet of water by the shipping channel she sang for us. We pulled that final rod and hunkered down behind the windshield in the glow of the propane heater, aimed for that big yellow Shell gas sign and called it a season. By the time we got back the channel was lit by the glow of Christmas lights (you haven't been muskie fishing until you've seen that!) and the RocketJeep had the parking lot to itself.

Bummer huh? Nope, look on the bright side folks. After Dec 21 the days start getting longer again. The 2002 season opens here on Lake St. Clair the first Saturday in June and we got lucky, it falls on June 1. In the meanwhile there is always Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky with no closed season and big fish too. If you want to hear some screamin' drags maybe give those Benton Harbor steelies a try; they like cold water. Oh yeah, I might make a few baits too.....

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