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archived 12/14/04
Terminator WHAT Lures

A couple days ago I got this little gem from Ken, a.k.a. Grim Reaper...

"Here it is Rocketman, a legitimate 70 lb, 64 inch monster caught today aboard the Grim Reaper on St. Clair on a Helin Frog TX!"

Grim Reaper's Huge Sturgeon

I am speechless.

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archived 11/24/04
Oooooohhh - Them's Fighting Words

Today I got this little gem from my main crew member John....

"We either fish Saturday (weather permitting) or your officially a "NONFISHERMAN". You have all winter to work on that gas guzzling, money pit, knuckle busting "Bucket of Bolts".

This Mopar thing is getting out of hand. You have every day of your car's restoration cataloged on your Muskie web site..!. Speed Freak. Is this a Mooskie website or a car website now?.

I have an idea... Sell me the "Slime Time 2" and I'll put "HER" to good use catching Fall Hogs. High octane and all... . I'll even put a "Road Runner" sticker on her Port side. MEEP MEEP!. And you can post this one on your front page. Pussy.

Humbley, your First Mate, Rod Slinger John"

All I can say is the next time we get out his side of the boat is sure gonna get weeded a lot!

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archived 10/25/04
Am I Nuts?!?!?

I can't hardly believe that I did it to myself AGAIN! Here it is, the best time of the year to be muskie fishing, weather is generally decent, fish are pigging out, forty pounders are getting caught all over - and I haven't been out. Last year it was repainting the boat and trailer, this year it's this:

73 Road Runner

The Rocketsled is getting a pretty much full restoration and I am trying to get it all done in less than two months. Unfortunately, it's a lot of work and getting it done that quickly involves some sacrifices. The boat sits on the trailer, Guest Photos not posted, no going to the titty bar, slush fund wiped out, can't remember the last time I had clean hands. Oh well, as J.R. said on the Guestbook, "Sorry to hear that it is a money pit, but your loss is our gain. My guess is that you are going to need to build a bunch of Terminators this winter to pay for your new habit".

Make that a big bunch J.R., but trust me, I'll be doing some late fall fishing first!

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archived 10/15/04
A Released LSC 40 Pounder!

As many of you know Lake St. Clair produced a 40 pounder last fall, and then this year a couple more so far. These fish were not released and thus were all officially weighed on certified scales. They are for real as it gets.

I stress Catch & Release and if you are a long time guest you know that's been the case since I started this site. However, even more important than the Catch & Release philosophy, is the absolute right of each person to decide for his or her own self whether or not to keep any legal fish. Without any reservations at all I congratulate those three fishermen for their spectacular catches.

I honestly believe that at least some of the credit for those 40's being there to get caught goes to everyone who has released big fish over the years. Now I am going to share an email I received a couple days ago. This guy definitely deserves the mother of all credit. Here it is, exactly as I got it:

I have a picture of a real hog for you! I caught this baby behind the St.Clair light on a 11" jointed Jailbird Leo Lure. She was 53.5 inches and 40+ pounds (my scale bottomed out @40lbs). After a great fight and a quick picture she was succesfully released to fight another day.
Dave Bollinger"

Dave's Real Hog

Wow Dave, you're gonna need bigger scale!

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archived 09/17/04
A Letter From Crewmate John

Thursday 8/19/04
"Allright Guys,
No more bullshit. We have to hook up and Muskie Fish Saturday. There has been TWO, yes 2 40+ pound muskies caught in the last week..... This has never happened on LSC in recorded history. We should be taking days off and hitting the lake. We have all gone out only 5 or 6 times cumulatively ALL YEAR. It's almost September for Christ sake. We should be ashamed of ourselves. So Lets Go guys! . We are being out fished by rookies, and Team Slimetime is starting to look bad. Standing by with my rod, large bobber, and 6 inch creek chub, and a map to the blossom heath pier incase you wus out and bail.

Sunday 8/22/04
Late Breaking News
We went to the Belle Hump Area yesterday. John got his first muskie over 30 pounds. We were 4 for 5, all on Terminator T3 WB Perch Mackeral running high. His big fish was between 31 - 31.5lbs weighed on a calibrated Chatillion.

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archived 08/19/04

I am pleased to report that team Slimetime actually went muskie fishing for once. I know it's hard to believe but it's true, we actually did go. In fact, we even went all the way over to Canada and launched at Deerbrook and stayed 'till dark and everything. Even caught a fish or three. It was sure nice to get on the water again and thankfully the Muskie God had pity on us and gave us a good one.

I have to apologize most sincerely to those of you who wrote about getting some more lures this summer. It's not going to happen. Possibly later this fall, but if it is this fall it will be after mid-September. Some things over the last couple months have really, really put a huge crimp into everything I had planned. My boat has been in the water only twice this year, I haven't worked much on my site, and have totally neglected fixing up the Rocketsled so that should give you an idea of how screwed up things have been. Anyhow, I have everyone's requests saved and well before I open up this winter for regular orders, I will email you.

Well, that's about it for now. Good luck on the water and...

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archived 08/10/04
The Infamous 39 Pounder

For the benefit of those people who think the Rocketman is totally clueless, the pic of John with the "39 Pounder" that I had on here was a joke. The fish was a stuffed dink and the pic was taken at some tackle shop in Niagra Falls. It's like pay $1 and get a pic of you and Elvis - but instead of Elvis they had this "39 Pound Musky". And I will have you know that I am only partially clueless!

Grim Reaper's 38 pounder is a beauty but it's time for someone else to be on the front page for a while. For now it's long-time Fishing Reports contributor "Scale" and his first 49 inch muskie. If you want your own smiling face on here go catch something decent on a Terminator™ and send in a pic. If you don't have one, and you've got the nads, John can tell you where you can get your own pic with a 39 pounder.

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archived 06/23/04
A Special Request

I got this email from my friend and crewmate John:

"Hey Bud,
Put my picture, that I have included, on your website front page. I'm sick of looking at Grim Reaper. Oh, my last name is shown in picture. Blurr it out with your picture magic if you can. If not. Don't worry about it.
Thanks, John :)"

Normally I don't go putting just any old fish pic on my website front page. The fish is supposed to be caught on a Terminator. Ideally it would be a catch and release pic. And of course, the fish should be a noteworthy one, especially since it would be replacing Grim Reaper's bonafide and completely huge 38 pounder.

Well, since John had the nads to send me this pic of himself sporting a Saturday Night Fever haircut, and he did catch this 39lbs 51" (the sign proves it) hog, I decided to let him slide on the first two requirements.

PS Hey John - why the blurring out? A bit embarassed perhaps?????

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archived 06/17/04
2004 Muskie Season

The 2004 Season is here! Early results are encouraging. Check out my Fishing Reports page to see how it's going and be sure to file your own report too.

All the present orders are done and notices sent. If you didn't get one it's because your email is not working. Contact me ASAP or I'll put your lures to work myself. I am going to need to make a few more to help rebuild the Rocketman Slush Fund, recently decimated by repairs to the Rocketman Tow Vehicle. If you have already bought Terminators™ before, or you were one of the people I couldn't take a late order from this spring, send me an email. You'll get notified before I reopen. That's all for now; I need to go chase the bunnies out from under the boat.

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archived 05/29/04
Terminator™ Orders Update

The 2004 production is coming along on schedule. All the lures on order are machined and sealed and 80% have been painted. For everyone who has sent a check already, your orders will be shipped by Tuesday, May 11th and you should have them by Friday, May 14th. The rest of the orders should be painted and completion notices sent by Friday, May 21. If you send your checks in a timely manner you will all have your lures before the Lake St. Clair season opener. When I get done painting all the Terminators™, I will do those "paint only" orders.

There is a good possibility that this will be the last season that I will be making Terminators™ like I presently do. I may open up again for a short time in late summer and take a few orders for fall delivery. After that, next winter I may make a limited number of 10 Year Anniversary Commerative Edition lures. If you have some older Terminators™ and/or are into collectibles you might find the following link interesting.

Terminator™ Muskie Lures Historical Data

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archived 05/07/04
Let's Make a Deal

Do you need some Terminator™ Lures? My new tow vehicle needs a little work. If you own a body shop or you are a damn good bump and paint man CLICK HERE .

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archived 03/31/04
I Guess He Told Me!!!

This little beauty was submitted by a disgruntled visitor. Let this be a lesson to me not to ignore my web site!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's almost Spring you know,
fishing shows are here and we must go.
To see the goodies for you and me
it's the only place for us to be.
Hi Ho Hi Ho to Rocketman's site I go
Oh No it's still the same I know.
When will he come up with some new plum?
I sure hope he is no lazy bum.
Hi Ho Hi Ho give us something new to read
It could be some fantastic musky deed.
Or fishing lines that that makes us sing
while Lakeside's cash registers do ring.
Up and attem Rocketman
I need new content for my eyes to scan
Its time to stir my Musky passion
before you get a real tongue lashin.
I'm tired of reading the same old stuff
while my cigar I sit and puff.
So get your computer in gear
and no future complaints will you hear.
Wakey, wakey, Rocketman!!!

(Courtesy of David Naples
High Performance Manufacturers Rep
Michael A. Kunzman & Associates
ph 586 773 8401 fax 586 773 3099)

At least I woke up enough to put your excellent work on here David. I put your work address and phone on too so the boss won't bitch at you too bad for writing fishing poems on company time. Tell him it got him some free advertising!

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archived 03/23/04
That's All Folks!

As of January 9, the Terminator Lure Company is all sold out and all orders have been confirmed. Now I am going to be very busy for a while. If you placed an order but haven't received a confirmation please let me know right away. Thanks and....

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archived 01/09/04
Got Terminators™?


There seems to be a slight problem with the fishing conditions. Oh well, if I can't go fishing I might as well make a few lures. If you want some Terminators™ this is your chance. I am taking orders now. If you want to place an order please go to the Official Terminator™ Order Page. As of January 7 all orders have been confirmed. If you placed an order but haven't received a confirmation please let me know right away. I am already about 90% sold out and when I close up shop that will be it. Thanks and....

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