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August 1998
Aug 4, 1998 07:54

Submitted by Tom who fished South Shore - St. Clair on August 2, 1998

Went 3/5 Sunday fishing from Puce to Stoney Point. Largest went about 44" and the other two were small. All fish came off boards - 30 to 40 feet and 2 oz. All fish released successfully.

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Aug 7, 1998 09:40

Submitted by Aaron who fished Belle River - Hump on 8-6-98

Went 2/2 in the RAIN !!! Fished 7-10PM - only boat out there - am I nuts or what? You wont believe it, but picked up each fish real shallow in front of Belle River - 13-15 ft. 1 on down rod back 10'(4oz.) / 1 on "up" rod back 50'(2oz.) - No action till after dark - turn on the lights the running lights and slow it down to 2.5-3.5 mph and HOLD ON !!!!!

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Aug 10, 1998 10:13

Submitted by Aaron who fished Everywhere ! on 8/8 - 8/9

Fished Sat. 7AM-2PM went 2/2 in front of Belle River - Spot BlueFrog 10/6 on downrods....Sunday morning started at Gull Island and went to Hump and over to Dumps.....Every color at all depths ......No fish ! Did I miss something over in the S.E. corner of the lake?????

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Aug 10, 1998 17:47

Submitted by Gordon who fished Eastern Lake St. Clair on 8-7-98

Fished just west of the Thames in 10-13 feet of water and went 4/5. Fish were 36", 39", 43" and a fat 47". Only fished 4-8pm with two rods. Wish we'd got there earlier. Smallest caught on a perch Wiley others caught on a perch Muskie Hunter 15-18 feet out with no weight. So to answer your question Aaron, yes you missed some good action. We'll see you over there next time!! And as always, many thanks to The Rocketman...Love your informative page!!

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Aug 11, 1998 13:20

Submitted by Mike Seitz who fished Belle River / Puce River area on 8/8/98

Fished Saturday morning from 8:00 AM until noon and went 2/3. First fish was 38" caught on a YB Pee Green Perch Terminator T3 on an out rod at 25 ft. with four ounces in 14 ft. of water. The second fish was 39" and was caught on a 9$ Bass T3 Terminator on a board at 2oz/25ft in 17 ft of water. While fighting this fish, we saw another muskie of similar size surface about 30 yds. behind the boat. We figured that the fish were high and there was at least one more in the area. We took another pass through the area about 10 min. later and had a hit on a Turd Believer in the wash. The water in closer to shore (16ft or less) was a green/yellow tint with 3-4 ft. visibility and it seemed like yellow was the color. Out in 17 ft. the water was a clear blue with 5-7 ft. visibility and the white belly baits seemed to work beter.

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Submitted: Aug 12, 1998 at 12:17 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Pretty Good!

We went fishing on Tuesday, August 11, '98 from 6:30 PM until 9:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 80 F and the wind was W 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was unstable. The water temperature was 74 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 6-10 feet, and we were fishing in 15 foot deep water.

We went 7 for 7 today. Greg got the biggest one, a 46 inch Muskie that went for a Mackerel Perch Terminator TX fished on a wash rod. Overall the hottest set-up was a down rod at 5 feet and 12 ounces and the action was mid-depths.

This was a short after work excursion. Didn't really have much time so had to fish the US side and close to the DNR boat ramp. That's right it was the.....Oh, I can't make myself say it. Anyways, the smallest one we had was 41" and the biggest was 46" and every single one came within an area about 50 yards long and they all hit mackerel colors. Go figure....

Aug 13, 1998 09:20

Submitted by Aaron who fished South Shore on 8-12-98

Went out last night (6-10PM) and started at the N.W. corner of the dumps and headed straight for Pike creek.....1-2 ' waves didn't help much, but water was pretty clear w/ no weeds.( 75 degrees all night) Set first down rod and before we got the #2 rod in, #1 started to sing for 3 seconds and that was it - FOR THE NIGHT !!! We trolled into pike creek 13' of water, went back out to 19', then headed towards the Belle, staying in 16-19' ft. Once in front of Belle, trolled almost into harbor 12' and back out to 19' ( I picked up a few after dark last week in 14' in front of Belle ) Not many other boats out - .....Charted major schools of perch in front of Red barn in 17'( No perch fisherman in sight !!! ) - keep doing circles around them for 1 hour changing colors, depth, speed, ect. nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had perch rods aboard we could have cleaned up ! We were running white/yellow belly perch, $Bass, Spot Blue frog (we had the 1 hit on that) and everything in between all night- Mostly Terminators, Good lord I need another brand of lure? I think not - I will be rewarded soon with a 50"+ for all the time me and the crew are logging on the water !!!!!!

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Aug 14, 1998 17:41

Submitted by jabbo who fished south shore-pike creek to da hump on 8/13

after work trip. left marina at 6:30pm trolled from pike creek toward belle river hump. went 1/2. caught a 40 on "bubba's" unique 3 way rig---deep diver rapala under a jointed rapala- both fire tiger patterns. fish took the jointed lure off a board line 40'/0 oz. wind was light from S.E. 1ft waves. Best part was bringing the boys-4 year old nick and 10 year old brad-they could barely reel in the baits but enjoyed the trip. the one that got away was on a down rod 5'/5 oz with a walleye (?) pattern T3. hey Rocketman quit fishing so much and make some more lures!

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Aug 15, 1998 23:45

Submitted by Rudy Shuryan who fished South shore, St. Clair on 8/15/98

We went 1 for2. Both fish hit a Dark Frog yellow belly Wiley in the wash with 4oz. and 6 feet. Started fishing at the dumps at 8:30am. No Luck. Then changed course and trolled Pike Creek to Belle River at 12 to 14 feet. Immediatly after clearing weeds and resetting line the first one hit (just west of Puce River). After a few runs this fish was brought to the boat. A couple head shakes and the fish was gone. After we reset the lines the exact same thing happened. Again, another muskie hit (just east of Puce River)in the wash just after resetting the line. This fish was eventually boated. The lost fish I estimate at about 46". The second fish was about 40". No more fish after that (fished another 9 hrs).

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Aug 19, 1998 21:45

Submitted by Mike Himmel who fished South Shore on 8-8-98

First time out since I rigged my boat up. Learned just enough to be dangerous from charter in late July with Cap'n Steve Vanasche (went 6 for 13 that day). Bought a bunch of new lures etc.. The two we caught we straight off the back about 60' with 2oz. on my old mans 30 year old v-bug lure. Doesn't that figure?

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Aug 23, 1998 10:35

Submitted by Frank and Mike who fished Lake St. Clair last week

Here's a couple of pics from our trip last week, all fish were caught and released on Lake St Clair, the first is a 43" Muskie was caught by Frank, the second is a 45" Muskie caught by Mike.

Frank's muskie Mike's muskie

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Submitted: Aug 28, 1998 at 08:18 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Pretty Good!

We went fishing on Thursday, August 27, 1998 from 4:00 PM until 8:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was clear, 75 F and the wind was NW 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was cooling. The water temperature was 78 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 1-2 feet, and we were fishing in 15 foot deep water.

We went 1 for 4 today. Brett Baker got the biggest one, a 25 pound/46 inch Muskie that went for a Dog Turd Terminator TX fished on a down rod. Overall the hottest set-up was a down rod at 5 feet and 10 ounces and the action was mid-depths.

This rated a "pretty good" because all four we had on were big fish and Brett is 12 years old, the son of my friend Joe Baker. All four hit Dog Turd, two on TX and two on T3. Also got a 24-26" catfish on a T3 Blue Wormy and a pike on a T3 B.I.R.D.

Aug 28, 1998 08:28

Submitted by john paul who fished c-marker on 8-25-98

Where are all the big fish! Started out at the red barn and pulled all the way to the mouth of the thames. Noticed that the water color was getting dirtier the farther east we went. Pulled up and ran back towards peach island. Went 2 for 3 between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. First fish came out of wash 15 back on blue frog producer. Second fish came on the out rod 65 back on silver walleye producer. Third fish came out of wash on brown bass muskie stalker, grabbed air and spit the hook. All fish were in 14 feet of water, and all were under 34 inches. I am a first year muskie hunter and would appreciate some tips on locating big fish, and where to fish this time of year. I must add we are putting fish in the boat almost every time out, but have not caught a legal size fish all year. Whats wrong! noticed

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Aug 31, 1998 10:15

Submitted by Tom who fished St. Clair on 08/28/98

Fished from 4:00pm until 7:30 pm from the Firecraker to the light and back. Managed to go only 1/1. Floating weeds were terrible - couldn't keep the board rods clean at all. The single fish did hit a downrigger set 7 feet down and 4 feet in back of the ball. Other than changing locations, are there any hints to keeping these baits clean under weedy conditions?

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