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July, 2001

Jul 30, 2001 13:19

Submitted by G. Patrick who fished South Channel (Firecracker) on 7-29-01

Went 3 for 4 Sunday afternoon. Trolled the east side of the channel from 10 AM to 3 PM. First fish was a 45" 17 lbs. Muskie off a PB (light jtd. frog / yellow belly) 2 oz. weight 40 feet of line. Second fish was a 51" 26 lbs. Muskie beast that gave us a run for our money off a down rod (light jtd. frog / white belly) 2lbs. weight 6 ft. of line. The bitch probably would have been 27 lbs. if she had'nt dumped a pound of slime all over my boat. Third fish was a 38" pike off a wash rod (blue/pink jtd. perch / white belly) 5 oz. weight apporx. 30 feet of line. All fish taken at 4.8 to 4.9 MPH in approx. 15ft. to 17 ft. of water. Trolled tight SW to NE runs close to the channel.

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Jul 29, 2001 07:38

Submitted by Tim who fished Thames on july 28

Hey guys We fished the area of the Thames river on Saturday. Had an E or Ne wind for the last 4 days and thought that would be a good place for some clean water and no weeds. We were right. The only things was thing the fish didn't co-operate. Fished all day for 4 fish. 2 came just W of the Red&White marker, 1 just SW of it and the last off the shelf at the end of the 8th conn. in St Lukes. 3 came on the long rod 4oz. and 30ft on a crackle frog and one came off the boards on a WB Special perch 2oz and 60ft. Tried running things up high but no go. Marked alot off fish down 7-11ft. One last thing. I see alot of guys on here talking about sliders. Ontario law states the you may run no more than 4 hooks to a line with a treble hook on a lure counting as one. So if your running 2 three hook body baits its the same fine as running an extra rod. Sounds lame and it is!!!! It's on page 7 of the fishing regs. Been there for years. They do bust guys for it too. Same thing goes for 3-ways. Just though you guys would like to know about it. Good luck (better than mine anyway) Tim

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Jul 28, 2001 22:41

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Lake St. Clair on July, 28

Trolled Canadian waters midday Saturday in C26/21. We fished in 13 to 17 foot deep water and went 2/2. Both of the muskies were 38 inches long and they hit a jointed walleye wiley at the end of the boardrod 15 feet back with 4oz of weight. Bonus fish was a 24 inch walleye that hit the same setup.

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Jul 27, 2001 22:23

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished Wheather buoy/Spillway on Sun. July 22

Started fishing the other side of the LSC light. Water silty clear, weedy. Fished to the wheather buoy till from 730-10 no fish. Quick swim, the bugs were bad and then it got hot, and we went over and fished off the spillway, south of metro beach. Went along the weedbed in 9 feet of water, bumping baits off all the bassholes fishing and 20 mins later we picked up a 42.5 inch 17 lb mooskie right at the surface, 20' back behind the boat in the wash, down rod. Slammed a blue frog. 10 mins later a small 22 inch 3 lb mooksie. The colors on the small one looked as if it had been painted on......gonna give it go sunday..andy

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Jul 26, 2001 12:07

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Thames/st. lukes to Ruscom on 7/25/01

Conditions were tough. Had a strong East wind to start so we tried over in the corner with no luck. Fished from 830 to 1pm. By 11pm the wind changed to a strong Ne which didn't help the fishing either. The Muskie God wasn't good to us today. Better luck nxt trip. Did have 3 rips on boards but no hook ups.

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Jul 26, 2001 11:41

Submitted by clyde who fished south channel on the other day

fish the mouth of the south channel with any yb perch u have its hotttttttt

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Jul 26, 2001 11:00

Submitted by Christopher P Press who fished East side of Lake St. Clair on 7/24/01

We spent some quality fishing time looking for weedfree/weedfriendly areas. The wind during the late afternoon blew slightly to the West, tried the Dumps--Volkswagon sized weed clumps floating everywhere. Went to the channels and found a little relief. Hot, humid and slow fishin. Fished 3-8ish with 3 rips and 1 1/2 boated. The 1/2 was a 4lb musky. Someone suggested using it as trolling I did not use it. They both took a firetiger Bagley 2oz/6' down rod. 10'H20-did not mark a lot of fish. Several muskies jumped again...most from the CK marker area. Almost ideal conditions without ideal results. Oh well, thats fishin,.

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Jul 23, 2001 22:36

Submitted by Dale who fished LK St Clair on 7-21 7-22

The all rookie crew of the "Trail Dog" went 0 for 2 on sat 7-21, lost a fish in the netting process (knocked it right of the hook)loke $9. bass bell river hunp, 2nd fish was lost due to the drag being set to tight, (helin forg wb), sunday Bell river hump, the all rookie crew went 7 for 9, five were off the board rod black sucker wb, the next two were off the boat rod(long) wiley bass wb, smallest was 29in - biggest was 41 in , .PS had the right guy on the net sunday, thanks crew

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Jul 23, 2001 19:26

Submitted by clyde who fished south channel on july20

we sucked went 0 for 0 cause i couldnt run ne terminators cause i can never buy ne cause the shop is always closed and the 2 that i had broke off with my line on 2 very big hogs so i can never catc fish cause i never have terminators

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Jul 23, 2001 11:42

Submitted by Christopher P Press who fished Lake at South Channel on 7/20 7/22

Hot and sticky. Friday was "bugged" by small gnatty things and biting flies. Sunday lots of boat traffic cause of the tall ships. Plenty of weeds Sunday. Many muskies are jumping, few in the boat though. Don't know if they're aggressive, or removing lampreys. Water was warm- 75+. Visibility 6 feet. Tough action Friday 2 for 3. One 13 pounder and 2 20 pounders. All 3 rips at the side of the boat Diving Bagley Firetiger for 2 and one on a perch spoon. Conditions seemed ideal. Moon phase said otherwise. Fished both days 6 til noon. Sunday caught the smallest musky ever-3 lbs-(perch Salmo) my daughter thought it looked cute. A perch Ukko caught an 18 pounder 20/2. 2 for 2ish.

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Jul 23, 2001 10:16

Submitted by Hutch who fished LSCLAIR on July22

Back from vacation fished LSC first time sunday in 3 weeks.Fished stoney pt to hump 6:30 to 2:00pm......connected all way rips from feast to famine ...had a great season a slump last 4 trips out..Help me out

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Jul 22, 2001 12:30

Submitted by PIKEMAN who fished Ruscom on 7-21-2001

Went fishing again with Captain Jay and the Little Chip. Another great day, we went 8 for 11 plus 2 rips and a bonus walleye and bass. Hot setup was a jointed Loke Yellow Belly Perch 30/2 on a board. But for the second week in a row a T3 took the big fish,an almost 30lb 47incher that was super thick from head to tail on a gaucamole, the only fish of the day on that lure. This fish fought very hard and when it neared the boat it jumped completely out of the water, just breathtaking!

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Jul 22, 2001 01:02

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Belle Hump on 7/21/01

Fished 3:30 to 9:30 pm. Started out very rough with scattered storms. The lake settled down and ended up 3 for 3 with 2 bonus walleye. Hot set up was helin wiley 35/4 off board. Took 2 skies and 2 eyes off that setup and 1 skie of olive frog on a boat rod 15/6. Nothing big, skies between 8-12 lbs. The couple of 3lb walleye will make a good dinner at least.

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Jul 20, 2001 21:52

Submitted by Roger Doyle who fished Huron Point to Clinton River on 7/20/2001

Fished from Noon to 3:00 PM after a morning of bass fishing. Water was calm and sky overcast. Fished 8 - 10' of water. Caught 4 muskies 25", 42", 43", and 48". Three came on Orange/Black Ivanhoe Spoon outrod 4 oz. 25' back. Another came on the corner rod Frog Spoon 1 lb. and 10' line. When they don't hit the baits you need to spoon feed them.

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Jul 18, 2001 10:36

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Puce on Sunday July 15

We went fishing on Sunday July 15 in the Puce area (174)from 5:15 to 9:15. Wind was moderate from the ENE. Water temp was 74, air temp was around 80. The sky was partly cloudy and the water clarity was a silty green. We went 3 for 6 (should have been 4 for 6 - Bill "I only net the lure" from the G-Force was aboard and was able to notch his 5th quick release of a 20 lb plus fish as a net man). Yellow and high seemed to be the key from a color and depth standpoint. We had a loss on a YB Olive Frog stalker on a slider, a loss and a catch (33") on a Orange Belly Yellow Coachdog stalker on a slider and then 2 (29, 37) for 3 on a yellow bucktail at 40', 2 oz on a boat rod. The lost fish at the net was of course the biggest one and that was on the bucktail. It was a thick fish but looked to only be in the 45-47 inch range so I think it probably only weighed 25 to 27 lbs. After it came unhooked, it just laid there for a second and I debated trying to grab it by sliding my hand into its gills but I decided it wasn't big enough to risk that so away it went.

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Jul 17, 2001 20:53

Submitted by Mike who fished LSC on July 16 and 17

Fished LSC July 16 and 17 and had muskie virgins aboard both days, went 2 for 5 on the 16th. First fish came on the down rod on a T3 perch, 39 inches long , second fish hit a long line 40/4 with a T3 perch,fat 43 inches. We lost 3 more to finish out a late start.July 17 we went 4/8, all down rods and $9 Bass !!! 3 fish from 38" - 42" and one 45". Great day on the water.Canadian side was on fire. We marked tons of big fish, had lots of follows to the boat when we were bringing up the rods.Seems early morning is the best.Last but not least and not to sound like a broken record, Terminators are the only bait to run guy's, tough as nails too !!!! Hey Rocketman, Cabelas has these neat little floatation devises for fishing rod's........

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Jul 16, 2001 20:21

Submitted by RED ROVER who fished ST CLAIR on 7-13,14,&15

I sucked on Friday as I prefished a MI Can-Am chapter Challange. Missed a dink off my board line and had a 007 in brown perch rip my Cortland Spectron in half on a slider rig. I should have used the Rocketman's advice and not sent a boy to do a man's job. Lost two fish that jumped out of the net on Saturday. I watched helplessly as a mid forties shook off the net tangled hooks. When it happened a second time depression set in. Running a board, controlling a boat, a net, and rod with a big ski on the end of it just plain stupid. I had to eliminate something, so the board had to go. Boat rods at 40 and 2 on Sunday netted me a 39 and a 46 in 16 feet of water between Ruscom and Belle River on a fire tiger Muskie Special. Tournament was outstanding with over 100 ski's caught by 83 entrants. Hot and lots of gnats where I caught the fish. Mayfly hatch didn't seem to affect the muskie much.

Rocketman, Just a note to ya. I ran the daylights out of blue wormy, titty dancer, carp, and pretty baby in T3 this weekend to no avail. I will tell you that I am super impressed with the quality of your lures. They look so good, you just want to encase them in a walnut showcase with a green felt matt background and hang them on the wall. They truely are a work of art. They look so damn good, I am going to order four more of em. Also, is it me or did I notice the releasing of muskie by charter captains on the Canadian side by just dropping them overboard tail first. What happend to the famous headfirst torpedo release? It worked on all of the fish I released. I saw 4-5 dead muskie floating on top, and had to imagine that the poor release techniques and time out of the water had to have something to do with it. Thanks again for your great website and the baits are truely a pleasure to fish with.

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Jul 16, 2001 09:18

Submitted by Christopher P Press who fished metro pte-spillway on 7-15-01

Fished from 6am-noon. Water was green and the floating weeds were maddening. Several rips with a 32pounder boated. 2 13-15 pounders boated also. The larger fish had both jaws hooked deeply. It was very difficult removing/cutting the hooks off the Perch Big M lure. No activity on the board rods--several false releases due to the weeds. Abandoned boards for drop backs. All fish caught on down rods 5'/2oz.

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Submitted: Jul 16, 2001 at 08:18 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Sucked!!

We went fishing on Saturday, 07/14/01 from 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 80 F and the wind was NW 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 76 F and there were less than 1 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 1-2 feet, and we were fishing in 18 foot deep water.

We went 0 for 0 today. What a total blowout!!!!! Fished in the area of the Belle Hump. Had fish on the screen continuously, and marked a ton of big ones too. Absolutely no action whatsoever. We possibly had one hit on a TX Carp on a downrod but it didn't quite sound right. Now that I think about it I think maybe it was the lure hitting a fish. The were times when we had as many as 10 size 3 fish on the screen at once so they were very thick down there. Maybe there was too much bait, maybe they didn't like our colors, maybe too much boat traffic, maybe the Fishing God was pissed at us, maybe I could go crazy trying to figure out why no hits!!!! Oh well, lots of dues have been paid so next time I expect some payback ha ha!

Jul 15, 2001 21:38

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished Behind the LSC light on July 15

Fished sunday am from 8-12. Went 2 for 2, first fish 43 inches, 23 lbs caught on a woody fire tiger, approx. 30 feet back, boat rod. 2nd fish..40 inches, 16 lbs, hit a straight believer, chestnut colored with black dots, a small bait. That too was a boat rod 25 feet back. We were approx. 4 miles into canada the other side of the light...bugs were bad...andy

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Jul 15, 2001 13:59

Submitted by PIKEMAN who fished RUSCOM on JULY 14 2001

What a day!!! My brother and I went fishing with Captain Jay on the Little Chip on Saturday from 10am-7pm. We went 17 for 19 and they were still hitting when we pulled up the rods. I kid you not. Hot pattern was a board rod with a dog turd jointed lure. It didnt matter if it was a Wiley, Lokey, or Terminator, it just had to be jointed and dog turd. This took 2/3rds of the fish. You still have to fish down rods because even though we only got 2 fish on them, they were 2 of the biggest. We got 2 46s, a 45, a 44, a 42 and numerous smaller fishes including a 28 that hit a bare hook with the points sniped off of it. We use them to help snag the weeds where the leader joins the main line.I Couldnt believe we landed it and that it ignored the lure and hit the bare hook.We only had trouble releasing one fish, the biggest fish of the day, a fat 46. The fish completely engufed the Terminator and was very difficult to unhook.Still the time out of the water was 1 minute tops. Well when we did our plunge it just came back to the top belly up. My brother and I were pretty bummed out but Jay said to turn the boat around and go back to it.Jay proceded to strip to his shorts and when we got close to the fish he dove in the lake, swam out to the fish, grabed it by the tail and swam back to the rear of the boat with it. He then instructed us to put the boat in gear and one arm around the muskie and another grabbing the back of the boat he rushed water trough its gills for about a minute. Then. I kid you not, he took the fish and swam head first down until his feet were under the water and released the fish 6 ft UNDER THE SURFACE.The fish then swam away under its own power.Jay explained to us that its the hot surface water that kills muskies and you have to get them down to the cooler water below. Is he awesome or what!

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Jul 9, 2001 22:25

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Lake St. Clair on July 7, 8

Trolled Anchor Bay Saturday morning in C1 and went 1/1. The musky was 40 inches long, and hit a jointed izumi musky magnet at the end of the board 15 feet back with no weight. We also boated two pike over 30 inches. Trolled Canadian waters Sunday afternoon in C16 and went 1/1. The musky was 34 inches long and hit a jointed wb olive frog wiley on a slider 25 feet back with 4oz. of weight.

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Jul 9, 2001 20:51

Submitted by ross who fished horshoe by the basset on july 6 2001

had a pretty good day today went 6 for 8. most fish of boatrods. had 2 fish in the 30 inch class a 46 incher and 2 48 inchers both boated by me my 2 biggest muskies so far. i lost a huge fish dont have ne idea how he came off i think he was the 35# i dreamed about but thats y they call it fishing most fish came off new pattern painted by matt mueller called desert frog(loke) and one 48 incher off 9$ perch(loke)

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Jul 9, 2001 13:24

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished Anchor Bay on 7/2,3,4/01

We fished Anchor Bay July 2, 3 and 4. On July 2 the water was slightly off color and nearly flat. We went 5 for 5 with the first musky at 36" and 12 pounds coming on a WB Perch on a down rod at 8' and 4 oz. The second fish also 36" and 13 pounds hit an Izumi colored Musky Magnet on a board at 15' and no weight. The third fish hit the WB Perch on a down rod at 8' and 4 oz again went 43" and weighed 16 pounds. The forth musky hit a WB Silver Coach Dog on a board at 10' and no weight went 45" and over 20 pounds. The last fish was only 28" hit a blue frog on a 25' slider with no weight. All fish were taken in water 9 to 12' deep on Musky Magnets. The wind started up from the south about 3 o'clock and the action stopped. On July 3 there was 1 to 2 foot waves on the water and we went 1 for 1. This musky hit a WB Silver Coach Dog Musky Magnet at about 1:30 on a board at 10' and no weight went 36" and 12.5 pounds. On July 4 we fished from 5 to 10 PM so my wife and daughter could catch the fireworks. There was a constant strong wind out of the south with waves running 2 to 3'. We went 1 for 1 when a 44" 18 pound musky hit a WB Silver Coach Dog Musky Magnet on a board at 10' with no weight at 7:30. Good fishin'

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Jul 9, 2001 00:32

Submitted by Gregory Mickunas who fished LSC on July 6th and 7th

I went out July 6th and 7th with Mike and Melissa Puthoff and fished the Canadian side off the Belle River and Belle River Hump. Trolled from 7p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday July 6th. Marked so many fish including multiple large ones I was scared if I fell in the drink I would be chewed to pieces like on one of those Pirana movies. Unbelievably, not a single rip the whole night. We got up Saturday July 7th at 6 a.m. and trolled these same areas until about 5 p.m. Melissa picked up the first muskie off of a long rod using a T-3 WBS Bluefrog 40 feet back with 4oz. weight: 39"/15 lbs. I picked up a 28" pike off of the same rig/lure about 5 minutes later. GO BLUEFROG! Several hours later the wind and waves became a real hassle. We were cruisng in 3 1/2 - 4 foot waves when Mike picked up the next muskie on a long rod 40 feet back with 4 oz. weight using a 6" Wiley White Belly Perch. A nice 46"/20 lb. fish that had serious head shaking and deep diving attitude. Later on Melissa got another muskie on a long rod 40 feet back with 2 oz. weight using an 8" Wiley White Belly Perch. The fish ate the lure straight from the back and only the front half of the lure was visible when we pulled it in. It was 33"/9lbs. This is my first season with Terminator tackle and this trip brought our first fishes off of T-3 WBS Bluefrog. I have tons of different lures, and feel I must comment on Terminators. So far these lures show much less wear after extensive trolling when compared to other brands. I just caught small fishes on one of mine so far, but there was no evident damage to the lure. In my experience when muskie get about 39" or bigger and smash a lure, significant damage can occur to the body and especially the hooks and screws. I've had 41" and 43" size fish trash other quality lures. From what I've seen so far, I feel confident that Terminators won't let me down when I hook a big muskie on one. (This has not been a paid endorsement) Thanks again for the quality Rocketman!

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jul 8, 2001 17:52

submitted by big "e" who fished detroit river on 7/7

while walleye fishing on the river, we hooked in to a 43" musky around the old bobolo boat dock. fought this fish for about 20min. until it tired out.not being a musky fisherman only had a small hand net. after many tries we finaly hoisted this big guy into the boat. this fish hit on a erie derie with a crawler. brought this fish in on a light rod with 10 lb line. you talk about a rush

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Jul 5, 2001 10:21

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Puce on July 2, 2001

We went fishing from 5:00 to 9:00 at the Puce. The water was ranged from blue to slightly brown. There were a lot of floating weeds which made fishing difficult. Air temp was cool,wind was calm when we started but picked up to moderate from the south. The sky was clear and sunny. We went 1 for 2 with a 38 inch fish on boat rod with a yellow bucktail and a gold blade at 40', no weight. Lost fish was on a orange belly yellow frog stalker on a planer board at 30', 4 oz.

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Jul 5, 2001 09:30

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair on June 29- July 1

We went on a 2 day fishing trip staying in Belle River. We fished from 3:15 to 9:45 on Friday, 7:30 am to 9:30 pm (with a 2 hour midday break) on Saturday and from 7:30 to 10:30 on Sunday morning. Conditions were excellent on Friday and Saturday with slight to moderate southwest and west winds. Weather was warm and humid. Water temperature ranged from 73 to 78 degrees. A strong cold front came through on Sunday morning with very strong North winds. Overall water was clear although it was a silty green at Stony Pt. We went 4 for 5 on Friday with a 48 (23 lbs), 43 (19 lbs), 38 and a 30. The 48 came on a down rod (yb perch stalker, 16 oz, 15 feet) whereas the others were on the planer boards (wb olive frog terminator-2, yb olive frog stalker-1) at 30' and 2-4 oz. We fished down be Stony Pt (191) in about 15-17' of water. There was an area where the water was murkier and warmer where we got the fish. On Saturday morning we started at the Ruscom but didn't get anything until we worked our way down to Stony Pt, going 1 for 3 at the same spot as the night before. Fish was 34 inches and came on the planer board. Same colors worked as the night before. On Saturday evening we went back to Stony Pt and went 4 for 6 but had all small fish 30-34 inches. Fish were on olive frog colors and a Jeremy glow frog stalker. Sunday morning was rough as can be and we had some planer boards flip over as well as a mess of floating weeds. After 3 hours of 0 for 0 at the Belle River hump we decided to call it a day and pack it in. Overall, we were 9 for 14 in 21.5 hours of fishing which is fairly poor for this time of year.

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Jul 4, 2001 22:30

Submitted by Gregory Mickunas who fished LSC on June 29th and 30th

Me and Mike Puthoff fished off Point Huron Friday evening 6/29/01. 1 for 1 off a long rod. 10" Jointed Wiley Dark Frog with no weight picked up a 39" which weighed 17lbs. (fat for it's length). We went to the Dumps on Saturday 6/30/01. 1 for 1 off a long rod. 6" Jointed Wiley WB Perch with no weight picked up a 43" at 17lbs. A strong fish for it's size that went deep. Mike thought it was a snag to begin with. Fished every other lure in the box on down rods, long rods, and boards without a rip. This is my first season armed with Terminators. I have not got a rip on one yet, but I can tell you that those lures run awesome and hang up less weeds and garbage than anything I've ever run. They also don't get as beat up looking after you run them a while when compared to other lures. No lie, I am impressed. Thanks for the quality Rocketman!

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Jul 4, 2001 21:50

Submitted by Dale who fished Bell river hump on July 4, 201

The rookie crew of the "Trail Dog" went two for two, had a 37 in on a down rod $9. bass , and a 46 in 26 lbs on a board rod , use very little weight as the fish were 4 to six ft of water, and keep those hooks SHARP, a must ( as we found out the hard way) lost 4 fish due hooks not being sharp, last wk end

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Jul 3, 2001 21:46

Submitted by Tom who fished C-can and west on 7/03/01

Fished from 330 to 630 pm. Went 4 for 4. Three on pretty baby wiley, and the other on T3wb perch. The terminator did get the 29.5 lber. The other 3 were small, 15lb range. The wind started to shift to the north and the fish stopped, so we called an early evening. There are a lot of fish in this area right now. If the weather holds it should be hot for awhile.

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Jul 3, 2001 20:51

Submitted by Roger Doyle, Neptune Charters, who fished Clinton River on 7/3/2001

Went 3 for 5 - conditions 1 foot chop overcast sky. 9:30 AM 30" muskie outrod 4 oz. 25' paper eye willey dark frog yellow belly. 10:30 43" muskie board rod 30' 2 oz. willey glass eye perch yellow belly. While fighting this fish a 48" muskie hit another board rod on Loke perch with yellow belly. No more excitement the rest of the day.

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Jul 2, 2001 19:34

Submitted by KYmuskiehunter who fished Thames-Belle rivers on 6/30-7/1

The fishing was good on June 30. The Preditor and I went 10-12 fishing from the thames to the belle, 31,32,33,34,35,37.5,40.5,41.5,43.5,and a 45. Most fish were caught with 20' of line with little to no weight, all planer rods. 8 of the fish came on dark frog colors, didnt matter if it was a loke, wiley, or terminator. the others came on lil musky colors. The next day, we picked up a 35 early on a dark frog loke, but had to hightail in as the waves and wind kept getting stronger due to the cold front.

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Jul 2, 2001 18:17

Submitted by mike ford who fished Lake St. Clair in C3 on July, 1

Went fishing for musky today in Anchor Bay. Weather varied from overcast to partly sunny with temps in the upper sixties. We fished in 6 to 10 foot deep water, and caught two muskys, four pike, and a small mouth bass. The biggest fish was a 40.5 inch musky that hit a jointed yellow coachdog musky magnet at 25' and 2. Other lures that got hit were wb perch, silver coachdog, helin frog, fag frog, and blue frog.

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Jul 2, 2001 06:46

Submitted by Jeff who fished Salt River on 07/01/01

Went 1 for 2 and that was only about a 24 incher, both were on carp colored terminators that were fished less than 20 with no weight. We had to fish in close to shore due to the high seas and strong winds but still better than staying home.

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Jul 1, 2001 19:56

Submitted by Tom who fished C can and west on 6/29/01

Fished from 6:00pm to 8:30, went 3 for 3. All on boat rods, 20 to 30 and 2 to 4 oz. All on T3 terminators - St. Lawrence, Guacomole, and Blue Wormy. Largest fish was about 42.

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