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August - September 2001

Sep 30, 2001 12:59

Submitted by Osprey who fished C-Can and SW corner of the dumps on Sept. 30

Water was 57 degrees and visablity was less than 12", quite a few floating weeds as well. Skies were sunny and a lite NW wind, all in all a nice day except for the fishing. Fished from 8 a.m. to noon. Went 0 for 1. The fish we had was on a 9" jointed Woodie that was white with a red head. It was on the long rod 4oz. 10ft. The fish got off just out of nets reach. It was around 40". Didn't here much talk on the radio about any fish being caught anywhere. I guess thats what you get after a week of NW and N winds. Rip a big one.......Tim

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Sep 27, 2001 19:45

Submitted by catfish who fished Mid lake , S. Channel, AnchorBay on 9/21 and 9/22

Went out Sat. Morning for a few hrs. 1 for 2 at the south channel. Doubleheader 1 boat rod 8oz\ 15 feet and a board rod 2oz and 25feet. St. Lawr and a crackle homemade. No size maybe 37in. missed the bigger one although it wasnt the "pig" Sun. tried to get the wife a fish. I was out from 8am into the storm till about 9pm. Started in Anchor Bay although it was very weedy. I got her a couple nice northerns -no real fish though. She didnt like the forecast so I dropped her off and went out near the light it was weedy. 9 mile and the channel- weedy. Finally marked some good bait and a pocket with little weeds fished it for 3-4 hrs but no hawgs this was out near Huron Pt at the Green Buoy. So I went casting at the North Channel and Grassy which did me - No good. Fished into the storm and bounced my Lund back to Selfridge. I will hit it hard from now till the water is hard while the "Pigs" are fattening up !!! Let em Go Let em Grow. Catfish " The boat is the Pig " Say hi if you see her 1800Pro V- Blck and silver w/ a 150 Vmax. Good luck

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sep 27, 2001 17:29

submitted by fisherman 2 who fished lake st. clair on 9-21 9-22 9-23

we fished from peache to bell river,out to south channel to weather bouy. best action was out in front of the puce, 11 to 14 ft. biggest was a 47 in. that was a big fat fatty close to 30 lbs.others were 38, 34, and 2 little ones. colors were helin frog, green wormy yellow belly, white belly perch mackeral,& crackle frog. all terminators. lost 3 fish because of line breakage,pluse 3 lures gone. we'll be back soon with some changes made. one tip i can say worked for us was if your marking fish keep changing lures until they hit. all our fish hit within 5 mins. of being put down. 2 within 2 or 3 mins.

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Sep 27, 2001 15:57

Submitted by Jeff Foerster who fished Lake Content, St. Germain, Wisconsin on 09-24-2001

Caught a 44 in. Musky at about 11:30 a.m. The Lake was clear and you could see down about 6 ft. The temp was about 50 degrees. I was using an erie derie and a leach. The fish was caught in about 8 ft of water near the channel to Big St. Germain.

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Sep 25, 2001 09:02

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Thames on 9/23/01

Fished 8am to 1pm. Fished stained water off the Thames. Went 1/3. South wind about 10mph. Chop 1 to 1.5ft. Landed a dink on a down rod 16/5' Maison perch WB. Lost a hog on a boat rod due to line breaking. Large dogturd Loke at 6/15'. I know realize the drag on one of my reels is feeling ill. Got the rod out of the rod holded and started fighting the fish. She was taking drag and then all of the sudden the reel stopped giving line the big b---- surfaced and snap went the main line. I feel like shit leaving the lure in the fish. This is the second time this happened to me in three trips. I really keep a eye on my lines and equipment to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen and don't really care about losing the fish but hate the fact of leaving a lure in her mouth. Keep your equipment in good shape guys. The third fish hit a Helin frog Loke on a board 2/30'. Started fighting that one until the fish took to the air and shot my lure back toward the boat about 15feet. The two fish lost were mid/high 20lb and about 15lb. Is anyone fishing still? Gonna get the long johns out and give a go again this week.

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Submitted: Sep 24, 2001 at 21:00 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Sucked Completely!!

We went fishing on Saturday, 09/22/01 from 2:30 PM until 8:00 PM at Lake St. Clair,all over for Muskies. It was clear, 70 F and the wind was SW 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was unstable. The water temperature was 64 F and there were 2 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was less than 1 foot, and we were fishing in 19 foot deep water.

We went 0 for 1 today. Justin got the biggest one, a 40 inch Muskie that went for a Litwin $9 Bass Terminator TX fished on a down rod. Overall the hottest set-up was a mystery to me at and the action was mid-depths.

Started at the South Channel again. lots of fish there still but quite weedy. Fished for a couple hours but only one possible hit (T3 WB Perch Mackerel) that wasn't even a positive hit. Trolled all the way down through the dumps to Peche and back up the US side to a little past the 9 mile tower. The only place we marked a lot of fish was the South Channel area and all we wound up with was a 3-4lb smallie that Kayley RocketKid caught on a T3 Fire Tiger. Counting this week and last I got some serious dues in the bank at least.

Sep 23, 2001 22:26

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished St. Clair light to dumps and around on 9-23-01

Fished from 8-12 noon today. Started at light and wwent down the canadian side of the channel to the dumps...then all over the dumps and surrounding areas, even trolled up the crotch of the delphine, nothing... 10-15 mps wind from south. Could not raise a fish today, we tried it all, obviously not enough. Lost a $9 bass to something, never heard a rip, just noticed rod tip was acting funny. 3 other musky dudes in the dumps with can't catch 'em from the couch!! ....andy

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Sep 23, 2001 15:03

Submitted by OSPREY who fished C-Can on Sept 22

Fished from 3-6:30pm. Weather was overcast with sunny periods with a light to med. WSW wind. The water was slightly stained and was 66 degrees. We went 4 for 6. All the fish came on either my own baits (Talons) or my partners baits (Woodies)it was a fish off between the two. The biggest fish was a 48 1/4" that went 32lbs. 2oz. what a pig!!!!!! the other 3 we boated were in the 39-44" range. WB Special Perch and YB Dark Frog were the two baits. 1oz and 35ft and 2oz 45ft off the boards and 4oz. 20ft on the boat rods. It dosn't matter who's baits got what fish. It does matter though the we had a good time on really nice evening and topped it off with a kickass fish. We also noted that 4 out of the six fish, including the big one, came as we were trolling through flocks of Cormerents that were feeding on gizzard shad which were floating on the surface. Good Luck Tim

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Submitted: Sep 24, 2001 at 20:54 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Kinda Sucked!

We went fishing on Saturday, 09/15/01 from 3:00 PM until 8:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, South Channel for Muskies. It was clear, 75 F and the wind was W 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 67 F and there were less than 1 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 19 foot deep water.

We went 1 for 2 today. Justin got the biggest one, a 40 inch Muskie that went for a Litwin $9 Bass Terminator TX fished on a down rod.

Pretty strange. I thought we would have done a lot better. We found a ton of fish and were marking them the whole time. Must have marked about 20 size 4 fish and not all on the bottom either. The hit we missed was also on a Litwin $9 Bass on a slider 30/4. It felt real good for a few seconds but didn't stay on. Oh well, it sure beat watching CNN!

Sep 16, 2001 17:20

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Belle Hump to Dumps on 09/15/01

Fished 4 to 9pm. Sunny, light winds. Started working the stained water near the Belle Hump and continued West until we got near the c-can and dumps. Got at rip on a boat rod at 7pm no hook up on a headshaker muskie color wiley 6/20'. Boated a fat 28lber at 8pm on straight helin frog Loke on a board 2/30'. Had to cut the leader because the fish gator rolled its mouth shut about four times. Lost another mid twenties on the next pass on a jnted olive frog Loke on a board 4/20'. This one also gator rolled the leader and managed to dislodge the hooks. Overall 1/3. Still a great time with the two nice fish right at dark. Good luck.

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Sep 16, 2001 17:12

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Thames/Belle River on 09/09/01

Fished from 730 to 4 near Thames river and went 3 for 6. Took a break from the rain for a bite to eat at belle river til about 630. Came out of Belle River and decided to troll for another hour since the weather finally let up a little and went 2 for 4. The fish at Thames were smaller we lost one there that was about 18lbs the rest were 8-12lb class. The four fish we tied into at Belle river were nice, we boated a 15lber and 20lber, lost a giant, and one was unknown size. Overall a pretty good day going 5/10. Variety of baits but the hotest seemed to any type of helin frog. Good luck.

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Sep 12, 2001 11:53

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Firecraker/Weather bouy on 09/05/01

Fished 530 to 9pm. Lake was beautiful and dead flat. Had two knock offs. Couldn't determine if they were actually strikes. Fishing was very tough but is was a great nite for a cold drink and a beautiful sunset. Can't whack them every time or it would take the mistery out of the hunt. Good luck.

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sep 10, 2001 06:54

submitted by fishinjunkie who fished clinton river area on 09/09/01

we were able to get a couple of hours of fishing in before the rains started and had a good morning going 2/2. first was on a down rod 25/3 with a white belly perch t3,this fish was a slender 36 inch. second fish was on a prop rod 15/4 with a red,white and chrome extra large daredevil spoon,this was extra exciting because she hit so close to the boat. this fish was a extremly heavy 42 inches and full of fight. water was choppy and cloudy green with a strong wind from the south.

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Sep 9, 2001 20:01

Submitted by Dale who fished Bell river hump on 9-2-01

The all Rookie crew of the trail dog had a afternoon to remember for a long time to come. Water was a rust color just west of the hump, we got a 50 incher 0n a wiley bass, 1 1/4 oz 40 ft off a board rod, after pics and a clean relase started setting lines again when the same rod went off this time a 47 incher real thick fish, somehow we did manage to run over the planer board line and get it wrapped around the prop. took the rest of the afternoon to fix, what can ya say , were rookies, will send pics of the fish

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Sep 9, 2001 18:27

Submitted by Stephanie Damon who fished Munuscong lake MI UP on august 13 2001

On 8/13/01 While fishing in the UP, Stephanie Damon of Flint Mi caught a 52 inch 32lbs 3 oz. While trolling with a swim wizz shortly after 9:15 am the rod went off. The fish imediently went to the bottom in the channel about 30 feet. After a fifteen min. fight it took two people to get it into the boat. This was her first Musky ever. She was very excited.

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Sep 2, 2001 21:14

Submitted by Hutch who fished Deerbrook on Sept .2

Fished 8 to 5 nice lake one foot chop wind S.E. caught aheavy fish 41 inch at 10 AM frog colour 25/2 speed at4.2 mph on a down rod this fish a real scraper Nothing till 4PM a 40 inch slimmer fish /prop wash rod 8/4oz perch white belly. Overall a good day Both fish released well nice healthy looking fishery.

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Sep 1, 2001 23:42

Submitted by Greg Them who fished St Clair Lighthouse on 9/1/2001

Trolled the edge of the shipping channel from the St. Clair Lighthouse to the Dumping Grounds. We went 3 for 3. Largest was a healthy 43" and the other two were 30 & 33". Also caught a 21 1/2" smallmouth. 43" came on a Trinity Walleye 40ft, 4oz and the other 2 and smallmouth came on a Firetiger Producer. Waves were 2-3 feet in the morning and it layed down in the afternoon. All of our action was from 10am - 11am.

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Aug 31, 2001 18:59

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Dumps on 08/31/01

Gave it a go again today. Had some muskie virgins aboard so I started out in tight to the Canadian shore because of a pretty good south wind. Starting setting up in 9ft of water trolling North, put first down rod in and was setting next down rod when the first one screamed(better wake up than coffee). Landed about a 10lber. Went 2/4 on the day. Two fish on down rod 16/5'. One on board 4/20'. One on corner 6/15'. No pattern, one on each believer,wiley,stalker and loke. Fish came in shallow water 9-13ft. Decided to try deeper to no avail. Water was too clear out further. Overcast. 1ft waves. Green stained water with 2ft vis. Not too many floating weeds. Good luck.

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Aug 30, 2001 09:03

Submitted by Gregory Mickunas who fished LSC on August 26th and 27th

Me and Mike Puthoff fished 14 -18 foot waters. Went 6/9. Mike got a 36", 41" and 42". I got a 33", 39", and 41". A 33" and 41" came off of a T-3 WBS Bluefrog on a board 2 oz./30 feet. A 39" and 42" came off of short lined perch and fire tiger Depth Raders. A 36" and 41 " came off of a 10" red barred perch Wiley on a long rod with 4 oz. and a 10" Wiley dark frog on a down rod. Lost one on a down rod. A nice sized fish hit an 8" Wiley WB perch on a long rod, we watched it hit the lure and fly out of the water, the rod bent over and the reel ripped, the fish went KAWHOOSH as it hit the water and said SEE YA LATER MONKEY BOY! Hooked into a big one, but lost it near the boat as I was bringing it in. Best of luck, see you on the water!

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Aug 29, 2001 05:52

Submitted by Dick who fished Lake St. Clair on August 27, 2001

Fished East of the weather buoy from 12:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.. 3 for 3, largest 46", nice heavy fish, long rod with 12oz. weight, back 15 feet, Gotcha, white belly perch. The other two in the 40" range came on board rods, 20 feet, with 2 oz. weights. Both on Gotchas, blue frog and white belly perch. Also one very nice walleye and a couple of bass. Water in the middle of the lake was clear, fish came in silty water, 17 feet, between the Belle & Ruscom tower. Beautiful weather, very little wind, thus very few fish. Beat the alternative, which was working all day. Hang a big one!!

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Aug 27, 2001 11:19

Submitted by captains quarters who fished dumping grounds on 8-24-01

The weather was tough today. Constant three foot rollers with a white water chop. 20 mph swirling gusts made us break out the dramamine. Great for the fishing though. 8 for 10--largest being 26 pounds. The fish seemed slim; they need to fatten up for the winter. No boards due to the chop. Deep diving Wileys 2/6'--Perch spoons 4/30'--Hellknockers 6/20'--providing the action. No one else around. Had the whole area to ourselves.

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Aug 26, 2001 22:25

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished Weather buoy on August 26, 2001

Fished from 8-12 sunday morning. 1-3 foot waves, water silty green, low vis. No rips, no fish, nothing. Mates aboard tried all the baits. Very few other fishermen. rained on and off all morning..andy

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Aug 26, 2001 14:55

Submitted by Jim who fished Lake St. Clair on Aug 26, 2001

Went fishg on Sat. Aug 25, 2001, 9:00 am till 2:00 pm. 2foot waves slowly drcreasing to 1 foot or so, water temp was 78, sunny, silty blue water. Went 1 for 1, my FIRST muskie FINALLY!! (thaanks for all the advice Rocketman) A nice 48" 30lbs, very healthy nice colors, released succesfully,(Rocketman took video will make a pic and sent it to ya the best I can get from it). Another first as well, got impaled with terminator hook in my thumb..cut off the hook, took video and released fish THEN proceded to do surgery and remove hook and barb. (no pics) then continued to fish after applying gauze and tape. I do beleive I bled more than the fish did! Was asuper time, and my Dad was thrileld all of our patience and dues paid off. Also nice to know that the equipment worked to perfection!

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Hey Jim, Congratulations on your first mooskie. That's a great one to start with! Now what are you going to do for an encore? I added a link for your fish pic but the pic I really want is that Terminator in your thumb. Got one of those?
the Rocketman

Submitted: Aug 26, 2001 at 10:55 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/25/01 from 2:15 PM until 10:00 PM at St. Clair/C21, for Muskies. It was partly cloudy, 80 F and the wind was S 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was stable. The water temperature was 75 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 14 foot deep water.

We went 11 for 13 today. John got the biggest one, a 48-49 inch Muskie that went for a WB Perch Mackerel Terminator T3 fished on a board. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 30 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

It took us a while to find some cooperative fish and get dialed in but then it turned out pretty good. We got one fish about 40" on a TX Zit Frog at about 3:30pm then nothing until almost 6:00pm. Then the Muskie Goddess got in the mood and things started happening. That 48-49" was in the high 20lb range and we also got another decent one about 42-44" and another about 40". The rest were smaller but it was fun to hear the rods go so much. All our other hits were on Blue Mackerel (T3 and TX) or T3 WB Perch Mackerel. For you rocketguests that don't know, "mackerel" Terminator colors look of candy-apple but with more depth. They have a lot of flash and work best in clearer water.

Aug 26, 2001 00:36

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Belle Hump on 8/23/01

Fished Belle Hump amongst all the B.A.S.S. tourny boats. The muskie god smiled on me for what was turning out to be a difficult month. We went 3 for 4. The fish seemed to be in closer with all four fish coming within a mile of each other. The bugs were the worst I've ever seen. They weren't the biting type but I'm sure I swallowed my share. Two fish were about 12lbs and the one my partner losted behind the boat appeared to be about the same. The other one we landed was a fat 26lber. The bass pros in the area quickly realized why the bass weren't there when we landed that hog. The fish must have been pretty ticked off at looking at tube baits all day because it quickly grabbed my middle finger before I could get my boga grip in her mouth. Everything was jointed as far as baits. $9 bass loke on a corner rod 4/35 on the big girl. Large wiley dog turd on corner 4/25. Small yb perch wiley on board 4/20. Small red and black wiley on board 4/20. Overcast day with a light wind and less than 1 foot waves. Fished 730am to 1230pm. Good luck.

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Aug 20, 2001 11:49

Submitted by Red Rover who fished St Clair on 8-17,18,19

Fished Michigan side near the center shipping channel on the morning of 8-17-01 and took a bath in 3-1/2 to 4 footers with gusts coming from the South/SE. Went to Ruscom and launched out of Deerbrook and headed N-NE about 6-1/2 miles out on Saturday 8-18 and found that silt line the Rocketman spoke of between the deep blue and almost yellow brown water. Took a 33" on a strait Pikie colored 10" Beliver @ 40 and 3 about 10: a.m. Took three more fish in this area in 17-18 feet of water, all on downrods at 10 and 5 oz. on a T3 Green Mackeral at 10:30 a.m. @ 41-1/2 inches, 15 and 4 on a jointed Chartruse Bandit Stalker at 11:30 a.m. took a 36. My partner Greg also took a 33 on a jointed 10" Jailbird Beliver. Sunday was another windy day blowing out of the South-West showing us 3-4 footers seven miles out. The Red Rover took a beating but not before we boated a 40" on a Jialbird on a jointed Swimwizz @ 40 and 2 about noon, and coming back to Deerbrook about 2:30 I picked up a 33 on a T-3 Blue Wormy in 15 feet of water @ 40 and 2. All in all, a pretty decent trip considering the wind speed, the constant change in cloud/water color which kept us busy changing baits, weights, and lengths. Wanted to run boards but it is tough in 3 footers.

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Aug 19, 2001 14:58

Submitted by fishinjunkie who fished clinton river on 8/19/01

Stayed close to home today due to pending weather conditions but managed to go 1/1 for a kinda skinny 30 incher on a prop rod no weight about 15 back color was grayish silver and black.water was cloudy green and pretty rough with on and off rain showers.

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Aug 16, 2001 08:55

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished west of the South Channel on 8/12/01

We fished west of the South Channel on Sunday August 12 from 9 to 2. The water was blue with about 1 feet waves. We went 1 for 1 landing a 47 and 26 pound Musky. The fish was taken on a board at 25 and 1.5 ounces in 16 of water on a Pearl Green Frog, Musky Magnet. The fish had many scars including an attached lamprey and swelling both sides of its lower jaw. This swelling did not appear to be hook related from previous battles.

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Aug 13, 2001 16:07

Submitted by John & Mike Seitz who fished St. Clair north part of lake on Saturday Aug. 11, 2001

How did the Seitz Boyz and LADIES do??? Pretty good for a short 3 hour trip. Well the girls wanted to get some sun and we wanted to get some MOOSKIE, so a compromise is a enjoyable troll around the lake dragging some wood. The wind was NE at 6-8 and water temp was 70 with varying water colors. Those bastard black flies were not to be found with the nice breeze. We ended up 2 for 2 with a nice 48" brute, got a pic and released healthy. First fish went for dog turd 8oz at 20 feet. The big boy went for St. Lawrence 2oz at 20 feet off the boards. Seems anytime we involved the wives the muskie God smiles heartily on us. So, thanks to the girls for making the trip.

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Aug 13, 2001 13:48

Submitted by Tom who fished East of St clair light on 8/12/01

Went 1 for 2. Boated fish was about 1.5 miles east of light and the lost fish, was a good one, was at weather buoy. Boated fish was on a lime green mason, new style, and the big, lost one, was on a T3bluefrog. Weather was good, mild east winds.

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Aug 13, 2001 07:21

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished Canadian shore on Sun Aug 12

Fished behind the light, over to the wheather buoy and then towards the B.R. hump. Boated the two fish that showed interest. First was a 36" 13 lbs hit a blue frog, boat rod, 15/6..second fish 33" 11 lbs hit pretty baby, boat rod, 20/6...first fish was horribly beat up with several large scars on one side. Killed the baby lamprey that was on it...lots of musky hunters out. Water clarity was all over the scale, clean then silty, then back again to clean....andy

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Submitted: Aug 12, 2001 at 21:49 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Rocked!

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/11/01 from 2:30 PM until 9:30 PM at Lake St. Clair / out deep, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 80 F and the wind was NW 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was cooling. The water temperature was 78 F and there were less than 1 foot waves. The water color was silty blue, visability was 1-2 feet, and we were fishing in 20 foot deep water.

We went 7 for 11 today. Bruce got the biggest one, a 48+ inch nice fat Muskie that went for a WBS Bluefrog Terminator T3 fished on a board. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 20 feet and 4 ounces and the action was up high.

This turned out to be a decent day. We fished deep water again. We found an E-W path right at the edge between silty and clearer water. Almost all our fish came right on that edge. The hottest bait was WBS Bluefrog T3 on a board or slider that went about 5 times. Also a TX WBS Bluefrog went too. Other good colors were Mackerel Bluefrog, Fire Bass, Blue Mackerel, and Pixie Dust - all T3s. The 48" fish went completely airborne and that was very cool to see a big fish like that go ballistic. Besides the 48" we also had a couple around 45" and a 42". The other three muskies were smaller but at least high 30"s. Also, we got a 28"+ walleye and regular size one. Boards and long rods were by far the best, and either running a long way back (long rods) or a little heavier weight than usual (boards and sliders). Right at dark it got windy from the SE and rough and that's when we got the bonus walleyes.

Aug 11, 2001 06:07

Submitted by Dick who fished Lake St. Clair on 8-10-01

Trolled the middle of the lake for three hours this afternoon, not a single rip. Seen several large fish coming out of the water. Solution for black flies is Amonia and water, 50-50 mix, it will keep them off for about 20 minutes then you have spray again. Beats bleeding to death.

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Aug 9, 2001 12:15

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished The weather buoy on 8/4/01

We fished north of the Weather buoy on Saturday August 4 from 10 to 4. The water was clear blue with constant 2 feet waves. We went 1 for 1 landing a 44 and 20 pound Musky. The fish was taken on a board at 25 and 2 ounces in 19 of water on a Root Beer colored Musky Magnet.

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Aug 7, 2001 11:37

Submitted by Christopher P Press who fished Southeast of the dumping grounds on 8-5-01

4 hours fished and 1/1. A 15 pounder on a deep diving golden shiner Wiley 2oz/6 feet. Fish must have lockjaw or somethin'. Conditions were hot and sticky. Those damn black flies were bitin' though. My ankles are all bit up--my lures aren't.

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Aug 6, 2001 13:02

Submitted by G. Patrick who fished South Channel on 08-04-01

Went 6 for 10 Saturday at the South Channel. 3 of the 6 were big girls. The first was 52 inches 29 pounds, the second 53 inches 28 pounds, the third 51 inches 32 pounds. The rest of the fish were 37 to 44 inches. This was our best day ever. All of the fish were released and are alive and well. The 29 and 32 pounder were caught off PB's (Lt. frog JTD) 40 ft. 2 oz. weight; and the 28 pounder was a wash rod fish (Lime green JTD) 20 ft. 5 oz.weight. The 32 pounder also left us with a nice prize, a 5/8 inch tooth stuck into our lure. I don't think that I'll be swimming at Gull or Sea Way Island any more with sharks like these lurking about. Fish Hard!

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Aug 5, 2001 20:54

Submitted by Amdy Hartz who fished wheather buoy on Sun, Aug. 5

Fished other side of the light, over towards the wheather buoy, then towards belle river. Fished from 8am-12pm....fished in cloudy green(vis 4 feet or less) to clear green(vis 10+ feet) water. fished caught right next to the buoy, estimated to to be 38 inches 12 lbs or so...hit a straight white belly wiley perch, down rod, approx. 15 feet back, light weight of unknown size. plenty of other musky hunters out...andy

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Submitted: Aug 5, 2001 at 18:12 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Rocked!!!! (Sort of)

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/04/01 from 2:30 PM until 9:30 PM at Lake St. Clair/out deep, for Muskies. It was clear, 85 F and the wind was N 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 76 F and there were 2 foot waves. The water color was silty blue, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 20 foot deep water.

We went 3 3/4 for 5 today. Steve got the biggest one, a 48+ inch Muskie that went for a Pixiedust Minnow Terminator T3 fished on a long rod. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 20 feet and 4 ounces and the action was all over.

The reason it was 3 3/4 fish instead of 4 was because the muskie took advantage of a sloppy net job by the Rocketman and somehow managed to twist around in the net and get out of it! Too bad too because she had a couple leaches stuck to her back and we were going to be nice guys and remove them for her - once we boated her. There are lessons to be learned from this: If you are a mooskie with leaches on your back just chill out and let Rocketman net you and take them off and if you try to net a muskie off the back of the boat you have no way to recover if something weird happens. Take the time and do it right from the side! The other fish were a 34" on a TX Black Berch (downrod), another the same size (and a good one that came off) on a T3 Blue Mackerel, and a 42" on a WBS Bluefrog. Thank you Muskie God for some nice action.

Aug 5, 2001 09:20

Submitted by John & Mike Seitz who fished St. Clair on August 4, 2001

We fished Sat. from 8am - 1pm. The conditions were quite windy 10-15 from the North. Thank God we had wind or the flys would of had us for lunch. It was Sunny and mid 80's with a water temp of 67 degrees. We ended up 4 for 5. In early morning all 4 hits came on boat rods. Dog Turd 8oz and 20 feet was the hot setup. In the late morning we got our final fish on boards yellow belly perch, a thick 41" fish. The rest of the fish were 38-40" fish, all released healthy.

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aug 3, 2001 23:38

submitted by aquadesiac who fished j-marker,hump,pike,puce on 7/31/01

beautiful day on the lake. light winds and little wave action. weeds were cooperating but the fishing sucked. we tried just about everything but couldn't catch a cold. two skunks in a row so the next time out should be good. going out 8/4 to try it again. at least the lures are nice and clean.

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Aug 5, 2001 00:56

Submitted by Gaseousfool who fished Bell Hump on 08/04/01

New to Lake St. Clair and musky fishing so this is my first report. I know the reason I didn't catch any fish is because I don't have any terminators yet. You see I just bought a boat and then aaaaaaaallll the other stuff you need when you have a boat and you want to do some serious musky fishing. Well I am about 3/4 of the way there but I need to wait for just the right moment to tell my wife I need a couple of hundred dollers for a selection of Terminators. If I could even get them. Anyway here goes. Where - Bell River Hump. Found it right on first time, oh I love GPS. Where - The place where Rocketman lost his rod. Hey I'm not stupid. If Rocketman lost his rod there while fightin a hog, it has to be a good place for a beginer to look. I could also get 4 free Terminators if I snag the missing rod. Weather - Sunny, hot, humid. Wind seemed to be from north north east, I need to rig up a telltale for wind direction. Visability unlimited. When - From around 6:00pm till dark. GPS'd the way home in the dark, this stuff is cool. The sunset and moon rise were great. Water - Waves 2-3. Temp high 70's. Visability 3 feet, cloudy green. Floating weeds not bad, I used a weed catcher treble hook located where the leader attaches to the line. Method - Fished one rod. I think it is known as a down rod. Out from the side of the boat, sometimes in the wash, tip pointing down to the water surface. Most of the time I ran two lures (total 4 hooks), a spoon up top and a deep lipped jointed body bait running several feet below. Both leaders connected directly to end of main line. Weight from 4 to 12. Fished tight high and low. Fished long high and low. Lures - Spoon was a silver Williams about 6 inches then the hook. Body baits were jointed 8 inch CC Pikies perch and red & white. Perch and fire tiger Suicks about 10 inches. Company - Saw one other Musky fisherman working the hump, about a 23 cuddy. Results - I sucked. 0/0. But i'm going to keep trying! Only caught one so far when I was bass fishing with a tube jig on 10# test. It was over 36 inches??? I got a bigger ruler.

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Aug 1, 2001 13:42

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished The Thames on 7/21/01

We fished The Thames on July 21 in 14 to 17 feet of water. We went 13 for 21 on the day with the fish landed measuring between 30 and 44 inches. The fish were taken on Musky Magnets, Wileys and Masons. Most of the fish came off the boards at 30/1 but they were smaller fish with the exception of one that hit a Flat Bass colored Mason and took out about 50 yards of line before it escaped unseen. The five largest fish hit on down rods at 12/16. Three of these fish were 50 inches or longer all of these fish hit 7 Musky Magnets. Two on a Pikecale and one on an Izumi colored bait. Leaders were cut by two of these fish and the third got off at the boat. We did catch fish on many colors, but brown and gold or walleye colored baits seemed do get the best results.

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