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January - June 2002

Submitted: Jul 1, 2002 at 11:45 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Saturday, 06/29/02 from 3:00 PM until 10:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 85 F and the wind was SE 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was stable. The water temperature was 78 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 4-6 feet, and we were fishing in 17 foot deep water.

We went 4 for 9 today. John got the biggest one, a 38 inch Muskie that went for a WB Mackerel Perch Terminator T3 fished on a board. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 20 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

Started out deep by the St. Clair Light. Marked fish pretty good on the east side of the channel but no hits in about 2 hours of fishing. Went over to the general vicinity of Stony and got some action. No big fish but at least got to hear the rods go. All 4 fish we boated hit the T3 WB Mackerel Perch. Also had a hit or two on T3 Firebass and T3 Steelhead. All on boards. After dark turned on the interior lights to put away the tackle and got besieged by some bugs so bad that it looked like a blizzard...about 2-3 miles offshore yet!

Jul 1, 2002 10:43

Submitted by Catfish who fished Near the Belle on 6/29/02

Beautiful day Sat. I went 7-10. I was fishing by about 11:45 am. I popped 3 skis including a 49 incher all off the boards real high up in about an hour and 15 minutes.Threw the Hawg in my Lunds Livewell and put everything away to get a picture. Got pictures and released the Fat Bastard. The fish was another Big headed varmit which fooled me- I thought she was going to break 50 !!! Oh well she went back awesome- very strong. Next year she will go fifty if she doesnt get killed in a tournament before that.I then towed some dudes boat in. Water temp was getting a little warm to play the fish long 78 degrees. I went back out around 2:15 near Stoney to locate some more fish. Caught a dink, snagged a Gar and had a decent rip on a Dog Turd TX, Board rod, no weight and 20 feet . Crackle frog Believer jnted 4 0z and 15 feet off the boards took the dink. Wind was pretty mellow until somewhere around 4:30pm when it picked up a little . Went back near the Belle and popped two more low forty inch fish. Boat rod 8 oz and 12 feet on a jnted perch Leo- 8inch, one fish off the board up high, and then a nice rip at 5:30 when I was pulling my boards in. Fine time for a fish to hit. Mason, 2 oz and 60 feet, Org stripe - dont know the name. Catch a hawg and let her go !!!

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Jun 30, 2002 17:17

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished all over LSC on Sat. june 29

We fished from 7am-12pm and started out in front of the GPYC in 13 FOW, fished fished our way over to the dumps, stowed some rods and made our way for the belle river hump. at 1045 am, offshore and north of the hump caught the only fish of the day, a dink musky 24 inches, 3lb. hit a YB perch depthraider fished as the bottom bait on a rocketman two way rig as seen in the tips section. thanks rocketman! fished our way to the weather buoy, over the the LSC light and called it day just past the light. Tons of floating mayfly carcasses, a good bit of weeds as well. 85 degrees+, light to no wind. 10+ foot plus visibilty. ...andy

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Jun 30, 2002 07:44

Submitted by Chad Sandy who fished Spillway to 9 mile, dumps, Bell River on 6/29

Fished 7-3 and went 1 for 1. Worked miles road for about 3 hours, then went to the dumps. Only boat in the dumps for an hour then decided to head to the Canadian side. Fish came about 3 miles west of hump in 14 FOW on a Trinity Perch-WB off a board rod at 25/2. Fish went 31" and was really beat up. Water was flat with visability very high - like 20'. Another bluesky day and really hot. Still looking for some bigger fish....

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Jun 30, 2002 07:36

Submitted by Chad Sandy who fished LSC - Mile Roads, Delphine, Dumps on 6/28

Fished from 7am-4:30pm from Spillway launch to the river mouth, then in the dumps. Picked up first fish 2 minutes after we started fishing in 13 FOW. Fish went on a Terminator T3 Helin Frog-YB in the wash 15' back. She went 34" and was pretty thick. Second fish came at 9:00 near 13 mile on a Terminator T3 Fag Frog 30/2 on a long rod. Nothing happend the rest of the day. Water was calm most of the day. Visability where we picked up the fish was 8-10 feet. Blue bird skies and HOT!

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Jun 30, 2002 03:58

Submitted by Nick M who fished one mile south of huron point on 6/29

fished from 2 to 4.went 1 for 2. 32" that hit a green/white belly believer on a board rod at 30-2 in 12 fow. had a decent rip on a crackle frog maison killer on a downrod at 20-6. lots of floating weeds. sunny/breezy, rough water. Not too much action but was satisfied with trip as all my hours of putting in work starting to turn to success.

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Jun 28, 2002 22:57

Submitted by Steelhead who fished 1 mile east of Huron Point on 6/22/02

Fished from 8 to 10 AM saw a lot of floating debris left over from jobbie nooner. Went 0 for 0 in 11 feet of water. Did come across 1 three foot Muskie playing with a silver bass on the surface. Circled 3 times and enjoyed watching the beast toy with its dinner. Seemed to have fun flipping the fish and chasing it down. This muskie sure knows its the top dog in the lake as it was not intimidated by my boat or myself. Got a good look but couldn't entice him to bite, should have been running a terminator.

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Jun 28, 2002 12:39

Submitted by craig miller who fished g.p.y.c on 6/28/02

fished g.p.y.c. from 5pm to 9pm in 11-14ft of water had a west wind that later swithed to a north which made things kinda bumpy. floating weeds where bad alot of work for a 1 for 2 night.Fish caught was on a downrod 10-10 yb perch wiley headshaker lost a screamer on pb 20-2 on a yb perch mason. good luck muskie hunters catch a big one. fish catcher.

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Jun 27, 2002 18:00

Submitted by Catfish who fished West End on 6/25/02

What a difference a day makes. Casted again with Chris W from the Hulk. We popped one and had 1 follow in about three hours. I believe it was like 39-40 inches on a 12 inch Black and silver Bobbie. Fished up in the weeds 5ft of water. Almost fell out of the boat when I fell a sleep standing up. I may take a few days off. Water was a little cloudy, 69 degrees, no breeze. Catch a Hawg and let her Go !!!

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Jun 27, 2002 13:46

Submitted by PIKEMAN who fished LK ST CLAIR on 6-27-2002

Went fishing from 6am to 10am from spillway down to 9 mile and back. Fished 13fow, best setup was 30/1 with Lokeys. Went 3 for 3, all fish from mid 30s and smaller.

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Jun 25, 2002 22:52

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished GPYC to the Dumps and Back on Sun. 6-23

Fished from 130 pm to 530 pm. 90 degree heat, little wind. Started in 13 FOW off the GPYC and caught a 36 inch pike quickly, slammed a blue frog T3. Then trolled out and around that locale, trolled to the dumps and around there. back in front of the GPYC out near the ditch, caught a dink musky, 24 inch, at 440 pm on a Bagleys firetiger, boat road, 35 feet back. Ankle biting flies, no wind, water not yet quite warm enough to swim in, it was brutal. Paying the dues, I remain.......andy

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Jun 25, 2002 22:32

Submitted by Hutch who fished L.S.C. on June25

We sucked ...ZIP...fished Stoney Point .lure change up to no avail .Hope you had better luck .Looked like storm front rolling in . Catch and Release

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Jun 25, 2002 20:17

Submitted by jr who fished Canadian side LSC on 6/23

Fished the Canadian side of LSC between the Belle and Ruscom Rivers with my daughter on our first trip out for the 2002 season. We went 2 for 2 with my 17 year old catching her first Muskie. The first rip came at about 12.45 on a down rod 20' 2oz running a Hellen frog jointed Wiley. After makeing sure that we had a good hook up my daughter took the rod and boated a nice 43" fish. Twenty minutes later the long rod went off and we had a our second fish of the day, a 34" with a lot of fight. We were running a wb perch jointed Wiley 60', 0 oz. The only dissappointment of the day was that I forgot the camera. How about the new and improved Deerbrook Marina? I understand that the Rocketman has a standing reservation for the cabin every Saturday night for the rest of the season. If you Muskie hunters are looking for a great place to launch, fish some great areas, spend the night or need gas and supplies Deerbrook is the place and Linda and Al are the best. Have you given any thought to making Linda the new Muskie Goddess?? JR

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Jun 25, 2002 14:58

Submitted by Hutch who fished L.S.C on June24

Fished 6:30 till 9:00 P.M.......LAKE A SHEET OF GLASS water clarity dirty no floating vegetation / fished west of Belleriver 14 to 16 foot of water speed 4.2 M.P.H. caught 41 inch Muskie at 6:45 P.m. real scraper thught we had a monster / jointed blue wormy/ took a while to revive this fish /removed a treble hook breakoff from a previous catch/ fish did not appear to be hindered the way it fought .Stayed at release site till fish recovered .All was well

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Submitted: Jun 25, 2002 at 09:16 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Saturday, 06/22/02 from 3:00 PM until 11:00 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was hazy, 90 F and the wind was S 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 72 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear blue, visability was 4-6 feet, and we were fishing in 15 foot deep water.

We went 4 for 11 today. Bruce got the biggest one, a 38 inch Muskie that went for a WB Perch Mackerel Terminator T3 fished on a board. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 20 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

Started out driving way out the Flemish Cap but didn't hardly mark any fish or bait and couldn't find any color or temp breaks either. We had one rip that didn't hook up at all. T3 Firebass on a board. The sky started to look ominous so we went back closer to the ramp and tried the Belle Hump area. That was difficult to fish there due to lots of floating debris of all types including some pretty big logs. We were trolling east and finally started to get some action going (on the crew side of the boat). Damn guys over there started to make Rocketman look bad by getting hit after hit and ocassionally catching one too. Most hits came on T3 WB Perch Mackerels and T3 Firebass, and maybe a Firetiger too. No big fish boated but it was a lot of fun to hear the drags go and we did get a screamer on that got off after a few seconds. It actually bent one barb of a 3/0 3X strong Mustad saltwater hook. The last 10 hits and all fish boated all came between 7:00pm and dark and the last one was well after sundown.

Jun 24, 2002 17:58

Submitted by Catfish who fished West End on 6/24/02

WOW- Some hot topwater action !!! Fished 7:30 to 1: 00 pm. Chris W. ( from the Boat " The HulK " ) and myself sleyed them today casting. 5 for 10 and 5 more follows . Everything was on topwater except one on a 12 in. Bobbie - black and silver. I popped one on a topraider , one on a twin topraider and two on The Walker ( Org/Black). Had follows and hits on a bait similiar to the muskie buster and a Super Buzz. NO HAWGS but watched every hit. All fish caught were from 36- 42 inches. Missed a couple nicer fish. Good brawls on super braid- no stretch. Everything went back strong. Water was clear to a little bit cloudy. 68.5 degrees. Fish were in the weeds on the breaks. Great morning Casting and VERY LITTLE BOAT TRAFFIC !!!! Catch a fatty and get a replica !!!Good luck

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Jun 24, 2002 17:24

Submitted by Catfish who fished Sturgeon Hole- GPYC on 6/23/02

Went out with the wife , Sunday. She didnt want to get to far from shore !!! That may have had something to do with a trip a couple years ago -getting caught in 65 mph gusts, huge waves, Horizontal rain, some good lightning while we were in the middle of the lake !!! Thus we fished the American side- And 40 foot boats tried to swamp us !!! - Jet Skis tried to Mambo under our planer boards!! It looked promising at the start. Some good bait near the Sturgeon hole. 0-0 in 4-5 hours We got out late. Better Luck to all.CPR

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Jun 24, 2002 16:56

Submitted by catfish who fished Thames on 6/22/02

DINK DAY - Went 6 for 6 with the biggest being 41 inches outside the Thames. Water Temp 71.5, nice sort of cloudy water, light wind out of the South East, One fish on a boat rod- 8 oz and 12 feet- nils, then 3 fish on a board - crackle frog, jnted, Believer, 4 oz and 20 feet, and two on Superman- also on the boards no weight, 25ft. Fished there for 4 hrs then moved around looking for MRS PIG and caught as Colonel Clink would say " Nothing " Fished from 9am - 5pm. Beautiful day on the Canadian side. Catch a hawg and let her grow !!!! Good luck -

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Jun 24, 2002 14:20

Submitted by clyde who fished lake st clair on other day

went 2 for 7 all fish hit this black and white lure that looked like $9 dollar bass but not sure what type of lure it was chuck smith bait maybe???? 2 fish landed were mid 30s class fish kept knockin off fish maybe due to dull hooks had 2 fish back of boat but both gave jumps and head shakes and were long gone lost one fish cuz my friend couldnt get rod out of holder and other fish prematurely self released

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Jun 23, 2002 15:22

Submitted by Snowman who fished metro beach to 9 mile tower on 6-23-02

This is only the second time out after a 10 year break from fishing St. Clair (I must have been nuts) and the second day of not one fish. I can see there are nice muskies out there and I need to change a few of my tactics, ok all of them. I'm going to apply the tips I've picked up here and hopefully I'll have a better report next time! Thanks to everyone! Snowman

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Jun 21, 2002 17:20

Submitted by Catfish who fished GPYC- Delphine out to the Channel on 6/19/02

Went out trying to find Peqoud's Secret spot from 7:30- 12:30. Popped a 35 incher on a boat rod 8 and 15 " on a BRS 10 in. ,light olive frog, jnted, 14 FOW. Then missed a decent fish at approx 11:am. Board rod, 2 oz, 25 ft, jnted Crackle Believer , 15 FOW .Grabbed the rod, slowed the boat and had a bad feeling the way it was peeling line off. Sort of the feeling you get when you drop a lure over the side of the boat in three footers and it isnt connected to your leader !! Anyways she got off. Slow day- but a nice day. Wind from the SE. 1-1.5 footer, water temp 68. Good luck - Catch a Fatty and get a graphite. Oh yes My buddy and I went out on his boat " The Hulk " out from the Spillway- went 2-2 with a big headed 49 " - For a minute I thought it might go 50 - OH Well. The other fish was a dink.

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Jun 21, 2002 17:06

Submitted by Dave who fished Anchor Bay off M59 Launch on 6/20/02

Sigh.. 0/2 on my first time out hunting Muskies ever. Fished wash rods about 15 to 20 back no weight. First fish hit a 8 inch crane in perch (yb). Was fishing alone and the singing drag sure was a beautiful sound. Had her boatside and she shook the hooks, I'd say 38 to 40 inchs. 6:30 pm in 10 fow 4.5mph. Second rip was on a washrod with a crackle frog somthing (someday I'll own a Terminator or two), was running about 15 feet back but by the time I noticed that I had a fish on (no clicker reel) it was thrashing on the surface over 100 feet back. No hookset and a long reel in. Can somone email me with a few tips on running weight, I am not sure how to rig 'em up. Someone out there must have an old beat up Terminator that never caught 'em anything that they are willing to give up. I'm definatly hooked! -dave lobbe1$

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Jun 21, 2002 00:17

Submitted by chris who fished 2 miles from beacon cove on 6-20-02

Fished around beacon cove . 12' of water picked up 2 fish early in the morning on a black trinity lure. Up high off the boards 20 ' of line , no wieght. Chris

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Jun 20, 2002 19:48

Submitted by marty who fished lsc on june 20,2002

Finally 47" 19.5 lb. on a boat rod 3 and 25 in 14ft. of water at 9 mile tower. caught on a WB perch #01 T3.Thats the good news the bad news is, I some how knocked the t3 overboard the lure that caught my first legal muskie. I am so depressed who knows when I can get another one ordered. Thanks Rocketman for all your set up info. It finally paid off for me.

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Marty, Marty, Marty, - What have you done to my poor T3 WB Perch? It gets you your first legal muskie (and a decent one at that) and then you let it fall overboard?!?!? Well, sorry to say but "knocked the t3 overboard" is not typically covered by the Terminator Muskie Lures Warranty Policy. However, in this one case it appears that the Muskie God has intervened on your sorry ass behalf, and only because it was your first legal mooskie, and she is assuming that you let it go, and your fishing report indicated such a severely depressed state of mind. Look on the red milkcan.
the Rocketman

Jun 20, 2002 12:43

Submitted by Hutch who fished Beleriver L.S.C. on June 19

Went 1 for 1 green yellow dots Beleiver at 4.2 mile per hour in 14 ft. of water hit half hour in to fishing 6 pm .Police boat checked all licenses and safety gear all in order. Fished June 20 6am to 11am not a hit lots of boats searching. Pulled over by police boat again same checks on most boats in area .Make sure all safeety eqipment is on board including registration of boat there out in full force boat is hard top/ sonar /24ft seawhirl/ white . Good Fishing

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Jun 20, 2002 12:15

Submitted by craig miller who fished 400 club to spillway on 6-18-02

buddies all shit the bed on me, but I had the muskie fishing itch for the last 3 days so I went by myself. Fished from 3pm to 8pm.Went 2-3 two that got caught both on long rod 1oz-50ft wb frog wiley and wb perch wiley other a good rip on a down rod 10-10 wb perch mason gone when I got to the rod. Floating weeds were bad didn`t run planner boards due to it was tough enough keeping them clean with only boat rods out. good luck fish catcher.

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Jun 19, 2002 09:10

Submitted by Jason Zack who fished detroit river on 6-18-02

fished from 6:30 till dark went 2for2 casting...both fish caught on my lucky perch colered bionic bucktail spinner bait (12 fish already this year on that bait)...first fish was a 41" second was 42.5" both fish caught casting in weed flats between 12 and 4 foot of water..also had 5 follows wich two were big fish. not a bad night for bright sun and light winds....

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Jun 18, 2002 21:39

Submitted by Tom who fished LSC on 6/18/02

Fished in the morning from 10 to 11:30, 1 for 1, T-3 Carp, 30ft - 2 oz - grosse pte club, 13 ft at 4.5. Fished from 5:30 to 8:30, 2 for 2, one dink at the yatch club, 16ft, 4.5, T3 blue frog, 2 oz, 30ft., second on T3 blue wormy, 2 oz , 30ft, 16ft, out from 9 mile tower.

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Jun 18, 2002 12:25

Submitted by Chico who fished LSC off Stoney Point and Thames River on June13 and June 14, 02

A buddy (he was a muskie virgin)and I fished for 1/2 a day on 13-Jun-02 and a full day on 14-Jun-02. We went 1 for 1 on Thursday, 42" on a WB Perch Candy T3, wash rod 20' 8oz. We went 4 for 4 on Friday. 38" and 31" on YB HelinFrog T3 down rod at 20' 6oz. 34" WB Perch Candy T3 wash rod at 20' 8oz. 28" WB Perch TX long rod at 40' 2oz. All of the fish were caught at a speed of 4.5 mph. We fished 13'to 20' water. All of the fish were caught off of Stoney Point and Thames River in of 18' to 20' water. The water temp was 68-70 degrees. The 4 fish on Friday were caught in 2.5 hours after the air temp. dropped and the wind came up. Prior to this the lake had been very calm. The lake was too rough for us to fish on Sat. so we headed back to Ohio. Stay safe and catch a big one. Chico

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Jun 17, 2002 16:55

Submitted by chris who fished St.Clair on 6-17-02

Fished in front of admiral boat launch from 7:00--1:00 Mon. morning. We caught 2 fish , the first one was small about 28" the other was 49" "nice fish" both were released. 7 1/2" perch grandma and a Trinity bass color. chris and catfish The Hulk

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Jun 17, 2002 08:12

Submitted by who fished G.P.Y.C. on 6-16-02

Went muskie hunting on fathers day with three muskie virgins aboard for 5.5 hours on L.S.C. off the yacht club and went 6 for 8 . Fished in 13ft. to 15ft. of water . When we started the wind was out of the south then shifted out of the west. The water was clear with temp. 61.5 to 62.5 no floating weeds. First fish 33" boat rod 15/4 T3 firetiger ,#2 33" boat rod 15/4 T3 bluefrog,#3 35" board 25/2 bluefrog ,#4 downrod 8/8 36" T3 zitfrog #5 board 29" board rod 25/2 T3 blue frog #6 50" board rod 25/2 T3 bluefrog 29.5 lbs. on my boat scale. The two rips were on a mason jt. w.b. perch board 30/3 and a real good rip on a boat rod 15/4 T3 bluefrog , all released . Hey Rocket Man that bluefrog got beat-up pretty bad on the 50" er and the diving lip came off the bait , any recomondations for glue to re-attach ? Tight lines Bob

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Bob, Bob, Bob, - What have you done to my poor Bluefrog? Sounds like a case of excessive stepping on it or something. You know, they are guaranteed so if you want to exchange it I would be happy to send you a new one. However, seeing how it's proven on a 50" I could understand if you want to keep it ha ha. A couple drips of regular (not gel) superglue will fix that bad boy right up. Put the lip back in central and square and then put a single drip of glue on each side of the slot. It will wick into the slot and secure the lip just fine. Do it outside or in front of a fan or the superglue will leave a funky looking white haze in the general area. Of course, if you want an exchange that's still an option.....
the Rocketman

Jun 16, 2002 11:14

Submitted by Jason Zack who fished Detroit River on 6-12-02

Went Three for Four while casting first fish was a 40" caught on a perch colored Bionic Bucktail second fish was a 44" caught on a red and white Gander Mountain Bucktail cuaght by my guest tird fish was 49" 30+ caught by yours truly on the same bionic bucktail. Also had three follows on the night. fished weed flats in 9-to 3 feet of water. from 6:30 till dark.

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Jun 16, 2002 10:34

Submitted by PIKEMAN who fished LK. ST. CLAIR on 6/15/2002

Went fishing by the spillway from 9am to 6pm. water temp 68. Went 5 for 6, all fish mid 30s and under. Ran variety of Lokeys and Terminators. St Lawrence and dark frog Lokeys caught all the fish. Setup was 15/1, speed 4.5.

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Jun 16, 2002 10:11

Submitted by Chad Sandy who fished Anchor Bay - Salt River to Fairhaven & Spillway on 6-15

Fished 7-10:30 in Anchor Bay trolling North shore. Morning started out calm with fairly murky water - visability a couple feet. Winds picked up out of the West. Went 1 for 1 which was a small fish around 18" - picked it up comming off flat of 5' dropping of to 10+. Couldn't stay out of the weeds unless I was in 11+ feet of water. Moved to Spillway from 11:00-1:30 working 8-13' with no action. Wind and waves continued to increase - water vis. increased fairly significantly. Ran Jakes, Wileys, Terminators, Trinities, & Believers with 10-40' of line, 0-8 oz., 3-4.8 mph, long, prop, and down rods. Giving up trolling - going to try casting the next few weeks...

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Jun 15, 2002 21:12

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Spillway on 6-12-02

Went fishing Wednesday afternoon from 5 pm until midnight. We went 6/6 and the biggest fish was 42 inches. Hot baits were dog turd with 1 lb of weight 10 foot back and bucktails with 100 feet of line out and no weight. The 42 incher hit at 11 pm and the rest of the fish came between 5:30 and 9 pm.

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Jun 14, 2002 21:20

Submitted by Catfish who fished Anchor Bay on 6/14/02

Tried some new stuff today and wasnt very successful. Fished for 4 .5 hrs popped a 35 incher on a Chart-perch M&G . 6.5 feet of water and weeds out the gazoo. Water was in the low 60s. Wind out of the west changing to out of the southwest. Also popped a nortun on a bass T3. Nice day but the experiment went sour. Good luck CPR

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Jun 13, 2002 19:27

Submitted by chris wilt who fished anchor bay on 6-13-02

went casting in anchor bay in the morning on 6-13 nothing moving in the weeds , moved out into about 10'of water, hooked a 37"on a 7 1/2 inch perch colored grandma bait and had one other follow in the same area . Chris

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Jun 12, 2002 21:01

Submitted by catfish who fished Anchor Bay on 6/12/01

Fished from 7 am to 10 am popped a 40 incher on a board rod, 20 feet, no weight, at 8:45 am. Wind changed from out of the west to out of the northwest. 5-10 mph. Pretty weedy and good cloudy green water. MAybe they will get going tommorrow or maybe the fish were going and I should have been across the Bay. Anyways - Catch a Hawg and get a Replica !!! Good luck

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Jun 12, 2002 17:39

Submitted by clyde who fished anchor bay on 1st sat of june

hey went out for an hour opening day caught a 36 inch it had only one eye its was a tiger musky, caught it off a point off strawberry island with a T2 terminator of some sort of walleye looking pattern 1st year fishing off my boat and dont even know how to use my gps i can see its gonna take a while to learn to be good at this sport

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Jun 11, 2002 10:52

Submitted by Eric Potter who fished anchor bay on 6-8-02

Went trolling Sat. from 1-5:00, 6-10' of water visibility of 2', winds out of south'west. Went 1 for 2, got another dink on a downrod 10/8. It hit on yb frog wiley, tough little guy swam away with vigor. I lost a 40+" at the side of the boat that I reeled in by hand due to my ugly stick breaking in half on the hook'set! I thought those were unbreakable? She hit on a perch super shad rap on planer 30/2(thanks guys). Lots of fish in anchor bay! Keep those reports coming, thanks rocketman.

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Jun 11, 2002 07:52

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished 400 club/spillway on 6/10

One addition. Those new terminators we have look really awesome but they are down about 10 fish to Lokes and Wileys. Sorry Rocketman not ragging I know its just a matter of time before my Terminators pay there dues and present the hawg. Eddie

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Jun 11, 2002 07:48

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished 400 club/spillway on 6/10

Fished aboard my buddies boat fish tracker from 3:30pm to 7:30pm along with our 5 and 6 yr old boys. The action was pretty hot, we went 3 for 4 on the skies and got a nice northern in between the squirt gun fights that broke out numerous times inside the boat. A special thanks to the "Rocketman" for giving my buddy a few down rod tips. The Northern came on a St $9 bass Wiley fished 10 and 10 on a down rod. One muskie on the other down rod running jnt wb perch wiley at 3 and 16. That is the shortest downrod I have ever tried. It may have been 2 1/2 ft out. Had two fish hit a st wb perch Loke on a long boatrod set at 45/50 and 1. We landed the smaller of the two on this one. The last fish hit a jnt wb perch stalker fished at 20 and 2. This fished screamed like a salmon and fought really hard. When we got it in the net I saw what gave it the power. The fish was actually shaped like a 20lb King Salmon. By far the fatest muskie I have ever seen with respect to its lenght. If this fish makes it to 50 inches it will weigh over 70lbs if it keeps the same figure. Wind was out of south at about 5-10 had about 1 foot waves. Air was hot and humid with those nasty flies making their appearance. The stained water in the 9-12 foot area seem to hold the fish. The water was much clearer and didn't produce. Later. Eddie.

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Jun 10, 2002 16:52

Submitted by Bob who fished huron point on 6/9

Guys, it took me a while but I'm learning. Went out Sunday morning at 5 am and set out my new plaining boards (30 feet no weight). Water calm, slight stain. At 6 am hooked into a 40 incher on a T-3 WB Perch in 10 feet (thanks Rocketman). Got off water at 8:30. Had to go to church and thank God that my new toy worked.

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Jun 10, 2002 15:02

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Puce on Friday June 7, 2002

We went fishing on Friday, 06/07/02 from 4:30 PM until 8:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was clear, 80 F and the wind was moderate from the east. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was from 59-63 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was from brownish to clear green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in from 10-16 foot deep water. We went 1 for 1 today. Brian got a 36 incher that went for a YB Green Frog Straight Stalker fished on a down rod, 20 ft, 10 oz. The fish hit about 8:15. We started in the dumping grounds but moved east when we were not marking anything. Started to mark good concentrations of fish in 14-16 feet of water off the puce. Unfortunately that was when we didn't have much time left. This is our second musky of the year, as I caught one walleye fishing that was 38 inches earlier. They fight pretty good on 6 pound test and a jig.

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Jun 10, 2002 13:08

Submitted by Scale who fished Channel banks, Northern St.Clair on 06-08

Cool Structure page, Rocketman. Went 2 for 2. A 30 and a 46 incher fell prey to the deadly T2 Black and Silver. Both on the inside rod 20 ft, no weight, at the exact same spot (where a point shoots out into the channel.) Hits came at 11:45 and 12:00. Got to hit em now before the weedbeds grow up, and make these areas un-trollable.

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Jun 10, 2002 11:34

Submitted by Hutch who fished Deerbrook on June9

Fished Muskie east of Belleriver Harbour nice lake temp. reaching 84 for the day S.W. wind .Set up at 11:16 A.M.......IN 11 FOOT OF WATER run a yellow belly and also a white belly perch colour producer at 4.2 miles per hour back 15ft.2oz and 20 foot back on ounce and half .....had action first 10 minutes a 32 inch faught hard ...released well .Fished the next 4 hours with out a hit\ First time out this year for Muskie had a good day .Was in Colchester Walleye derby June 8 walleye in 10_15 feet of water water temp. only 61 degrees hiting on worm harness and bottom bouncers colour charteuse use 3 foot leads and 1.5 mile per hour in shallow also green and cooper rapalas at 2.3 miles per hpur worked fish hit at 6:00 to 8:00 then stalled till around 11:00 am then turned on no limits evveryone with a few tournment won with a 30 inch .

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Submitted: Jun 10, 2002 at 08:08 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Kinda Sucked!

We went fishing on Saturday, 06/08/02 from 2:30 PM until 10:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was clear, 80 F and the wind was SW 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 68 F and there were less than 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 15 foot deep water.

We went 1 for 5 today. Bruce got the biggest one, a dink that went for a Firebass Terminator T3 fished on a board. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 30 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

Fished the Canadian side everywhere from the Belle Hump to just south of Mitchell's Bay. looked in all depths of water from 8 - 20 feet deep. Never once found the fish good. Lots of carp spawning along the east shore but that's the biggest concentration of fish we found. Fished there for a while hoping there were some muskies mixed in with them but no hits. Finally got some action toward evening. The fire bass got the most hits. I think we had a lousy hook up ratio due to excessively slippery small diameter line pulled out of release too easy. Also had a fire tiger go, and a possible hit on TX WBS Bluefrog on downroad (but that could have been bottom). One of the releases that got off was a screamer. Too bad it only screamed for about 3 seconds! Oh well, it was great to get out fishing and now that we got to practice kinda sucking the next time we go hopefully we will get to practice kicking muskie butt.

Jun 9, 2002 17:43

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished LSC on Sat. 6-8

Trolled all over the spillway area with 6 other musky men. trolled up and around metro and then right up the middle channel to the Club island. pulled and ran to the Point Huron buoy. trolled down the Strawberry bar, over across the mouth of the clinton and then back around the horn at Metro. We had one weak rip at high noon just south of the Black creek (metro) mouth. Rip was on a jointed T3, yellow Frog. boat road, 15 feet back. ..nice morning the dues paying begins...andy

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Jun 9, 2002 17:36

Submitted by craig miller who fished spillway on 6/7/02

talked the wife and kid into a little muskie trolling before a boat ride. fished the spillway from 4pm to 7:30pm went 1 for 2 caught a 49 3/4. beast on a white belly perch wiley on planner board 30/2 next pass over wave point and another fish on same lure same set up tried letting my 5 yr old reel it in but we lost him half way to the boat. oh well good time all in all. good luck the fish tracker.

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Jun 8, 2002 16:56

Submitted by Chad Sandy who fished Lake St. Clair - Spillway & S. of Metro on 6-8-02

Fished out from the Spillway and South of Metro Beach from 7:30-2:00. Water temp 62-65, Wind S/SE, Skies were sunny, waves 0-1, with lots of boat traffic. Water was kinda cloudy with some floating weeds, but not bad. Water cleared up early afternoon when winds picked up more from SE. Went 1 for 2 today. Only fish to the boat was a dink at 26" which took a Shad Wiley Muskie Killer with 30/1 in 12' of water and 4.0 MPH. The second was a good rip that we had on for less than 10 seconds which hit a Terminator T3 Blue Wormy with 30/4 in 8-9 ft. of water and 4.8 MPH. Fished with a prop rod, down rod, and (2) long rods. Varried length of line 10-50'. Varied weight 0-4 ounces. Varied Trolling speed 3.2 to 6.5 MPH. Still not what I am looking for, but better than nothing... Where are the big girls?

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Jun 8, 2002 11:08

Submitted by Tom who fished west of St Clair Light on 06/07/02

Fished from 6:30 to 8:30, went 2 for 2. First fish on T3 green wormy, boat rod, 4oz 30ft, about 1.5 west of light, second, wash rod on fire tiger, super shad rap,west of light in about 13ft.

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Jun 7, 2002 22:45

Submitted by Catfish who fished AnchorBay on 6/7/02

SCORED MRS PIGGY AND MISSED HER OVERWEIGHT SISTER !!!!! What a difference a day makes !!! 51.5 on RocketMans - TERMINATOR BASS T3 that I acquired at a boat launch in December, St. Claire Shores - Thankyou- Tried out my new Chatillion which said 33 lbs - boardrod, 2 passes and 2 ozs. The fish was released very healthy and wasnt out of the water for more than a few minutes. 65 degree water temps really help out. I also got a 36-8 incher on the same set up. 47 incher on a Mason jnted, St. Lawrence, Board rod 2 passes and no weight. Beautiful fish - very defined spots even on her dark back. Too bad she wasnt fatter and longer -I would have had to get another graphite !!! It was awesome looking fish. AND I have already got the story- hopefully for the year about the one that got away. A big ripper on a Mason YB perch, board rod , no weight. Had her on for a little while- definitely a fat ass. Anyways Catch a Hawg and let her grow !!!

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jun 7, 2002 16:23

submitted by fishlander who fished anchorbay on june 6 & 7

mooskie's every were in anchor bay fished 2 days went 15 for 20 all fish were in 59-63 water temp 6-12 fow every lure in the box caught fish except for terminators can't get any rockman you need to mass produce them in in off season like lapper lures does those gotcha's look just like your's. but that's ok i'll get some sooner or later. water in anchorbay is clean unless you hugh the shore. keep baits close to boat no need for speed go 3-4 mph tops, cold front has made fish slugish . fish 1-2 feet down and look for the schools of silver bass , dnr caught 63 mooskies in there nets last month in that location so they are there. of course i let all mine go most of the fish are small biggest 47" 30 lbs smallest 12" 2lbs and if you run boards remember they are classified as part of your boat and you need to stay 150 away from another boat just ask dnr on that rule and they will back me on it ... hit me on 68 sat and sun 36 grady white fishlander

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Jun 7, 2002 08:57

Submitted by jim glenn who fished st claire light on 6/5/02

first time out we got 4 fish out of 7 hits. white belly willey perch got a 40 inch and t3 pixydust minnow got the other 3 fish and the otherhits. best was 47 inch then it got broke off on number 7. rocketman i wated 5 months fot that damn lure and now its gone. your website says they are guaranted if i am not happy. ok i am not happy so send me another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun 6, 2002 22:21

Submitted by Nick Podkowa who fished Anchor Bay on June 6

1 for 3. No Ski's. Dirty water. Had a rip on Helin Frog (Trinity) and a Shad Rap (black and grey with orange belly) Short Strikes. I like Humble pie. I ate Humble pie. Good luck Bob. RiggedtoGig.

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Jun 6, 2002 21:33

Submitted by tom who fished Lake St Clair on 06/06/02

Went 1 for 1, small 7lber, wash rod 6oz, T3 Blue Wormy. Fished from 6 to 8, from 13 mile to metro beach. Lots of muskie boats, but saw no other fish caught. Water was clearer to the south of the beach. Fish was in about 11 ft.

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Jun 6, 2002 20:20

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Lake St. Clair on june 1, 2, 3

Trolled in Anchor Bay June first and second. On Saturday I worked the Clinton River and went 0 for 0. Sunday I went up into Fairhaven and went 0 for 0. Wednesday the 5th I went 2 for 2 at the spillway. The first fish a 36 inch musky was taken on a jointed dog turd Wiley of the planer board at 25' and 2. I also caught a 30 incher on a boat rod with a jointed helin frog Wiley at 10' and 1lb.

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Jun 6, 2002 20:20

Submitted by Catfish who fished Anchor Bay on 6/5/02

The fish were moving today !!! Went casting for 3 hrs 10am - 1pm. Caught one and had 4 follows including a fat lazy 47-48 incher. She was not in the mood to tangle with the 7'6" !!! Had a fish miss on a figure 8 and caught a 35 incher . The fish were moving on everything - firetiger jnted shallow raider, funky chicken bootail gold and purple ,custom painted chart frog/ black body Crazy glider , and the fish I popped was on an 8 in. Bobbie custom super weighted with prizm on the bottom -black and white. Fished a mudline in approx. 6 ft of water with "cabbage". Good luck - Catch a hawg get a Graphite !!

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Jun 5, 2002 09:07

Submitted by Aquadesiac who fished Huron Pt. and Anchor Bay on 6/1 and 6/2

Fished the M.O.M.C. tournament on a nice weekend. Fishing was slow. Went 2 for 3 on Sat. and 1 for 1 on Sun. with a bonus Northern. All fish taken on boards 30 and 2. Muskie were about 20lbs, 16 lbs, and aquarium sized beautiful colored baby. Lures were jnt perch Wiley, jnt $9 Bass Loke, st. blue frog Loke, st. wb perch Loke, and the pike hit a st perch Wiley. Nice couple of days to open the year with some great friends aboard my buddies boat, "Muskie Tracker". Keep your tips up. Eddie.

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Jun 4, 2002 14:57

Submitted by Puckhog who fished LSC Spillway to 9mile Tower on 6/1/02

Beautiful day for muskie fishing. Bad day for muskie catching. My fault. Too lazy to bring the boards (all my fish have been off boards) and fished too deep 12 - 14ft. Saw a couple other muskieboats in my area too...hope they had better luck. Fished 3pm-9pm. 3.5-4.5mph. TERMINATORS 30-2. Sounds like everyone caught stuff in 6-10 ft. Ah and learn. Glad to get the shutout out of the way. Go Wings!

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Jun 4, 2002 13:04

Submitted by craig miller who fished 400 club to spillway on june 1

fished 400 club to the spillway area went 2 for 3 caught on wb perch wiley and blue frog loke and the lost fish was on a bass loke all on pb 30/2 biggest fish was close to 20pds really healthy. good luck the fish tracker.

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Jun 4, 2002 08:26

Submitted by Eric Potter who fished anchor bay on 6-2-02

Fished anchor bay from 1-6, with everybody else. Trolled good and hard, no fish until the wind picked up and the sun went behind the clouds. At 5:00, went 2 for 2 with a couple of small ones. Both fish (30" + 28") came off flat lines,7' of water,75' back on perch colored Radke baits. Like always all fish were released healthy. Not a badfirst day in my book. I just don't know why you bigger boats think you have the right of way. If I could afford a bigger boat, I would not act this way. I guess thats why the musky gods gave me fish and not you! have the right of way.

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Jun 4, 2002 00:39

Submitted by catfish who fished Midlake on 6/3/02

Fished 8 am to 11:30 . 0 for 0 on a nasty day. Didnt mark much bait. Clean water. Water was cool - 57 degrees.

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Jun 4, 2002 00:36

Submitted by Catfish who fished 9 mile south and Thames on 6/1/02

Went 1 for three. All board rods and shallow . Little weight and not many passes.One dink and One good rip at the mouth of the Detroit river, pretty clean. Slow start. Bass and Rainblow, jnted. The other rip was at the Thames. It wasnt bad other than not staying on the hook. Good luck Catch-photo- and release.

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Jun 4, 2002 00:23

Submitted by Catfish who fished 9 mile, Sturgeon hole, Dumps, Thames on Sun 6/2/02

Another slow day- An early fish at 9 mile- Perch strght 2 passes no weight. 35 incher and after 5 hrs wking the American side - south of 9 Mile , Dumps, and the Sturgeon hole we took a boat ride to the Thames Area. Popped a 48.5 incher. Didnt weigh enough to fire up the live wells and run in. Same Perch straight on the boards - no weight and 3 passes. 12ft of water. Friends brother killed a 53.75 incher after the tourni was over as he was being towed in. He had run out of gas coming home from the Thames and was dragging a couple lines !!! True story- !!! Some guys have all the luck !!! Catch a fatty and let her grow !!!!

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Jun 3, 2002 16:08

Submitted by Jason Zack who fished detroit river on 6-2-02

went 2for2 with 3 other follows first fish a 32" caught at 7:00 am had two other follows casted untill 10a after that we went and caught about two hundred silver bass at about 1:00p the wind and clouds picked up a little so we went back to trowing the bi stuff again that when my 10 year old son caught the second fish a 44" 17lb muskie also had one other follow. also like to mention that on 5-31-02 was casting for silver bass when I was realing one in had a nice 2nd bite when i finnaly got it to the boat with the light action rod I was using it was about 20lb class ski holding on to 2lb silver bass in his mouth fanialy let at the side of the boat needles to say the bass wasent in too good of shape.

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Jun 3, 2002 12:42

Submitted by Diet Dew Man who fished Anchor bay on 6/1/02

Came up from Ohio again this year for the opener. Went 1 for 1, ~10lbs, perch colored Loke, around 12:00. Also hooked up a small pike during a turn. Found a silt line heading south from Metro beach. That's where the Musky hit. Tried real hard but nothing else. Was that the Rocketman I saw moving around in Anchor bay? Couldn't read the boat name real well. Just curious.

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Jun 2, 2002 21:43

submitted by bucktaildon who fished st. claire on 6-1-02

1st timers fish anchor bay opening day... no a fish to be seen, we didnt see anyone else with a fish either... we trolled where everyone else was, and even went where no one else was... beautiful day, had a great time just wondering how everyone else did.???

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Jun 2, 2002 13:12

Submitted by Tim who fished Lake St. Clair, Nothern Anchor Bay on June 1st

Fished 4:30 to 6:30 6 to 8 feet of water went 1 for 1 30" fish. Hit T3 Perch 35 feet board rod.

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Jun 2, 2002 11:28

Submitted by PIKEMAN who fished LAKE ST CLAIR on JUNE 1 2002

Fished the spillway from 11 to 7. Went 2 for 2, a 27" and a 33". Both came on a st. lawrence lokey 30-2. We tried terminators wileys and lokeys in every color and combination but they only took that one lure. Thanks again to Captain Jay and his Little Chip for a great time!

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Jun 2, 2002 08:38

Submitted by Chad Sandy who fished Anchor bay & Spillway on 6/1/02

Fished out from Salt River from 7-10 a.m. Water temp 67 in 6-7' of water and dropped to low 60's out in 10-11'. Water was kinda cloudy with some floating weeds, but not bad. No strikes. Moved over to the weedy area north of Baltimore Channel from 10-11:30. Water temp was much cooler in the mid to high 50's. Water clarity was much improved. Wind layed down to almost nothing. No Strikes. Moved down to the Spillway from 11:30 to 2:30. Water temps back up to mid to high 60's. Wind kicked up some pretty nasty chop. No strikes. Fished with a prop rod, down rod, and (2) long rods. Varried length of line 10-50'. Varied weight 0-4 ounces. Varied Trolling speed 3.2 to 4.5 MPH. Do not have boards...yet. Nothing, not a rip! But, it was a great day on the water. Got to get the Zero fish days out of the way now.

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Jun 1, 2002 23:37

Submitted by Nick Podkowa who fished Anchor bay on June 1,2002

Four for Four. 2 on lokeys. Helin frog pattern. 2 on six inch believers. Black perch and bass color. All fish hit off the planers. Worked six to eight foot water in front of the base. 4.5 to 5 mph troll.

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Jun 1, 2002 21:35

Submitted by Fishlander who fished Spillway on 6-1-02

Went 3 for 5 biggest was 44" 22 1/2 lbs all others were smaller 27-36" inchs all fish off Boards Red and White custom spoon with Yellow teaser Tail . 40 feet behind boat 8-12 fow . Water was Dirty Lots of floating weeds. saw 3 other fish caught To Anchor Bay even more boats No Luck water Really Dirty .

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Jun 1, 2002 17:36

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished US side of Lake St. Clair on Sat Jun 1 the opener

Fished from 830 to 330 today all from Metro beach south to the mouth of the Detroit river. Caught a 30 inch, 15 lb fish south of the spillway in 10 FOW. Caught on a lightly weighted woody blue frog. 20 feet back. 1015 am. Fish number two was a 27 inch dink, 12 lb, caught right where the lake turns into the Detroit river. along the droppoff to the channel. hit a Terminator T3, Helin frog. 4 oz weight, 30 feet back. 1:15 pm. Strong SW wind came up at 1pm huh, light someone hit the switch.Water was very clean, 10+ feet visibility. Equipment all functional, fish caught, good friends, thats my musky hiku...what???..been listening to too much radio. till next time...andy

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Jun 1, 2002 17:08

Submitted by tom richards who fished from selfridge north about 4miles on 6/1/02

very good morning lots of muskie men on the water. trolled north from m-59 launch followed 6 ft- 8 ft depths one big mama 31lbs 2 little guys 5lbs and 7lbs. goes with out saying all realeased for another day. all hit earley around 8am - 10am then nothing. left the water around 2pm. speed 4mph lures believers perch and black small size 6 inch. i use yellow boards all hits came from outside boards, or as i refer to them muskie bobbers.

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May 16, 2002 18:59

Submitted by Anthony Froberger who fished anchor bay (selfridge...m-59 launch) on 5-15-02

Went out yesterday and landed two muskie, three smallmouth bass and a pike. The first muskie was 40" and weighed 17 pounds. The second was 36" and 10 pounds. The pike was 22" and the bass were all under 15". All mUskie and Pike were taken between 8 and 9pm. Trolling about 5 mph, dragging black and white jointed rapala about 35 feet back. My buddy caught a nice one but it broke line at the side of boat while trying to land. Hate to see it happen would have liked to get a measure. All part of the game I guess. First good fish since that last warm spell when we grabbed a few more but nothing to write about. Its lookin like another killer season comin! Anthony

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May 3, 2002 19:52

Submitted by Ted who fished North Channel on April 15

Wasn't fishing for muskie. We were heading down the north channel into LSC near the first big bend. A real fat ski jumped right out of the channel in front of us. I've seen 'em jump before but what suprized me was how fat he was. If I didn't know better I'd have thought it was a brown trout!!!

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Apr 28, 2002 08:07

Submitted by brad who fished lake hudson on 4-27-02

after waiting an eternity(all winter)were back on the water.we went 2 for 2 33" 20'-3oz board 41" 15'-4oz board.water temp 54 found pocket of water 56 near feeder creek fished under water point near creek, caught both fish in the same spot inside corner of point 9ft was tough by 2 0'clock the cold and wind took its toll on us. my fishing buddy chris left his winter coat at home so we decided to call it a day.going fishing their was fun but the real fun starts june 1.p.s. Im sure if my terminator lure order would have arived we would have caught more fish.just a little smoozing for the rocketman.

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Apr 14, 2002 21:02

Submitted by Brad G who fished St. Clair, 9 mile tower on 4/14/02

Fishing for some perch? near the rock piles along shore, and released about 15-20 smallies and couple of largemouth, as well as one 35" muskie around 10 lbs. Not bad for jigging up the first muskie of the year. It was rather fat for so early in the season, maybe they do feed during the winter. Foggy all day. Can't wait to get out again, what a bonus fish in April.

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Apr 10, 2002 16:10

Submitted by rick quade who fished Lake Webster (Indiana) on 4-1

Kurt:Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that the new IN state record fish was caught 4-1, unfortunately not by me! The fish was caught out of James Lake in Indiana and was 50" X 29" (yes, 29"). Apparently the fish weighed around 44 pounds, having lost some weight overnight while the fisherman searched for a certified scale. I fished the same day catching 3 muskies, but none of them even resembled the size of this fish. When I get a .jpg, I'll post it as it is truly a behemoth. I saw a picture last night at our Muskies, Inc. meeting and was astounded. I'm certain the fish was pushing 50#, if not over 50 when it was caught as it's calculated weight was 52#.

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Feb 5, 2002 23:12

Submitted by dave who fished huron river on 2 05 2002

fished the huron river way upstream today we got 2 in an hour 33 inch and 34 inch superfat northern great lakes musky which were stocked by the dnr down here . they were still pretty silver with a green irridecence to them that ive never seen on them when they were smaller. river was high and muddy the musky's were surfacing all over we seen several more arround following our blue and yellow rapala deep divers to the edge. they love to play as much as we do when the waters raging. both got released and shot right back to the deep. We cant get a bite out of them in clear water ive been waiting for 6 trips out for them to bite , but they do chase all the time and shy right away from live bait . I watched one kiss a sucker chub and leave last week. goodluck dave

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