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2002 Muskie Madness Fishing Reports
July - August

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Aug 31, 2002 17:15

Submitted by brice who fished lake st clair on 8-31

I went 0 for 1 out by the st clair lt this afternoon on a crackle frog believer on a boat rod (40ft-2oz) (the only one that I had left) I fished in 16 ft of water from noon to 3:30. my boat was broke into this week at emerald city harbor (2nd time this year!) and I lost about 25 musky lures (all of my terminators & wileys) so don't be lazy and leave your gear on your boat. this year I have lost 4 heavy trolling rods, 4 pen reels, & 2 tackle boxes full of musky lures. I just got home from lakeside with a handful of believers & will be fishing the canadian side in the a.m. I will post tommorow. I think that I might sleep in my boat with a baseball bat tonight!

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Aug 29, 2002 07:04

Submitted by Joe who fished weather beacon and south channel on 8/28/02

First time out Muskie fishing in anticipation of hearing the first screaming rip of the drag. I prayed to the Muskie gods, fired up the Merc, and set sail with with my Dad (muskie virgin 2) and a friend (muskie virgin 3). Surface temp was 72 degrees and waves were 2-2.5 feet. We fished from 5:00P.M. to 9:00P.M. without even a bump. The day was not a total loss though, I learned that my Cabelas rod holders were better left to bass and walleye fishing. I thought at times the plastic was twist and break off with the pull of my baits alone. Hopefully, I will post again on Tuesday with a more successfull trip. Screaming drags to all. Joe

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Aug 28, 2002 19:59

Submitted by catfish who fished Mid Channel, S. Channel, SC light on 8/26/02

Fished from 8:30 - 1:15 pm. Pretty weedy. Went 4-4 including a northern. 47.5, 46.5, 35, and a 37 inch Norten. All fish went back very well. The mooskie rookie from Bay City had a ball. He was a good driver also. Water was weedy, cloudy, 76 degrees, calm wind, and clear skies. A Pikie imitation by Gotcha or Lapper or someone - off the board, 25 feet, no weight,special Perch. And a wopping 3 off the Wall special. 2 off the boards- 2 oz and 40 feet- brown and Org and Black and Chart -2 oz and 40 feet behind the boat. And it was a nice day for swimming . I sure hated going into work !!! Going for the Fat Pigs in Georgian Bay for 4 days over Labor Day - I hope they paid their dentist bills because they will be loosing some teeth !!!

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Aug 28, 2002 19:22

Submitted by catfish who fished Bell, Midlake, Cmarker on 8/25/02

Fished from 6:45 am to 5 pm. Pretty slow day went something like 4 for 6 or 7 including a doubleheader . YB Perch BRS was the ticket up high 20 feet 2 oz off the boat. No Hawgs and 46 inches was the biggest. Cloudy water was the best, 16 feet, 76 degrees and little wind if I remember right. Release a pig !!!

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Aug 28, 2002 19:14

Submitted by catfish who fished Midlake, BR Hump, S.Channel on 8/24/02

Fished from 9am to 10:30 pm all over. Went 5 for something like 11 hits. All fish between upper 30s and mid 40s. No Hawgs. One decent fish on. The fish seemed like they were slapping the baits. Hooks came back with scales on them. Water temps between 72-76 degrees and the water really varied from clean to dirty. Most of the fish were in cloudy water.YB dark frog Believer off the boat was the hot rod, george Wahls special off the board , and the gold head BRS leach were good. We had raffled off a one day trip to the Hoosier Muskie Classic ( muskies Inc. Tourni). The two rookie muskie hunters said they really enjoyed it --- so it wasnt a bad trip.Catch and Release - get a graphite !!!

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Aug 28, 2002 18:57

Submitted by catfish who fished Anchor(weed) Bay on 8/22/02

OKAy- I have learned my lesson. I am done in Anchor bay until October. The bay was weeded to the begesus. Went 1-1 in 10 ft of water on a ST3 light olive wormy20feet and no weight. Outside rod on the turn. Fish was a dink. Water was 75 or so and cloudy and the wind was out of the southwest if I remember right.

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Aug 28, 2002 13:09

Submitted by Jared Frank who fished Jefferson Beach Marina on 8/24/02

My boat was broken into and all electronics, binoculars, camera, 250 muskie baits, etc. were taken. Any one with any information the St. Clair Shores Police Department or me. $500.00 reward for the return of the baits and, hopefully, the other equipment. I can be reached at this e-mail address or 586-775-6916.

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Aug 26, 2002 13:06

Submitted by Scott who fished Lake St. Clair on 8/24 & 8/25

Fished Middle Channel to LSC Light and everywhere in between. 4-8pm Saturday and 6am-1pm Sunday. All depths, colors, sizes, speeds & etc. Went 0-1. Nice fish (40+) hit at 11:30 Sunday in 13 fow on a yellow belly Believer straight body. It hit near the shipping channel turn off for the South Channel where the depth comes up from 15 to 13'. No more hits on that contour. I hope you all did better!

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Aug 22, 2002 00:50

Submitted by Hutch who fished Deerbrook on AUGUST 21

Fished between Deerbrook to the hump .Fished 8:00 am--11:00 am no fish today had one hit .Changed lures every 15 minutes no weeds /nice lake lots of boats out.

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Aug 21, 2002 20:26

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished Weather buoy and south on Saturday, 8-17

Fished in 3 footers out near the weather buoy and then south. Not as weedy on the canadian side, but rough as hell. trolled back towards the ditch and bagged it 11am with no rips, nothing..andy

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Aug 21, 2002 01:41

Submitted by Hutch who fished L.S.C Belleriver to Deerbrook on AUGUST 19

We went 2 for4 in a two span musky virgins aboard first fish 12 foot otf water 37 in. 15 pounds......second 39 17 pounds didnt expect this much action after Sat. and Sun. tournament expected Muskies to have sore mouths Fish were agressive totally lauching themselves out of the water had two excited fisherman catching there first muskies in two hours of fishing both ffish released well get out there and have some fun c/r second fish caught in 16 feet of water one on yellow belly artifact second on white belly producer blue black dots.

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Aug 20, 2002 17:40

Submitted by craig miller who fished belle river area on 8/18/02

went muskie fishing from 4pm to 8pm had a west wind caught a 23pder first 15 min. of trip thought alright here comes an awesome evening, but as goes muskie fishing we had only one other rip and went 1 for 2 set up was pb 30-2oz. wiley yb perch. went back good to fight another day catch a big one fish tracker.

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Aug 14, 2002 19:28

Submitted by Catfish who fished Anchor(weed) bay on 8/14/02

I thought I would get a workout in so I went to do a little trolling in AnchorBay. Instead of jogging, I got an Arobic workout for four hours of continous weed cleaning. I should have known better but I had to get out. It was weedy but just stringers no pods - thank goodness. Went 2 for 4. No size. Wind out of the SWS 15-25. 1-2 ft. waves. Water was cloudy. 75 degrees if I remember right. 1st fish was on a 10 inch walleye pattern- no weight 15feet in 11 feet of water off the boards. The second was on a Straight Believer Perch YB 8 oz and 3 feet + leader of course ( boat rod) . The next two fish were when I was bringing in my planer boards to go home. All fish hit between 9:45 and 11:45. Of course they would start wacking baits when I had to leave for work. Last two fish - one was on a crackle believer straight 8oz and 2feet off the boat rod. And the second was on an Org and Skunk, George Wahl special 2oz in the wash- 25 feet back . Biggest was 41 inches. Better than a 7/0 in the wrist !!! Catch and release especially the big fish !!! Good luck.

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Aug 13, 2002 18:36

Submitted by ross who fished lsc on other day

1 for 1 on perch yellow belly loke at 5 and 15 on a downrod........25 lber unfortunately the fish died......we tried for 45 minutes reviving it and torpedoed it twice at times it looked like it was goin to right itself and swim down but unfortunately it couldnt i feel horrible to see such a beautiful fish like that not make it we got it in the boat quick took a few pictures dropped her in and she just kicked a little but couldnt get down.....its just too bad before i always wanted to mount my first 30+ lber/50+ incher after seeing the fish die i dont think i can kill another

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Aug 13, 2002 17:44

Submitted by Anthony who fished Anchor bay and lsc on 8-10,11,12-02

Went out Saturdy for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. One for two for 30". Sunday went from about 3-7pm, one for two again about the same size. Both of these fish were in anchor bay about 9 feet of water, and caught on jointed perch colored body bait. Monday went out with my buddy Jim and one for two again, boated a 43" 24 pounder. He only had one functional eye and scars all over his backside. Obviously not his first time on a boat. Fish was released quickly and left in good health. Caught over by gull island between some weed beds in about 10 feet of water on a jointed black and white right before dusk. I am a long time fisherman and first time musky man. This is the first season we have spent some trips specifically targeting muskies. We tied into a few in the spring and were addicted instantly. What an adrenaline rush that fish was, have caught many pike in Canada but these fish are truly in a class by themselves. Still waiting on the real hog I keep reading about. Apreciate this website and useful info from the reports. Keep em coming.

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Aug 13, 2002 01:34

Submitted by catfish who fished Midlake, Bassett, S. Channel, SC light on 8/11/02

I felt undersized yesterday and Sunday- felt too skinny !!! Too bad it wasnt my stomach. Yes we popped a 50.5 " but she wasnt fat enough to contend with the Peqoud and other 30+ pounders. She was only 27 lbs. If she only ate like me !!! She would have been the winner - maybe a state record!! Oh well fished from 7am - 5pm with my buddy on his boat; Line- B -Out. We pretty much blew other than the 50"er. We popped 4 skiis and assorted baitfish - 38,35,32 , and 50.5 " were the mooskies. Chart crackle jnted BRS, 2 on Str gold bass BRS and one on a $9 bass Musky magnet. If I remember right 3 fish were off boards - cant remember the fourth. No weight and 5-6 passes. Anyways up top again. All the action was early in the day. Water was varying 74-76. Did best in the slightly cloudy green water. Slight chop. --- Catch and Release- All the Pigs !

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Aug 12, 2002 21:02

Submitted by catfish who fished S.Channel, Thames, Bell on 8/10/02

Fished from 7am- 10:30 pm all over the place on Line- B-Out for the Tournament. We popped two dinks early both on the boards. W/B Perch BRS jnted and a Tenn. Shad jnted Musky Magnet. Action shut off for us all day until 7:50 pm. Thats when we popped 4 more muskies and some miscellenous baitfish.14-16 feet of water . Everything was off the boards and high in the water column. A 40 and 42 inch on $9 bass Musky Magnet, a 38" on a Purple George Wahl special, and a 32" on a Chart crackle jnted BRS. Water temp varied between 74 S. Channel , 76 Bell and 78 at the Thames. Pretty weedy down near the Thames except tight. Anyways Congrats to PEQOUD with the BIG PIG . Catch a Hawg and Let her Grow.I felt undersized all day !!!

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Aug 12, 2002 17:42

Submitted by chris who fished weather beacon on 8-10-02

Fished near the beacon on Sat. morning. Hit 2 fish one was 42" and the other was 44" both were on a sucker colored beliver one boat rod and one off the planer . Chris ( the hulk)

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Aug 12, 2002 10:21

Submitted by BILDOZER AND CAPT.RICKO who fished LSC on 8/10/02

Fished from 9:30-12:30 on 8/10 just south of the 9 mile tower in 16 foot water. Water temp was 74,1-2 foot waves,lots of weeds. Went 0-0 not even a hit. I hope all the other hunters did better then us!


Aug 12, 2002 09:40

Submitted by Jeff O. who fished LSC on Aug. 10/02

Fished in front of the Ruscom, Stoney Point, and almost to the Thames from 8:30 - 3:30. Air temp 85 degrees. Water was clearish (3-4 foot vis.), variable wind, waves 1-2 foot. Fished about 14-16 feet of water (I sonar) Lots of floating weeds. Went 7 for 8. 40, 41, 42, 36, 42, 41, 34. All healthy, good looking fish and all released well. Caught 4 fish on 8" Believers, one on a 7" Musky Special, one on an 11" Leo bait, and one on a spoon. Yellows, greens, and browns were hot. Not bad considering we had no electronics due to an electrical problem. Had a great day despite losing a rod and reel rigged with 12 oz and a nice jerk bait when a boatside 41" Muskie knocked it out of the holder. Sunk fast with all that lead. Also saw a charter boat unsuccessfully revive about a 40 incher. We picked it up and tried also but it was too late. Hate to see such a nice fish floating. Thanks Ben for the ride and a great day! Jeff O.

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Aug 11, 2002 22:08

Submitted by John Seitz who fished St. Clair Ruscom on August 11, 2002

Well folks, managed to salvage my weekend on Sunday after losing my crew to "Home Improvement" on Saturday. I convinced the wife and sister-in-law to do a little boating/sunning, aka. Pulling wood on Sunday. They agreed as long as they got lunch at the "Sandbar" and I only drug them around for a couple hours. Deal made!!! Was well worth all the work. We managed a nice fatty. I started at the Ruscom in 17 foot, water looked nice, not marking much though. Worked to Stoney Point and got in tighter to 15 foot and water was silty with a few weeds, but LOTS of baitfish. Finally got a bite on YB perch wiley 30/2 on boards, never really hooked up. I trolled back toward the Ruscom and marked nice bait. Got big rip on long rod, 30/4 Litwin 9$ bass Wiley. She looked to already be packing on that late season weight, she was 47" and very fat. Well folks not a bad day for less than 2 hours of trolling. Also, my wife does not know it, but she is about to become a full time Mooskie troller. Check her record when aboard for big fish. In 4 trips: 51", 45", 47", 46", 49", 47".

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How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Kinda Sucked!

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/10/02 from 2:30 PM until 10:00 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was clear, 90 ° F and the wind was S 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was stable. The water temperature was 75 ° F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 20 foot deep water.

We went 1/2 for 3 today. Bruce got the biggest one, a 38 inch Pike that went for a Crackle Sucker Terminator T3 fished on a long rod. Only count it as 1/2 fish cause it was only a cousin of a muskie. Overall the hottest set-up was a mystery to me and the action was mid-depths.

Fished way out in the middle of the lake. Marked fish good including about 7 or 8 size 4 fish, lots of size 3s and plenty of bait too. Water color looked perfect. Weather conditions decent with the last few days stable. Just enough wind for a chop on the water but not uncomfortable. Not many floating weeds. It seemed like we should have kicked some muskie ass but noooooooooooo, that was not the case. We had only three hits. The only fish we boated was a pretty big size pike that was out there with the mooskies in the middle of the lake. It jumped straight out of the water. We also had a nice size muskie hit a T3 Pukebait on the same longrod set up about 50 and 3. It jumped and threw the bait in the air. Finally at 8:55pm we got a major fish on a T3 Fag Frog but that one jumped and got off too. Very strange - all the fish went airborne today and we also saw some other ones swimming on top and jumping too. Also they hit lures with no similarity at all. Crackle Sucker has a pearl white belly, Pukebait has a yellow/green belly and Fag Frog has a flourescent orange belly. Not even the belly colors matched. I was so confused....

Aug 10, 2002 12:35

Submitted by Nick and Bob who fished LSC mid lake on August 9

Landed 5 Muskies,1 Pike and one or two Smalljaw(s). 45,43,30 and two smaller fish.Hot baits were : Helin frog Lokey, Firetiger Lokey and a Terminator. Board Rods 2oz five passes, 5oz three passes. The 45 and 43 inch fish scaled at 20 lbs and 18lbs on the Boca grip. Our best action was between 8pm and 9pm. 6mph. All other details are fuzzy due to alcohol posioning.

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Aug 8, 2002 18:56

Submitted by Catfish who fished St. Clair River on 8/8/02

Did a little casting and caught nothing in about 4 hrs. So much good looking water. I didnt check the temp but the water was chalky maybe a foot visability and clearing. Probably about 75 degrees. Tried downsizing and caught a bass on a copper bladed Cattail - 6 inch. I was then rediculed, criticized, made fun of, demoralized, and had my gender questioned by my buddy Chris from " The Hulk" so I went back to throwing big baits !! Anyways the trip was better than catching a 7/0 in the arm !!!! Let the Pigs go and get a graphite !!!! If anyone fishes that area shoot me an Email pls.

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Aug 7, 2002 20:22

Submitted by Catfish who fished AnchorBay on 8/6/02

Fished with My wife , her brother, and his fiancee who wanted to catch her first Muskie. We had a packed boat.All in my 1800 Lund. Fished for 2.5 hrs went 1 for 2. 12 oz and 6 feet, straight Y/B Perch believer. 41 inches. The other fish hit a straight crackle frog believer that I was bringing in to check for weeds. Looked like about 35 inches. We were in 9 feet of water. Water Temp was 76 degrees, Wind- was out of the north north East changing to north north west. It was blowing and we were hiding !!! Catch and release

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Aug 7, 2002 20:10

Submitted by Catfish who fished S. Channel on 8/5/02

We found some nice pockets of weeds and one horney Musky 39.5 inches in about 4 hrs. One for one. 2 0zs and 6 passes off the boards. I had a rookie mooskie virgin driving and we had some complications along with snapping my kicker in half, almost lost a wicked bait which we had to do search and rescue for, lost a release , and lost the handle to my Magnum Beckman net which I have had for years. I think I was 12 for 20 on 15 lb weed pies. Wow - they are fun. Well enough bitchin - we got the muskie virgin a fish and got a rather BS day out of the way. Water was about 75.5 and was slightly cloudy. Good luck -Catch and Release. Oh yes there was a potential sighting of the great "Slimetime Crew fighting a Hawg while three Muskie Babes in beaver skinned Skirts were cheering them on !!" This sighting was not substantiated by official sources thus cannot be confirmed nor denied at this time.

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Aug 7, 2002 19:37

Submitted by Catfish who fished S. Channel, Midlake on 8/3/02

Fished from 7am- 2:30 pm and went a unrespectable 1 for 3. All three fish went off the board - far line 2oz and 6 passes on a spoon. Water was about 74-75 and a little bit dirty. The fish I got and released was 43.5 inches .

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Aug 7, 2002 09:52

Submitted by Chico who fished Lake St. Clair on 1-3 Aug 02

We did pretty good. We fished for 2.5 days and went 7 for 8. Fished west of the Belle River Hump on Thurs. (1/2 day) and Friday (full day). We were marking fish the whole time but could not get them to go. Thurs. 1-Aug-02 went 1 for 1, 38" musky on wash rod at 1:36 pm sunny. T3 9$ Bass 6oz-2 passes. Water temp. was 81, depth was 17' and speed was 5.5 mph. Friday 2-Aug-02 went 1 for 1, 40" musky on wash rod at 5:19pm cloudy. T3 Firetiger 8oz-2 passes. Water temp 81, depth 16', and speed 4.8 mph. Sat. 3-Aug-02 we changed areas and found fish just in front of the Thames River. We went 5 for 6 ( 49",41",33", 31" and 28") between 1:00pm and 6:10 pm. We fished in 16' with a speed of 5.2 mph. Water temp was 82-83 degrees and very sunny. 49" fish down rod, T3 YB Helin Frog, 4oz-30 ft. 41" fish down rod, T3 YB Helin Frog, 4oz and 30 ft. 33" fish wash rod, T3 CB Carp, 4oz-3 passes. 31" fish boat rod, T3 WB Perch 2oz- 40ft. 28" fish boat rod, T3 WB Perch, 2oz-40ft. We fished Wileys and Stalkers and TX's but the T3 Terminators were the ticket for us. Take care and good luck! Chico

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Aug 6, 2002 09:20

Submitted by Hutch who fished Belleriver Hump L.S.C. on Aug3

Fished 6:00 till 9:00 went 3 for 3 lake flat caught all 3 on down rods back 25 feet 2 oz. weight running 4.2 M.P.H. winds picked up lake turned into 2 footers no strikes after that.

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Aug 4, 2002 22:52

Submitted by ross who fished lsc Aug 4

one for one about 15 minutes after setting all lines then high tailed it off the water cuz it look like a storm was coming.....anyone got any details on the 2002 Summer Slam Derby this weekend for MOMC????

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Submitted: Aug 4, 2002 at 21:52 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Kinda Sucked!

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/03/02 from 3:00 PM until 9:30 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 90 ° F and the wind was NE changing to SE 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 78 ° F and there were 2 foot waves. The water color was clear blue, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 18 - 20 foot deep water.

We tried all over the south channel area. We never did find good concentrations of fish anywhere. The hits that we had were about 3 miles due east of the 9 Mile tower. One was a pike so I only counted it as 1/2 a fish. One of the muskies got off near the boat and it looked to be a decent size. The other one that got off was of unknown size, just popped a board release then nothing. The ures hit were TX $9 Bass, the pike went for the T3 WBS Bluefrog, mystery hit was T3 FireBass, and T3 Mackerel Bluefrog got us a high 30 inch size muskie.

Aug 3, 2002 10:16

Submitted by Steelhead who fished Spillway on August 2

Left Huron Point at 5 pm with a partial crew, went to the spillway to fish so that I could return at 7 to pick up the final member, fished 5 to 9 PM. Dropped first line, down rod 6 feet 6 ozs running a Mason Muskie Killer Blue Frog. Brother-in-law (Muskie Virgin) was asking how to work the drag. I picked up an unrigged pole started to show him when the first rod went off, he caught his first muskie with only about a minutes worth of trolling - 44 inch. All in all went 4 for 4 all on same rig all in same spot. All Muskies released quickly and healthy - only bad note forgot the camera Brother-in-law will only return to Louisiana with stories - no pictures.

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Aug 1, 2002 23:41

Submitted by ross who fished lsc on Aug 1, 2002

went 5 for 5 we had a 49,47,46,43,41 the 49 incher went 29 pounds and at the end of the day we got a triple....3 of the rods all went at once what a rush still lookin for a 50 incher or 30 pounder

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Jul 29, 2002 23:19

Submitted by Catfish who fished Ruscom, Bell, Mid Lake, on 7/27/02

I SUCKED !!! 1-2.. Popped a 42 incher on a light frog Wiley Headshaker W/b, 5 passes and 2 ozs, off the boards. Water was cloudy, wind varied from manageable to half midevil. 74 degrees . I almost drowned myself in my dry riding boat on the way home. I think I have gills now !!! Fished from about 6:30 am to 5pm. I was on the fish just couldnt get them to go. The rip was on an Org. crackle spoon - 8 passes and 2 ozs. I didnt get the boat slowed down quick enough. Oh well they will pay when the weather gets a little more consistant. Anxious to here how everyone else did. CPR

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Jul 29, 2002 23:09

Submitted by catfish who fished MidLake on 7/29/02

Poor production day - 1-2 Popped a 45 inch Tarpon want a be , who went air born three times on a Rainblow BRS-10 passes and no weight. Fished from 7:00 am until 12:00 noon. Also had a rip on a str. Crackle Frog Believer, 2 passes and 12ozs in the wash. Pretty week rip. I think it was a Blue gill !!! Wind varied 5-20 wsw, weeds here and there, water nice cloudy green. Weeds thick near the channel. Good luck - Catch a Hawg and let her grow !!!

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Jul 29, 2002 13:19

Submitted by bildozer and ricko who fished lsc on 7/27/02

Fished from 9:30-1:30 just north of the 9 mile tower. Went 1-1 just a small 28 incher on a yb perch. First muskie ever!!! muskie was released. I can't wait to hook in to some big boys.

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Jul 26, 2002 00:18

Submitted by Catfish and Chris who fished midlake on 7/25/02

HAWG- O- RAMA !!!! My buddy Chris ( from "The Hulk " ) and I tapped into the fat bastards this morning. Fished about 4.5 hours 7:30- 12:00 and went 4-5. 2 FIFTIES, two 40 inchers and a good rip. Two fish on a JNTed perch w/b BRS 8 oz and 3 passes - boat rod, Two hits on a jnted, Leo, perch w/b, board, 6 passes and no weight. And One fish on a long line two ounces and 8 passes which was 50 inches as was one of the boat rod fish. A little revenge for getting impaled by that 7 /O the other day !!! We didnt over play the fish . But both were sluggish when released. The 9.9 Yamy trolls down slow so I can keep the boards spread but do not need to circle the fish- thus they dont get overplayed BUT boy we had to take our time with both releases. I guess it is just a good reminder that this time of the year not to to keep the fish out of the water more than enough time for a couple pictures and a measurement and get them in a nd released quick. Well by the end a couple more 50 inch "potentially " 40 lbers someday were released well. Hopefully no one wacks them before they get huge. Catch a fatty and let her grow !!!

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Jul 25, 2002 20:28

Submitted by Don M who fished Thames, Bell, and Weather Buoy... on July 20 and 21, 2002

Sat we Started off by Thames and Belle...Went 4 for 4 there. Most were small 38-42 Inches...In the dusk we were between the Firecracker and Weather Buoy...Caught a Huge 50 1/2 inch Monster on a T2 YB Light Frog!!!! Sunday found us at the same spot where the above Monster was caught (Go Figure!) From 6am to 12 PM we boated 4 Muskie ranging from 42-48 Inches! What a Weekend! All Muskie were released after a quick Photo!

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Jul 25, 2002 12:11

Submitted by ross who fished st clair on other day

went 0 for 0 in a few hours on tuesday really bad northeast wind but weeds werent too bad it was really rough and r 21 footer couldnt really handle the chop out there heard someone say they got a 49 inch 35 pound muskie dont no for sure thought

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Jul 23, 2002 19:55

Submitted by Catfish who fished Midlake, South Channel on july 20 and 21, 2002

Hawgstock !!! Fished with my buddy Brad Sat . 6:30am till about Midnight. Popped 7 or 8 fish and missed a few. 51.5, 49, 42, 41,41,41, is what I remember. Worked late and didnt get any sleep Friday night thus my memory is a little jaded. Little to no weight. Everything But a rip and 41 on the Boards. Hot baits and colors- BRS 8 inch gold bass Str.- 3 fish, Leach BRS jnted 2 fish, BRS YB Perch jnted , YB Believer 10 in str. We hit the pig at 10:30 at night. Ran it in to get weighed in the Tourni. Got her in my buddies homemade livewell right away after a couple measurements. Put a little ice in to cool Mrs Piggy off (34-35 pounds on Chatillion). Made the run to the Bell to get her measured. They took way too long to measure her. Took her out - got pictures and released her. I jumped in and spent about 20 minutes working with her. She was pretty wooped. That warm water near the Bell wasnt easy on her either. Anyways when she finally went - she went strong. Maybe she will 37-38 lbs in the fall !!!! I might get a graphite of that fish. Nice Spots. Sunday we got blanked for 3 rips. We ended up tied for third. Catch a Hawg and let her grow.

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Jul 23, 2002 18:20

Submitted by Catfish who fished Midlake on 7/22/02

OUCH- Motherscratcher !!! Paid the price the first 5 minutes of fishing Monday morning. Started early by myself approx 6:30 am I was dishing out rods. Wind coming out of the SWS about 15 mph. Got the boat up to speed. 5 minutes later a mooskie was ripping my long line. No weight, 8 passes . I brought the fish up and went to unhook the 42 incher. The fish decided he would let me know how it feels and put a 7/0 in my wrist and proceeded to jump around. Wow - that wasnt fun. Anyways I pulled her in the boat -cut the hook. Just missed and artery, tapped a tendon, and just missed the bone. I got the hooks out of the fish - measured her and got a good release and packed up for the hospital. I think I will go back to the welders gloves. I was wearing the Berklys but they do not go high enough up the arm. Anyways I was lucky and unlucky as I know I would have hammered them. Catch and release - especially the Hawgs .

Send e-mail to Catfish

Jul 21, 2002 21:35

Submitted by beer jammer who fished Down Lapeer Road. on Sunday

Hey muskie hunters. I traveled to exit 81, all the way down Lapeer Road. In Search of Pike and Tiger Muskie. In Metamora theres a lake called Big Fish Lake. Its ruled by Pike. A-LOTTA-PIKE I thought Id give my Muskie set up a wirl. We got there at 8:20, the D N R siad they only allow 20 boats on the lake at a time. There were 8 boats in line waiting. Of course they were jet skis and ski boats cuz no working man, "AKA fisherman' is gonna wait it out on a Sunday. We got out of Dodge, tried to find some hidden secret lake/wasted a an hr. or 2, then went to Nepessing. Soon as I got Four lines in the water the storm hit. We went to a pub and returned shortly after only to battle weeds. Lost a wiley and a Mason, caught nothing, bent my prop. Friends dont travel this route, people from up north or out of state drive the extra mile to battle muskelunge in our house, Ill never leave my own back yard in search oh em agian. GENTLEMEN, good luck in the water.

Send e-mail to beer jammer

Jul 21, 2002 18:11

Submitted by Tom who fished Dumps on 07/21/02

Went 3 for 5. All fish were in the small category. 3 on green wormy T3, on board, 35-2. One on hot perch, boat rod 15-4, one on blue frog T3, on board, 30-4. All the action was in the 15ft area of the southern dumps, east side. All the action was from 8:30 to 10:30. Storm front was moving in from the north and things quieted down. All in all a nice day, but the fish were on the small side. Hang a BIG ONE!!!

Send e-mail to Tom

Jul 20, 2002 23:49

Submitted by Rich "Big Rib" who fished In front of the 400 club on 7-20-02

3rd time out musky fishin' (ever) with the new boat. Landed a little musky fella in front of the 400 club in 12 FOW. Heavy weeds. Caught a monster small mouth on the same rig 30 minutes later. Where are the big ones at? Everytime out we catch something, new equipment finds its way the next time!!!

Send e-mail to Rich "Big Rib"

Jul 19, 2002 02:39

Submitted by Catfish who fished Ruscom, Thames , Stoney, Midlake, S.Channel on July 6- 14

What a week. Two buddies from Mad Town, WI came in to fish. It was an adventureGot visited by "The Man" , caught a ten pound Catfish on a Magnum Daredevil, tore up a prop, got bounced around a bit in the waves, and caught some fish. 12 fish over 44 inches but none over fifty. Ruscom , Stoney, and Midlake gave up some decent fish. The fish at the Ruscom were up high. Did well on light olive wormy st3, wormy t3, blue frog w/b t3, firebass t3, 9$ bass t3, Org tiger, all white, and crackle frog 10 in. believer and 10 inch yb believer straight among others. Tuesday that front came in and seemed to cool everything off. Caught nice fish at primetime Moon phase about every night. Most fish came off the boards or long lined behind the boat. Wacked the prop at DNR launch next to Beacon Cove - I believe- So be careful. "The Man" was in a white SeaSwirl Hard top with OPP decals about a 22 footer I/O. Very new looking boat with a little sweetie on board. Anyways a somewhat slow week with some decent fish. My crazy Buddies - one is currently tops in the PMT and the other one of the premier guides in Madison were very impressed with the LSC and said they had a ball. Good luck and catch a hawg. Get a replica !!! Save a Hawg for me !!! CAtfish

Send e-mail to Catfish

Jul 19, 2002 02:06

Submitted by Catfish who fished Scouting on July 1 and 2, 2002

Fished all over looking for fresh fish. Popped one at the light 4 oz and 3 passes , Bass believer Str. 10 inch and one out from Huron Pt Long line, Mason Pretty baby. Fished Five or six hours and burned some gas between the two days. Water was appro 78 degrees. Pretty weedy near the light. Both fish under 40.Catch a fatty and let her grow !!!

Send e-mail to Catfish

Jul 18, 2002 23:39

Submitted by Lee Majoros who fished south shore on Tues June 16th

Took Tuesday off and went fishing alone 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The gnats were the worst ever, swarms of them. There was a West wind, water was clear & 75 and stuck with 17 to 18 ft. Caught 2, a 38" and a 40" on a rainbow trout cisco kid 30 ft and 3oz. Somedays when the naturals don't work a little flash seems to help.

Send e-mail to Lee Majoros

Jul 18, 2002 20:13

Submitted by Bamboa who fished west of St. Clair Light on 7/17/02

Fished Wednesday, July 17 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm on Lake St. Clair; west of the St. Clair Light. It was sunny, 90 degrees and the wind was South, 10-15 mph. Water temp was mid 70s and there were 2 feet (+) waves (again). Went 1 for 2, caught on our hottest lure this year, the Mackerel Perch on board at 4/30. About 30 inches long, this fish was very appreciated for it was the fist muskie Bill had ever caught (It always helps to have a virgin on board). The miss came on the same presentation, but it just never hooked up. Tough fishing conditions, big waves and lots-of-lots of floating weeds. By 9:00 I was ready to call it quits.

Send e-mail to Bamboa

Jul 17, 2002 19:19

Submitted by Charlie Williams who fished The Ruscom on 7/13

We started fishing at 10:30 a.m. ( high clouds and winds NW at 10mph) The water temp was 74.6 to 76 degrees. The water was clear to green. We went 2 for 3 today. First fish a 34.5" on a yb darkfrog stalker 11:30 a.m. out rod 20ft and 2oz. Second fish a 27" on a wb lightfrog wiley killer 1:18p.m. out rod 20ft and 2oz. Third fish ( rip ) on a firetiger wiley king 8:00 p.m. down rod 5ft and 10oz. Pulled out of Deerbrook Marina at 11:00 p.m. Left U.S. customs at 2:30a.m. (you do the math)I thought it was our turn for a body cavity search, but they just checked under the boat cover. Maybe the next one day trip will be launched on the American side.

Send e-mail to Charlie Williams

Jul 17, 2002 18:13

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished Lake St. Clair - Stoney Pt on July 12-14

Fished a total of about 22 hours from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, all in the daytime. Weather was stable, very sunny and hot, in the 80's. Wind varied from a light north wind to calm. Water was clear although a slight green tint existed. Fished in 18 feet of water. Gnats everywhere. Water temp. was 72-74.Went 1-3 Friday evening, 5-6 on Saturday and 4-4 on Sunday morning. Got a 49" 29.25 lb, 47" 25.75 lb, 44" 22 lb, 42" 18 lb, 39", 38.5", 38", 32", 31" and a 29". The two biggest fish came midday, one at 12:30, one at 1:15 (different days). 7 of the 10 came on planer boards, including all 40 inchers. These fish were on wileys and stalkers. The 3 upper 30 inchers came on boat rods. Two on bucktails and one on a stalker. Colors were bluefrog (2 fish including 29 lber), WB Perch (4 fish including the 47", 44" and 42"), chart/black bucktail (1), WB Frog (1), gold/yellow bucktail (1), YB Frog (1). Fish came from 15 to 40 feet back on the boards with 0 to 4 oz weights. Boat rods were 15 to 50 feet back.Got checked by the man on Saturday, thought I was legal, but my dumb#ss friend didn't have his license or any other id with him (he left it in the car). We offered up that he just take my friend away but he wouldn't do it. Actually, he was nice enough to let us run back and get it but it wasted and hour or so of fishing time and a bunch of gas. Got checked again on Sunday but just for a fish survey. Saw several people get their rods confiscated so be careful if you run extras. I would recommend sticking with sliders or staying in the US.

Send e-mail to Grim Reaper

Jul 17, 2002 17:48

Submitted by Beer Jammer who fished lake st clair on tue, july 16

We trolled between the dumps and the channel. 3 hrs in the afternoon. NOTHING BUT FLOATING WEEDS! tuesday july 16, noon to 3:45. We even bribed the fishing gods with some change and a beer or two. What a waste of a beer. Good Luck Gentlemen, see ya on the water.

Send e-mail to Beer Jammer

Jul 14, 2002 22:30

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished Mid lake on Sun. Jul 14

Weather was calm, 80 degree air temp. Gnats everywhere. water clean. Fished from 8am-12noon. started at LSC light over to the weather buoy, moved towards the dumps, no rips no fish. ouch. There must have been 30 musky guys at the weather buoy at 9am, unreal. Less floating weeds on canadian side than US. MOMC tourney was this weekend, big fish for the weekend was a 31 lb'er...andy

Send e-mail to Andy Hartz

Jul 12, 2002 16:51

Submitted by Rich "Big Rib" who fished Lake St. Claire between Huron Point and Strawberry Island on 7-12-02

First time Musky fishin', first time out, and new boat. Hooked into a monster within the first hour using downrods pulling yellow belly perch "Believers" in the propwash 30 feet back in 10 FOW. The crew and I are hooked on this Musky fishin' and I anticipate the installation of additional rod holders on the new boat!! Rocketman's web site helped use get started with the basics!!!

Send e-mail to Rich "Big Rib"

Jul 12, 2002 13:26

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished Anchor Bay to The Spillway on 7/10/02

We fished from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM in 10 to15’ of water. The water temperature was 69 to 72°F and the waves were less than 2 to 3 feet. The action was close to the boat so I didn’t even get the planer boards wet. We went 6 for 8 on the day. The first musky was a 36” fish that hit a Cobra Perch Musky Magnet on a down rod set at 8/8. The second fish struck about 10:40 and was our largest of the day at 48.25” and 28.4 lbs. hitting a WB Mackeral Perch Musky Magnet at 8/8. The third fish was a 36” musky that hit a WB Perch Musky Magnet on a boat rod at 25/2. The fourth musky measured 42” hitting a YB Mackeral Perch Musky Magnet on a down rod at 8/8. The fifth musky was 46” and over 25 pounds hitting the same YB Mackeral Perch Musky Magnet on a down rod at 8/8. The sixth musky of the day was 32” fish hitting a Red Belly Perch Musky Magnet. The two fish that were lost hit the Cobra Perch on a down rod and the WB Perch on boat rod. All fish were released. Good fishin’.

Send e-mail to Kermit Good

Jul 12, 2002 09:11

Submitted by Bruce (Bamboa) McCaffrey who fished St. Clair Light on 7/11/02

Fished Thursday, July 11 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm on Lake St. Clair; east of the channel between the St. Clair Light and the south channel. It was sunny, 80 degrees and the wind was N-NE 10-15 mph. Water temp was mid 70s and there were 2 feet (+) waves. Went 0 for 3 with one real screamer on the 9$ bass off the board. This fish was taking out massive line for over 15 sec. While I was trying to set the hook, I burned a couple layers of skin off my thumb by trying to slow/stop the spinning reel, so I resorted to tightening the drag. After all this, the fish told me who the boss was and let go of the T3 and swam away. The other hits were on 9$ bass and Pixie Dust steelhead, both off boards, 3oz/30feet. On such a gorgeous day, you would not have guest, but the waves were working me pretty hard so we quit early. More then likely, I’ll be on the lake for most of the day Sunday.

Send e-mail to Bruce (Bamboa) McCaffrey

Jul 11, 2002 20:27

Submitted by Marty who fished Anchor Bay on 7/11/02

Went 2 for 2 in anchor bay 10-11 fow. Both fish caught on a T3 #71 Blue Wormy Terminator on longrods 2 and 35 at 4.9 mph. fish were 42" and 44" both were released.

Send e-mail to Marty

Jul 11, 2002 16:30

Submitted by nick who fished Huron point, Strawberry bar on July 11

0 for 4. Nothing good to report except that their were very few surface weeds until we hit the spillway. Most of our strikes came on a perch colored super shad rap. Good luck

Send e-mail to nick

Jul 10, 2002 16:25

Submitted by ross who fished lake st clair on other day

havent had a great day all year been pickin up around 3 muskies for every 4 hours fishing

Send e-mail to ross

Jul 10, 2002 11:47

Submitted by Bobster who fished St. Clair Light on 7/09/02

Fished from 4pm to 7:30. Just stopped raining and the sun came out. Winds light, water clear with slight wave action. Went 2 for 2. First one was 37 inces and hit T3WB Helin Frog in 16ft of water on the longrod 15ft. back with 8oz. going 5mph. The second one was 35 inches and decided to hit a T3 9$Bass just as I was crossing the channel going east and a freighter was bearing down on us. I was going about 6.5mph when she hit the boardrod that was set at 30/2. Lucky it was a smallfry and we were able to control the fish quickly. Next time I'll wait till the freigher passes.

Send e-mail to Bobster

Jul 9, 2002 11:56

Submitted by Hutch who fished Stoney Point L.S.C. on July 8

One foot chop fished 6:30 till 9:00 Pm trial run for my new Terminator Lureswas impresed one fish 32 incher off planner board 20/2 other 30 incher prop wash rod both fish in 15foot of wafer speed 4.2 hit at 8:00 pm and 8:20 pm Both fish small yet real scrappers both broke water thougt we were fishing steelhead .

Send e-mail to Hutch

Jul 8, 2002 21:42

Submitted by ross who fished st clair on other day

3 for 4 biggest 41 incher others were small round 25 inch fish just swung em in boat all on what looked to be a yellow helin frog if thats what its calledGET A BIG ONE

Send e-mail to ross

Jul 8, 2002 21:29

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Lake St.Clair on July 4, 5, 6

Went out July 4th and fished the from spillway down to Grosse point Yacht Club. We had one strike on a wb perch Wiley headshaker plus a follow up on the same bait while checking for weeds. The bait was fished on a down rod at 6’ 1lb. The hit came at the spillway in 14 feet of water and the follow about half way to the Yacht Club same depth. July 5ht we fished from Ruscom to the Thames and caught a 39 incher on a strait dog turd Wiley set at 10’ 1lb in 13.5 feet of water near the Thames. July 6th we trolled from Ruscom to the Thames in the morning and picked up a 30 incher near Ruscom on a strait dog turd Wiley set at 10’ 1lb in 16 feet of water. In the afternoon we went the other way to Belle River and caught a 39 incher on a board rod with a jointed yb perch set at 40’ 1oz just west of the hump in 14 feet of water.

Send e-mail to Mike Ford

Jul 7, 2002 21:21

Submitted by ross who fished lake st clair on yesterday

went 1 for 2 in 3 hours fishing got a decent one when we were out heard someone say they landed a 32 pounder on yellow belly perch 2 and 35 GET A BIG ONE

Send e-mail to ross

Jul 7, 2002 17:55

Submitted by Tom who fished Lake St. Clair on 7-7-02

Awsome Trip we went 6-8 on the Ski's Tried some new Lures that I made myself. If Rockman can make them so can I It took me a while and I think I did a good job and of course they Proved them selfs out the weekend , Any way all fish caught in Anchor bay near the Baltimore Cut . 10-13 fow 30/5 5.7 Mph Hot color Hot perch Hey rocketman Were you been I usually see you out on the pond But we have not crossed yet this season Hope you have a great season again

Send e-mail to Tom

Jul 7, 2002 12:23

Submitted by Andy Hartz who fished LSC, The Dumps on Sat July 6

Trolled for musky from off the GPYC over to the dumps and around that general area. at 815 am, just north of the dumps, a nice fish hit a T3 WB Perch. To the boat it came and I totally choked on the netting of this fish and turned her loose with three tugs of the now tangled net. It was an easy 20 lbs. My buddy was not so pleased but showed great self discipline and shrugged it off. of course that was the only action of the day, we quit at noon. fish hit the bottom bait of a rocketman two way rig, on a downrod approx. 15 feet back, all on a 1 lb ball in 15 FOW. Water on the canadian side of the channel was much cleaner and had much less floating weeds than the US side of the channel. US side was almost unfishable. ..not happy about the net job, but nonetheless we SAW a nice fish!!!...andy

Send e-mail to Andy Hartz

Jul 6, 2002 10:23

Submitted by craig miller who fished c- ball area on 07/03/02

fished from 4pm to 8 pm had a west wind water depth 13 ft. speed about 4.5 mph. went 3 for 4 with one huge girl 32pds on the scale caught her on a downrod 10-10 with a headshaker yb perch other set ups same for the next fish then pb 20-2 wiley yb perch lost one on wiley frog yb yelllow bellies seemed to be the ticket would liked to stay to dark as all the action took place from 6;30 on, but you take what time you get. release a big one let her grow. fish tracker.

Send e-mail to craig miller

Jul 5, 2002 10:10

Submitted by JIGROD who fished Huron Point to Strawberry on 7/4

Fished from 6am to 12noon. We went 5 for 8. Two fish off down rods 1lb 10' tree frog maison 46", Baby Bass Maison 47.5". The three others off the boards, 46" special perch Loke,46" JT YB Perch Maison, 30" ST YB Perch Maison. Great morning close to home until the traffic hit. Fish really turned on between 11:30 and 12:00.

Send e-mail to JIGROD

Jul 1, 2002 22:44

Submitted by Charlie Williams who fished Ruscom River on 6/30

Decided to move east today. Water clear, skys clear, water temp 76 to 79.5 degrees. We went 9 for 9 today. All action high ( out rods and boards) 20/2oz and 30/2oz. Colors: yb darker frog stalker, wb dark frog stalker, yb dark frog wiley, T3 Carp, wb perch wiley. sizes 42,38,29,39,27,35,36,36,35. Water depth: 14 to 17ft.

Send e-mail to Charlie Williams

Jul 1, 2002 22:30

Submitted by Charlie Williams who fished Red Barn on 6/29

Fished the red barn area in 13to 14 ft of water. We went 3for 4 today A 42,30 and a 37incher caught on wb perch wileys and yb dark frog stalkers. one on the planer board, two on the out rods. Water clear, water temp 73 to 75 degrees.

Send e-mail to Charlie Williams

Jul 1, 2002 22:20

Submitted by Charlie Williams who fished Red Barn on 6/28

Went back to the red barn to find floating weeds and dirtier water from the north winds of thursday night. We went 1 for 1 today a small one.( 25 incher) caught off the planer board , firetiger headshaker, 20and 2oz

Send e-mail to Charlie Williams

Jul 1, 2002 22:06

Submitted by Charlie Williams who fished Belle River, Puce on 6/27

Fished the Red Barn in 13 to 14 feet of water and went 3 for 4. first fish. 31 incher on a light frog wiley(out rod 30&2), 2nd fish 45incher on a blue frog T3 (Planer rod 20&2), 3rd fish 33incher on a firetiger wiley( downrod 5ft& 10oz) Water was clear blue with sw winds at 5 to10 mph. Water temp 69 to70.8 degrees

Send e-mail to Charlie Williams

Jul 1, 2002 18:14

Submitted by craig miller who fished g.p.y.c to the st. clair light on 7/1/02

went muskie fishing from 8am to 2pm and it sucked floating weeds were everywhere there was no chance at keeping lures clean. had 3 people on board on first muskie hunt. Were no help so recorded first skunk of the year. Would have loved to try canadian side but they had no license. buddy of mine got caught by belle river running 8 rods with 2 people in boat, he now owns no rods no reels and is 8 lures short plus a fine be careful fellow hunters. boat I believe was a 21ft whaler with radar dome on it. good luck fish tracker.

Send e-mail to craig miller

Jul 1, 2002 13:34

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished The Spillway on 6/29/02

We went fishing on Saturday, 06/29/02 from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. We fished out from the Spillway in 14' of water. The water temperature was 75 ° F and the waves were less than 1 foot. We went 3 for 4 on the day. The first musky was a 34" musky that hit a WB Perch Musky Magnet on a down rod set at 8/4. The second fish struck just past noon and was our largest of the year at 49" and 30 lbs. The fish hit the same bait at 8/8. The third fish was a fat 40" musky that hit a WB Coach Dog Musky Magnet on a board at 20/1. This fourth musky of the day hit the WB Perch Musky Magnet on the down rod at 8/8. This fish looked like a 40" fish that got away. All fish were released. Good fishin'.

Send e-mail to Kermit Good

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