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2002 Muskie Madness Fishing Reports
September - December

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Dec 10, 2002 03:10

Submitted by catfish who fished Anchor ( SlushBowl) Bay on 12/9/02

If I get a hold of that weatherman. 5-10 mph winds - OK right. It would be great to have a career that you could be wrong 50% of the time and not lose your job !! 0-0 in 5 hrs. Water cloudy to dirty, WSW winds 15-25 which turned my boat into an Ice cycle. I had an inch of ice on my gunwalls !!! My downeasters were froze together. What a butt kicking. Water temp 36-38 . Most of AnchorBay is cut off from the rest of the lake with ice. A couple cool things- trolling around iceburgs and trolling by ice fisherman !!! I am not ending the season yet. The fish will pay I just need some weather. A 50 plus incher will be very heavy right now !!! Hawgs for Christmas !!!!

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Dec 8, 2002 21:51

Submitted by Catfish who fished River on 12/07/02

Dropped in the river and trolled around for 4-5 hours. Water was clean and 39 degrees. Wind was strong 20-30 from the South west. Trolling current had me at a loss but gave it a shot. Lots of bait. LSC was to windy. Sunday was windy - I will hopefully be back out there on Monday. The wind has been horrible.

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Dec 6, 2002 22:38

Submitted by catfish who fished Anchor BAy on 12/6/02

Water was good but too windy - 0-0 in 4 hrs. Spent most of the time in the channel. Water 38 degrees . Wind 20-25 from South south West. A bunch of crap.

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Dec 6, 2002 00:21

Submitted by Catfish who fished AnchorBAy on 12/5/02

Slow day. Fished 4 hrs went 1-1 . A 42 incher that crapped all over my boat. Beautiful Day. Popped the fish on the gold and black, 20 feet no weight. Water was 39 degrees coming out of the N. channel. Water was 35 near New Baltimore and the Salt. There were some good mudlines. Popped the fish in cloudy water , 10 ft. Wind out of the NNW 5-10. Any of you hardcore fisherman with trailerable boats there are open Launches in the st.clair R. Catch and release !!!

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Dec 3, 2002 02:04

Submitted by Catfish and Chuck who fished Anchor MUD Bay on 12/01/02

Went down to crack up some ice. Selfridge looked uncrackable. Chuck and I dropped through the ice at South River. Busted about 150 feet of ice to get out. Fished for two hours. Water was like chocolate milk and weedy most of the bay. Miserable ENEast wind 15-25 mph. Water a little cleaner near grassy. Wish we would have stayed up there. Water ranged from 34 in shallow to 38 in the middle. Zero for Zero. Now I am doing a serious thaw job on the Pig before our next adventure !!! She was pretty much coated head Bow to transom in an inch of ice. Good luck - be careful - CPR !!

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Dec 2, 2002 14:24

Submitted by David Naples who fished American shoreline on 11/28/02

Somewhere along the line I must have grown feathers and morphed into a turkey cause after three hours of fishing between the yacht clubs we got skunked. Last year we had four great days of fishing over the Turkey weekend but it was not to be in 2002, water temps were in the low to mid thirties and while we marked fish there were no takers. By my observations when the water temp hits 40 or below its time to pack it in, which we did none to soon when we pulled the boat Saturday we literaly scraped our way to the Eleven mile ramp and pulled her out. Sunday there was ice on my canal and now worse. UGH! Have a good winter. Dave "Channel Cruiser"

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Dec 1, 2002 21:56

Submitted by catfish who fished Anchor Bay - Huron Point on 11/27/02

One Nortun and One fat 45 inch barred Musky - bronze back in 4-5 hours. It had half a tail.The musky was on a Kermit Custom painted Bratton Frog, Large Loke off the boat in 9 feet of water. 8 oz and 5 feet. Water was cloudy 39-40 degrees. First nice day in a while. Got out a few times last week casting and didnt catch much nor did I spend much time. Windy and stirred up. PLEASE MAKE sure anyone Chasing Pigs does some laps around the Launch to break up any Ice so we can fish as long as possible. I cracked a bunch up at Selfridge. Going out of town for Thanksgiving - Good luck - Keep the ice off the ramps- Happy Holidays and CAtch and Release a Hawg!!!

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Nov 24, 2002 21:30

Submitted by mike ford who fished lake st. clair on nov 24

Fished aboard Rodzilla today in Anchor Bay and went 2/3. The first was 19lbs 40 plus inches and hit a black belly dark frog musky magnet 15/6. The second fish was 40 inches and hit a yellow belly mackeral perch musky magnet 15/4. The water was real muddy and we hooked all three fish in about 10 feet of water.

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Nov 24, 2002 20:24

Submitted by David Naples who fished American Shoreline on 11/24/02

Spent 4 hours working the clubs for (1) nice (43) inch fish, fat and sassy. Water was stained but weed free water temp 39 degrees, Air temp to cold to remember, but it was still fun. Channel Cruiser

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Nov 20, 2002 20:35

Submitted by Dave who fished Lake St Clair on 11-20-02

1/2 for 1..put a nice sized Northern back in the lake that wanted to snack on a T-3 Crackle frog. Zero other rips. Had to get out in the 50 plus degree day in late Nov!! St Jean launch is closed up for the season and the 9 mile launch is still not done. St Clair Shores (residents only) launch let me in for $10. Cruzed around from 11 mile to below the GPYC. Marked some big fish up near 11 mile in 10 fow. Visibility only about 1 foot. Beautiful day to be not catchin' Muskies. Is there any other launches available on the south end of the lake between say 9 mile and the mouth of the Detroit River? thanks -dave

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Nov 17, 2002 22:56

Submitted by Catfish who fished Georgian Bay on Nov. 14, 15,16

Fished three days casting, wacking rock and open water trolling. Whitefish were spawning. Water was in the mid to low 40s and after Friday nights 16 degrees and some rediculous wind chill there were surface temps in the upper 30s. Had to break a little ice getting out Sat. morning. Popped a pike and that was it. Battled a snowstorm Sat. night to get home. Hoping I dont have to work this weekend so I can get one more shot at a supertanker !!!

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Nov 17, 2002 22:46

Submitted by Catfish who fished Anchor Bay on 11/17/02

Popped 2 muskies and a northern . 34.5 and 36.5 inches. Fished from 10:30 am to approx 4:00pm. Water 42 degrees with a NNW wind 15-20 mph. Fish came on Firetiger Crank and a Black/ silver TX. 20 feet and no weight and 20 feet and 2 oz on the boards. Nice and beefy fish . Fishing mudlines and breaklines in the rough water. Glad I wasnt at the Thames in my boat !! It had to be rocking down there !!!

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Nov 17, 2002 22:34

Submitted by Catfish who fished South shore on 11/12/02

HAWGSTOCK- Popped a Piggy - 54 inches. Bouncing between 36-38 pounds on 100 pound Chatillion. Fished Tuesday 1:00-3:30pm. Started checking the South Channel which was nice but ( no bait) , Bouy chalky, and then the tip of the B.R.Hump which was weedy and dirty but had some bait on the North East side 16- 18 ft of water. SO I trolled around for about an hour when the pig hit up high. 20 feet no weight - board - gold crank. I then threw it in the live well, packed up and headed to Bell River to get someone to take pictures. 46 degree water temp. NNW wind 5 mph. Fish was released and went back very well. Sorry about lack of reports- I have spent 15 days in Canada- Eagle Lake and Georgian Bay. We Caught some nice fish on Eagle up to 49.5 inches but no Super Tankers.

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Nov 13, 2002 20:04

Submitted by muskiemadman who fished Belle River on Nov. 12

Fished the mouth of the Belle River from 7 to 10 p.m. Shad were so thick that we were snagging them with our lure's. Wind was south, south west. Water was still pretty murky. Thought that something might have been in there with so many bait fish about. Talked to a few other guy's catching the same thing that we were,.. colds...

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Nov 11, 2002 11:57

Submitted by Dt. Dew Man who fished LSC on 11/9

Bad winds made us think twice. Went anyway. Started out around 9:00 near the 400 club and trolled north along the bank. Water was cold, 47, and the water was stained. Ended up in the extreme northern part of anchor bay before the water cleared up. Landed a smaller northern on a crackle frog (boat rod 15/4). Also had two other hits on that same lure but nothing. You would think that all of those hooks hanging out the back would at least snag a fish. Weeds were not that bad and had a nice time. That may have been it for the year. Still hoping to get my hands on some TX's for next year.

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Nov 10, 2002 06:47

Submitted by Chris Wilt who fished american side on 11-9-02

Fished american side Sat. morning . Water was mud pretty much mud everwhere did find some cleaner water in anchor bay but visibility was still poor .No fish for about 6 hrs of effort.Chris "The Hulk"

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Nov 5, 2002 20:51

Submitted by Kurt who fished St Clair - American water on 11/4 & 11/5/2002

Nothing to write home about (or photo for that matter).... Boated 2 fish in the 2 trips. Both short & fat (low teens). What a difference a day makes out there. Monday bright(er)skies with the light west wind. Tuesday east winds really churning up the water on the west shore. 1 foot vis from DNR launch out probably 2 miles. Found clear water and santuary up by Gull, but couldn't get anything going. Still today - Headed down by dumps after trying west shore a while. Water got clearer & picked up the one fish on a perch nils inside board rod 2oz & 20. Rough coming back. Monday got 2 other releases, but couldn't hook them. Heard reports of the same in the late am from another guy. Picked up the one fish on board rod 2oz & 25 on big jointed YB perch. All rips were in the middle of the day.

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Nov 4, 2002 10:27

Submitted by ZOMBIE who fished st. clair on 10-26-2002

Went 3/3 one 40inch musky, one 36, and one 40 inch pike....fished channel....

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Nov 4, 2002 09:33

Submitted by John Tomlin who fished Lake St.Clair on 11/03/2002

Went fishing on sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm aboard RODZILLA with Kermit and John. And went 1 for 1. We started at the south channel and then went to the dumping grounds. Our final move was back to anchor bay. That was were we caught the fish. We should have stayed in the bay. The lure of choice was a 7.5 inch straight firedog off the board. 10 ft and no weight. We were fishing in ten feet of water. The same lure accounted for 2 pike as well the muskie. The muskie was 36 inches. We did not mark any fish at the south cahnnel or the dumps. I dont know where they have gone. John

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Nov 3, 2002 20:29

Submitted by fishwacker who fished lake st clair on 11-2 & 11-3

I went 0 for 1 on sat. the fish was on for about 2 minutes before I lost him in 10 foot of water, in front of the gpyc. I lost another one in the same place to start off the morn on sunday (at the net)its tough fishing, driving & netting alone! next I trolled down to the river and turned left following the south shore and caught a 42" fat hog on a nils perch flavor in 10 ft (2oz & 30 ft). I trolled the same area for the rest of the day and about 2 hours later I landed a 38" mooskie (once again really fat!)he fought hard! on a jointed wiley perch flavor I lost another one about 1/2 hour later in the same spot (it felt like a big one!) both muskies swam away with vigor. what a great day!

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Submitted: Oct 29, 2002 at 09:50 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Sunday, 10/27/02 from 11:00 AM until 6:00 PM at Lake St. Weed, for Muskies. It was overcast, 45 F and the wind was NW 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was rainy. The water temperature was 52 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was less than 1 foot, and we were fishing in 17 foot deep water.

We went 1 for 1 today. Jim got the biggest one, a 15 pound Muskie that went for a KB Bluefrog Terminator TX fished on a down rod.

Fished the US side in the SW corner of the lake. Very tough conditions today. Weeds very bad everywhere we went except in a small area in 15 feet or less between the yacht clubs. Weeds only moderately bad in there but no fish there either. There was a big pack of walleye or perch boats deep off 9-Mile Tower. Went out there and marked some big fish but to much floating weeds to fish. Tried the dumps - weedy and marked nothing. The only fish we got was right at the edge of the channel in 17 feet deep in the only 1/2 good looking water color that we found all day. Caught the fish while dodging weedbags. If they counted we would have been about 90 for 90!

Oct 29, 2002 07:33

Submitted by Joe who fished Metro Beach to 9 Mile on Sunday 10/27

Went dragging baits Sunday afternoon from 1-4:30. Water temp was 50 degrees, air temp was in the low 50's with waves around a foot. First time muskie fishing without any help. Thank god for my 50 cent auto pilot (ie. bungie cord on the steering wheel). Caught a 34 inch muskie about 3 o'clock on a down rod 16oz. and 5 back with a custom painted Nils WB Perch in 16 FOW just off 9 Mile. My trip was shortened because I went to aid of a boat that had lost power and was signaling with his air horn. Ended up towing him to South River Road from 2 miles south of Metro Beach. Felt good to help this family get in before dark. RIPPING DRAGS TO ALL!!! Joe

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Oct 28, 2002 20:15

Submitted by Kurt who fished 9 mile/GPYC on 10/27 sunday

Fished area around GPYC from 10am - 2pm. Went 0-0 unfortunately. Actually started up by 11 mile and trolled down. Weeds were bad until I hit GPYC. Stayed in the area because of that. Water temp 48 and off color. Lots of other guys there trolling as well. Quit and went perch fishing. At least I got a couple meals out of the day....

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Oct 28, 2002 09:11

Submitted by David Naples who fished American Shoreline on October 27th

It was cool and breezy with scattered clouds, water dirty but not to many weeds. Started at about ten and fished till dark, most of the day was slow but between 12:30 and 2:30 we caught 6 fish largest about 42 inches. This happened to coincide with fishing charts best time of the day, hmmmmmm. Ended up with 8 fish one a nice pike, wish all my days had that much action only got two Saturday and had to go to the middle of the Lake to find them and clear watr(no weeds). Good luck to all and thanks to the Musky Goddess, long live Elvira. Crew of the Channel Cruiser.

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Submitted: Oct 28, 2002 at 09:41 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Sucked Completely!!

I went fishing on up north Saturday, 10/26/02 from 12:00 PM until 5:00 PM, for Muskies. It was overcast, 42 F and the wind was NW 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was rainy. The water temperature was 42 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 4-6 feet.

Went 0 for 1. Classic big fish conditions - overcast, cold, drizzly, and turning windy. Fished all around and in the deep basin but never did find the fish. The cabbage weeds are just about gone. Marked only a little bait and only a few big fish. Best seemed to be the east side in about 13 feet deep but even then nothing to write home about. Had one good screaming rip at about 4:00pm on west side in 10' deep on a Terminator TX $9 Bass on a downrod. Was only on for a couple seconds and then nothing but the feel of lure. Damn, I hate it when that happens. Still, it was an awesome excursion!

Oct 24, 2002 22:38

Submitted by Kirk Howes who fished LSC on 10/24/02

What a day, fished with my buddy Paul in his boat. Cold and windy Water temp was about 46 or so. Tried everything in the box, we were casting. Finally used a Gold Super Shad and twitched it just like a dying shad and .... I caught Two Muskies in two casts! Marked about 10 fish and I think it'll get better next month!

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Oct 21, 2002 20:37

Submitted by Kurt who fished St Clair on 10/20

Made another all day trip and managed to boat only one. She was a fat little 39" fish though. Got her on a wash rod 6 oz - 1.5 back with a silver and black Nils. All three hooks, one of which wrapped into her gill. She unfortunately was bleeding slightly when she went back. Had to cut (snip) one hook out too. Got her in 13 f.o.w. later in the day. Missed another rip off the down rod as well on a chocolate perch Nils. Nothing off the boards?? Never ventured too far into Canadian water for fear of even more weeds with the west wind.

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oct 21, 2002 16:54

submitted by jim who fished belle river on 10-20-02

fished sunday 11:30 to 2:30 belle river 11-14ft water temp 51 very dirty. got skunked not even a hit. seemed to mark a decent amount of fish. tried from 2;30 to 3:30 around gp yacht club zig-zagging between to perch anglers with the same sucess.

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Oct 21, 2002 09:40

Submitted by fishaholic who fished grass isle/n. channel on 10-20-02

Went out Sun. morning solo for muskies. Only had 2 hrs cause Elmo was at meijer (my daughters idol), so I had to go to my hawg spot!. Air temp 40, west winds, water temp 54, visibility 2 feet. Got a 47", 29#(why lie?) muskie off my super shad rap perch 30'/2 oz. out rod. This is my top fish so far. No camera, no help, nobody but me landed this fish. Hell of a fight, took out 135' of line, when I finally netted her the lure fell right out. I let her go so that some day she could get to 40# instead of collecting dust in someones basement. Although it would've been nice to get a picture! Let em go, let em grow.

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Oct 21, 2002 09:12

Submitted by John Tomlin who fished Lake St.Clair on 10/20/2002

Went fishing with Kermit and Catfish on Rodzilla. We fished Anchor bay from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. We wen 2 for 2. The hottest setup were planner boards.4 oz 15 ft and 0 oz 10 ft. The first fish hit a 7.5 inch straight mackerel perch musky magnet and the second fish hit a 10 inch nils silver with a black back. First fish was 34 inches and the second fish was 40 inches. Great day on the water. John

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Submitted: Oct 21, 2002 at 08:40 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

Went fishing on Saturday, 10/19/02 from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was overcast, 50 F and the wind was W 15-25mph! The last few days the weather was unstable. The water temperature was 52 F and there were 1 - 2 foot waves. The water color was muddy green, visability was less than 1 foot, and I was fishing in 14 foot deep water.

Went 1 for 1 today, a 43" x 22 pound Muskie that went for a Dog Turd Terminator TX fished on a down rod. Callen's second muskie and it was a MI Master Angler Award fish.

Tough conditions today. Very windy and had to stay very close to shore. Waves were building to 3-4 feet with whitecaps as soon as I got out any distance. Got the only one hit / fish in 14' deep off GPYC at about 3:30pm. Later on towards dark it calmed down a little and was able to go out to about 16' deep and marked some real big fish there off GPYC. Couldn't spend much time on them and got no more hits. The 22lbr put up a great fight and overall it was an awesome day out in the boat!

Oct 15, 2002 20:03

Submitted by jim glenn who fished deep off bell river on October 12

i took my friend diana (hey rocketman shes a true muskyBABE!!!) out for a boat ride and didnt have my equipement on board or anything but I did have a couple spare rods and few lures stashed in the cuddy. princess di picked that terminater tx steelheadf and kicked my ass 3 for 3 on it. damned if she disnt get a 51" x32# her first time ever muskie fishing. thats ok because i got my reward later hehe. rocketman when are you taking ordersagain because now di wants to buy her own tx steelhead?

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Oct 15, 2002 18:44

Submitted by Joe who fished Metro Beach to the North Channel on October 12

Pulled baits from 8A.M. to Noon on Saturday. Went 1 for 1 between South River Road and Metro Beach. It was a 33" Muskie that hit a 9$ Perch Loke 15/1.5 off the boards in 9 FOW. Nice day on the pond and didn't get skunked. RIPPING DRAGS TO ALL!!!! Joe

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Oct 15, 2002 15:30

Submitted by Kermit Good who fished The Thames and Anchor Bay on 10/12&13/02

I fished in the M.O.M.C October Tournament over the weekend. I went 2 for 2 on Saturday fishing at The Thames. The first musky was 40 inches long caught on a down rod 6 and 16 on a 9" straight Lawton colored Musky Magnet. The second musky was only about 30 inches long hit a 6.5 straight Bratton Frog colored Musky Magnet on a board at 25 and 0. Sunday was much rougher with 2 to 5 waves so we went to Anchor Bay and went 1 for 1. I caught what would have been the third place fish at about 2:00. This musky was less than 48" long but weighed over 28 pounds. This fish hit a 9" straight YB perch colored Musky Magnet on a down rod. This fish was released to fight another day.

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Oct 14, 2002 10:38

Submitted by zombie who fished Sanford lake on 10-11-2002

Caught one little muskie, 30 inch, caught on red believer (sorry rocketman!) First Muskie ever caught! Had brothers two boys and my dad with me, otherwise I might have caught more. Spent too much time untangling and fixing poles... damn brats!!!

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Oct 14, 2002 09:36

Submitted by David DiCesare who fished S.W. Ontario on 10/12/02

Caught and released 3 Muskies on Saturday. Biggest was a 30#, trolling in 16-20 feet of water. 14 year old daughter caught the big camera in boat, too worried about long johns and gloves....biggest one for her to date...there will be more for her.....

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Submitted: Oct 14, 2002 at 08:17 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Kinda Sucked!

Went fishing on Saturday, 10/12/02 from 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM at Lake St. Clair, for Muskies. It was mostly cloudy, 70 F and the wind was SE 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 63 F and there were 2 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 1-2 feet, and we were fishing in 14 foot deep water.

I gave this one a "Kinda Sucked" rating because we only went 1 for 2 and the 1 was a smaller one. Fished on the US side close to the ramp due to the forecast of storms and high winds coming. Started with no electronics due to "somebody" forgetting to turn them off after the last time out. After about 1 1/2 hour of fishing blind I finally got the auxillary battery charged enough to work the graph and GPS. It didn't much matter though because I marked almost nothing. Went to the Dumps, Peche Island, GPYC, and all around there no mooskies to be found. The only one we got hit a Terminator T3 WB Mackerel Perch 20/2 on a board. Callen's first muskie! The other hit was just a quick rip that never got hooked. It was probably on a T3 Pink Wormy but it is possible that it was on a TX WBS Bluefrog. It was right after releasing the first one and I was distracted and not positive which rod went. Weeds were bad. Only the catching kinda sucked, the rest was awesome!

Oct 14, 2002 08:41

Submitted by grim reaper who fished Ruscom/Thames on Oct 12

We went from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday. Weather was unseasonably warm and was probably in the mid 50's when we left and up to the mid 60's when we quit. It was overcast, wind was moderate from the northeast although around 10 it diminished to calm. Water temp was 59 degrees and the water was relatively clear. A strong front came through later that night. We went 1 for 3, with a 38.5" on a WB Perch Wiley at 12 oz, 20 feet on a down rod delivering the fish. We also lost about a 32" musky on a WB Perch Stalker on a planer board at 4 oz and 40 feet. We also lost a musky on a WB Zit Frog TX at 4 oz and 30 feet on a planer board, just a rip and gone. We started at the ruscom from 8:30 to 10:10, then moved down to the Thames. All action at the Thames including getting checked by the OPP for the second time this year, we were legal so no problems there but heard about several people on the radio that had received tickets. Would have liked to have stayed as the fish were pretty active although the floating weeds were bad. Didnt want to miss the Penn State game though so we left at 12:30.

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Oct 11, 2002 21:28

Submitted by brice who fished lake st clair on 10-10-02 & 10-11-02

I fished from 2 to 7 thurs afternoon in 11-13 ft of water on the canadian side just the other side of the dumping grounds to no avail 0 for 0! this afternoon I fished from 6 to 7 in front of the marina in 13 ft of water 9-10 mile and went 1 for 1. the musky was a really fat & 36" long maybe 12 - 13 lbs. really healthy (swam away strong) he hit a terminator t3 perch colered lure on a board rod 2oz. - 30 ft.

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Oct 7, 2002 18:02

Submitted by mike ford who fished up north on oct 5,6

Trolled an inland lake here in Michigan over the weekend and went 1/2. Both hits came on Sunday the day of the new moon. We were fishing an extremely clear deep body of water so we decided to really burn our baits (up to 8 mph!!). We concentrated on 20 to 35 foot depths looking for one of those behemoth open water muskys that you always read about. Well at about 10:30 Sunday morning trolling along at 6.5 mph a boat rod running at 50/0 with a 9" yb perch Musky Magnet started screaming. I grabbed up the rod and attempted to turn what would soon be my biggest musky ever toward the boat. Each time the fish shook its head the rod pulsated violently. After a battling the fish for a while she finally surfaced about 20 feet behind the boat. All of jaws dropped as the fish came into view. We successfully steered the fish into the cradle, unhooked her, took a few quick pics and a measurement then we let her go. She was an astounding 52 inches long and plenty fat from eating open water forage maybe ciscoes and whitefish. My largest fish up that point was a 49.5 inch 29 pound musky which seemed skinny compared to this open water predator.

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Oct 7, 2002 15:38

Submitted by fishaholic who fished near grass isle/n. channel on 10-5-02

Went trolling Sat. from 5-7 pm. Water temp 66, air temp 65, 10-15+ mph winds, we were in 9-6 feet of water, trolling 4 mph. Found sanctuary from the wind and found some action. Caught a 37" muskie 30'/2 oz boat rod in 6 foot of water, and caught a 30" pike 20'/1 oz boat rod in 9 foot of water. Both fish hit my pet bait, [the super shad rap] as it ran bottom on the breakline. I have been noticing a lot of fish under 8 foot of water lately. I can't wait till it gets colder! Of course all fish were released unharmed.

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Oct 7, 2002 09:51

Submitted by john tomlin who fished Lake St. Clair on 10/06/2002

Went fishing on saturday with Rodzilla. We fished Anchor Bay and the Spillway. We went 0 for 2. Both fish came on musky magnets.9 inch jointed seemed the way to go. The colors were mackerel perch and dark frog yellow body. The first fish hit in 8.5 ft of water between the b marker and the new baltimore tower on a down rod 8 oz 10ft.It was a real nice fish. it was well over 40 inches put it rolled at the back of the boat. The second fish felt heavy but after the intial run it was gone. Thats fishing for you. We did manage landing the 2 pike that we had on. It was a great day on the water. John

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Oct 3, 2002 09:23

Submitted by John Tomlin who fished Lake St.Clair on 10/02/2002

Went muskie chasing on weds evening with Bob Bloom. We fished from 3:30 to dark. Went 1 for 1. A nice and healthy 37 incher. It was a great evening on the water. Slightly overcast to cloudy at times.the water was silty green. We fished from pikes creek to the red barn. We were fishing in 14 to 15 ft of water. Weeds were noexistent and so were other muskie fisherman. We saw only to others and they were fishing in tight. They almost forgotten Red Eye spoon was the bait of choice. The set up was 2oz 83ft straight back in the prop wash. It goes to show you that the Weatherman cant do his or her job right. John

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Oct 1, 2002 12:10

Submitted by SalmonShark who fished Mile Rds. on 9-21-02

Fished about 15 mile down to the Detroit River, total about 4hrs. Went 3/3, a nice 22 lb muskie took a smallmouth (fishing for smallmouth), the other about 13 lbs trolling a Jake, & the other about 15 lbs casting a Suick. Last 2 weeks very slow - lots of weeds but they are starting to diminish. Gordy

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Sep 30, 2002 20:34

Submitted by Steelhead who fished 1 mile south of 400 club on Sept 29

Fished from 11 am to 4 pm went 4/4. Hot rig, once again was a Maison Muskie Killer blue frog down rod 6 oz 6'. Caught 3 of the 4 on that rig. The fourth was caught on a vintage red and white chub creek pike (downrod 6 oz 6'), don't know the age it was my grandfathers. The fish that hit it was incredibly hungry as it hit the Chub creek ran until it saw the Carp Lapeer lure (Boat rod 16 oz 10') then hit that. Both poles were cranking we thought we hit a double. In the end it was a fat 3 footer that had both plugs in its jaws, this was a mean fish that should prove to be quite the adversary when it gets bigger. Great day, I remembered the camera this time. Hey Rocketman when are you going to start making lures again. I need to add a Terminator Blue Frog to my tackle box.

Send e-mail to Steelhead

Sep 29, 2002 22:26

Submitted by Fishin' Junkie who fished Middle of Lake St. Claire on September, 29 2002

Fished from 8:30 till 12:30 and went 3 for 4, a great day on the lake and still got home to watch the Lions. All fish came on down rods 4/30. Two on a black and white magnum rapala and the largest, pushing 40 inches, on a 9 dollar carp terminator. Water was a silty green and kind of choppy, a lot of perch fisherman were out in this area. All fish released un-harmed

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Sep 29, 2002 21:27

Submitted by mike ford who fished lake st. clair on 9/28/02

Trolled the south channel on Saturday and went 1/1 plus a 33" pike. The musky was 28" long and hit a strait wb perch Wiley at 40/2 board rod. Fished in 12 to 16 feet of water.

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Sep 28, 2002 20:49

Submitted by fishwacker who fished lk st clair (south shore ) on 9-29

I went 2 for 3 today (sort of) I had a couple of big rips on a wiley (down rod 12 oz 6 ft)and then he was gone! & caught a 30" pike on the same set-up, also caught a fat little 30" mooskie on a terminator t3 9$ bass. I also saw 3 other fish boated in the same area as I caught all my fish. 9-11 ft of water south shore.

Send e-mail to fishwacker

Sep 27, 2002 17:57

Submitted by Jason who fished st.clair on 9/27/02

Fished from 11mi acrost to the south chanel and worked the canadian side from sun up till 12 noon not a touch.

Send e-mail to Jason

Sep 26, 2002 17:46

Submitted by john tomlin who fished Lake St. Weed oh I meant St Clair on 09/25/2002

Went musky chasing weds evening from 3:00 to 7:30 pm. It was the first time in 8 yrs. Went 0 for 0. But had a great time shaking weeds and changing lures. Started fishing at the Scotts Middlegrounds. What a weed fest. Trolled up the river and fished both sides of the channel. Lots and lots of floting weeds. The only clean water was on the Canadian side of the channel. Didn't here of many being caught along the south shore but I guess they were into the @ the south channel. Its good to be back. John

Send e-mail to john tomlin

Sep 26, 2002 17:28

Submitted by fisherman 2 who fished lake st. clair on 9-23-24

Fished a day and a 1/2. Nothing! Water was dirty,weedy and rough half the time.We put 70 miles on the boat tuesday looking,trolling,from the hump to thames to south channel to mid-lake at weather bouy. marked fish just about everywere,nothing. Only half way clear water was from Weather bouy east, and the northeast side of the hump down to stony point. We'll be back when it settles down.

Send e-mail to fisherman 2

Sep 24, 2002 20:09

Submitted by mike ford who fished lake st. clair on 9/21/02

Trolled the south shore on Saturday from the dumps to Stony Point and went 3/5. Got are first hit just east of Belle River Hump in 16 feet of water. I lost the fish which looked like it was in the mid 30 inch class. That fish hit a jointed wb perch Wiley at 40/1 board rod. Our second hit came near Ruscom in 16.5 feet of water and was short and sweet on strait fire tiger Wiley at 40/1 board rod. The last three hits all came in Ruscom as well and included a 38" musky on a jointed dark green frog Musky Magnet at 25/2 slider rig, 30" musky on a jointed pike scale Musky Magnet 8/16 down rod , and a 39" on a dark green frog at 25/2 slider rig.

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Sep 17, 2002 22:27

Submitted by Catfish who fished Anchor ( weed Bay) on 9/15/02

Went out Sun for two hours with my brother. Had to hustle as we only had two hrs. The bay was weedy as usual. 71 degree water. Waves were less than a foot. Went 4-4 no size , Two northerns and a Bass. Wish I had more time to weed through fish - I may have gotten a decent one. Brown barred perch Mason off the board with no weight and 20 feet was the hot bait. Catch a Hawg and let her grow !!

Send e-mail to Catfish

Sep 17, 2002 20:35

Submitted by catfish who fished LSC on 9/12/02

Fished some new water Thurs. 71 degrees, dirty. Not very good for casting. High Skies. 0 for 3 hours. Good luck - CPR

Send e-mail to catfish

Sep 17, 2002 18:09

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Lake St. Clair on 9/15/02

Trolled from Stony Point to Belle River on Sunday and went 0/1. We had the hit west of Belle River Hump in 16 feet of water. The winds were strong and out of the North so it was frustrating to loose our only hookup after paying dues in rough water for six hours. The fish hit a long rod with a strait yb perch Musky Magnet 30/2.

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Sep 17, 2002 18:02

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished Lake St. Clair on 9/14/02

Trolled in 18 feet of water around Stony Point on Saturday afternoon and went 2/6. The smaller one was 34" and hit a jointed wb perch Musky Magnet on a board rod 50/1. The larger fish was 49" and hit a jointed yb perch Wiley fished on an up rod 100/2. We went in for dinner at Belle River at 7:00pm and came back out for an hour of evening fishing. We trolled in 14 feet of water right out in front of Belle River Marina and went 1/1. The musky was 45 inches and took a wb dog turd Wiley on a long rod 25/1.

Send e-mail to Mike Ford

Sep 16, 2002 22:27

Submitted by Aquadisiac who fished Dumps on 9/14 and 9/15

Hello fishermen. Sorry for the lack of reports from me this year. Nothing went right for me in the early going. Bought a used boat that got cracked by a semi on it's way here from Florida. Took a month to fix that plus arguing with the shipper and insurance company. Got the boat in the water and lost a downrod with my buddies rod holders that didn't quite work in my boat. Finally got my rod holders went out and got popped by the man and lost more rods. Had a 27# muskie hooked to a Maison that I was also hooked to. Had to got the ER for that one. Well enough of that mess. Went to court this week and much to my surprise I won my rods back. Anyways, on to the fishing. Went 8 for 11 on Saturday and 2 for 2 on Sunday. The hot bait was a Choc. Perch Nils that took five fish including the largest a 28#er. Five fish on boat rods and the rest on boards. The set up seem to be 20 and 4oz. Saturday the bite was good and during the night the North wind came in and shut them down on Sunday. Fished South of the dumps and toward the Puce mainly in 11-12 ft of water. Too weedy there on Sunday so we moved a little east but it sounded like nobody could get them going that day. Going out Thursday and will follow with a report. Ed

Send e-mail to Aquadisiac

Sep 16, 2002 19:21

Submitted by fisherman two who fished lake st. clair on 9-14

Wife and I fished between stoney point and the hump. Went 2 for 3. one 34 in. one a fat 43 in. one i lost was coming in straight and one min. he was there, the next sec. gone, like he opened his mouth and let go. light wormey yb, and yb mackerel perch were the colors, all off the boards 2 oz. 35 and 50 back.

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Sep 15, 2002 18:18

Submitted by PIKEMAN who fished Lk St Clair on 9-14-2002

Went fishing on saturday from 9am to 6pm. Launched at spillway, tried to fish there but the weeds made it unfishable. Went south looking for clean water, didn't find any till we got all the way to the dumping grounds. Decided to hang our hats here for the day, we ran up and down up and down from 11:30 till 4. Not one rip. Weather started to look like it might get bad and being in a 14ft boat we decided it best to stay close to shore. So we started trolling from the mouth of the Detroit River up thru the mile rds. The weeds were unbearable, every time we put the board rods out they almost immediately became clooged.We battled and battled the weeds past the 9 mile tower, then the weeds got worse. We stopped putting out board rods and were just running 2 down rods in the wash and were getting ready to call it quits when someone must have felt sorry for us. One of the down rods went off and 15 ft. behind the boat a huge musky(for us anyways) jumped twice halfway out of the water trying to shake the lure out of its mouth. She was 46.5 inches and succesfully released. Were fishing in 10 ft. of water,5mph,15/4,St. Lawrence Lokey jointed. By the way Rocketman, I really enjoyed your article on structure trolling, that is some pretty advanced stuff!

Send e-mail to PIKEMAN

sep 10, 2002 21:31

submitted by lee powell west virginia muskiehunter who fished bellriver,tames,stoney,etc. on 6/11/02

hello kurt, remember me? fished st clair 6/11 to 6/14 small fish and walleye and pike. 6/25/02 to 7/1/02 me and brother dave fished everywhere the fish were evidently ! we contacted 56 muskies ,boated 52 and had two 52" and 11 fish over 40" trip from heaven!!!!!went back up 7/21/02 to 7/26/02 19 muskies contacted my biggest 49" my sons biggest 48" his biggest fish ever and we boated a total of 19 muskies 11 at and over 40" and was blown off the lake a day or two. went back up with brother dave and jimmy willison the famous bucktail maker from 9 for 11 on 8/2/02 with a nice 48" i had 7 muskies boated 4 over 40" biggest 49" dave, 6 with 2 over 40" and jim,9 with 4 over 40" biggest 48". went back up on 8/26/02 me and chuck branif,dave powell and geo holdridge boated 7 muskie biggest 45" 8/27/02 3 fish boated 40,42,46 8/28/02 blown off lake 8/29/02 1 muskie brother dave 47 incher 8/30/02 4 muskies boated 40,47.25,40,44 8/31/02 3 muskies boated 34,39, and a nice 48" for chuck\ 10 fish over 40' and a 38" and 39" not bad with a total of 18 fish boated. as far as baits we caught fish on artifacs,terminators,wileys,willys hugh bucktails,tuff shad, stalker ,grandma. the tuff shad really worked good the terminator carp the wiley in firetiger the fatboy the artafac in perch most all of the fish were located in the water, ha ha just remember bait is about all the structure you have on st clair. also a big boat and gps came in handy a couple of times. thank you lake st. clair and kurt for your help (need some more baits) lee powell west virginia muskiehunter

send e-mail to lee powell west virginia muskiehunter

Sep 10, 2002 19:08

Submitted by Catfish who fished S. Channel on 9/9/02

SLOW- 0-0 second skunk. Very discouraging. Water was 75 degrees with a slight east wind and cloudy water. Fished from 9:30 - 12:30. Some weed colonies to avoid. I ran my board into a 50 pound show stopper. Lots of fun. Bait was up. Needed more time. CPR

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Sep 10, 2002 19:02

Submitted by Kermit and Catfish who fished S. Channel, Midlake, Thames area. on 9/7/02

Went out Saturday as a guest aboard "Rodzilla" . Fished from about 11 am- 9:30 pm ?? . Fished all over - went 3 for 3 which included a pike all on Kermits Musky Magnets. Water was pretty calm maybe a slight east wind. Water temp was 72 at the S.Channel and 78 at the Thames. Water was green cloudy at the Mid and S.Channel and a brownish cloudy tint at the Thames. Popped two weed fish around 5 pm or so. 48.5 inches and one around 42 inches although we didnt get a good measurement. In around 14-15 ft of water. The Pike was on a Straight mackeral perch 20 feet and two ounces on the board. The 48.5 was on a Lawton magnet off the boat. The approx. 42 was on a Pikescale 2 oz 20 feet on the board if I remember right. Fishing was a little bit slow but a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Both fish went back well. Catch a pig and let her go !!!

Send e-mail to Kermit and Catfish

Sep 10, 2002 00:03

Submitted by Greg Mickunas who fished LSC on 9/1/02

Me and Mike Puthoff fished the Firecracker Lighthouse 8/31/02 and 9/1/02. We went 1/1. Put in a nice 51" Muskie off of a down rod using a 10" Jointed Firetiger Believer. Personal best beating out a 48" we caught previously.

Send e-mail to Greg Mickunas

Sep 9, 2002 16:52

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Stony Point on Sunday 9/8/2

We went fishing from 3:00 to 9:00 pm. Weather was hot and sunny. Wind was from calm to slight from the south. Water was 75 degrees, air was 90 degrees. Weather had been stable for several days. Water clarity was silty blue to clear. We went 0 for 2 on the muskies and we caught a 23 inch walleye. We had the first hit on a yellow mepps bucktail at 4 oz, 30 feet on a boat road and a second hit on either a YB Light Green Wormy TX on a planer board at 4 oz, 35 feet or a YB Green Frog stalker on the slider with no weight. Both fish were lost by me about halfway through the fight. The first was just a standard size fish as it took the line out about 30 feet and was coming in pretty easily. The second fish I think was really a monster as it took out 130 feet initially, held its ground for a while then after I had brought it in from 265 out to 150 out, it took another 60 feet out and then came unhooked. I would have loved to get that one. Caught a 23 inch walleye on a stalker as well. All three hits came between 6 and 7 when the wind picked up out of the south. No other action

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Sep 9, 2002 08:50

Submitted by Hutch who fished Stoney Pt L.S.C on SEPT.7 and 8

Fished 4 hours one release and one 17 pounder in eleven foot of water at 4.2 M.P.H. THAT WAS sATURDAY.....Sunday same area 1 walleye off the boards . At five P.M. the monster hit on a T3 nine dollar bass....she was a screamer took 230 foot of line out had her on for five minutes this was the fish I looked for all summer yet a few head shakes and she was gone............Talk about head shake Im shaking mine ....what happened line breakage ...hooks were razor sharp...had her on for a while ...why .Well next time she wont be so lucky Any imput on landing a monster I could use it.

Send e-mail to Hutch

Sep 8, 2002 19:30

Submitted by ross who fished lsc on other day

0 for 2 one was lost after it jumped other the line went for about 10 seconds on a downrod and then nothing

Send e-mail to ross

Sep 7, 2002 22:24

Submitted by Kurt who fished belle, lighthouse, south channel on 9/7/02

Got out by 8am. First rip came at 3:00pm. Tried Belle area first with no luck then Basset with same results. Finally got one going and lost her beside the boat. The net made her go airborn. Low 40"s. Landed next one 42/43". Had two more rips with some head shakes and jumps. Both fish bigger than the one landed. 3 fish took 10" straight perch in wash 1.5 back with 10oz. The landed fish (8" bass jntd almost all hooks inside mouth) was off side rod 2oz & 4 passes. Nothing after 6pm. This was our 3rd time out and we're hooked. Still waiting for that 45+. Water temps ranged from 75-77 at Belle before noon, 70 by south channel.

Send e-mail to Kurt

Sep 6, 2002 17:30

Submitted by catfish who fished S.Channel on 9/6/02

Skunkola- Everything seemed good ... water temp 71.5, green to a little dirty green, a bit of weeds but not horrible, wind out of the east north east 5 mph or so , less than 1 footers. All we were missing were some horney fish !!! Why cant they cooperate. Sometimes they are a bit frustrating. Fished from around 8am- 12:30pm. My ego is hurt and the fish will pay !!! I am putting 9/0s on everything !!!!! Really it was a nice day with Chuck the Duck and his buddy. Catch a Pig and get a replica.

Send e-mail to catfish

Sep 3, 2002 21:07

Submitted by catfish who fished Georgian Bay on August 30 - Sept 2

Fished Friday, Sat, Sun, and Mon. on Georgian Bay. Fished two days on some new water and two days on some semi familiar stuff. Temps between 71.5 and 75. High pressure and high skies for three days. I thought I would get my shot when some weather moved in Monday- but the best I got was a nice size Norten. Caught two all silver Muskies and missed one for the trip. No size. Casted and trolled ---Cant wait to go back !!!

Send e-mail to catfish

Sep 3, 2002 19:21

Submitted by ross who fished lsc on other day

fished south channel 0 for 2 dont know what went wrong kinda weedy

Send e-mail to ross

Sep 2, 2002 17:53

Submitted by Hutch who fished Hump /Pike / and Stoney Pt. on Aug31 and Sept2

Weeds weeds and more weeds .....had 1 footers to 2 over the weekend changed lures and cleared off vegetation we had no rips but reports of muskies in St.Lukes area in shallow water ..The fish are fattening up its only going to get better and I plan to be there Between muskie fishing and waterfowl season on the way life couldnt get any better .This is my favourite time of year .Catch a Fatty

Send e-mail to Hutch

Sep 2, 2002 13:55

Submitted by Charlie Williams who fished Ruscom/ Belle River /C-can on 9/1/2

We started out(11:30A.M.) at the northern tip of the hump and trolled between the hump and the Ruscom. We went 1 for 2 today. First fish lost. a mid thirtys fish hit a T3 blue frog on the planer board. It came straight out of the water and that was it. The water was clear and 74 degrees. Later we moved over to the C-can / Dumps and caught a 32.5 incher on a reverse crackle muskie stalker. The water was muddy green, 74 degrees, Wind east at 15mph. Pulled out of the spill way launch at 8:00 P.M.

Send e-mail to Charlie Williams

Submitted: Sep 1, 2002 at 16:47 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Kinda Sucked!

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/31/02 from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM at St. Clair/C21, for Muskies. It was clear, 80 F and the wind was NE 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was stable. The water temperature was 76 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 4-6 feet, and we were fishing in 14 foot deep water.

Went all the way to the wall. The fish were there and no body else was. We didn't get started fishing until a little past 5:00 and it took a while to get anything going. Finally we had a good but short rip on a TX Blue Wormy on a downrod. Then another one. Then another one. That one was dink and wouldn't you know it, that was the one that stayed on. Then another rip on a TX Fire Tiger on the other downrod and this one literally batted the lure out of the water. Talk about uncomitted strikes! Last hit was after dark, a real good one on a T3 Hot Perch on a longrod. Line went screaming and then it quit screaming. The line buried itself in the reel and jammed and that was it. Fish gone, pull the lines, and then a 24 mile boat ride back to the good ole USA and plenty of time to reflect upon the whole situation.

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