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2003 Fishing Reports
July - August

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We fished Sunday 8/23 from 10:00am until 4:00pm. The water depth was 15-20 feet with a water temperature of 74F. We went 5 or 5 including two pike both in the 34" range. The three musky were 36", 44" and 50" long. The 50" fish weighed 26.5 to 27 pound. It was hard to get an accurate reading in the 3 feet waves. All of the muskys and 1 pike were caught on a 6.5" Coachdog colored Musky Magnet on a board at 30/2. The other pike was caught on a 7.5" Mackerel Perch Musky Magnet on a down rod. All fish were released swimming fine.
Kermit Good <hkermit.good$>
Dryden, MI USA - Tuesday, August 26, 2003 at 14:51:35 (CDT)
went out 8-23 and 8-24...went 1/1 saturday 44 inch...went 2/3 sunday 35 and 38 all released well....all in great shape....some real idiots out there running over my lines they were so close.
muskyzombie <hayesjoe$>
west bloomfield, mi USA - Monday, August 25, 2003 at 07:42:32 (CDT)
8/24- WOOOW- What a day except the fishing. SKUNKHOLE- Fished from 7am- 11:30am. One release. I did save some dignity and stayed out where I thought I might get the Pig visiting from Mars. (Mars is supposed to be close to the moon or something right now) I might as well have been fishing on Mars. Anyways water temp dropped where I was at- 74 degrees, good looking water cloudy blue- to a chalky color, fished mostly in 19-20 FOW, wind out of the ESE maybe 5mph, was on bait most of the time but couldnt get them to go and forgot my electroshocker. Pigs gotta eat - hopefully Monday. Catch a Hawg and get a replica !!!!
Catfish <fatmuzkey$>
New Baltimore, MI. USA - Monday, August 25, 2003 at 02:10:39 (CDT)
Fished between pike creek and Puce in 16 to 18 ft of water went 10 for 13 biggest 49 1/2 all fish but one were on dark colours off planer board the lone one was a 46 incher in the wash off a crome beleaver. Great day of fishing.
Mel Ascott <mt_ascott$>
windsor, on canada - Sunday, August 24, 2003 at 19:44:09 (CDT)
Was fishing 8/19/03 with Capt. Tom Loy went 9 for 13 Largest was 51&1/2" weighed about 30# was a little skinny but what a fish. Capt. Tom is out of Algonac. Hve a great day. Bob Carsey
Robert Carsey <heatvent$>
Mentor , OH USA - Friday, August 22, 2003 at 14:22:50 (CDT)
8/20- ROCKETMAN- How did you get one of your crew to pose for that picture !!! You sure did it right that old man was depressing !!! I would be happy to visit her everyday!! Went out with some friends from 3:30- dark went something like 2 or 3 muskies and a walleye with a couple rips. Pretty slow. Action on boards. - water cloudy blue, 77 degrees, fished 18-20 FOW. Really no size 41-42 inches was the biggest. Weeds not bad- Had a good time with some good fisherman !! Catch a hawg and let her grow !!!!
Catfish <Fatmuzkey$>
New Baltimore, Mi USA - Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 22:59:11 (CDT)
8/13/03 On Tugboat went 5 for 6 at Mid Lake, 25", 35", 43", 40". Now for a great fish story. Down rod went, 12 oz Blue frog KG Musky Magnet 9" Fat body. Fish got tangled in up rod on same side and also hooked himself on Perch Artifact. While at net leader snapped and fish swam off. Not to worry. I reeled him back in on the other rod. Got both lures back and 49" 30 lb hog. My blue frog was rescued from a certain watery grave. Hooked on 1 rod and brought in on another. Been a great year so far, 161 hook-ups thru 8/20/03.
Tug Orr <englandrose$>
Wixom, MI USA - Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 17:59:09 (CDT)
8/16- Fished from 8:00 am to 4pm- North and East end weedy. Went 4-10 !!!! Couldnt kep the nippers on. Two fish on the tail hook. 35,44,29,38 inchers. Boards were the ticket again- KG Magnet YB Perch, Blue Frog TX, Gold Relatives, etc were getting nipped at. Wind 20+ ENE ( Not very enjoyable)- I did get the Lund washed out though !!! Water green to dirty, 78 degrees, fished all over from 12-20 FOW. Had some decent action on some breaklines if we could only get them to eat the baits. One fish looked like it had the Pox-I tried not to lick that one. All fish went back good. Big rip on a boat rod 8oz and 2.5 passes Blue Frog TX. Catch a hawg and let her grow.
Catfish <fatmuzkey$>
New Baltimore, MI. USA - Wednesday, August 20, 2003 at 00:12:29 (CDT)
8/16- Rough long day- Water started out nice but storms blew in. Went 3- something like 5. 32,32, and a 46" incher at night while crossing the channel in 20+ mph NE winds. Pretty weedy on the North end, water still around 78 , fished from 12 -20 feet of water. Fish were all caught in semi dirty water on the boards.2oz and 4-6 passes. CPR
Catfish <Fatmuzkey$>
New baltimore, MI. USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 23:57:14 (CDT)
8/15- Late start and an interrupting trip in the evening for food and Gas limited our time on the water. Action picked up late. Went 5 for something. Water temp 78, Wind WSW 5, water a bit dirty, 14-17 FOW, first four fish on the boards- St. Lawrence Producer popped two, other three were on Relatives. The last fish came on the last rod to be brought in !!! Both boards were in all other rods were put away and my buddy just asked if we ever get fish when putting everything away as I usually just put the board rods in rod holders off the boat as I put the boards away and take down the mast and get everything situated.I told him sometimes but I had never had the very last rod go off !!! It was a lucky bonus 45 incher to end the evening. Fish were 31,39,44.5,43,and 45 inches. All fish are still getting fatter. CPR.
Catfish <fatmuzkey $>
New Baltimore, MI. USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 23:46:59 (CDT)
8/14/03- After a late night of fishing and a trip to Deerbrook for a Canadian license we started fishing around 11:45 am and fished late again. This time all our action was basically in the afternoon. Ended up 7 for 9. Fished mostly on the East end. Water was a nice green, 16-20 FOW, calm winds to ENE 5 mph, 78 degrees. 46", 45", 42", 35", 33 1/2 and a couple around 30. Popped one on a wash rod 16oz- 1.5 passes GK Magnet - Mack Daddy, 1 on a Helin frog on a boat rod, 3 on Blue frog Mason including a Monster rip that we missed, 1 on a 8 inch Loke Pikescale Custom GK paint job, and 1 on a Firetiger Relative. All fish are still swimming well !!! Catch a Hawg and let her grow !!!
Catfish <fatmuzkey$yahoo .com>
New Baltimore, MI USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 23:03:28 (CDT)
Wed. 8/13/03- My buddy, Jeff Hanson, a great guide on the Madison Chain flew out from Wisconsin for 5 days of fishing. We got out late 4pm or so, and good thing as the fish started popping late. We ended up 4 for 6 or so. All after 9:30- Water was a bit dirty, wind was calm, water temp 78 deg,14-16 FOW, Worked some breaklines and popped a 50 1/2,40 1/2 , I believe a 45 and 32 incher. I lost my log on those two and my memory sucks. All fish were on the boards 2oz and 3-6 passes. KG Magnet 9 1/2 inch goldhead, and gold Relatives were the hot baits. All fish released great as usual. CPR
Catfish <fatmuzkey$>
New Baltimore, MI USA - Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 22:47:28 (CDT)
we were walleye fishing august 14 on the st. clair river when my ten year old daughter thought she got in a bad snag. when I saw her rod bob twice I thought she had a good fish. fifteen minutes later we boated a forty-nine inch musky. I had to lay it on a water ski and mark the length to measure when we got home. we sent the monster back to the depths after retrieving her crawler harness. some day maybe dad will catch one like that. p.s. would you know where I can get a mount of the fish made. I hear they can do it with the picture and measurement. thanks.
chris davis <chrisd$>
st. clair, mi USA - Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 22:07:19 (CDT)
went out with a muskie virgin sunday from 3-6:30 pm. it was at least 85 degrees and cloudy at times. we went 8 for 10 in anchor bay. not much size, 37" was the best muskie. the hot set up was an orange+red radtke 50'/2 oz. got a bonus walleye that hit an 8" jointed depthraider on a down rod 10'/6 oz. that makes a dozen walleye over 25" on the down rods in anchor bay this year. everytime i go fishing, i never make it out of anchor bay. the fishing is too good! got all the hits going 4.5 mph in my honey hole. i wont forget to mention a 15# pike for the esox virgin. it was good to here someone say "thats the biggest fish of my life" twice in one day! good luck and let em go.
fishaholic <mpotter098$>
chesterfield, mi usa - tuesday, august 12, 2003 at 21:39:31 (cdt)
Trolled for muskie at St. Clair on Saturday (8/9) from 10:00 - 2:00. Went 4/4, well sort of. The first one was mine, a little 30" incher (Natural Perch Wiley). The next rip went to my dad, he was about 37" (Bulldog Wiley). Now the fun begins, I get a huge rip and reel in a huge 50" 30 lbs muskie (Natural Perch Wiley). Since they were hitting perch I tell my dad to throw on a perch colored rapala super shad. Not even 40 seconds from when he set it in the water he reels in a 48" 30 lbs muskie. Both of the big ones were caught in 17.5 feet of water next to the shipping channel going NE on the AMERICAN side of the lake (who says the big ones are in canada). Now remember the part where I said sort of about 4/4, we were fishing for bass earlier in the morning, since we were tied I needed a bass to win. Well I got it, and I was reeling it in across the surface of the water, when a freakin' huge muskie leaps out of the water and tries to eat my little largemouth (10 feet of water by the way). This fish was even bigger than the two muskies we caught later. To bad he missed thought, would have been a hell of a fight. Eric
Eric Chaffin <Metalica8730$>
Clarkston, MI USA - Monday, August 11, 2003 at 22:08:45 (CDT)
Sunday 8/10- Fished from 6:45am-4:30pm- Went 5-5. Water cloudy, 74 degrees, Wind 10-15 ealry then calmed down a bit. All fish on boards- 2oz and 3-8 passes- highlights were a 49.5 inch -30lb 1 oz fish and a 45 incher. The rest were smaller 31,40,40 . The G.K. Magnet 7 1/2 Jnted Mack Daddy got one, BRS 8in Straight Monkey Love got one, and 3 on a BRS Perch Relative. Catch a Hawg and let her grow.
Catfish <FatMuzkey $yahoo .com>
New Baltimore, MI USA - Monday, August 11, 2003 at 01:32:42 (CDT)
Sat. 8/9- Went 6- for 12 or 13- Started 0 for 5 !!!! Then we put hooks on !!! It helped. I hate those Nippers- Anyways first four hits- One nice one on boards, KG Magnet 7 1/2 and 9 1/2 Mack Daddys, and the fifth on a chart frog Flatfish. Then we got serious after 2pm. The Terminator Blue Frog TX got a two, a Blue Frog w/ Scale C.S. Musky Magnet popped 2, 8in JNted BRS Bass Mako, and a BRS 6 1/2 in. W/B perch Mako both got one. Water was cloudy green, 75-76 degerees. It was windy early out of the NW 15-20, calmed down in the afternoon a bit and picked up later. Fished from 7:30am - around 9pm. All action on the boards. Lost a Pig on the net job that looked to be a easy fat fifty- Nice fish.
Catfish <FatMuzkey$>
New Baltimore, Mi USA - Monday, August 11, 2003 at 01:17:41 (CDT)
Friday, 8/8, Had to get out even if it was just for a couple hours, Fished from 7:30- 9:30pm, Wind was nice and bumpy, NE 20, water was 73, pretty clean but some cloudy stuff near the channel, never found the fish. Went 1-1, on the board, 2oz and 5 passes, 9 " Gold relative, 41 inches. CPR
Catfish <Fatmuzkey $yahoo .com>
New Baltimore , MI USA - Monday, August 11, 2003 at 00:55:35 (CDT)
Thurs, 8/7, after a long 12 hr day of work - I had to get on the water. Fished from 12:30 - 3:30 went 1-1, APPROX. 45-46 inches , wash rod 16 oz and 1 1/2 passes, 7 1/2 inch KG Magnet - Mack Daddy -jnted. Water was nice and cloudy, 75 degrees,Some weed Pods to keep me working. The Man was out keeping an eye on "Oh Canada". Wind was ESE 5mph. Catch a Hawg and let her Grow !!!
Catfish <fatmuzkey$>
New Baltimore, MI USA - Monday, August 11, 2003 at 00:35:35 (CDT)
Fished St. Clair on August 9th and 10th. Both days seemed to have strong north winds. This was only my second time to St. Clair and I noticed that most of the chater boats I saw were fishing the deeper water instead of the 14-16 depths i noticed that they were fishing two weeks ago. I figured It was because of the N wind that brought weeds to the canadian shores. If any one can give me any pointers i would appreciate it. THe fishing seemed slow overall. I saw no one else catching many fish or reaching for the nets. WE went 2 for 2 in two days of fishing with a nice fat pike to add. First fish was in about 17 feet of water out from the ruscom. She hit on a boat rod at 4/20 on a yellow fire tiger grandma. The second fish came on a YB wiley perch at 1 3/4 oz with 35ft. Nice 40 incher, very healthy. Did not even get a hit sunday morning, but still had a great time. If any one can give pointers please email me. thanks
kevin hoogenboom <kjhangler$>
Twinsburg, oh USA - Sunday, August 10, 2003 at 19:05:04 (CDT)
Went out Sunday 8/3 near the Bell River Hump,went 1/1 trolled for about 5 Hours got her on 9' Beleiver black body white belly in about 14-16 FOW,.now i know this is a report page, but last Sunday was my first time out for the moosky on my own went out last year on a charter, and while i was out i got bit by that bug, over the winter bought a boat from the boat show, and have spent every avalible cent on musky gear.I have yet to get a trolling mast for boards so i have only been running long lines down rods and boat rods. if anybody has any good advice for a rookie. E-mail me please, oh ya she was a little on the small side only 31',clean looking and a healthy release.. [ my name is Dan and i am a Musky cohallic.
D.D.T <Dtubbs$>
Detroit, MI USA - Thursday, August 07, 2003 at 10:00:32 (CDT)
Went fishing Sunday, 8/3, from 8am to 1:30pm. Water color good, even after the previous nights storms. No weeds to speak of, we even stretched the weed checks to 25 minutes. Fished the usual hotspot -the dumps- Went 2 for 4 with one small Northern hitting on a fire tiger, and one 15 lb. Muskie that hit on a Black/white Believer (number 52??) The Muskie had no pox, but very cloudy eyes, which I had never seen before. Anyone have any idea what caused it? After release, she swam away strong. Kromp
Bob <krompr$>
St. Clair Shores, MI USA - Tuesday, August 05, 2003 at 07:44:30 (CDT)
Went out Sunday Morning - fishing the East end, Water green, 74 degrees, Wind SWS, approx 5-10 mph, cloudy with some rain. Weeds were fair to midlin. Went 3 for 6 in about 5 hrs. I think the three misses were punk walleyes ( I mean baitfish ). Of the real fish - One was on a Firetiger Relative 2 passes and 1.5 oz off the board- 31 incher. Next was a 41 incher, boat rod 4 oz, 4 passes on a KG Magnet, Blue backed 9$ bass looking thing- 9 inch jnted. And last was a 43 incher off the board, 3 oz, 4 passes , KG Magnet , 9 inch Jnted, Guacamole looking 9$ Bass. Wish I hadnt had to work !!! What a beautiful fishing day !!! Catch a Hawg and let Her Grow !!!
Catfish <FatMuzkey$>
New Baltimore, MI USA - Tuesday, August 05, 2003 at 07:12:52 (CDT)
Fished this weekend from Puce to Belle River Hump on the Canadian side, 13 - 17 FOW. Went 7 - 14 with a 53 inch monster. The fish hit right at dark on an all black jointed bait, 2 and 20. It ran half way to Detroit and 15 minutes later was flopping around in the boat. My boga grip limited at 30 lbs, but based upon formulas it weighed between 38 - 40 lbs. 2 lamprey marks but otherwise healthy. What a beast! Released to fight another day.
dan haude <dhaude$>
cleveland, ohio USA - Monday, August 04, 2003 at 09:34:02 (CDT)
Fished 8/2/03 from 8:30 til 11:00. Warm, slightly ovrecast and barely a breeze. Water temp 72; clear, really green; 13-15 fow off the mile rds. Too weedy for boards, so I ran everything from the boat. Went 1 for 3. Fish was sweet 48"/28# that hit on T3 WB Perch at 30/4 on outrod. The other two hook ups were both on same down rod set at about 5 or 6/16 with the fav T3 WB Bluefrog. Both hits were just a big screech and gone. We have upped speed to about 5.5 from our usual 4.5 to 4.7. Best part was the wife handled the whole fight from hook up to net, even got "slimed" for the photo shoot. Fish was clean, healthy and is back in the lake.
bjames <btjsales$>
troy, mi USA - Sunday, August 03, 2003 at 07:37:42 (CDT)
fished lake st. clair mon,tues,wend,&half a day thurs. went 7 for 14. very slow, no hot color or bait. fish hit on 14 different colors. we fished the weather bouy,& in towards stony point east on the hump. we stayed in deep water(17-20) most of the time. marked fish (had 8 on the screen at one time) but few takers. biggest was a 47 in. with a bad pox sore on it's back side, rest of the fish were clean.
Fisherman II <jimt7135$>
lambertville, mi USA - Friday, August 01, 2003 at 13:00:46 (CDT)
We went fishing on Thursday July 31 near the shipping channel due east of the nautical mile. Weather was stable, sunny, air temp in the low 80s. Wind was slight from the east and water clarity was good. We chose this spot because this is where my Yamaha outboard broke down. We fished/trolled in from 6:30 pm to 8 pm which was when my 15 hp Envinrude kicker motor broke down as well. We went 1 for 1 on a Helin Frog J8 Wiley at 4 oz, 35' on a planer board. Fish was 38.5", 13.5 lbs. and caught on the Michigan side of the channel. Thought about trolling a few wash rods while being towed by US Towboats but decided 9 mph was too fast. Tough way to close out July. The 11 for 15 last saturday seemed like a distant memory.
Grim Reaper <g_reaper3$>
mi USA - Friday, August 01, 2003 at 05:34:27 (CDT)
If anyoone is fishing near Huron Pointe and they catch a Large Muskie wearing a pair of eye glasses please return them to SteelHead. I took out a friend and his two nephews from Iowa. The intent was to indroduce them to a great Lakes Muskie. A half hour into the trip in 14 FOW 1 mile off of Huron Pointe a Large muskie hit (Estimate 48" from span of fish on net) a down rod (6' 4 oz - Mason Muskie Killer Crackle Frog). I handed the pole to the young Iowa man (15) and he put up a good fight. He brought the Muskie to the back of the boat and then I promptly netted it only to have it jump out and dive. Jeffery brought the Muskie back to the surface where I missed with the net again and it ran to the side. Unfortunately the pole and line raked across my face which led to two mishaps. First, and most important the Muskie escaped (no Photo back to Iowa) and secondly, It sent my glasses to Davy Jones Locker. I guess I will jump start the economy by spending my tax return on new eyeglasses.
SteelHead <casmith91$>
Harrison Township, MI USA - Thursday, July 31, 2003 at 18:40:00 (CDT)
The T-3 Terminator in "Walleye" strikes again! Beautiful 42 incher with no marks, lamphries, pox, not even any previous hook scars (virgin?). 16fow, Belle River, down rod, 30/8. Trolled from noon until 9pm. It was a looong stinkin' day with first and only hit (landed/released) comming at 8:30pm. Where are the crowds of Muskies that are supposed to be on the south shore?
Hartland, USA - Thursday, July 31, 2003 at 07:39:31 (CDT)
We went fishing from 10:30 to 5:00 on Saturday, July 26th. Weather was humid, cloudy, prefrontal, the front moved through midday on Sunday. Air temp around 80, water temp at 71. Water clarity was fairly good, a silty green, there were some floaters. Wind was strong (15-20) from the southwest. We fished in 12 to 17 feet of water east of stoney point (all but one fish were in the 14-15 foot range). Barometer was in the high 29's and steady. Timing was perfect as the wind cranked up into the 25-30 mph range right as we entered my marina. Likewise as soon as I go the cover on the boat and got in the car it started to rain. Sometimes everything just goes perfect. We had one of our best days ever, going 11 for 15. Fish were 46", 22 lbs, 44" 21 lbs, 42" 17 lbs, 2 40.5", 39.5", 38", 2 36", 33" and 31". We had a full boat so we were running four lines. The Reaper himself was hot going 7 for 7 (third time for 7 in a day). All sorts of colors worked, 3 fish on a crackle frog J8 stalker, 2 on helin frog J8 stalker, 2 on WB perch J8 wiley, 1 on YB frog J8 wiley, 1 on jailbird J8 stalker, 1 on a yb blue wormy J8 stalker (sorry rocketman, due to your inventory constraints we set up our own paint shop!)and the rest on stuff I dont recall although nothing weird. Overall, 2 hits on down rods (loss and the 46"), 4 on pb sliders (including the 44"), 11 on the planer boards (at 4 oz, 30-40 feet back) and 3 losses either on the planer board or the pb slider. We also had a true double header with the 46" and a 38". Should have a great picture to grace the rocketman site. I guess any day that you catch 35.5 feet of musky in one day is an awesome time!!!!!!!
Grim Reaper <g_reaper3$>
wixom, i USA - Monday, July 28, 2003 at 08:44:32 (CDT)
Well I finally made the effort and drove over to belle River and put in there. First time in Canadian waters for me. Where do I go from there?? We went straight out to 15 fow then east over the hump and back. Should I be paralleling the hump? Crossing over it back and forth? Going way east or way west? Help you guys. Managed one nice 43 incher on a T-3 Walleye then later somthing stabbed my bare toe. Turned out to be a tooth lying on the carpet that she left behind for a momento (or to stab my toe with). -lobi
Hartland, USA - Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 22:19:33 (CDT)
Fished from the Ruscoom to Belle river on saturday the 26th. Got on the water around 9am when the chop was not to bad. The wind continually picked up all day and was kind of rough at 6pm when we left the water. Did pretty decent considering conditions. Went 3 for 4 on the day. First fish came in the wash on an olive colored pike minnow(to bad it got off). Got a nice 36 incher on a board rod, 25/2, on a depth raider. The next fish was on the same rod and lure as the first fish, a nice fat 41 incher. Had no action for a while and then my reel on a board rod(same depth raider)started screaming, about 10 min later we had a nice 47 inch ski in the boat...about 25-28 lbs......great time had a blast
Kevin Hoogenboom <>
twinsburg, oh USA - Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 21:28:22 (CDT)
(7-26-03) We fished the south shore of Lake St Clair in about 10-12 ft. of water Sat. from 11:30 to about 1:30 p.m. (very windy but offshore) we went 2 for 2 with the first fish hitting a 12" long homemade jointed perch imitation lure. the muskie was a great fight and was 50-1/4" long. I would like this fish in the fall when they get fat! It weighed 26.5 lbs. 30 minutes later My muskie babe caught a 44-1/2"/20 lb. fish on a perch imitation mason muskie killer. this fish cleared the water three times! (her best fish ever) both fish were caught on boat rods 30 ft/2 oz. She also caught a 4 lb. smallmouth bass on a terminator t3 blue wormy (30ft/2oz.) after that we got checked by the crimestoppers (stay legal!!) and the wind and dark skies were making darlene nervous, so we called it a day. Not a bad two hours of fishing! The fishing in the lake is really hot right now!! for the last two weeks in a row my avg. catch rate has been 1 fish per hour of trolling. Up from 1 fish per 3 hours of trolling. last weekend fishing the same location and set-ups we were 7 for 8 with two fish over 44 inces and the one we lost at boatside on a t3 9$ bass lure was HUGE! all fish were healthy (no scars) a 6" wiley (yellow with red strips) caught 3 muskies 36 - 40 inches and a 44" 22 lb. fish (hot lure) perch mason muskie killer caught 2 fish, one 30" and one 38" and a terminator t3 wb perch mackeral caught a 36" pike (good fighter). we also caught 2 nice smallmouth and 2 nice walleyes on the wiley. All fish were caught with only two lines in the water (oh canada!) What a fantastic lake!!
fishwacker <bcross204677$>
ferndale, mi USA - Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 09:58:06 (CDT)
Braved the storm (big winds) today (Saturday 7/26) and got very wet. The waves built up to about 4-5 feet by 6pm. Managed one fat 43 incher on a T-3 Terminator in Walleye. 15 fow, out rod 20 ft, 8 oz, West of the Belle River hump. Barometer was plummeting and moonset was close to sunset but we just plain got blown off the lake early. I sure would have liked to stay but it was getting nuts. -lobi
Hartland, USA - Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 22:14:51 (CDT)
Went to LSC Friday July 25. Fished from 9:30 to 5;00 am. Lake was dead flat first thing in the morning then got pretty choppy by late morning until we left. Fished between Bell river and Thames. Went 2 for 2 one 36" on a perch musky stalker 0 and 40'. Also a 43" on a perch J13 Rapala ( the big floating Rapala I believe its a J13). We caught it with zero weight 60' behind a small board. Also one small rip on a mason musky killer crackle frog in the wash in 17 fow. Both fish were caught in 11 to 12 fow. fished deeper most the day but couldnt get any thing going.
Doug <muskyslime$>
Ft Wayne, IN USA - Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 17:01:24 (CDT)
Went out yesterday 7/24 from 4:30-8:00. LSC around the dumps. Water calm and good color. Surface weeds, but not too bad. Went 3 for 3. Two on down rods, Both on the Money Player- 9$ bass Believer. One on an out rod, hit a Red Tiger Believer. All three fish healthy, no sign of the pox, all three released and swam away strong.
ross <rosscassidy$>
new baltimore, mi USA - Friday, July 25, 2003 at 13:12:53 (CDT)
Went out yesterday 7/22 from 10 AM till 2:30. Water color good with a moderate amount of weeds. Fished from 10 mile to the Dumps. Went 3 for 4 with three small muskies, the largest being 8 lbs. Three of the hits were on yellow belly perch Believers, one on the 9$ bass. Got a little choppy towards the end, so we went in to change boats... Went back out from 4:30 to 7:30 went one for two with another small muskie that hit on a 9$ Bass. Had a short scream of a rip, but couldn't see which rod it was from. When we checked the lines we found out why. The fish hit the grey sinker instead of the bait, and we donated a leader and bait for the cause. The water was choppy, with 2 foot rollers and white caps... Tight Lines. Kromp
Bob Krompatic <krompr$>
St. Clair Shores, MI USA - Wednesday, July 23, 2003 at 16:33:57 (CDT)
We went fishing from 7:15 to 9:15 at Belle River. Wind was strong from the north, some severre storms had just moved through. Weather was mid 70's, rainy to cloudy. Barometer was 29.7 and rising slightly. Wind had been from the south all day prior, water clarity was excellent, a silty blue - no floaters finally!!!! Water temp was 69 and we fished in 14 to 15 feet of water. We rocked, going 4 for 8 in just two hours. We caught a 46", 20.5 lber, a 43", 18 lber, a 34" and a little guy, maybe 27". We also saw two of the four that we lost and they were decent fish. WB Perch was 1 for 4 on the planer boards at 4 oz, 35'. A Helin frog Wiley King got the 46". A Helin frog stalker on the boards lost another. A jeremy frog stalker caught one and I dont recall the other catch. Good night - too bad there wasnt more time between storms.
Grim Reaper <g_reaper3$>
USA - Monday, July 21, 2003 at 22:16:38 (CDT)
Went Musky fishing for the secound time on sat. 7/19/03 with my cousin. We both decided to try musky fishing this year. Went out on the dumping grounds and landed my first musky. What an awesome time!!! The best part is I caught it on a 6.5' medium action rod with 12 pound line and a 4" wally diver. The fish was 35" and had a lamprey on which I removed before a succesful release. Thanks for the great site rocketman. Anyone know of a good place to launch that is closer to eleven mile. The place we found is a little south of 8 mile and is a long boat ride to the dumps.
Mike Nowak <>
royal oak, mi USA - Monday, July 21, 2003 at 09:55:41 (CDT)
Fished clinton river bouy for a couple of hours due to the wife wanting to take a girl friend for a ride. Went 1/2 with both fish hitting a terminator blue frog on a down rod 30/4. The fish we landed was in the 30" range, nothing to be all to proud of but a nice start for a Musky virgin. Water was a little on the rough side and the sky was gray but all in all a nice day. Fish was released to fight another day.
fishinjunkie <>
Warrem, mi USA - Sunday, July 20, 2003 at 19:09:26 (CDT)
I thought it was time the Seitz Boyz get caught up with an actual report. We fished on Sunday July 20 from 7:45am until 11:30am. Just a short morning trip with LOTS of action. We ended the morning 8 for 12 with a bonus 5# walleye. Muskie were from 35" - 40". We were fishing in 13-15 foot of water. The hot set-up was a bait in the water. We caught fish on YB perch, WB perch, 9$ bass, and WB frog. We had action on boards, long rods and down rods. I have to say the Mooskie God has smiled on us the last few trips. We may not have gotten a big gurl yet this year, but the action has been tremendous. We had 13 hits in 4 hours 4th of July week. Thanks Muskie God!!!!
Seitz Boyz <>
Toledo, OH USA - Sunday, July 20, 2003 at 15:31:39 (CDT)
After the tough weekend trip, back out for an evening trip on Wednesday July 16. Looked tough again though with north winds and a report that the water was very muddy from the hump east. Decided to go back to the dumping grounds area which I am now thoroughly sick of. Fished from 5:30 to 10. Water clarity was good, winds moderate to slight from the north. It was sunny, low humidity, air temp was in the upper 70s. Water temp had recovered to 71. Lots of floating weeds though - was an active night from that standpoint - but we went 0 for 0. First time I can recall not even having a hit in July in probably 10 years. Tried almost everything, wanted to try a bucktail but didnt have one onboard. Back out next Monday, July 21st, hopefully things will turn for me.
Grim Reaper <g_reaper3$>
USA - Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 09:01:33 (CDT)
Time for the annual st. clair trip. This year we fished from 3 pm on Thursday July 10 through 1 pm July 13. Overall we fished a total of 32.5 hours and were only 10 for 20 plus two nice sized walleye. We were 2 for 4 Thursday night, 2 for 4 Friday morning (got blown off around 2 pm), 4 for 8 on Saturday (long day) and 2 for 4 on Sunday. Water temp was 75 at Stoney on Thursday night but dropped to 68 the next day as a severe front came through (20-30 mph west winds) on Friday. This kind of ripped the lake up, so we spent Friday and most of Saturday at the Dumping Grounds. Sat night and Sunday fished Belle River and went 4 for 8 there. Did very well early in the morning as was 4 for 5 between 7 and 8:15 during the 3 early mornings. Also seemed to do well trolling very fast as speed up to 6 mph for a stretch and put a couple in the boat. No size for the trip- fish were between 31" and 37" except for one peewee. Lost two nicer fish - one of about 42" when the jointed wiley broke in half and another screamer broke one of the crew members line. Fish were caught mainly on the planer boards (18 of 20 hits) and mostly on jointed stalkers and wileys, one on a straight and one on a black bucktail. Highlight of the trip was attaching a 3/4 full 2 gallon water jug to a sleeping crew members down rod and letting it scream out- it actually fought fairly realistically, coming up and boiling way out, he believed it all the way to the net.
Grim Reaper <g_reaper3$>
USA - Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 08:50:50 (CDT)
Finally talked the wife into going out Muskie Fishing, didn't get out until 7PM. Told her the first fish was hers. Set two downrods then the first board rod. I was picking up the second board to throw it in when the line on the first board started to spool wildly 7:15 PM. Picked up the pole handed to the wife and said this ones yours. The muskie breached twice pulled out more line and proved dificult to land. My wife proved to be a good muskie fighter as she successfully landed a huge 50" Muskie. Actually she had the honor of catching largest fish ever landed on our boat. Thanks Rocketman for the site as all my set ups are copies of yours. Additionally, thanks for the tip on only using the best amnd well maintained equipment. I had 50 lb test main line 60 lb test leaders, 165 lb test cross locks and #5 sampo swivels. All of which were brand new and just tied on Sunday. The leader is now history, the 165 pound cross lock is bent up, the hook on my Mason Muskie Killer has one tine bent straight and to boot my large ranger landing net bent while trying to bring the Muskie over the side. It was all worth it as my wife is now hooked, so guess I can fish as much as I want from now on. Set up was a Mason Muskie Killer Dark Blue to Black WB Frog 30' with 3oz. I have only had this lure one week and in two trips it has landed a 40" and a 50" fish. Side note the fish was healthy, no muskie pox, it was released and swam away strong after a little aided swiming.
SteelHead <casmith91$>
Harrison Townsh, MI USA - Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 21:57:11 (CDT)
Hi rocketman, first I'd like to say what a nice site you have. Next I'd like to know how many muskie you have to catch to fill my boat with Mermaids like yours? My fishing report from the St. Mary's River goes like this, over 30 pike the largest 38" and 8 muskie the largest being 51 1/2" and 35 1/2# in 6 outings. muskie bert
muskie bert <>
pickford, mi USA - Wednesday, July 16, 2003 at 13:40:08 (CDT)
Went out monday 7-14-03 from 3:30 to 9:30 went 1 for 1 in the dumping grounds, she was a 42"er on a board rod 25'/2.5, lots of weeds in around 15 fow. tooker on an old 7" swim whizz in a greenish blue frog pattern, sorry rocketman but its hard to purchase whats not for sale and im new to the game ha ha. great looking fish, disease free, and healthy release. good fishing kyle
kyle prone <>
fort gratiot, mi USA - Wednesday, July 16, 2003 at 01:31:17 (CDT)
Went out 7-13 Sunday started out early 6:00 am for walleye near 11 mile out to St. Clair Light, calm, silty green water, no luck. About 10:00 am started for the Muskie, went 2 for 2, a small youngster 24" good release to grow into a big one, and then a 36" about 20 pounds..good release. Got both on planer boards with blue wormy 30 feet back 4oz. Action was high. Seen a couple other guys get a few, but looked to be small as well. All action I seen was on planer boards as well. Both fish caught between spillway and 11 mile, in 14 feet of water..Good Luck Guys..
Jim <millerjk2@comcast,net>
Inkster, MI USA - Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 21:54:24 (CDT)
fished lsc at detroit river mouth monday 3 to 9 .marked alot of big fish at edge of channel and they were up but only got one dink near 6 and 7 bouy. on chrome super shad goodluck dave
dave <>
westland, mi USA - Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 21:44:46 (CDT)
Monday evening 7/14 only managed one fat 40 on a yb perch wash rod no weight about 1/2 way between the spillway and the st clair light in 15 fow about 6pm then nothing up to dark. screeming drags and cpr! -lobi
lobi <lobbe1$usol>
Hartland, USA - Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 12:39:49 (CDT)
How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Pretty Good!
Fished Sunday 7/13 from 2:30pm until 9:15pm. Water depth 18-20 feet, color silty blue-green, clarity about 2 feet, temp 76F, winds 10 from SE, mostly clear. We went 3 or 4 or 5. Got 2 in the lower 40" range on WB Mackerel Perch and Eddies Sucker and a 47 1/2" on a Firebass, and the hit(s) we did not get were on WBS Bluefrog. All lures Terminator T3 running on boards. Ran into some brutal weeds a few times. Action was good from about 3:30 until 6:30 and then quit marking fish and no more hits. Big storm sitting over Detroit the whole time, luckily it never came out in the lake. We used the ramp at 11 Mile. They said that they closed at 10:00pm and they were not kidding!
the Rocketman <esoxbiz$>
Saline, MI USA - Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 06:29:21 (CDT)
Fished the spillway from 5 to 7 PM no luck just weeds and flies. Had my three sons with me, it was the first time in a while that the oldest wanted to go so I was determined to get him a muskie. Changed lures often, went through the box. Finally, at 7:30 PM found a group of fishermen off Huron Pointe. Moved in and caught a nice 40" Muskie on a downrod, 6' of line 4 oz. The fish hit on a 10" straight Wiley Dark Green Frog with a YB. Let my nine year old take the pole he was thrilled to catch his first muskie. When the fish got into the boat my two year old muttered big fishy and headed for the V-Berth. My 6 year old helped me get the hook free and release the fish. Fish swam away strong, used the torpedo method. Just a final note to all the pleasure boaters out there that may follow the Rocketman's sight, If you see someone trolling it is very rude to race right next to them. Its a big lake give way you won't get home any later. Had one Gun Ho, and apparently blind, individual miss my planer board by 10', it made a nice submarine.
SteelHead <casmith91$>
Harrison Township, MI USA - Monday, July 14, 2003 at 22:44:51 (CDT)
How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
Fished Saturday 7/12 at Thornapple Lake. Water depth 14-16 feet, color brownish green, clarity about 1 feet, water temp 79F, winds 20 from W, mostly clear and mid 80s. Tried some inland lake fishing since there was high wind today. First time at this lake. It has been known to produce a pretty nice muskie on occasion. It didn't produce anything for me at all except frustration. I think it would be a lot better to fish here once the frost is on the pumpkins... and the jet skis and pontoon boats.
the Rocketman <esoxbiz$>
Saline, MI USA - Monday, July 14, 2003 at 06:13:01 (CDT)
went out 7-8-03 to the dumps got 8 for 10 all boat rods blue frog was hot also perch
john miller <hunter41677$aol>
clinton twp, mi usa - sunday, july 13, 2003 at 19:40:21 (cdt)
Took 2 of the kids out to LSC this AM, only to find rough water. Decided to troll muskie baits in Anchor Bay. Caught a 42 incher on a perch colored Swim-Whizz. My first ever legal muskie. Was a great thrill. My 11 year old took photos...who knows if the fish or I will appear in the pictures!? Rocketman, I never tried muskies before being relatively new to the area, but before I left I read your pages and tried to set up like you recommend. I don't think that I would have gotten this one without your help! Thanks a million and I love your site!
saline, mi USA - Saturday, July 12, 2003 at 18:29:32 (CDT)
Fished today, July 10th (thursday) 3 - 7 pm. Launched at the new DNR launch next to the spillway. Tough launch when there is hard wind blowing in (no protected cove)and waves are breaking over the dock. Also it is only 2 or so feet deep for a ways out. Went out to 14 fow and headed south and managed to pop a nice fat 42 incher on a home painted ugly brown and yellow musky stalker (terminator look-alike), wash rod 20 back , no weight, 14-15 fow, about 9 mile tower. I lost my last ugly brown one to a hog and wouldn't put any paint on my beautiful terminators! WEEDS! WEEDS! WEEDS! We were running two wash rods and two down rods and it was nonstop cleaning them. I don't know how I managed to keep one clean long enough for the fish to hit. I also skewered a foot long walleye through the back, thought the weeds were alive. Walleye are easy to catch, you just need big lures and more speed. The most interesting part of the day was watching a Tornado form then turn into a waterspout. It touched down three times taking huge amounts of water up with it. It looked to be 5 or more miles to the south of us. Somone help me fish longer, I'm about to give up with these weeds. Is it any better on the south shore (belle river area), are there less weeds there?
Lobi <lobbe1$>
Hartland, USA - Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 22:25:22 (CDT)
Dragged my wife and kids out on 6-5-03 in anchor bay. We had a party to go to and only had a half hour to fish. Within five minutes, I finally hit the 50" mark. Down rod 10'/2 super shad rap. Made my wife fall backwards on top of my kid and dropped my new digital scale in the lake. Rapala said it would float, guess what? it didn't. The pictures turned out good though. She swam away strong. I still to this day have never killed a fish. After 20 minutes of that, I had enough for the day! How could I top that in the next 10 minutes?
FISHAHOLIC <mpotter098$>
Chesterfield, mi USA - Thursday, July 10, 2003 at 21:27:50 (CDT)
Teamed up with Flyman again, part of a home and home series (we took his boat this time). Fished 12' water of the Clinton River Bouy to Strawberry Island. Flyman fished a down rod I opted for some old time fishing, I held my pole. Used a dark Green Mason Muskie Killer 30' 2 oz.. What a thrill had a nice 40"+ hit and run. Pole holders are great, as they save your arms from cramping, but there is nothing like having a Muskie try to rip your pole from your hands. Brought the ski all the way to the swim platform, did'nt get him aboard as a net mishap gave him the opportunity he was seeking. Fished just looked up a swam away.
SteelHead <casmith91$>
Harrison Township, MI USA - Monday, July 07, 2003 at 22:17:17 (CDT)
Fished early morning on the 6th around the A & B bouy in Anchor Bay, water was very calm and the bugs were miserable. Went 2 for 3 all on down rods, first was on a white belly perch terminator the others were on a chrome and blue beleiver. Fished all morning but all the action happened real fast around 10 a.m. Fish were 38" and 40" and were released in good shape for another day.
fishinjunkie <>
Warren, MI USA - Monday, July 07, 2003 at 05:35:10 (CDT)
We went fishing from 3:15 to 7:15 on Sunday, July 6th. Weather was hot (upper 80s)and unstable, severe scattered storms were in the area. We fished off stoney point in 15-16 feet of water. Water was silty green and 76 degrees. It was sunny about half of the time and cloudy the other. Winds were slight to moderate from the southeast. We would have stayed until dark but it appeared that thunderstorms were moving in. We went 6 for 9 plus a 27", 6 lb walleye. Fish were very active, saw other boats do well. Best action was on a helin frog stalker on a planner board at 40 feet, 4 oz. (3 for 5 - 39", 38", 37")). Also got 2 (both 32")on a black and yellow jointed believer boat rod at 20 feet, 2 oz. Also went 1 for 2 on planer board sliders (27" yb frog stalker and loss on yb miller frog stalker). Those were the first fish I have caught on a believer in probably 10 years - a little retro fishing.
Grim Reaper <>
USA - Sunday, July 06, 2003 at 21:54:28 (CDT)
Fished the south shore of LSC July 3rd late in the day and the morning of the 4th until the storm came in. On the 3rd we went 4 for 4 with the largest being 41.5. On the 4th, I finally hit the magic 50" mark. We went 4 for 5 with the other 3 fish measuring in the mid 30" range. All fish came off the boards up high. The 30 pounder was in very good health and swam away no problem. What an incredible fish! She just might be replica material...
Chad Sandy <>
South Lyon, Mi USA - Sunday, July 06, 2003 at 07:38:06 (CDT)
7/5 We fished the wavey L.S.C. from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. And went 7 for 10 with 2 bonus T-2 Walleye for my fish eating friends. The wind conditions were tough, with a hint of drizzle and the weed growth starting to catch up. The fish came on T-2 Carp, T-2 $9 Bass,T-2 Mackeral Perch, Dark Frog Loke, and W.B. Perch Loke. They looked like a bunch of twins from 33.5" to 34 3/4". We lost a real nice jumper that gave us a show for the money that would have easily gone 48" on a T-2 Carp down rod 10/12, and had a planer board fish on a Loke Perch that kept taking line and shaking like mad even with the boat in nuetral going only 2.5 m.p.h. with the wind. The third lost fish hit a Loke Perch 10 feet behind the boat when I was letting a planer board rod out and he gave me a heater on my thumb while the reel was in freespool. Good Luck Fishing, David
David Clark <clarks$>
Shelby Township, MI USA - Saturday, July 05, 2003 at 22:50:53 (CDT)
Another HOT day in northern St. Clair. Three more muskies in a two hour tour tonight, trolling the channel banks. The T3 9$ bass has been money this year with 5 muskies (two tonight) ranging from 40 inches to 48 inches. Also the YB Perch T3 has netted a couple (Before being destroyed, it won't run anymore). Three more have come on spoons, and the deadly T2 black/silver has netted three also. Got to get em before those weedbeds grow up. The cold spring has been a godsend for me this year. ITS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am playing hookey from work until it is impossible to troll my home waters so if you see a blue Lund Laker (16footer) out there swing by and have a brew with me. Many rips, Scale
wally bisoski <>
Macomb twp. , Mi USA - Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 23:15:11 (CDT)

DESTROYED?!? Scale - What have you done to my poor YB Perch T3? It's not destroyed, just needs some TLC. Go to Tuning Tips for re-tuning information or if you really screwed it up go to Repair Procedures for fixing information. Terminators are extensively warrantied so if you can't fix it I will exchange the lure for a nice shiny new one (especially if yours got beat up by a bunch of fish or a particularly huge one ha ha).
the Rocketman

July 3rd, 90some deg, calm lake. Trolled 8-9 fow anchor bay no fish. Moved out to 10-12 fow and lost a screemer. Put boat in neutral, felt some awesome shakes but couldn't budge the hog. she snapped my 65 lb power pro and took a lure and leader to davie jones locker. About 6pm popped a 46 1/2 incher that was a fattie on a srtaight perch. No scale in the boat. Had to be close to 30 lbs. Had some muskie pox and 2 small (4-5 inch) lamphries. Took a while to resuscitate but finally swam away strong. Lamphries dead (crushed).
lobi <lobbe1$>
Holly, USA - Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 21:45:33 (CDT)
I had the pleasure of fishing with Catfish on his new boat the Whopper Stopper last nite (7-2-03) for about 4 hours at his honey hole in the deep between the Ruscom and the Belle . Wind was calm ,water temp 74 degrees and the water color was clear . No surface weeds. As soon as we got the baits in the water we had a double with twin 36" pike. The fishfinder was showing good marks in the area so we worked it for a few of hours and picked up a nice 49 1/2 ski that went 29lbs. on the boat scale . Took the fish on a K.G. muskie magnet jointed pikescale, board rod 35 ft. 3 oz. It was a wild ride coming back to the dock in a open boat at 45 mph with a major fish fly hatch coming off last nite . They taste like chicken ! Catfish will return with more reports next week. (He is on vacation this week) Tight lines , Bob
Pequod <bobw$>
Clinton Twp., Mi USA - Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 08:53:54 (CDT)
Went out yesterday from 7:30-2:30. LSC, Fished from 11 mile to the Dumps. Depth Sounder was not working, not sure how deep we were fishing, but went 3 for 5 with two small muskies and one that went 57" and 27 1/2 lbs. It hit on a red/black believer. What a fish! Took a few pictures & released her - hope to see her again in the fall when she puts on a few lbs.
Kromp <>
St Clair Shores, MI USA - Wednesday, July 02, 2003 at 11:02:31 (CDT)
Teamed up with Flyman to fish the spillway. Went from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. Went 2 for 2. First hit on a board rod, Wiley Yellow Belly Perch (30' 2 oz). Fish was 39" and real fat. Second fish hit on a down rod, Mason Muskie Killer Crackle Frog (6' 4 oz). Fish was 41" and real fat. This one spooled out a lot of line and stayed down before we got him under control. Both were released in great shape. Both had our young son's on board so we now have created some more young Muskie Madmen. Good Luck all and get a big one. Catch and Release.
SteelHead <casmith91$>
Harrison Township, MI USA - Tuesday, July 01, 2003 at 08:11:45 (CDT)

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