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July 1999

Aug 2, 1999 08:01

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Belle River on July 31, 1999

We fished from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday. Water in close (16' to 17') was a silty green/brown. Although at about 18' there was a color change and it was very clear beyond. Wind was strong from the southwest and the weather was sunny and unstable. We just beat the storm as the boat was going onto the trailer. Water temp was 81 and air temp was in the 90's. We went 2 for 2 with a 43" and a 32". The 32" was on a YB Frog on the planer board at 30', 2 oz. This fish came in the dirty water. The second fish came on WB Perch Wiley on a boat rod. This fish was in the clear water. No action at all right before the storm which was surprising although I didn't mark many fish all day.

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Aug 1, 1999 15:35

Submitted by Majoros who fished Canadian shore on 7/30/99

Started fishing at Belle river Friday morning at 9:30. Water was silty green at 17 feet and in to shore and clear at 18 feet and out. Caught 2 small musky on board rod at 30ft and 2oz. Half way back to the channel trolling home I was checking the board rod for weeds. I was alone and had set the pole down to disengage the line from the board release. At that time the lure was in the wash 30ft back. Just as the line released from the planer board release the pole shot forward. I grabbed it and got my right thumb on the reel. The Penn reel screamed and my thumb was burning off. I kept a strong grip on the pole thinking I caught the bottom or a big weed bed. With my left arm I reached back and throttled back the boat. When the reel kept screaming I knew it was a big musky. She did not turn to the boat like most of them. She pulled hard and thrased on the surface on the way in. I lost that monster in a spray of water at the side of the boat. It was huge!

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Jul 31, 1999 22:21

Submitted by Mike Glynn who fished Lake St. Claire on July 31

The first chance i got to go musky fishing in a month and i guess i got the right day. We went to belle river and werent getting anything so we kept going out deeper and deeper until we got a bunch of boats fishing for walleyes i think kind of in the middle of the lake by the lighthouse. Right when the storms came through we got 2muskys on at once that were about 40 and 45 inches on a yellow perch termanator and a beatup helin frog beleiver . then when my girlfriend was driving when we were letting them go we got another one and i told her it was her fish. HER fish was 53inches long and it bottomed out my 30 pound scale with a lot still on the deck. Hey rockerman that bit my blue wormy termanator i just got and when i get the picture develiped im going to winthat contest because i got her to hld it for the picturebefore we let it go. Weres my other order too? That was it only 3 muskies then we got soked by the storm then no more fish.

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Jul 31, 1999 18:24

Submitted by Greg who fished belle river on july 28

Don't feel bad, fishing is very tough out there right now. I also noticed a few dead muskies out there last wednesday. With water temps in the mid 80's what do you expect. The oxygen level has to be very low out there maybe explaining why all the fish are laying on the bottom staying close to the weeds. Try night fishing, that works.

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Jul 31, 1999 01:44

Submitted by Cpt. Mike - Nitro Glycerine who fished Belle River on 07/29/99

Trolled 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, 5 miles out, 3 miles east & west of the hump. Went 1 for 1. A 39" on a Jake (perch) in the wash 20' back. It was a slow day, I expected better. Learned alot from Capt. Steve Jones on In-Fisherman over the weekend, great episode. I am sure he is one of the best along with Rocketman but during the show he said Straight lures worked best during spring and fall and jointeds worked better during summer. I'm sure this is true through his many years of experience but on this day it out fished the jointeds we had fished most of the day, just a reminder to always try something different when we're not catching fish. Capt. Steve, Great show I learned a lot. Lake St. Clair is the best fishery in North America!!! Let's try to keep it a secret.

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Jul 30, 1999 13:48

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Belle River on July 29, 1999

We fished/floated the Belle River area from 6:45 pm to 9:00 pm. Water was grey and murky with a fair number of floating weeds. Wind was strong from the southwest and the weather was sunny and hot (90 degrees). Storms were brewing in the distance. Water temp. was 82 degrees.We had two strikes on the planer boards. One from a 36" fish that was caught on a WB Perch stalker and one from our 220hp motor which tangled in the planer board line as we tried to come around to revive the fish. The fish swam off okay but we ended up having a great time trying to cut the line out of the prop and then trying to get back to the severed planer board. That was the end of the excitement as we blanked for the remainder of the night.Seemed to be pretty good action as we noticed a couple of fish caught by other boats in the area, it just wasn't our night. I have noticed several dead floating muskies out there the last couple of trips. It seems as if a better release method is needed, especially in this warm water. I would be curious as to whether anyone out there has been using a livewell to revive the muskies before releasing them?

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Jul 29, 1999 14:39

Submitted by Capt. Tom who fished lighthouse on 7/25/99

Muskie have been turning on in the evening this week. Best fishing is prior to the afternno storms. Congraulation to Art Thibert from Belle River on winning the N. American Muskie tournment here on St. Clair last weekend. Won a nice chuck of money. Caught the fish on one of his lures "artifact" a well made bait off the Bassett channel near the walleye fisherman. The fish was 50". By the way this site is interesting to say the least. Does the MOMC still have a page? Good Fishing!

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Jul 27, 1999 10:03

Submitted by Mike Seitz who fished St. Clair Belle River/Ruscom on 7/17 & 7/18

Fished Sat. from 8:00 to 12:30 and went 3 for 4 and a Walleye. The Muskies were 29, 30 and 45" Landed and a chicken shit rip that never hooked up. The walleye was a nice 23". 2 fish on $9 Bass on board at 30/2, one on Walleye long rod at 30/4 and a miss on Helin Frog long rod 30/4. Fish seemed to be in 17-18 ft. range on both sides on Belle hump and Ruscom. Sunday started too fast and finished OK. Started at 7:30 in front of Puce in 14 ft. and set the first board rod ($9 Bass 30/2) and as soon as the rod was placed in the holder...RIP. Fish was hooked and broke water shortly after throwing the hook. Looked to be a nice 40+" fish. After that landed two nice ones in deeper water. 42" on YB Perch on board at 35/2 in 19 ft. of water in front of Ruscom. 43" on Blue Frog on wash rod at 25/8 in 18 ft. of water in front of Puce trolling for home. Weather was HOT and wind was dead. I'm looking forward to the day when I have to complain about the weather being too nasty.

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Jul 27, 1999 09:28

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Belle River on July 24, 1999

We went out about 4:45 pm. Got nothing for about an hour, then got caught in a nice storm which drove us to the Belle River marina. After an hour and a half layover (and a great fish and chips dinner), we got back out at 7:25 and fished until 9:40. Conditions were hazy, winds from the Northwest, ranging anywhere from slight to severe (50 mph per the radio). Water was mop bucket grey after the storm. Water and air temp was near 80. Nothing caught before the storm. After we went 7 for 9, with 8 of the hits from 7:30 to 8:30. We had two doubleheaders (a 41.5" & 46.5" and a 37" & loss). Also caught a 40", 38", 37.5" and a 36". Action was mainly on the two planer board lines but also with one on a downrigger (37) and 2 on a boat rod (loss, 46.5) and the rest on the planer board. Hits were on jailbird (1), helin frog (2), wb perch (5) and frog (1). Interestingly, I am almost certain that I caught the exact same muskie that I caught on July 18. This fish is thin, 40" in length and is missing half of its gill plate on one side so its gills are exposed. The fish hit a wb perch wiley the first time and a wb perch stalker the second, both on the planer boards. It makes you wonder how many muskies are over there and how many times they get caught.

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Jul 23, 1999 23:25

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St Clair - Ruscom on July 21, 1999

We went fishing from 6:30pm to 9:30pm in 16 to 18 feet of water. Weather was overcast and unstable. Rained heavily earlier in the day and also rained right after the boat was put away. Wind was minimal. Very hazy - visibility was only 2 to 3 miles. Water temp was around 76 and air in the 80s.We went 5 for 8 with no big fish (37.5, 37, 31.5, and two around 26-28). Two of the three fish that we lost we saw and they looked pretty nice, at least 40". 4 hits on the boards anywhere from 30 to 60 back with 2 to 4 oz. 3 hits on the downriggers and one on the upfront boatrod (lure approximately 1 foot down and 8 feet in front of the engine.) WB Perch continues to be hot (4 hits) with a single hit on jailbird, wb dark frog, a black bucktail with an orange blade and some other sort of yb frog (can't quite remember).

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Jul 22, 1999 08:26

Submitted by ROD HOG who fished belleriver on july 21 99

Last night between 6pm &9pm fished around the hump . The guys on the radio were all having a hard time catching fish including me. We all thought conditions were good but it just goes to show when you think you have them figured out they prove you wrong. Bait fish were low so I ran low wb perch. Changed up numerous times finaly went with yb perch 1/30 and banged 2in a row.Small. The third hit ripped 300 ft of line in seconds but somehow tangled in my board line and broke off. Went 2 for 3. Was running a couple of my finished homemade plugs off long rods. They ran excellent but a bad night to see if fish liked them.

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Jul 21, 1999 07:55

Submitted by Roger Doyle who fished 400 Club North to New Baltimore on 7/18

Fishing was slow in the North end of the lake caught 3 pike. Did here a lot of action on the radio over in Canada. Sounded like 10 boats were ticketed for too many rods. The fisherman tried to keep track of the boats but couldn't. I am going to try the south end of the lake this week any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Jul 19, 1999 08:41

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Ruscom on July 18, 1999

We went fishing from 5:15 pm to 9:15 pm over near the Ruscom in 16 to 17' of water. Water was 79 degrees and a silty green. Air temp was in the 80's and very humid. Sky was overcast and very hazy. Weather had been unstable Saturday and Sunday. Wind was slight from the southeast but switched to moderate from the north at 9:00 as an approaching storm moved in.We went 7 for 10 (28, 37, 31, 28, 26, 38, 40), should have been 8 for 10 with another 40 incher but we had a netting error. Action was mainly on the planer boards and WB Perch was the hot color, accounting for 7 of the 10 hits. Lines set 40' back with 4 ounce weights. Olive frog (1) and jailbird (2) also had some action on the downriggers.

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Jul 18, 1999 23:12

Submitted by Roger & Kevin Hayes who fished Lake St. Clair/Puce on 7/18/99

Went fishing sunday 7/18/99 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 for muskies. The weather was perfect, mostly overcast, hazy, and very little wind, waves 1ft or less. The water was silty green and 75 degrees. Fished the Puce river area in 12 to 13 ft of water. Went 1 for 1 today on a board rod 30/2 on a 9$ bass, just got set up and whammo!! A 42" 17.7 lbs was taken and released. Also While bringing a down rod in to change color, noticed a nice size skie following very close behind, tried to get him to take it but he soon peeled away

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Jul 16, 1999 07:31

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair- Ruscom on July 15, 1999

Went fishing from 5:00 pm to 9:45 pm. Fished in 15' to 17' of water. Water was silty green and 76 degrees. Air temp was in the 80's. Weather was sunny/very hazy. Wind started out moderate from the south west diminishing to slight.

We went 6 for 7 (25, 30, 31, 35, 40, 33). We were 4 for 5 on the planer boards using wb perch and helin frog wiley's and stalkers (40' back, 4 oz). Also got two (the 31 and the 40) on a black and chartreuse bucktail 15' back behind the boat. All fish caught between 6:45 and 8:45. Still looking for that 50" fish.

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Jul 15, 1999 20:02

submitted by captain mark who fished mitchell bay on 7/10/99-7/11/99

saturday on the 10th of july we trolled in 10ft of water off tower thick weeds up to 7ft so took off all lead. we ripped stalkers over weed tops 4-5mph. lost one muskie about 40 inches at back of boat. landed four pike 28-35 inches. also a largemouth about 4 lbs. 9.00 bass was what produced. sunday on the 11th landed 2 muskies and lost 2 more off the bell river in 19-20 ft. of water. trolled stalkers in prop wash 6 oz lead. fish got active about 1pm. had to check in at stubbies at 3pm (we were fishing muskies inc tournament) largest fish caught/released over 2 days was a 50 inch 6 miles out directly off the bell river on a 8 inch beliver lime green (custom color) fish hit while the rod was being jerked to rip off weeds. good fishing captain mark

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Jul 15, 1999 08:14

Submitted by ROD HOG who fished BELLRIVER on 07/14 /99

Went fishing between 6:30pm and 9pm in 16' of water near bellriver hump. Water was silty green with visability about 2' with 2'waves. Things started slow could of been my fault I was running wb perch high and crackle frog low with no results. Changed to wb low 4/40 6/40 and went 3 for 5 no biggies.Marked lots of bait even a muskie or two but hits only come on perimeter of bait fish hole.I have been working on a new wood bait for a few months now. Last night while testing it with a new tail I was working on I was really impressed with the action I was getting so I ran it on the boards . The bait was painted $9 bass with no paint on the tail. About 20 minutes went by and my friend said the line was released no drag was pulled but a possible hit.

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Submitted: Jul 13, 1999 at 12:28 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Sucked!!

We went fishing on Saturday, 07/10/99 from 2:00 PM until 9:30 PM at St. Clair/C21, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 70 F and the wind was N howling! The last few days the weather was unstable. The water temperature was 72 F and there were 3 foot waves. The water color was grey mopwater, visability was 1-2 feet, and we were fishing in 14 - 17 foot deep water.

We went 0 for 0 today as in you can't suck any worse than that!

There is no excuse for incompetence but this was some pretty bad conditions. We fished the Canadian shore because I was meeting with Lee Powell, (WV Muskie Hunter) and Ken for fishing the Central Ohio Muskies Inc. tournament. We found one area of good looking water but the floating weeds went from terrible to worse right there. Of course that's where we were marking the most fish too. Unfortunately, with 3 footers and weedbags the size of Volkswagons we weren't as effective as we could have been. The muskie god(ess) must not have been in the mood and there wasn't any bosom huggin' going on today! Oh well, at least we all have a good amount of dues paid in the bank so I'm looking forward to getting some the next time out.

Jul 13, 1999 09:31

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St Clair - Belle River on July 11, 1999

Went fishing from 4:45 pm to 9:45 pm on Sunday July 11 near the Belle River Hump. Wind was moderate from the southeast and the water was somewhat coffee colored. Water temp was 77 and air temp was in the mid 70s. We were in 17' to 18' of water. We went 3 for 5 (41", 34" and 22"). Fish kept getting smaller all night. The 41" fish was the first hit and it came at 6:30 pm. All of the action was on the boards with three hits on crackle frog and two on helin frog. Used stalkers with 2-4 oz. weights 40' back of the boards. Checked by the Ontario Ministry of Resources while we were out so be alert if you run extra lines. It seems as if enforcement is up this year as one of my buddies was also checked Sunday and I heard Steve Jones was checked recently. We were legal so we were okay. One fish had a lamprey on it, that's our second muskie this year with a lamprey. Hopefully they are not on the increase. This fish seemed in good shape but the first one seemed half dead, no fight at all.

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Jul 8, 1999 15:57

Submitted by Hardy who fished Anchor Bay on 07-07-99

I muskie fished for seven hours at many spots in Anchor Bay and did not see anything (Except for two smallies at around 4 lbs. each and a 30" or so muskie that flashed on the 10" Jake). I was out with the legend Bob Brunner, so my confidence was high.

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Jul 6, 1999 09:33

Submitted by G-Force who fished Belle River on 7/5/99

Fished from 4:00 to 9:45 at the hump. Water was typical Canadian-side green, with 2- 3 ft vis. Wind was howling out of the west/southwest at 20-25 mph, and there were 2-4ft waves. Went 3 for 3, all dinks between 32 and 36 inches. Fish came on a smorgasborg of different offerings, planer, downrod, and boatrod. $9 Bass, Mudpuppy, and watermelon are what delivered.

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Jul 5, 1999 08:22

Submitted by rod hog who fished lake st.clair on 07/04/99

The muskie gods were with me yesterday!! My dad asked me to bring out some clients with him. I never (chartered) before and was under pressure to produce. They were to be at my dock by 3pm. They showed up at 3:30 and by 4 we were in the boat ready. By 4:45 on the lake setting up. I explained to the guys (who never muskied before) that they were a fish of 1000 casts. Just to have an excuse if things didnt go well. We had a cooler full of (pops!) and food to feed a king on board. To lighten up the mood we had a cheer and I did a Chant to the muskie gods which they were all laughing at. As i was drawing the first board rod down , only half way down the board lines it released I took it off free spool and waited for slack to tighten then the real screamed. I handed it off and we had our first in the boat already. 9 more followed by 7:30 with 3 misses . Also got a 4 lb walley a huge smally and a catfish. I was tired and hot and the guys said if I wanted to go home no problem.I apologized for not catching them a big fish since all fish were in the 30s. As I started to real up board rods the boat rod went off. I knew it was big . The fish took 430' of line befor it stopped. THe client bringing it in passed the rod off after 20 minutes and the next guy got it to the boat. I was ready with the net and when it surfaced it was the biggest my boat ever caught.We votd to release it and a quick measurement in the net was approx. 52". It was a great day on the water!

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Jul 3, 1999 08:08

Submitted by rod hog who fished bellriver on july 3rd 99

Fished from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. 16' of water. I was by myself running 11 rods since partner had "things to do". Went 3 for 3 all on w/b pearch boards 40/1 ,40/0. hooked a 48"at 7:49pm got fish in boat by 8:25pm. My scale only goes to 25lbs and this fish easily bottomed it out.It is quite a task to drive the boat , watch the rods , reel in and net a 48".Ps.Don't try this at home!

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Jul 2, 1999 21:40

Submitted by Mike who fished dumps on 7/2/99

Only fished 2 hours, 6:00 to 8:00. Went 1 for 4 in the dumps. Let him off at the platform, about 35 inches with a w.b. special perch Producer on a board rod 25' 2oz . The other three were also on the boards same setup. 1 on wileys perch, other 2 on reverse crackle frog. It was sunny with clouds off to the west. Water was about 1 to 2 foot waves. I like the sound of my new SG47LC better than my penn reels. I think it is because they cost more or is it that they make more noise, I don't know.

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Jul 2, 1999 10:28

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Puce on 7/1/99

Went fishing from 6:15 pm to 9:45 pm off the Puce River in 13 to 15' of water. Weather was unstable/overcast with a strong west/southwest wind which diminished to slight while we were out. Heavy rains/thunderstorms earlier in the day. Went 5 for 5 with a 39.5", 37.5", 36.5" and two 32". Had 4 fish by 8:00 pm. Last fish (a 32") was at 9:45 pm. 4 of the 5 fish on the planer boards. Fish hit a variety of colors, (Helin Frog, WB Perch, Yellow with Green Spots (2), and YB Frog). Stalkers/wiley's 30' to 40' back with 4 oz. One fish on a boat rod 40' back with 6 oz. First fish in stained water (on the board w/ Helin Frog), the rest in clearer water to the east.

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