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June - mid-July, 2000
Submitted: Jul 12, 2000 at 07:43 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Saturday, 07/08/00 from 1:30 PM until 9:00 PM at St. Clair/C19, for Muskies. It was mostly cloudy, 75 F and the wind was SW 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was stable. The water temperature was 76 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 4-6 feet, and we were fishing in 17 foot deep water.

We went 2 for 3 today. Don Miller got the biggest one, a 42 inch Muskie that went for a St. Lawrence Terminator T3 fished on a slider. Overall the hottest set-up was a slider at 30 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

These conditions seemed to be absolutely perfect! Somewhat overcast, barometer falling like a rock, great water color, marking lots of big fish and lots of bait, no weeds, what more could ya ask for? A few more "Fish On!s" would have been pretty nice!!! Oh well, it beats mowing the lawn. The other one we got was a dink also on the St. Lawrence same set-up and the one we lost was on a T3 Holographic Minnow also on a slider.

Jul 11, 2000 20:43

Submitted by Roger who fished Ruscom river and Grosse pointe on 7-08-00

Fished saturday from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm went 1 for 2 started out at the Ruscom and went to the Thames and then to the Belle hump without a single rip. The water on the Canadian side was silty green and cloudy. At 4:30 we moved to the Grosse Pointe area and the water was blue and clear. Just set the last down rod and bang fish on it was only 24" on a 3 D perch T 3 on a down rod with 8/12 . Only 30 minutes later had a big rip and John was all over it, as soon he set the hook the fish took off in the other direction, peeled off about 10 yards of line and was gone, "whoa that was a big one", never saw one just make a big run like that, too bad he got off it hit a dark wormy T 3 on a board with 3/30

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Jul 10, 2000 22:12

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Ruscom on July 9, 2000

We went fishing from 5:35 pm to 9:40 pm, although we had a one hour intermission sitting through a storm in the ruscom river. Weather was stormy, but with periods of sunshine. Wind until the storm was mod/strong from the southwest. Afterwards it was from the westnorthwest and moderate. Barometer was 29 and falling. Water was a silty brownish green and quite a few floating weeds and other debris. Air temp was in the 80s and super humid. We fished in 15 to 17 feet of water. We caught nothing in the first hour, then we sat out the storm, but we did go 2 for 4 from 7:35 to 9:40. We boated a 31" (down rod - chartreuse tiger) and a 35" (planer board, 50', 4 oz, YB Frog Stalker). We lost a 38-40" fish on a great looking jump (t-shirt quality) and a real thick 42-44" fish on either a netting error, an angler error or a combination of both. The grim reaper confesses as the netter. although this is the first I've lost one when netting(I did blow a big wahoo with a gaff off of Marathon Key in 97, however) Both losses on planer boards, the smaller fish was on a WB Perch Stalker on a slider and the larger fish was on a Glow Frog Stalker. We also caught a walleye. Does anyone know the slot limit rules in Canada? Please e-mail me if you do. I am curious although I am not going to say what happened to the walleye. Also, I encourage all of you to voice your interest as to a higher size limit for St. Clair. Apparently Canada is going to have 5 sizes, 34, 44, 48, 52 and C & R only. St. Clair will most likely be 44 but 48 is being considered. If you guys really want to catch a 40 pound fish, then push for 52".

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Jul 10, 2000 17:10

Submitted by G-Force who fished Ruscom/Belle River on 7/6 and 7/7

Fished from 6:00 to 9:45 on 7/6 off the Ruscom in 15-17ft of water. Wind was strong out of the N, NE and water was brownish/silty green. Went 4 for 5, with a couple 39"'s, a 35" and a 30". 2 fish came on fire tiger 4oz, 15ft, one on bright frog on a board, 2oz, 25ft, and one on WB perch on a board. Was happy with our success, given the strong north wind. Went out friday with heightened expectations, despite the continuing strong north wind. Went out same time, same place as previous day and got nothing. I think the Muskie Goddess likes to humble you, right when you think you got things figured out.

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Jul 9, 2000 19:13

Submitted by Andrew Broderick who fished St. Clair/St. Lukes on July 8/00

Went out Saturday 9 AM to 1 PM off of St. Lukes. Went 1/1. My buddy got his first St. Clair musky in 11.5 foot of featureless water off of St Lukes using a Perch Shad Rap 35 feet back in wash straightlining. Fish was at least 40" and a great first fish. And we were just about to pull up and find some weeds when it hit. Tight Lines Andrew

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Jul 6, 2000 08:47

Submitted by Mike VanLoon who fished Ruskum on July 1

The Grim Reaper out of town this week, however the rest of the crew fished off the Ruskum from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Wind was strong from the southwest. Water temp was 73 and color was mixed. Went 4 for 5. Big fish was 43". Also pick up a 36.5, 36, and 31. Hot setup was a WB Perch Stalker on the boatrod, 50', 5 ounces.

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Jul 5, 2000 11:49

Submitted by G-Force who fished Canadian Side on 6/30 and 7/2

Fished Friday evening from 6:30-9:45. Started at Belle River, but floating weeds no action pushed us east until we found fish about 2 miles west of Belle River in 15-16 ft of water. Had first hit at 8:00, which was about a 37 incher. Caught one more small one and ended up 2 for 5. 2 of the three fish we lost were screamers, one on a $9 bass stalker on a downrod 1# 6 ft back and one on a boat rod 4oz 25 ft back on a wiley king yb helin frog. Fished on sunday from 5:00 pm to 10:00. Started where all the action WAS only to find crystal clear water. After about 2 hours of nothing, started trolling east to find dirtier water. Found it at Belle River had first hit at 9:30, 37 incher on Perch slider 4 oz, 20 ft. Had 2 more hits on same setup, one of which seemed like a nice one, but lost them both.Ran out of planer clips with last hit at 10pm. If only we would have found the fish earlier.......

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Jul 4, 2000 18:48

Submitted by John Seitz who fished St. clair on july 1 & 4

Well, not a very exciting weekend. We headed out with BIG expectations and came home with a couple DINKS. Went Sat. Belle Hump and Puce area. We started at the Puce, but they were going good at the Hump. By the time we got there they had slowed and we got 2 small guys on boards, 30 and 2. One Tuesday got one small guy in 3 hours of trolling. 9$ bass on boards was the best bite. On Tuesday I believe part of the problem was that the water was to clear, you could see the bottom over the belle hump. Good Luck guys!!!!

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Jul 3, 2000 12:09

Submitted by DO2 who fished Anchor Bay - "B" Bouy on Sunday 7/2/00

Went 1 for 1 at 4:30 PM after fishing for about 1 hour. Musky was 18 pounds , approx 40" and was caught on a Gapen's "Weedcuter" ( plastic wigley thing with a spinner ) 30 ft back 2 oz. Water temp was 65 , sky cloudy , silty green water with 2-3 ft chop. Caught a few little Northern on crankbaits . Fish was released so the rest of you guys can catch her again !!

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Jul 3, 2000 07:50

Submitted by Ben Sommers who fished Puce on 7/1/00

We went out of the Puce river on Saturday morning. The winds were out of the SW and the water was clear. We fished from 7am until 2pm and went 7 for eleven. We had lines set at 30&4 with wb & yb perch T-3's, that caught 5 muskies all inthe 38 inch range. In the afternoon we had sliders set at 40&4 with a Bluefrog & Carp, each catching one apiece. We had a great time, with 7 boated muskies a personal best.

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Jul 2, 2000 12:23

Submitted by Roger who fished Grosse pointe area on 7-1-00

Had a rough time today but got one musky, 36" on a cheap Terminator copy 9$ bass on a board with 30/4. Also caught two nice smallmouth bass one on a fag frog on a board and one on a white and red creek chub on a down rod.

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Submitted: Jul 1, 2000 at 10:45 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Friday, 06/30/00 from 11:45 AM until 6:30 PM at St. Clair/C19, for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 80 F and the wind was SW 5-10 mph. The last few days the weather was stable. The water temperature was 70 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 17 foot deep water.

We went 2 for 4 today. Andrew got the biggest one, a 36 inch Muskie that went for a $9 Perch Terminator T3 fished on a slider. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 30 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

This was a kind of short trip due to the fact that when you drive all the way to the ramp and find out you don't have your boat keys then you need to spend valuable fishing time driving all the way back home to get them. This is not a good fishing technique and now that I have tried it I would not recommend it to any of you Rocketguests!!! Once we did get started about 4 hours later the concentration of fish that I had cornered had escaped and there wasn't enough time to round them up again. The two we did get were both about 36" and the other one was on a $9 Guacamole T3. The two we missed were on a T3 WBS Bluefrog and a T3 WB Perch Mackerel (that one was a screamer for a few seconds!!). All action was off the boards.

Jun 30, 2000 09:23

Submitted by Kdog who fished St.Clair on June 28, 2000

Made my first trip to St.clair this year and brought with me a St.Clair virgin.Now this made the musky goddess happy and she blessed us with good day on the south shore going 5 for 6 with a good rip thrown in too.First a 32" hit T2 Litwin $9 bass with 40/4 on a wash rod.Next up was a 38" on a T3 pikescale which went on a board rod 40/4.Once we got her bach in while my bud was putting on a inline planer board a 43"musky about rip his fingers off while he was putting the line in the clips.She went on a Gold supershad.Next ws another 32"dink on a wash rod nd t2 $9 bass with anothedr 38"which went on a board rod pike scale 40/4 setup.All 5 fish came within a half hour of each other, talk about fast and furious,thank youy musky goddes.Tight Lines,Kdog

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Jun 30, 2000 08:48

Submitted by Buckmaster & Doeman who fished Bottom of the Dumps on 6/25

Fished 9am - 1pm at the bottom of the dumps. Went 1 for 2 with First fish on Gold/red striped Producer 30' 2oz. on board, fish got off after about 10 - 15 sec. Second fish boat rob 30' 4oz. Helin Frog Producer nice fish mid 30's.

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Jun 29, 2000 20:45

Submitted by Doeman who fished Shore Shore / Dumps on 6/28/00

Fished from 6:30 - 9:15 and went 4/7 great night with lot's of action. Overcast with rain off and on not to many boats out fishing but a steady stream of boats heading south for the fireworks. At about 8:15 we had our own fireworks with the first double of the year kicking it off, both fish hit on board lines first fish hit on a Crackle Frog set 40/2oz second fish hit a Walleye set 30/2oz both fish where small at 31" & 33". The third fish hit the same board line / Crackle Frog set 40/2oz, fish size 33". Forth Fish hit a Dark Frog, Down line 20/6oz nice fish at 15lbs 39". We also had three other rips, all the action took place within a 45 minute period what a night to be on the water. Doeman

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Jun 29, 2000 10:28

Submitted by Bruce James who fished St Clair on 6/28

Fished early a.m. until around 1:00, 2 for 5, 33" and 42", 33 was on a YB perch Wiley, 42 on grnmac Believer, all hits were on boards (running high at 2-4oz 25-30') except a 24" that hit the down rod and shook off on a great vertical jump behind the boat before we even got the rod out of the holder(he'll be a real fighter one day). Water was silty green out around 16'72 degrees, but muddier towards shore and a little warmer. All the action came in about 2 hours once we fished the murkier water in 12-13 depths.

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Jun 28, 2000 09:35

Submitted by Ken Zajac who fished Skegemog on Week of June 18th

Fished Skegemog three mornings and two evenings. There was very little weed growth, water temp was 69F. Water was usually rough so we only fished with down rods. No muskies were caught, but several nice pike were. These fish were extremely hot, they did NOT want to be caught or handled. Consequently, we were not able to accurately measure them. My estimates are: 42" on a WB Perch Terminator, 40" on a YB Perch Wiley, 36" on a YB Perch Believer, 30" on a WB Perch Terminator, and 27" on a WB Perch Believer.

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Jun 26, 2000 16:51

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Belle River Hump on June 25, 2000

We went from 9:45 am to 2:45 pm on Sunday June 25. A major rain storm passed through the night before dumping over 2 inches of rain in some areas. Weather was cloudy when we first started with a slight northwest wind. It became clear and sunny around 10:30 as well as the wind died down to nothing. Air temp rose into the mid 80's and water temp was 74. Barometer was 29 and rising. Water clarity was a silty blue. We only went 0 for 1 with the loss being right off the bat on a WB perch wiley fished 20', 2 oz on a planer board. Fish was nice, looked about 40 inches or so but came unhooked on the way in. Appeared to be foul hooked on the side of the face based upon how it was coming in. The hit was at 10:00 when it was still cloudy. Nothing after that, so the tough luck continues. What a terrible June for my boat.

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Jun 26, 2000 15:06

Submitted by Chico who fished Lake St Clair --Michells Bay on 6/24-25/00

We went 2 for 2 on Friday 6/24/00. We were fishing off of the Belle River Hump in 17 feet of water. Water temp was 75. The hot set up was Carp 40'/ 2oz on a down rod. The first fish was a 32" and the second was 29". We also caught 1 5lb channel cat in 18' on a long rod running a WB Perch T3. It was bright, hot and sunny. We went 2 for 2 on Sat. 6/25/00. Both fish were 46" hawgs! We were fishing off of St. Lukes in 16 feet of water. Water temp was 73. The 1st fish hit a YB Perch T3 at 10:30am. It was raining a little. The 2nd fish hit a Carp T3 at 1:30pm. It was partially sunny with no rain. The hot setup was 40'/ 4oz on a long rod. In addition to the muskies we caught 5 smallies. Great time we will be back!! Chico

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Jun 26, 2000 09:36

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Ruscom on June 23, 2000

We went from 6:00 to 9:45 on Friday, June 23. We fished in 14 to 16 feet of water. Water temp was 72-73 degrees. Wind started calm but picked up from the south as the evening wore on. Water clarity was good and no floating weeds. Air temp was in the 70's and it was sunny. We went 1 for 3 with a little 32 incher. The fish came on a WB frog stalker at 50 feet, 4 oz on the board. Two others were lost, all on planer boards. We ran a variety of spreads but no luck. Been tough so far this year. Seemed like optimal conditions.

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Jun 25, 2000 02:00

Submitted by Roger&John who fished Grosse Point on 06-24-00

Went 3 for 4 today in 13 to 16 feet, Boards with sliders were hot. Just got done watching another boat land a small pike or muskie and screeetch!!! 9$ bass with 3oz and 30' got smoked by a 36" pike that was quite the fighter. About 15 minutes later we slowed our roll to check for weeds and boooom!! fag frog went for the ride & this time it was A 52" muskie. Had another rip on what else but $9 bass, about a 21" pike. Also had another release on a board w/slider and when I set the hook the line just effortlessly broke and 2 T-3s were gone. I guess you have to take the good with the bad, besides it keeps Essox design in business. All action came on T-3s. Didnt weigh the skie but guessing around 30 pounds and it was released. This was Johns 2nd trip with me and I think he is HOOKED for life!!!! Thank you Muskie Goddess and Thanx Rocket Man for the great lures and tips

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Jun 24, 2000 16:31

Submitted by John Seitz who fished St. Clair on june 24, 2000

Well, the fish have finally started to nibble a bit. Fished Belle area in 15-16' of water. Water temp. was 71 and great visibility. Started at the Thames and the WEEDS are terrible had to make a 7 mile move to get out of them. Got first fish 38" on Helin and as we boated him the board rod took off. Second fish was a nice 43-44" fish that went for 9$ bass. Then hour later 9$ went again with another mid 40's fish we lost at the boat, oh well poop occurs. Also added a 3# smallmouth to the mix on Helin. We fished 3 hours, so not bad. Then the sky opened and we proceeded to get drenched, nothing was dry not even the crack of my ass. Good Luck All, catch a FATTY!!!

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Jun 24, 2000 08:56

Submitted by Doeman who fished Dumps/South Shore Canada on 6/23/00

Well we finally broke the ice with the first fish of the year!!! We went 2/1 last night, we fished from 6:00 - 9:30 all around the Dumping Ground / South Shore Canada. First Fish hit at 8:00 pm on the planer board 2oz 30 feet back on a Gold / Red Producer, unfortuantly it got off. Second fish hit on the Down rod in the prop wash 16oz 15 feet back on a DK Frog W Bellie TERMINATER, 35" nice looking fat fish. Other action, we shaw one other boat catch a nice fish at about 7:30 pm. Doeman

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Jun 19, 2000 17:51

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Stony Point on June 18, 2000

We went from 4:30pm to 9:30pm at Stony Point. We fished in 14-15 feet of water. Weather was sunny, although had been overcast most of the day. Wind was very slight northeast, then became calm, then slight from the southwest. Water temperature was 71-72 degrees. Clarity ranged from silty green to brown.Air temperature started in the mid 70s and dropped into the high 60s late evening. Barometer was over 30 and steady.We went 3 for 5 with a 25", 35" and a 38" musky. Of the two lost, one seemed like a good rip and the other we saw and it was 30" to 34". Four of the five hits came before the southwest wind started. Four hits on the planer boards, 3 on a YB olive frog stalker (50', 4 oz), 1 on a WB Perch wiley J8 (no weight, 20'). The big rip was on the perch wiley. The 38" fish was last on a helin frog big jake boat rod at 80', no weight. The 35" fish hit the olive frog as I was reeling in to check the lines, pretty exciting watching the fish eat.Seems like the action is finally starting now that the water is warmer. It should break loose next weekend.Unusual sight - dead deer floating off stony point (doe)

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Jun 19, 2000 13:17

Submitted by Yellow Belly who fished Peche Island on 6/17/00

Fished St. Clair on 6/17/00 from 3:00 to 8:45. Went 4 for 6. All small fish. Got one small mouth that was 6lbs, tried to eat a St. Lawarance Loke Straight. Wind started to blow out of the North $ 15 + mph. Got nastey quick.

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Hey "Yellow Belly" thanks for the report but next time put your real email address or it's the Recycle Bin for you!!!!!!
the Rocketman

Jun 19, 2000 10:32

Submitted by Aaron who fished Huron Point on 6-18-00

Fished from 4:30pm to 8:00pm, Had an incredible 3.5 hours. Went 3 for 5. Three really nice fish all on the same down rod with a Maison Helin Frog. The biggest being 48 1/2 29 pounds. Get out there they really turned on from saturday. All three fish were released.

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Jun 18, 2000 10:54

Submitted by Chris Hsu who fished Detroit River on 6/16/00

I could not believe that I caught the fish. I was fishing for bass. Landed a 4 pounder. Then right after, a 40 inches hit my tube lure. I was using only 6 lbs line. By the way, all fish were released. I was fishing around Wyandotte.

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Submitted: Jun 18, 2000 at 09:56 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Sucked!!

We went fishing on Saturday, 06/17/00 from 1:30 PM until 9:30 PM at St. Clair/C19, for Muskies. It was partly cloudy, 75 F and the wind was N 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was unstable. The water temperature was 67 F and there were 2 foot waves. The water color was clear green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 16 foot deep water.

We went 0 for 7 today.

Incredible - we got decent action but the damn things wouldn't stay on for anything!! Hits were on WBS Bluefrog T3, Bluefrog TX, Zitfrog TX, Firebass T3, and Fire Tiger T3. None boated, none even made it all the way to the boat. Then toward evening the wind started to blow harder, waves built to as much as 4 feet, we lost a rod, had both boards dive, and to top it off we hooked a big smallmouth on a T3 Litwin $9 Bass - and it got off too!!!!!

Jun 18, 2000 08:04

Submitted by Fishinjunkie who fished Anchor Bay on 6-17-00

Beautiful day for a boat ride,washed all the lures in my box every way imaginable without a rip didn't see any body else with any action,better luck next time

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Jun 17, 2000 20:18

Submitted by John Seitz who fished Lake St. Clair on june 17, 2000

As the Rocketman would say, "Howe did the Seitzman do?" WE SUCKED!!!! We fished from 8:00am to noon. We got one shorty 28" on a Helin T-3. Marked lots of fish of all kinds. The water clarity was good and wind steady. So far this year I have yet to here a very solid report. What is going on? Many guys with many years on the lake believe to many people are keeping fish. Hey, guys if you are going up there to catch your trophy to take home and mount get a GRAPHITE replica and put the fish back PLEASE!!! We want this fishery to remain great and the only way is catch and release. For those of you that do not realize this lake relies solely on natural reproduction, no stocking is done at all. Well down off my soap box, it was a nice day on the water and great weather. Good Luck to all.

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Jun 14, 2000 12:19

Submitted by Aaron who fished Anchor bay at the A-marker on 6-8-00

Just out dinking around, trolling two saltwater rapala's green mackeral color at 2mph, back about 100' when the 47 inch 27 pounder decided to have a snack. Fun battle on the 10 pound maxima. Trolled on the 10th all around the bay 0 for 1 on a carp maison near the B-Marker. Good luck and many rips

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Jun 12, 2000 21:54

Submitted by Jacob Studer who fished Anchor Bay on 6-12-00

went 1 for 1 today - a monster 52in. on a frog terminator in 10ft. of water 30 ft back. Fished from 6:30-12:00pm. Also caught 3 pike 28",26",24".........not a bad day!

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Jun 12, 2000 20:07

Submitted by Chrisd who fished Lake St. Clair on 6/11

We went 5 for 10 Sunday trolling along the canadian side between the Belle River and the Detroit River in 12 feet of water. We started fishin at 9:30with Capt. Steve Vanassche and first mate Tim of Bushwhacker charters and went 0 for 3 by 12:30. Then as the sky darkened the action lit up...a St.lawrence "LOKE" was the hotest lure. the fish were all in the 35 to 38 inchrange. We called it quits at 3:30 as we landed our fifth fish to bring ouraverage up to 500. Thanks to capt. Steve and the musky god for a great dayof fishing, Chrisd

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Jun 12, 2000 08:24

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Puce on June 9, 2000

We went from 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm on Friday near Puce/Pike's Creek. Weather was sunny and hot, near 90. A stalled cold front was over Lake Huron. Barometer was 29.8 and falling. Wind was strong from the south southwest, although it subsided late. Water temp was from 61 to 64. Water clarity was silty blue and we fished in 11-16 feet of water.We went 1 for 1 with a 30" muskie on a WB frog stalker, 40', 4 oz on a planer board. The fish was at 6:25 pm. Nothing else, even though we ran a variety of lures, colors, depths, etc.

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Jun 11, 2000 15:36

Submitted by Jim (Millers Raft) who fished Anchor Bay / Strawberry Island on 6-10-00

Went out for the first time, on Sat morn about 8:30 am fished to 3:00 pm all over Anchor Bay from the Clinton River as far north as I could go and back, even went out towards Strawbery Island as well. Paid a LOT OF DUES AGAIN! Covered a hell of a lot of water, Speed 3.5 up to 5.2 mph. Water depth was anywhere from 6 to 10 feet. Water temp was 57.5 to 60 degrees. Water was a silty green, and muddy in spots waves were 1 to 2 foot, changing to 2 to 3 foot in late afternoon! Just Dad and I, using 2 downrods and 2 washrods, (need new tether lines for planer boards)running 5 foot and 4 oz in the prop wash, and downs were 20 foot back with 4oz and then 30 foot with 4 oz, no luck! Marked a lot of fish (not muskie).... trolled all around a lot of perch fisherman anchored, but didnt even have a bump. Only marked a few scattered Muskies, all others were bait fish! MOST fish were all on the bottom, and a few in the 5 foot to 8 foot depth. Started with perch Terminators, then went to pike and then everything else nothing worked: not the Terminators nor Wiley's or Beleivers!! Seen maybe 4 other boats and none had any hits that we could see. It was just good to get out and spend time with Dad. Just like Deer Hunting...not much success, but good time spend with Dad .."is priceless".... Good luck Guys.. Get a Big One If ya have any tips "which part" of Anchor Bay is best this time of year let me know thanks!!

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Jun 11, 2000 09:20

Submitted by DO2 who fished "B" Bouy - Anchor Bay on June 10

Fished from 3:00 pm until to 5:30 until we got blown off the water. Went 0 for 0 in 12 ft over the weeds. Did happen to get 1 small Northern so there's hope yet. Also was able to try out a new trolling motor so the day was not completely lost. Also got a little wet going back into the wind but the deck needed a washing anyway.

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Jun 10, 2000 23:49

Submitted by John who fished Peche Island on 06-10-00

Fished from 3:30pm to Sunset today around Peche Island with Bamboa and went 0 for 0. Very windy and HOT. Bamboa got a boy scout patch for handleing the small boat in the waves/wind as well as he did. We tried various Terminators From T-2's to TX's, and even had a T3/SE in there somewhere. The structure around Peche is varied and held alot of bait fish. Large fish were marked, but intermitantly. Only draw back to Peche IMO is you can be in 20 ft. of water one minute, then your in 8ft. dragging the bottom the next. Hope other Musky fisherman faired better. Still, allthough a challenge, a great day to be on the water. 'Catch a Big One" Later JM

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Jun 9, 2000 22:07

Submitted by Doeman who fished Off Strawberry Island on 6/9/00

Fished from 7:00pm until 9:30 went1 for 0 had what seemed to be a nice fish rip the down line out and took the leader with it. I was useing 9$ bass 20 feet back with 2oz in 11 feet of water, oh well better than last trip. Can someone please give me a little advice on where I should be fishing this time of year. Thanks Doeman

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Jun 7, 2000 08:34

Submitted by Mark who fished Lac St Clair - South of Metro Beach on 6/6/2000

Fished evening of 6/6, 7:45-9:30pm, 12-13 foot waters South of Metro Beach. 1 for 1 with 48" Muskie at 8:15pm. Hit down rod 30' back on Walleye pattern 6" jointed Believer. Many fish marked in the area but no other hits. Fish released.

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Jun 5, 2000 17:08

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - St. Lukes on June 3, 2000

We went from 4:00 to 9:30 on Saturday. Weather was sunny, 70 degrees. Front had come through the day before. Much of the south shore was dirty. Water was clear where we were. Water temp. was 65 degrees. Wind started moderate from the northwest but became calm. We fished in 12 to 18 feet of water. We went 0 for either 0 or 1, having a knockoff on on a slider with no weight on a helin frog jointed wiley at about 7:00 pm. Could have been anything, not necessarily a muskie. No other action, only saw 1 boat net a fish, even though quite a few boats were in the area. Sounded like other people did okay, some nice fish in the MOMC tournament.

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Jun 5, 2000 15:01

Submitted by Doeman who fished Dumping Grounds on June 3,2000

Fished from 9:00am until 4:00pm went 0 for 0 nothing. Seen boats all over the dump but did not see a fish caught.

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Jun 4, 2000 22:23

Submitted by Mad Dog who fished Anchor Bay on Lake St. Clair on June 3

Caught a 35" muskie casting weeds in Anchor Bay. Had one other follow, a slightly larger fish. Both went for a 1/2 oz. chart. spinnerbait. Both were in thickest weed growth in about 7' depth with 60+ degree water temp. Tried many areas with cooler water and less weeds to no avail.

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Jun 4, 2000 21:29

Submitted by Kiwi who fished Anchor Bay on June 3,2000

Started at 6:00 am and had the first rip at 6:20 right off of the spillway. Fought it for about 2 minutes and it was gone. I retreived a swivel which was torn open. I can only dream of what it was. Didnt get another rip untill 1:30 and landed a 36" on a down rod. That was it. MMOC tournament had a few "muthas" 33lbs. Maybe next time.

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Jun 4, 2000 10:59

Submitted by Seitz Boyz who fished Detroit River on Jne3, 2000

Fished from 7:30 - 11:30 on saturday. Casting everything in the box. Had many follows, but managed to only get one hook-up and he was lost at the boat. About a 42-44" fish. The fish all seemed interested but would NOT strike don't know if the cold front messed them up or what but, not a great start to the season. Water temp was 61 and visibilitty was 2-3 feet.

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Jun 4, 2000 08:56

Submitted by DO2 who fished St Clair on 6/3/00

Went after the mighty Muskie yesterday in the Anchor bay area. The score was Muskies...1 and Hunters..... 0. A lot of boats were trolling all over the place but no one seemed to be doing any good. The perch fisherman were over the weedbeds but didn't see them doing much either. Oh well, sure was a pretty day on the water. We'll get them another day !!

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Jun 3, 2000 19:18

Submitted by Czar who fished Anchor Bay on 6-3-00

Fished out of Selfridge from 8 am till 2:30 pm. Fished out to C can and down to the Strawberry Light for the opener. Trolled Believers, Pikies, Ivanhoes, Double Tandems and even Mepps Musky Killers and couldn`t buy a rip. Water was 56 to 59 degrees with the water being a silty blue. Most of the weedbeds were around C can with lotsa fish marked in that area. Most of the anglers on the radio were doing the same with only a couple catching fish. The biggest I heard of was a 42 incher. Glad Musky season is here. Hope to slam em this year

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May 23, 2000 18:24

Submitted by jighead who fished Lake St. Clair on 5/7/00

Went drifting in 6-8 ft. of water off of Masonic for smallmouth, and picked up my first decent muskie on a green tube bait and 6 lb. line. Would estimate it around 8-10 lbs. Watched another guy catch one in the same area about an hour later.

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Apr 28, 2000 05:18

Submitted by Doc Truax who fished Anchor Bay/Marsac Point area on 4/27/00

Water is still very cold behind Bud's Restaurant...43 degrees and hence the mooskies havent even ventured into their traditional spawning area weeds but no fish yet either

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Apr 4, 2000 15:20

Submitted: Apr 28, 2000 at 07:52 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Wednesday, 04/27/00 from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM at Benton Harbor, for Kings. It was mostly sunny, 50 F and the wind was N 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was warming. The water temperature was 48 F and there were 1 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 58 foot deep water.

We went 6 for 14 today. Jeff got the biggest one, a 18-20 pound King that went for a Black/Green Silver Streak fished on a downrigger. Overall the hottest set-up was a dipsy at 100 feet and the action was up high.

All I can say is that the Fishing God was in the mood! She just hiked up her skirt and bent over and said "Boys - this is your big chance. Go for it!" We found a little herd of kings about 1/2 mile north of the ramp in 58 feet of water. They stayed put and active all day and we stayed right on them fish icons and had one on about every 1/2 hour. The Dipsys were hot with orange crush RR spoons and the downriggers at 17 and 20 were almost as hot with Streaks and NK Mags going best. Wound up with 2 kings in the 12-14 lb range plus the 18-20 lbr (and 3 cohos too). We lost 2 more nice kings and steelie that bent the crummy little hooks on the salmon spoons. One of the kings looked a lot bigger than our biggest one. Before I ever put another one of those spoons in the water again they are all getting retrofitted with some good 1/0 Terminator T2 hooks. That will fix that bending problem once and for all. By the way some guys fishing there said the kings have been going pretty good lately. I think I would have to agree!

Submitted by Paul S. who fished Detroit River on 4/1/2000

This is for you guys that have the fever to get out, The pike action on the river is preety good right now , fished two bays Saturday , Water Temp was in the high 40's . Got 19 pike in about Three hours , No monsters , but still felt good to hook some fish . 6" minnow baits where the ticket . Good Luck !! Paul

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Mar 26, 2000 20:35

Submitted by clint slatcoff who fished indiana on 3-25-00

2 muskie 1 35" 1 24" .high wind out of the west 2' waves in a 14' v with a 9.9 motor it was very rough but my new green wormy T2 did the job at a fast as i could go trolling speed,i was only able to fish for 11/2 hours to boot,those terminator are awsome!!

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Mar 6, 2000 12:15

Submitted by Mike Seitz who fished Detroit River on 3/4/00

Fished the Detroit River Saturday morning for Pike. Fished a few bays in the south end of the river and we caught 4 nice pike and lost a couple others. two of the fish were in the mid thirties and exremely fat. Water temp was only 35 and there was still a bit of floating ice. I'm guessing that next weekend could be even better if the weather holds and warms up the bays.

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