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July 12 - August 14, 2000

Aug 14, 2000 21:53

Submitted by Tom who fished East of Light on 8/14

Started fishing about 6pm just east of the light, went to the yellow marker and then headed back towards, the light and slightly, south,. The only zip of the nite was around 7pm on boat rod at 2oz and 40 ft. St lawrence was the culprit. Nice fat 40 incher.

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Aug 14, 2000 14:33

Submitted by Harry and Kathy from Cincinnati who fished Ruscom to Belle River on 8/12 and 8/13

Went 2 for 2!! Had a great time fishing out of Deerbrook Marina(very nice people and a top notch marina)despite the 3 1/2 ft waves crashing over our 16 ft ProCraft. What a challenge! Trolled with just 2 rods in 12-14 ft water. Saturday we fished from 1-3 pm and hit a 38inch muskie on a Artifact tangerine pearch at 16/6oz. Sunday from 8 to 10 am same spot ZINNNNG a 42 inch BIG SKIE on a Artifact helin frog at 20/4oz. That Art makes a bad ass lure. Landed and released our only 2 hits. Wish we could stay.

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Aug 13, 2000 21:25

Submitted by John & Mike Seitz who fished St. Clair on Sun. Aug 13, 2000

Well, the day started on a high and ended on a low. We fished by the shipping channel in 18 foot of water from 9am to noon. The water was flat, wind dead, 4 foot visibility. We got our first hit 30 minutes in on a down rod 8oz and 20ft. The T3 St. Lawrence went for a serious ZING and the battle ended with a fat 49" MOOSKIE. After some nice pics she was free again minus the nasty lamprey on her face. Then after a couple quiet hours we attempted to drown a baby Mooskie on a board rod, thankfully he came off. Finally, at noon the down rod with a dog turd believer went ZIIIING. I got ahold of the rod and the battle was on. I knew it was a big fish and it would not come up. After a minute or so of battle the fish just let go, no mistakes just shit happens. That is a sickly feeling. But, we will be back to get her another day.

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Aug 13, 2000 20:59

Submitted by Roger (R Cat) who fished grosse pointe and south channel area on 8 12 00

Went 3 1/2 for 4. Started out fishing the Grosse pointe area in 16 feet of water. The flaoting weeds were terrible but still managed to get two rips, the first, my fathers first,a 36" muskie that weighed 11 lbs hit a T 3 dark wormy on a down rod with 8 feet and 12 oz. Jason got the next rip that was on the same rod and was a 40" pike Later we decided cleaning the weeds every 5 minutes was too much so we moved to the south channel area. About an hour later we got another rip just as John was letting out some more line on a down rod, and this fish was a train stopper ripping off LOTS of line as it severed Johns hands.This is where the 3and 1/2 comes into play. The fish never made it into the boat, we had her in the cradle but she was just too big for it and flopped out, and when it hit the water the line got tight and the el cheapo snap swivel I bought snapped in half and a trophy muskie with a 9$ bass T 3 stuck in his mouth was gone. She was 50 plus inches no doubt, my father got some good video when she was close to the boat and it was a fatty, What a heartbreaker. Got one other dink in that area about hour later on a board rod 3oz 50' I dont remember color but it was a T 3. Also fished on 7 22 00 and went 1 for 1 fished all day decided to take a nap around 6 pm and Bam! John was setting the hook. 49inches 27.50 lbs on a board rod T 3 carp straight out from the 9 mile tower 18 ft. And went 4 for 4 on 7 15 00 Grosse pointe area all small fish the biggest was 30" . Boards and down rods were hot.

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Submitted: Aug 13, 2000 at 10:34 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?
We Sucked!!

We went fishing on Saturday, 08/12/00 from 1:30 PM until 9:00 PM at St. Clair/C13,and C19 for Muskies. It was mostly sunny, 80 F and the wind was NE 10-15 mph. The last few days the weather was cooling. The water temperature was 73 F and there were 3 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 20 foot deep water.

We went 0 for 3 today. The first hit was a T3 WB Perch Mackerel on a handline. That's right, the line was in my hand because I was in the process of putting it in the release for the board. The next hit was a good hit on the same side on the board but we don't know if it hit the Perch Mackerel or the slider which had a T3 Monkeypuke. The last hit was a T3 Blue Wormy, also on the board. All hits were at 30/2.

Aug 12, 2000 21:52

Submitted by Tom who fished East of the light on 8/12/00

Fished from 10 to 5:30. Went from north of st clair light to yellow marker to belle river and back to yellow marker to st clair light. Went 1 for 1, between yellow marker and light, 4:00pm, biggest fish of the year, 50 inches, 30 lbs, on a shad, boat rod at 40 2oz. Long day for one fish but it was well worth the trip. See you out there tomorrow

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Aug 12, 2000 18:48

Submitted by mike ford who fished anchor bay on 8-12

We went fishing from 6:15am to 3 and went 1 for 2. Both fish were caught on a downrod with a wb perch wiley at 20'4oz. The first fish spit the lure at the boat, and was about 40". The fish we boated was 44 inches and 20lbs. While trolling today we snagged and had to pull in all the lines, and moter up to lures so we would not loose them. Once we did this I started jerking the rod to free the lures, but still they did not budge. After that I started lifting up on the rod, and I saw a huge silhouette of a fish. My god I thought I had a world record musky. Instead it was a 6 foot sturgeon, that we had foul hooked in the back. The lure that got him what else, but a wb perch wiley. We tried to lift it into the boat for a picture , but it was to heavy. I took a couple of pictures of the fish in the water unhooked it and watched him swim away. Other bonus fish were a couple of 26" pike. What a crazy day on the water I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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Aug 11, 2000 23:36

Submitted by Art/nj who fished Monksville Reservoir Nj. on 8/9/2000

Fished Monksville again 9pm-3am. I caught another 34 inch muskie on a Huskie Hawg Wobbler topwater fishing. Also the bonus fish were 3 smallmouth and 2 largemouth. The 2 biggest smallmouth and largemouth exceeded 5 pounds. The other fish were beauties at least over 3 pounds. All fish smashed the lure with such fury some were hooked in the back and landed this way. All caught and released.

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Aug 11, 2000 09:30

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Stony Point on August 5, 2000

We fished from 5 to 9:30 at Stony Point. Water and weather conditions greatly improved from Thursday night. Water was a silty blue/green and wind was from the south. The wind started moderate to strong but calmed as the evening went on. Floating weeds were mainly gone. Barometer was 29 and falling. Water temp was 73 and air temp near 80. It was partly cloudy. We went 5 for 8 with two small fish (28-30) along with a 35, 38 and a 43 (18 lbs.). Fish were mainly hitting bright colors. A Jeremy Frog Stalker went 2 for 3 with the two of the bigger fish on a planer board at 50', 4 oz. Also got fish on a boat rod, 30', 4 oz WB Perch Terminator TX (30"), a Jeremy Frog Stalker knockoff on a down rod at 8', 16 oz (38") and a another small one on a WB Frog Stalker on a planer board at 50', 4 oz. Lost fish were on planer boards (2) and downrigger - Special Perch Producer, 5' down. This was our first hit this year on a downrigger, not sure why this presentation hasn't produced but I have to believe that it will turn around.

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Aug 11, 2000 09:16

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Stony Point on August 3

We went fishing from 6:00 to 9:30 at Stony Point. Winds were moderate to strong from the Northwest. Water clarity was somewhat dirty and there were quite a few floating weeds. We fished in 15 to 17 feet of water. The first real strong cold front in a while had just passed through. Barometer was over 30 and rising. Water temp was 71 and air temp was in the 70s. We went 1 for 2 with the only fish being on a helin frog stalker at 4 oz, 50' on a sideplaner. The lost fish was on the same. Fish was really small, maybe 28". Tough night.

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Aug 10, 2000 15:48

Submitted by Gary who fished Metro Beach/Clinton Spillway on August 7, 2000

Took my boat out to Kalamazoo over the weekend to do so family waterskiing at a reunion. I'd rather been fishing. Well on Monday I put the boat back into my Marina (Velger)when my buddy suggested that we take the boat out for a ride. I had my 11 year old daughter with me. We got on in 12-13' of water when my buddy said he couldn't believe all the large fish he was picking up on the fish finder. We to make a long story short we got 5 rods in the water around 8:15 PM and began to fish. I must say that I was trully impressed with the action. Within 10 minutes I had the largest Musky I have ever hooked into on the line. Unfortunately I can't tell you what he hit since the 60 pound mono line snapped cleanly. I was however fishing with no weight about 50' back on the outrod. I think I was using a Gotcha. Well I asked my daughter what she wanted me to put out on the re-rigged line. She picked a yellow belly Wiley perch. Within another ten minutes 50' back with no weight on the outrod, I got another good size Musky hit. I gave the rod reluctantly to my partner since it was his up. He reeled in a 43" nice fighting musky that we did manage to boat. I released it successfully but did not get a chance to weight it. It felt around 20-24 pounds. Good Fishing All

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Aug 8, 2000 01:58

Submitted by mike ford who fished anchorbay on 8-6

We fished from 4:00pm to 9:00 and went 3 for 3. We caught two dinks on a baordrod with a wb lightfrog wiley at 40'2oz. Next up was a respectable 38incher that took a wb perch wiley at 20'4oz on a downrod. Also caught a 27" pike and a 18" smallmouth. It was supposed to be windy with thunder storms, but when we got to the baot ramp and the whole time we fished there was only a light chop with overcast skies. Forget the wind and the weather and just go fishing!!

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Aug 6, 2000 20:21

Submitted by Tom who fished C marker to the Belle on 8/5/00

Fished from 12:30 to 6:00, went 5 for 5. Largest about 42 down to about 36. Two on Helin frog, Two on WB perch and one on shad. Four on boat rod and one on wash rod. Boat rods were 30 to 50 with 2 to 4 . Best muskie day in a long time. Not a bad day for two rods.

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Aug 6, 2000 16:42

Submitted by Art/nj who fished Monksville Reservoir Nj. on 7/29/2000

I am an avid muskiehead from NJ. and a daily reader of this page. Went 1 for 1. I caught and released a 42 inch muskie on a Cisco Kid Topper top water fishing for muskie. I have pictures and will send the rocketman copies this week. The weather was hot, humid, and still. The lake was glass. This was probably one of the most exciting few minutes of my life. Some people suggested I should have kept the "GREAT BEAST" but I could never bring myself to kill such a beautiful creature. Great web page.

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Aug 5, 2000 23:37

Submitted by Andrew Broderick who fished St. Clair/ Stoney Point on Aug 5, 2000

Fish from 8-3 in 16-19 feet of water. Went 1/2. Fish landed was a 36" caught in 18.5 feet of water on blue/green Musky Stalker on down rod at 30'. Lost fish was much bigger on same lure in 16.5'. Spit it when he went airborne. Reminder to sharpen those lures you buy before you put in. Lots of fish were spotted in the 18' range off Stoney Point. Winds died at around one and water turned to glass. We drifted casting to the buggers sunning themselves at top water with everything we had with not a follow and only one turning to watch a bucktail go by.

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submitted by fishinjunkie who fished anchor bay on 08-05-2000

what a day,no longer a muskie virgin. went 3 for 4 no size but alot of fun anyway. two on board rods 25'3 0z with green beleivers other two on terminators (thank you)green with spots. fourth fish broke my cheap eagle claw rod should have listened to rocketman from the start would probally have some pictures of a keeper size fish,went to lakeside for some top of the line replacements as soon as i was done fishing. fishing in 12 feet of water so clear you could see all the way to the bottom no wind lots of perch fisherman,thanks for the tips and the great web sight

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Aug 5, 2000 15:21

Submitted by mike ford who fished anchor bay on 8-5

We went fishing from 6:15 to 12:00 today and went 4 for 4. The first fish hit right of the bat. She took a wb perch wiley boatrod at 20'4oz, and was 43". The second fish bit on a wb perch wiley baordrod at 40'2oz, and was about 27". After a few hours of no action a washrod at 20'16oz with a wb light frog wiley said hello to a 42" fish that put up a great fight. About a half hour later we cought our last fish on yb perch wiley baordrod at 40'2oz. That fish was about 37" long. Still looking for my first 50incher maybee next weekend.

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Aug 3, 2000 23:43

Submitted by Dave who fished Belle River Hump on 8/3/00

Fished from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Went 1 for 1 on a washrod 10 feet and 6 oz with a firetiger stalker, the fish was a fat 49 inches. The water was green inshore and clear offshore. The fish was caught in 16 feet of water as we followed the water color change. Water temp was 71 and the winds were out of the north at about 15 knots. I moved out here from Maryland where I did a lot of offshore fishing and muskie sounded like the closest thing. I appreciate all that I have learned from the fishing reports and especially from your excellent web site Rocketman. It was my first muskie and I am hooked.

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Aug 3, 2000 11:54

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Stony Point on July 30, 2000

We went fishing from 5:00 to 9:30 at Stony. Wind was strong from the ESE but subsided as we fished. Started out in pouring rain but actually brightened up and became sunny. Water clarity varied in the area with us having some patches of very clear and some patches that were dirtier than I like to fish. Water temp was 73 and the air temp was near 80 although the rain felt cool. A warm front had just passed through from the south. We went 4 for 6 with two bonus smallmouth bass. Nothing exciting, mainly small fish (26, 26, 33 and 38). We were 3 for 5 on the planer boards and 1 for 1 on a down rod. Caught fish on a YB Frog Wiley, a Helin Frog Stalker, a Zit Frog T3. Overall, good action but some size would have been nice.

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Aug 1, 2000 01:16

Submitted by mike ford who fished anchor bay on 7-30

Went fishing in anchor bay again on sunday because of the two fish I caught the day before. I had a companion this time so we fished four rods. Strong east winds made it tough so I took the Rocketmans advise from the tips page and fished my baits tight. We went one for one with the fish being 45" long. Caught her on a helinfrog wiley downrod at 6'16oz. Thanks for the tip Rocketman I think your web site is awesome.

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Aug 1, 2000 01:02

Submitted by mike ford who fished anchor bay on 7-29

I did not have anyone to take fishing with me saturday so I went to anchor bay instead of Canada. Trolled 25 miles before my first strike. It was a nice 40" fish that hit on a whitebelly perch wiley down rod at 20'3oz. About 20 minutes later the exact same rod started singing again. It was another healthy 40" class fish. After I removed a lampray and dehooked her I packed it up and went home. Over all went 2 for 2 a very satisfying day for being by myself.

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Jul 30, 2000 12:36

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Puce on July 26, 2000

After work trip with limited time so we thought we would go to the Puce even though we wanted to go back to Stony since we did so well on Sunday. Wind was moderate from the East and the weather was hot and humid. Some storms had rumbled through parts of Detroit earlier in the day but we looked clear. Water temp was 72 and air temp started in the 80s and dropped into the 70s near dark. The water was somewhat gray, although not quite mop bucket. Moderate floating weeds. We fished from 6:15 to 9:30 pm. We went 1 for 2 with a 39" fish on a Tenn Shad jake fished 35' 4oz on a boat rod. Lost a fish on a planer board line, can't reminder what on. Listened to two other boats working farther east doing real well. One reported he caught a heavy 53 incher that he was bringing in to weigh. Hey everbody, call Al Murray at (519) 873-4612 to push for a bigger size limit. My vote is for 52 inches but even 48 inches would be a big improvement. The advantage of going to 52 is that it gets rid of the 1950's mentality kill tournaments and would give us a real chance at a 40 lber.

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Jul 30, 2000 12:18

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair - Stony Point on July 23, 2000

We went from 4:30 t0 9:30 to the far end of the lake. We started by St. Luke's and the water clarity was incredible. In 19 feet of water I could very clearly see the bottom, being able to pick out zebra mussels, beer cans, etc. Stayed an hour, mainly enjoying the glass bottom boat ride and then moved over towards stony point. Water was pretty murky there, being a brownish green. Didn't like it much, but we started hitting fish right off the bat so it became acceptable. We fished in 17 to 18' of water. It was mostly sunny and the wind was close to non-existent although it picked up at the end out of the north. Water temp was 73 and air temp was about the same. We went 6 for 9 with several big fish. I caught my longest on St. Clair, a 49", but it was built like an eel with a giant head and no body and only weighed 23.5 lbs. We also got a thick 46" fish that weighed 29 lbs. and a 44" fish that weighed 20 lbs. The other 3 fish were 35, 35 and 39. Action was steady from 5:30 to 9:00. Hot action was on yellow baits on the boards. Two on a yellow glow frog stalker (46, 35), one on a helin frog stalker (44), one on a yellow coach dog stalker (49), one on a YB frog stalker (39) and one on a special perch straight producer on a down rod. A good rip that was lost also on the yellow coach dog. Other two lost fish were smaller (32-36 inches). Overall a great night.

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Jul 28, 2000 09:13

Submitted by Hondo who fished shippingchannel#30buoysouth on 7/26/00

Started out with 1.5 rat-l-traps changed to hot-n-tots crawfish&chrome went 1for2 double header at 3:30 fished terminators last 2 hours no luck heading out again.

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Jul 27, 2000 11:05

Submitted by AaronH who fished Metro Beach to 13 mile Rd. on 7/24/00

Went 0 for 2 today....Had the Musky Queen aboard who is still looking for her first fish of the year to win the Y2K MUSKY GODESS Contest....Had each one near the boat....32" and a 38" approx. Look for her picture soon...she has caught the "Fever" ! Each one on a wash rod 15/8oz. WB Perch.....

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Jul 27, 2000 00:36

Submitted by Mike Ford who fished 3 miles east of detroit river on 7-23-00

We fished from 1030am to 4 and went 3 for 4. Three hits on baords and sliders and the other on a boat rod. Two on white belly perch wiley one on a light frog wiley, and the other on a strait helin frog terminater. No real size to the fish 3 were in the mid thirties and the other was a true dink. Maybee we will get a biggie this weekend. Good luck guys!

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Jul 26, 2000 18:26

Submitted by Doeman who fished Belle River Hump on 7/21/00

Fished the hump and went 2/2 first fish hit on a board rod 40/2oz on a St Lawrence Terminator 38 inch. Second fish hit hard on the down rod 10/16oz Dark Frog Terminator nice fish 40 inch. Fished from 9:30 until 12:00. Fisherman I need your help!!! why is it that when you ask fellow fisherman for information on fishing on the marine radio everyone clams up, its seems to me that if we stick together as fishermen we would all be better off. The last time I looked Lake St Clair was a pretty big lake and it would sure help if people would talk to each other instead of clamming up when someone ask hey catching anything!!! I for one would help with information but unfortunatly I'm still laerning myself. Next time your on the lake and hear the Doeman asking for help it would be appreciated if you would give me some information. Doeman

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Jul 25, 2000 12:39

Submitted by mike who fished belle river on 07/2400

Fished Belle River on 7/24 and went 2/2. First fish came off a board rod, 47" 25lbs on a Gotcha carp set at 40/4 , Second was a Dink,26" or so came on a down rod at 8/12 on a Gotcha yellow belly.Marked a ton of big fish.

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Jul 25, 2000 09:59

Submitted by Chuck Skopelja who fished Dumping ground on 7-21,7-22

Went o for one. Fished the dumping ground and edges of the shipping canal with boards, washrods, and a variety of set-ups and lure changes. Did not see anything caught either. Stayed close to other fisherman that were anchored and perch fishing near weed beds. Launched out of Metro Park. Beautiful facility! Also camped at Algonac and fished the river up there. Another beautiful facility, but fishing was poor for the eyes. A suggestion for your website would be a map showing boatlaunches and camping areas where us out-of-towners can camp and launch. Your suggestion to stop and visit Lakeside Tackle is a MUST! The only problem was, they are now out of all the popular patterns (zit and blue wormy). Other than that, is there anything that they don't have for any type of fishing? One thing about St. Clair. Even if you do not catch a muskie on your trip, if the weather allows you to fish, you will still have a great time. After all, if you can't get out to try for em, you can't get em.

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Jul 24, 2000 23:10

Submitted by Greg who fished Lake St. Clair Dumps on 7/23/2000

We went one for two on the walleye gear so on the way back to our trolling point we thur out are muskie gear. Twenty minutes later I hooked up on A 48" Muskie. Then we went back to the walleye fishing. I took it on A Mepps muskie Killer at about noon.

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Jul 24, 2000 13:48

Submitted by Chico who fished St. Claire on 7/20-22/00

How did we do? We sucked big time!! Fished out of Mitchell's Bay Thurs. thru Sat. 30 hours on the water and went 2 for 2 (41" Muskie and a 34" Pike). Both the Muskie and the Pike were caught on a blue and white Storm Big Mac plug on a down rod 20'/4oz. The muskie was caught, Sat 22-Jul-00 between the Belle River Hump and the Dumps in 18' water. Temp was 71 and water was relatively clear and blue-green. I would like to know where the fish were this weekend. We fished the Belle River Hump a lot, The Dumps, off of Basset Island and St Lukes and did not do well. Oh well maybe next time. Chico

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Jul 23, 2000 10:02

Submitted by Pike Man who fished ruscom on 7/22/00

Fished the mudline in front of the ruscom tower on saturday. Went 9 for 10 with biggest fish 40 inches. Best setup was a T3 bluefrog at 30/2 on a board. Thanks Rocketman for your awesome Terminators, and many thanks to Captain Jay and his Little Chip for showing my brother and I such a great time!

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Jul 21, 2000 17:11

Submitted by condor who fished lake St. Clair-11-12 Mile rd on 07/21/00

Fished from 1000-300. Very windy. Fished in 13-14 feet of water.Water was silty green. Went one for one with a small one being caught on a minnow colored rapala on a down rod in the prop wash with a 4oz sinker. We didn't weigh the fish but it measured about 28 inches.

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Jul 20, 2000 23:01

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair on July 13-16

Continuing my report from a few days back, we awoke Saturday morning (7/15) to strong northwest winds and strong hangovers from the Canadian beer tent. Headed back towards the same area as last night (PUCE). Water was silty green, depth was 14' to 15'. Water temp. was 68.5 to 70. Air temp was 72 to 80. We fished from 8:30 am to 9:40 pm. Weather varied from sunny to pouring in rain. (The Grim Reaper and G Force are apparently tougher than the Rocketman who went to Studio 4 during the rain). Wind varied from North to West and slight to strong. Started catching fish at 9 am and pretty much caught fish steadily until 9:25 pm. Overall was 9 for 15 with two losses due to angler error (knot failure and netting error). The reaper himself was hot going 5 for 6 with a 46.5, 45, 45, 39 and 39. The other two got 4 between 31 and 33. Hot patterns were WB Perch wileys and stalkers at 40', 4 oz off the planer boards and Terminator TX's (WB Perch, Helin Frog) on downroads at 10', 12 oz. Overall, 5 hits on downrods, 1 on a boat rod and 9 on planer boards and sliders. 8 of the first 10 hits were on WB Perch. 4 of the last five were on Jailbird or Helin Frog. Only 1 hit on WB Olive frog right even though we were righ next to the G-Force who was cleaning up on the muskies. They had the fastest action I have seen as they were 9 for 12 in about 4 hours as they spent an hour getting removing a line from their prop. WAY TO GO G-Force!!!! Last day was slow, started at 9:30 (the damn beer tent got us again) and fished until 3:00 pm. Fished over by the Ruscom/Stoney Pt in 15'. Water ranged from brownish by stoney to clear by the ruscom. Air temp was 75 to 80 and water temp was 72 to 73. Weather was partly cloudy with moderate to slight winds from the north. We went 3 fo 3, all small (33, 33.5 and 29). Fish came at 10, 12 and 1:30. Caught the first one on a WB Perch Term. TX on a down rod at 10', 12oz off stoney. Second one on a WB Zit Frog Term. T3 at 4oz, 25' on a slider and the final one on a WB Perch Stalker on a planer board at 40', 4oz. At 3 pm we had had enough and headed back to the ramp. Overall, tough trip on the body, but can hardly wait to get back out.

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Jul 19, 2000 11:26

Submitted by Smegger who fished St. Clair - Belle River area on 7/15

Fished for muskie from 11:30 to 5:00 all along Ruscom/Belle/Puce. Went 1 for 1 and caught MY FIRST MUSKIE EVER! Only took 4 years...3 waiting for boat, 1 to figure it out. Passed over the hump around 2:00 and heard that wonderful scream...partner and I looked at each other in panic and I grabbed the rod. Netted after about 5 min fight. Okay...we have a 40 inch fish with big teeth in our boat...learned a few things. I need better bolt cutters, those Terminators (Bluefrog T3 by the way) are built too damn good! Nearly broke my hand snipping the hooks. Fished awhile longer then settled down to drift for smallies. Rolling along, we see a red Lund come cruizin by with boards's Slimetime!!!!!! Started to rain and we headed in. Met my hero, the Rocketman, at Deerbrook as we pulled out. A very good day...gonna be hard to top it for awhile. Thanx again Rocketman...thanx everyone who reports...couldn'ta done it without ya.

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Jul 18, 2000 08:40

Submitted by Jim Glynn who fished metro beach and the spillway on July 16

For once i got my buddys to give the walleyes a rest and try some "mooskie" fishing instead. It was tuff conditions with all the wind so we tried to hide up here in the corner. The only problem was mike and carl kept running there hotntots and other walleye food and did not contribute much to the score. Still I got 4 for 5. 36" on a T3 blue wormie 41" on perch beleiver and a 33" and a 47" on the same scale blue frog T3. The one we lost took my dr kevorkin that mike put out on his walleye rod. Hey rocketman now mike is supposed to buy me a new one and he says your not open for business. WHATS UP WITH THAT????? PS they did catch some walleyes and i tried one out on a board but it didnt have much action and it kept coming up!!!

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Jul 17, 2000 23:21

Submitted by Mike B & Doug P & Ryan P who fished St.Clair River down to Mouth Middle Channel on July 14-17

Well after weeks of preperation and anticipation..our 1st trip to St.Clair was one of those nightmares you only hear about..1st big outboard goes belly up..then hurricane with quarter size hail floods our campsite in algonac...favorite rod takes a deep six (any one snags it..i want it back) got to fish maybe 3 hrs one day 8 nice pike 2 nice 4lb smallie's one muskie follow though took off when he saw the boat...we'll be back.

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Submitted: Jul 17, 2000 at 22:58 by the Rocketman

How did your hero, the Rocketman, do today?

We went fishing on Saturday, 07/15/00 from 2:30 PM until 8:30 PM at St. Clair/C17, for Muskies. It was partly cloudy, 80 F and the wind was NW 15-20 mph. The last few days the weather was unstable. The water temperature was 76 F and there were 3 foot waves. The water color was silty green, visability was 2-4 feet, and we were fishing in 18 foot deep water.

We went 1 for 3 today, a 40 inch Muskie that went for a WB Perch Mackerel Terminator T2 fished on a slider. Overall the hottest set-up was a board at 30 feet and 2 ounces and the action was up high.

Another slow day in the muskieboat Slimetime. What's up with that? Beats the crap out of me. Conditions were textbook perfect for a big fish. Front moving through, chance of thunderstorms, marking big fish like crazy, and all that happened until 6:00 was a severe case of lure washing. At 6:00 we finally got around to trying a T3 WB Perch Mackerel (it takes a while to go through the colors when you're only using two rods - 'eh) and it got hit about 15 minutes later. Then while putting a T2 WB Perch Mackerel out on the slider on the other side the T3 WBP Mackerel went again, real good hit this time but it self-released before we could get to the rod. Then, while resetting that side the T2 went off with a fish about 40 inches that we got. Just when we figured we were finally getting them going it got rougher and started to rain and it was time to pull 'em and head for the Studio 4, where a good time was had by all!

Jul 17, 2000 22:51

Submitted by Grim Reaper who fished St. Clair on July 13-16

Well the Grim Reaper and crew decided to skip the Moon River trip this year and go to Belle River instead. We stayed in Belle River and fished Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. In total we fished 36.5 hours and went 22 for 33 with the longest fish being 46.5", 21 lbs. and the heaviest being 45", 21.5 lbs. Thursday evening was slow, in 6.5 hours we only went 2 for 3. It was real calm and sunny. We fished in 16-17 feet of water off the Ruscom. Water was silty green. All hits on WB Perch and WB Olive Frog stalkers on the planer boards. Big fish was only 32". Friday was good, we went 8 for 12 in 11.5 hours. We did best in the morning, going 5 for 6 between 7:15 and 1:00 pm. We fished off Stony Point and marked a lot of fish. We were chased off by a storm at that point. Had a 44" (20.75 lbs.), 42", 41.5", 40.5" and a 35". Weather was cloudy with a moderate SW wind which slow switched to NW. We fished off the Puce and the water was silty green. A WB Perch Xterminator on a boat rod at 6 oz 40' caught two of the 40+ fish. A WBS BlueFrog Terminator TX on a down rod (28 oz, 8') caught the 42" and a Crackle Frog stalker on a slider at 4 oz., 25' caught the 41.5". After the storm we went down to the Puce having heard of hot action from a guide in Belle River and we went 3 for 6. Two 36.5's and a 30.5". Lost two on a Tenn Shad Jake 9" at 4 oz. 40'. Also had hits on YB BlueFrog Stalker, WB Perch Xterminator, YB Special Perch Producer and WB Perch Stalker. 3 hits on Planer Boards and 3 hits on boat rods. Winds went from moderate east to slight northwest. Weather was mainly cloudy with silty green water. We fished in 15-16 feet of water. This is getting pretty long so I will finish in a separate report.

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Jul 17, 2000 13:58

Submitted by G-Force who fished The Puce on 7/15/00

First of all, I want to thank the Grim Repear for putting us on fish right away. They found a spot and told us where to go and we did and caught fish. Fished from 5:15pm to 9:45pm in 13 ft of water. Water color was very silty blue. Ended up 9 for 12 with 8 of the 9 we caught between 36 and 39 inches. The other one was a nice 48.5 incher, estimated to be around 27 lbs. That fish along with 8 of our other hits came on a wb olive frog stalker fished 6 passes on a boat rod. On of the 3 we lost was a girthy 44 to 46 incher. Two fish came on a glo-frog stalker, 2oz, 20ft back and 1 on a perch wiley, 4 oz 40ft back on a boat rod. The Netman hooked the lure in the net and the rest was history. That fish was also on a olive frog stalker, fished 35 feet back on a boat rod.

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Jul 16, 2000 21:56

Submitted by G&G who fished Campau Bay & Metro Beach on 7/15 7/16

My wife and I caught 3 small ones [ about 4lbs each ] in 6 feet of water. Casting gold & black rapalas. These little guys were a blast to catch. All went back unharmed. We have been catching alot of these small muskies all year, about 500 yards in front of the beach [ walleye fishing ]and in between the Clinton river & Huron point. All were caught in 6 to 8 of water on the edges of heavy weed cover. Does any one know where we can drift & cast for bigger ones? Trolling is eating up our pocket books. Besides we like to feel our rods almost getting ripped from our hands. Any help would be appreciated.

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Jul 16, 2000 17:45

Submitted by John & Mike Seitz who fished Lake St. Clair on July 16, 2000

Well Mike & I decided to take our ladies and try to get them their first MOOSKIE!!! Well let's just say they brought "Lady Luck". We ended up 2 for 4 for a 4 hour trip. The first rip occurred 20 minutes into the trip when the long rod with a jointed carp went for a long ZIIINNGG and then nothing. Some 45 minutes or so later the board rod with a jointed walleye took of and the battle ensued. Lisa strained and struggled, but landed a beatiful 48" FATTY. Then things got slow for a while before we had a short ZIP on a wash rod with WB Mackerel Perch. Then just before a brief rain burst the board rod with St. Lawrence went and Brenda was tied on. Brenda grunted and groaned, but landed a 47" CHUBBY that swallowed someones poodle. Call me if Fluffy is missing. Now they both want to know what is so hard about this MOOSKIE fishin. All the fish were in a small area 13 feet deep and we marked many fish. Water temp. was 73 and wind was NW at 10.

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Jul 13, 2000 18:35

Submitted by Al who fished belle river on 07/13/00

Fished from 8:30-4:30 and we sucked. Had two good rips on a w/b wiley back 6ft in the prop wash- no fish. The water was prety clear,we were fishing in 14-15 ft of water. Saw more boats than expected but not too many nets flashing. ah well better than working.

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Jul 12, 2000 17:32

Submitted by Eric Barbe who fished Lake St. Claire on 7-12

Fished Lake St. Claire for first time with friend who docks his boat there. Fishing was very slow, initially. We ended up going 6 for 8, with 3 fish over 50 inches. Two were very thin with lampreys attached but one was a very fat 54 inch fish that easily bottomed out my 30# bogagrips. We did the length/girth measurements and the fish calculated out at 39.5 pounds. That is my biggest musky to date. Thank you terminator lures. They are the best. By the way, we filleted the fish and ate it for supper... just kidding, the fish was released in great condition to become a 40.

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Jul 12, 2000 11:39

Submitted by Yellow Belly who fished Middle Of Lake on July 11,2000

Fished 7/11/00 on St. Clair in middle of Lake. The weather was sunny and winds were calm. FLIES WERE UNREAL. We almost quit because of the flies, bees, nats, & dragon flies. Thank god we kept going, went 4 for 6. 46", 48", 51" & 52". The 51" was almost 31lbs and the 52 was 33lbs with a 23 1/2" girth. Both fish were released and in good shape. 25' & 2oz was the hot set up on board rods. Water visibility was approx 8'. Fished from 3:30 to 8:15.

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