Subj: Sharp Hooks
Date: 99-10-05 01:44:42 EDT
From: Kdog2hunt
To: the Rocketman


    Your not gonna believe this but I have to tell ya. Its 1:00 a.m. and I just got back from the hospital after getting two trebles from my brand new green wormy removed from my pinky finger. I was sitting on the couch thinking how a 50+ musky was gonna inhale my sweet green wormy when my dog Bo runs by and imbeds the last treble in his soft nose. Bo starts yelping and running which isn't good because I have the other two trebles in my hand. Now Bo runs while embedding the first two trebles completely through my little finger. Now Bo is yelping and running around the family room while I am very closely behind screaming trying to get him to stop. I tackle Bo and my wife is sitting there wondering what the hell is going on. I told her to go get a pair of pliers so we can get the first treble out of Bo's nose. That went very smooth, now for my problem. Not good, two different trebles completely through the middle of my little finger, with a very nice T3 green wormy hangin on. Off to the hospital we go.
    They first come out with 3 pairs of surgical pliers, I told doc "that aint gonna get it". Sure enough he goes for the biggest pair and tries in vain to cut one treble. NO WAY, the pliers get a dent in them were they met that bad ass treble. Now doc is stumped. I asked him if they had a pair off linemans pliers, off they go to the maintainance mans tool belt and come back with some linemans pliers. As all this is going on a crowd of medical staff security guards and cleaning people are gathering around wondering how old doc is gonna cut this bad ass treble hook. Now we go with the Linemans pliers, wouldnt cut it but damn near killed me while wrenching the shit out of my poor pinky which isn't looking so good right now. Now what? I asked them if they had some bolt cutters, Whallah!! A security guard goes and gets a 4 foot pair of bolt cutters. While the doc holds the bolt cutters, I carefully manipulate the trebles into position while keeping my other fingers away from those antimidating, bone crushing bolt cutters. Once in position i tell doc "go for it"and he finally snaps a treble. We do this 3 more times and he pulls the barbs through my torn up pinky. The staff was so impressed with this performance that I got my picture (see below) takein with the doc cutting those bad ass trebles. I'll send it to you just send it back when your done. Only problem I have now is that I have a brand new T3 green wormy with only 1 treble on it. Oh well its late my pinky hurts like hell and I need some sleep! Later,


Hi Kdog,
Good job bud, 2 for 2!

don't try this at home!