Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer Musky Lure Box

The Ultimate Muskie Lure Tackle Box!

Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer Muskie Lure Tackle Box

Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer™ is the tackle box you have always wanted! It's tougher than a muskie, big enough to hold 52 Terminator TX's, clear so you can find that perfect color in a big hurry, and best of all it's the only Big Bait Tackle Box personally endorsed by the Rocketman himself!!!! Check out this list of awesome features:
  • Dimensions: 17" Length X 12" Width X 14 1/2" Height
  • Holds any lure up to 12 3/4" hanging
  • Made from crystal clear 3/16" thick Lexan®
  • Polished stainless steel corner braces!
  • Stainless steel fasteners with self locking nuts!
  • Open bottom design!
  • Light weight!
  • Sturdy hardwood handle!
  • Virtually Indestructible!
Big Bait Lexan Tackle Box

Big Bait Lexan Tackle Box If you're serious about catching BIG fish then you've got some BIG baits. Now you can have a box made specifically for them. No more crumbly styrofoam coolers! No more slimed up buckets dumping over! No more tangled hooks! No more BIG baits hanging all over the boat snagging you in the leg!
Just look here at this picture....

Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer Big Bait Tackle Box

Does MuskieBabe Kathy have a muskie lure snagged in her leg? HELL NO!!! And the reason why is 'cause all her BIG baits are safely stashed in a Capt. Harry's Tackle Tamer™, ready to catch muskies, not her!

Does she look happy? HELL YES!!! And the reason why is 'cause she just caught a nice muskie... and it's all possible because she was able to instantly find that Pixie Dust Minnow colored Terminator TX she needed to match the water color. It was right there, ready for action, in her clear Lexan® Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer™ Big Bait Tackle Box.

Tackle Tamer Big Bait Tackle Box
Keep your BIG baits organized and ready! Catch more BIG fish! Get your own Captain Harry's Tackle Tamer™!

Only $74.95 each plus shipping

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Tackle Tamer Big Bait Tackle Box

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